5 Best Tractor in India with Latest Model (2021)

Tractors are considered one of the best vehicles in India. Choosing the Best Tractor in India is very tricky because of several options available in the market. Tractors are the best vehicles, mainly for agriculture in India. Moreover, to mention there are various types of tractors available for different work. 

Speaking of the agricultural industry in India, earlier farmers used ox and cows for farming. Later with rising technology in machinery, tractors came into existence and replaced the ancient methods of agriculture. 

Tractors are a vital part of farming to complete tasks like planting, tillage, plowing, and many more. Also, note that tractors are used to transport goods as well, for example, for transporting bricks for construction. So this article has some of the best tractors in India, which you can consider buying without any second thoughts. But before we jump onto the list of tractors, let’s understand how to select a suitable tractor for you.

How to select the Best Tractor in India

Since tractors are very important to transport stuff and best for the agriculture industry, there are many things to look at before buying a tractor. Thus below is a simple buyer’s guide for the tractor. Thus below is a simple buyer’s guide for you to choose the best tractor in India

Know if a service centre is near you

Since you will use a tractor almost every day, the tractor might get damaged or needs a replacement of some parts. After All, it’s a machine, and it can get damaged anytime for any reason. So it is best to check if the service centre is near the brand you are buying. This is easy for you to take the tractor to the centre or someone professional to come and check your vehicle. 

Which type of vehicle is suitable for you

As discussed above, there are many types of tractors available in the market, so you have to check your work requirements to select the best tractor. You should also check for vehicle specifications as per your work. Most of the best tractors in India have all the features that you need. 

Price of the Tractor

While you look for a tractor according to your work, set your budget accordingly. Moreover, it is essential to decide the budget as there are ranges available according to the features of a particular tractor. Also, check that if finance is available and you are in a state to pay the installments. 

Check the comfortability and operations.

Once you select the tractor, take a test drive. Importantly if it is comfortable for you to use. And the operations and features in the tractors are easily understood by you. However, a tractor running smoothly can be good enough for anyone. So if you might have even a 1 percent doubt that you won’t be available to handle this particular machine, then don’t buy. 

Check the revalue of the tractor.

When one invests a massive amount of money in a product, one should ensure its resale value. This is because there are always changes and upgrades in the machinery. Therefore, know the resale value of the tractor you are buying, even if you are looking for a second-hand tractor. 

So these were some basic and expected things to choose a tractor before you buy. Keep in mind the brand, and your work requirements are fulfilled by the tractor you have selected. 

Without further ado, let’s check the best tractor in India.

Best Tractor in India


Mahindra and Mahindra Tractors


This is one of the best tractors in India and the most selling one. It is the first choice for any common man who requires a tractor or a farmer. Mahindra and Mahindra have made their name in the market so well that whenever anyone thinks of a tractor, ‘Mahindra’ comes to mind. Mahindra companies are best known for their high performance, strength, durability, and as well as the features provided. However, their tractors range from 20- 50 high performance, and some parts are changed in their models. Following are their top model tractors with their HP.

  • Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD (21 – 30 HP) 
  • Mahindra YUVO 265 DI (31 – 40 HP)
  • Mahindra YUVO 475 DI (41 – 50 HP)
  • Mahindra 555 Power Plus (50 HP Plus)


Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd


Tractor and Farm Equipment Ltd is a tractor manufacturer based in Chennai. Since 1960 they have been in the market, and today the company is the second-largest selling tractor maker in India. After Mahindra & Mahindra, this is considered to be the best tractor in India within your budget. Moreover, TAFE manufactures almost all types of tractors, and each type is strong, durable, and features the latest technology. TAFE tractors also have incredibly high performance, and because of that, it is preferable for many people. But some of its tractors come with less than 70 HP, like: 

  • 30 DI Orchard Plus 2WD (30 HP)
  • 5900 DI 2WD (56 – 60 HP)


Swaraj Tractors


Swaraj Tractors are basically for farming. The Swaraj Tractors comes under the name of Punjab Tractors Limited. Punjab Tractors was the first Indian company to build tractors for agriculture in Mohali in 1972. However, after many years in the industry, the company was taken over by Mahindra & Mahindra Group in 2007. The company is now Swaraj Tractors. The brand is well known in the market for horsepower ranges from 15 HP to 60 HP. Some of the top models are: 

  • Swaraj 834 XM (30 – 40 HP)
  • Swaraj 843 XM (40 – 50 HP)
  • Swaraj 744 FE (45 – 50 HP)
  • Swaraj 960 FE (50 – 60 HP


John Deere Tractors

John Deere tractors is another famous and best tractor in India. The company was founded by John Deere in 1876 and expanded its business in manufacturing. It is one of the oldest tractor companies, headquartered in Pune. Their tractors are the best, come with an affordable price range, have long durability, and require very low maintenance. In short, best for framers of all sorts. In addition, John Deere Tractors features the latest technology and superior performance. Their high performance varies from 30-55 HP. Check out their top models:

  • 5036 C 2WD (35 HP)
  • 5050 D 2WD (50 HP)
  • 5310 2WD (55 HP)


Escorts Agri Machinery (Best Tractor in India)


Escorts Limited is an Indian Multinational engineering company. The company operates agricultural machinery and many more. The headquarters are located in Faridabad and have marketing operations in more than 40 countries. Speaking of their agricultural machinery, their tractors are the most durable ones. In terms of strength and features, their tractors also have a green tick in that category. For years, the company has been playing in the field. However, their tractors are a bit expensive but surely worth every penny. From high performance to the maintenance of the vehicle, everything is top-notch. Moreover, they have launched many models for framers that they can afford; some of them are: 

  • Farmtrac 6055 T20 Classic series
  • Powertrac 434 Plus (DS Series; 37 HP)
  • Powertrac ALT 3500 (ALT Series; 37 HP)
  • Steeltrac (12 HP)

In the End

So here we came to an end with the list of best tractors in India. Surely these tractors will not disappoint you if you buy according to your work requirements. However, for almost 80 percent of people, Mahindra tractors are the first choice, yet the other mentioned brands also prove to be efficient enough. Your purchasing can depend upon your budget and workload, so these are the best tractors of India which you can afford to fulfill your requirements. 

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