8 Best Airlines In India For Amazing Flying Experience

Airlines in India are the fastest growing industry in the country as of now. According to the research, there are tons of Indian airlines that will introduce the market in the next ten years. As a matter of fact, the existing airline in India, civil aviation in India, is exponentially making profits. Today the airline market is listed as the third-largest market globally as there is an increase in competition among the domestic airlines in India. 

To fly and have a fantastic experience is the first point in the checklist while traveling. The good news here is that, over the past years, Indian airlines have repeatedly offered low prices for tickets coupled with top-notch services. 

With low prices, outstanding services and easy booking systems have made people travel by air more now. Which eventually resulted in success for the airline industry in India. However, since the competition in the air has grown rapidly and almost every airline offers all destinations across the country, it is quite a task to choose which airline in India is best for amazing flying experiences? 

So to ease your tension and confusion, we have curated a list of the best airlines in India with a small guide on factors to look at before you book a flight. Let’s begin with factors to take into consideration for a flight.

Factors To Look At Before You Book A Flight

Whether you have to travel for a vacation or for business purposes, your flight should be relaxing and unforgettable. Since you are spending a good amount of money on your travel, you need to be sure that you will have a comfortable journey. So check these factors before you book your flight. Also, take a note of which class you want to travel to, and its price accordingly.

Compare the Prices 

While you are searching for a flight, budget is highly important. No matter if you travel in economy class or first class. Compare the prices with a different airline that stops at your desired destination. This will help you to know which airline is charging more according to the time. Comparing prices is probably the first you want to do. 

The loyalty of the airline

After you have compared the prices of the airline, look how good that particular airline is. It is one of the important things to consider. You can check the flight’s past performances on different travel websites and their official website. Today almost all airlines request to drop feedback at their official website to make it easier for customers to decide.

Provided Amenities

Check if your snack, lunch, or dinner is included in the flight ticket in the amenities section. Some flights do not have the option to include meals in the ticket. Yet many flights give you a small water bottle, a pack of tasty cookies, coffee, or tea as per your personal preferences. These all include in the ticket itself only. Apart from the edible stuff, check for amenities on the ground (on the airport). If your flight is delayed, passengers are sent to the airline lounge for waiting with provided refreshments.

Departure and Arrival Airports

When you are flying to a big city, there is a possibility that a place can have more than one airport. So it is advisable that if you are unknown to the city and flying for the first time, research properly about the airports of your destination. At which airport will you land and close to your further journey to the hotel or place you want to reach. Moreover, the same goes for departure as well. Sometimes your flight takes off from the small airport in your city, and you are waiting at the big airport. So check which airport is suitable for you. 

Baggage Allowance

If you are a person who packs everything while traveling, then you need to check the baggage allowance while traveling. Mostly in airlines, 15kg of luggage is allowed and 7kg in the cabin. So you have to be sure that if your baggage is over 15kg, how much extra fees you need to pay.  

We hope these factors will help you to choose the best airlines in India. Moreover, they are the basic factors, to be dually sure to research well about airlines before you book. 

Best Airlines in India





Vistara is a brand new Indian airline based in Gurgaon. This airline is the joint venture of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, which came into operation in 2015. Within one year, Vistara has carried more than two million passengers with a maximum of good reviews. Vistara is an affordable airline that provides premium services and hospitality. 

In fact, Vistara flies across the country, and even in the time of the pandemic, Vistara has commenced all the necessary precautions for their customer’s safety. Moreover, Vistara is known for being on schedule every time. This is one of the best airlines in India presently. 


Indigo (Best Airlines in India)



Indigo airlines are the second-best airline in India. From 2018, the airline shares 42 percent of the substantial share of the Indian Aviation market. Indigo can have the capacity to carry a large number of passengers each year as it has the largest fleet size. A few years back, in a travel magazine, Indigo was ranked first in the list of best airlines in India. 

Later due to rising competition, Vistara replaced Indigo, yet this airline is considered second best. The low-cost rates and simple services have made traveling easier for regular passengers. Moreover, Indigo offers a variety of deals and offers throughout the year. 


Air India

Air India


You might be surprised to see Air India on the list of the best airline in India. Well, we all know what troubles Air India went through, yet it has managed to keep up its reputation. Air India is the first choice of Indians to travel across the country. With its cheap fares and baggage allowance of up to 25kg, Air India has made its customers happy. Besides, Air India offers top-notch hospitality. They also charm their passengers by providing ‘The Maharajah’ club, which features premium quality services for passengers traveling internationally. 


SpiceJet (Best Airlines in India)



SpiceJet is a low-cost airline headquartered in Gurgaon. SpiceJet is the fourth-largest airline in India in terms of domestic passengers, with a market share of 13.6 percent. Moreover, SpiceJet offers international flights as well. The airline has 630 daily flights in 64 destinations, 54 in the country, and 15 international.

Spice Jet provides premium services that include complimentary meals, priority check-in and boarding, extra legroom for a comfortable flight, and many more. SpiceJet is best for people who have kept a low-budget traveling.


Air Asia (Best Airlines in India)

Air Asia


Air Asia is a Malaysian airline carrier that has now started operating in India as well. The airline comes under the subsidiary of AirAsia India. Thus with this, the airline becomes the first and largest foreign airline carrier to establish a subsidiary in India. The idea came because of growth in Indian Aviation Industry.

Air Asia India’s headquarters are located in Bangalore. Moreover, the airline provides top-class services and warm hospitality at very cheap rates. Besides, Air Asia has been awarded many awards for its hospitality and fare prices to travel internationally. 


GoAir or Go First 



GoAir is now known as Go First. It was renamed on 13th May 2021 with the motto of ‘You Come First.’ Go the First airline is an extremely low-cost airline owned by the Indian business group- Wadia Group. In 2017 Go First (then GoAir) was regarded as the fifth largest airline with 8.4 percent of the market share.

The airline operates over 330 flights daily to 36 destinations, including 27 national and nine international. Moreover, the airline has its own club that provides high-class services known as GO CLUB. The club offers access to their rich airport lounge and free upgrading to business class passengers.


Air India Express

Air India Express


Air India Express is another low-cost airline that owns a subsidiary of the Indian flag carrier of Air India. The Air India Express headquarters are located in Kochi and operate approximately 649 flights every week to 33 destinations, including Gulf and South East Asia.

Moreover, the airline carried almost 4.3 million passengers every year to 140 city pairs. The airline came into the market in 2005 with just three flights, and today it dominated the domestic and international commercial aviation market in India.


Alliance Air (Best Airlines in India)

Alliance Air


Alliance Air is another airline that wholly owns a subsidiary of Air India. The airline was founded in 1996 and focuses on the operation of domestic routes only. The main purpose of Alliance Air is to provide connectivity to destinations with small airports and fewer demands of flights.

It operates smaller capacity fleets in which passengers from lower-tiered cities can travel to the airline’s primary hub, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai. It doesn’t matter if the flight is small, the services are still excellent. You can book this flight without second thoughts if you want to travel to the airline’s major hub. 

Final Words

So these are the eight best airlines in India which you can consider traveling in. Hop on the plane whichever airline suits you the best from the list mentioned above that will surely provide a comfortable flying experience. 

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