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Top Medicine Delivery Apps in India: Your Best Picks

With the digital wave sweeping across India, you’re now witnessing a surge in the online medicine delivery sector. It’s no surprise that in bustling metropolises like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai, you’re turning to apps to conveniently get your medications delivered right to your doorstep.

The rise of mobile technology has revolutionized how you manage your health, with a plethora of startups and entrepreneurs launching medicine delivery apps to meet your needs. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about embracing a new era where your health essentials are just a tap away.

Amidst this boom, competition is fierce, and choosing the right app can be daunting. That’s why we’re diving into the top players in this space, ensuring you’re well-informed to make the best choice for your online medicine needs.

TATA 1mg

TATA 1mg

When you’re on the lookout for a top-tier medicine delivery app in India, Tata 1mg stands out for its comprehensive services. As a trusted online healthcare platform, Tata 1mg has earned its stripes by delivering a wide range of healthcare services, including the ability to order medicines online, book lab tests, and consult doctors virtually. With its presence in over 1,000 cities including major hubs such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, access to essential medicines and healthcare advice is easier than ever.

Ordering medicines online through Tata 1mg is a breeze, with an expansive inventory of over 2 lakh allopathy medicines. No matter if you’re looking for allopathic, homeopathic, or Ayurvedic medicines, Tata 1mg has got you covered. The platform brings you a bevy of healthcare products, ranging from medical devices to health supplements. Well-known brands like Accu-Chek and Organic India are just a tap away, ensuring you’re never without the brands you trust.

Dealing with the hassle of picking out individual medicines is a thing of the past. The streamlined process of Tata 1mg simplifies your shopping experience, delivering your health essentials right to your doorstep. You can expect same-day or next-day delivery in select locations, which is crucial for maintaining your health regimen without interruption.

Beyond the convenience of medicine delivery, Tata 1mg shines as a beacon of reliable information. Through the app, you’ll find authoritative and trustworthy data on medications. This includes details on treatment uses, side effects, and recommendations which are paramount in helping you use your medication correctly and safely. The added benefit of expert advice and answers to frequently asked questions underpins the commitment to your well-being.

Highlights of Tata 1mg:

  • Active in over 1,000 cities
  • A vast array of allopathic, homeopathic, and Ayurvedic medicines
  • Health product delivery with the option for same-day or next-day service
  • Accurate information on medication use and safety

Immersing yourself in health-related knowledge is another offering from Tata 1mg. The app provides valuable health tips penned by expert doctors, covering topics from maintaining personal hygiene to understanding the early warning signs of diseases.

Apollo 247

apollo 247 app

When it comes to reliable and swift medicine delivery, Apollo 247 stands out in the Indian marketplace. Armored with the legacy of Apollo Pharmacy, which boasts more than 32 years of service, Apollo 247’s entry into the digital space is noteworthy. The convenience you’ve sought is now amplified with their commitment to ensuring medicines reach your doorstep with utmost speed, potentially within an hour in certain urban locales.

Managing your health has never been easier with Apollo 247, thanks to an array of features tailored to enhance your experience. Below is a breakdown of what the app promises:

  • Speedy Delivery: With a strong network of over 3,500 stores, Apollo ensures that your medication needs are addressed promptly, often with impressive one-hour delivery windows in select cities.
  • Health Credits: Accumulate Apollo Health Credits with each purchase, creating a rewarding ecosystem for your regular health-related expenses.
  • Integrated Health Services: The app isn’t just a pharmacy at your fingertips; it’s a holistic healthcare package. You’ll find a Symptom Checker, Digitized Health Records, and access to consultations from certified medical professionals.

Furthermore, Apollo 247 isn’t just about convenience; it’s about safety and making informed health decisions. Having a pharmacologist available to discuss medicine interactions elevates the standard of care and ensures you’re not left with any uncertainty regarding your prescriptions.

Membership within Apollo 247 CIRCLE can elevate your healthcare management, offering a suite of premium services. Expect perks like:

  • Free delivery
  • Priority shipping
  • Exclusive discounts on consultations and lab tests
  • Emergency doctor-on-call facility

What’s more enticing for new users is the allure of a 10% discount on all medicines on your first purchase. Given the extensive services and customer-centric offers, Apollo 247 exemplifies the progress in India’s online medicine delivery apps. Whether it’s accessibility or efficiency, Apollo 247 demonstrates that patient care can transcend the confines of physical pharmacies and become a seamlessly integrated aspect of modern digital life.

MedPlus Mart – Online Pharmacy

MedPlus Mart - Online Pharmacy

Exploring India’s online medicine delivery sector, MedPlus Mart emerges as a notable contender. With over 1,500 pharmacies, MedPlus Mart caters to a wide customer base, serving 350,000 clients across the country. The platform isn’t just about dispensing medicines; it’s a comprehensive health destination offering a broad range of products, including OTC, FMCG, healthcare, and nutrition items.

Here’s what makes MedPlus Mart stand out:

  • Swift Delivery: Medicines and health products are delivered in 6-24 hours in major cities, and within 2-3 days in most other places, ensuring that your health needs are met promptly.
  • Competitive Edge: By using the Flexi Rewards system, you’re eligible to save up to 35% on medicines, a significant saving that can be redeemed for cash or other household necessities.
  • App Accessibility: Whether you’re on Android or iOS, the MedPlus Mart app simplifies the process of ordering your medication. Just upload a prescription, and with a few taps, your order is on its way.

To ensure safety and accuracy in your health regimen, MedPlus Mart employs a Triple Check process. Every order is scrutinized by both a doctor and a pharmacist, providing you with the assurance that only the best reaches your doorstep.

  • App Downloads: Over 1,000,000 downloads indicate the trust and reliability MedPlus Mart has built among users.
  • User Rating: A high 4.5/5 rating showcases customer satisfaction with the service provided.

Leveraging the MedPlus Mart app, your experience becomes even more seamless with detailed insights into the medicines’ use, precautions, and side effects, all available at your fingertips. Plus, the convenience of being able to compare prices and opt for affordable alternatives adds another layer to the smart shopping experience.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable online pharmacy that provides detailed information, quick service, and robust customer support, MedPlus Mart could be the right choice for you. Remember, it’s pivotal to upload a valid medication prescription to complete your purchase, ensuring that your health and safety are never compromised.



When you’re considering the best apps for medicine delivery in India, Practo deserves a prominent spot. Founded in 2008, Practo isn’t just about delivering medicines; it’s a comprehensive healthcare platform that allows you to book doctor appointments, order medications, and even consult with medical professionals online.

Standing out for its doctor consultation service, Practo connects you with over 25 specialties. Need advice instantly? The app guarantees that you can start a consultation in as little as 2 minutes. It’s user-friendly and caters to both planned and immediate medical needs, seamlessly integrating healthcare management into your daily life.

Ordering Medicines Made Simple
With a robust inventory exceeding 50,000 medicines and health products, Practo ensures that your healthcare needs are met swiftly, boasting delivery times that can be under two hours in some cases. The platform’s triple-check process guarantees safety and precision, much like the Triple Check system employed by MedPlus Mart. Practo’s rise in the online pharmacy sector has been propulsive, with an ever-expanding presence in over 100 cities across India.

Exclusive Membership Perks

  • Practo Plus offers unlimited online consultations, perfect for individuals and families alike.
  • A welcoming 20% off on your first medicine order.

Practo’s Google Play Store ranking stands at 4.4, reflecting high user satisfaction. If you’re someone who appreciates added convenience, you’ll find the automatic prescription refill feature a game-changer. It not only tracks your medication order history but also allows for hassle-free reordering—a blessing for those with regular medicinal needs.

While newer to the scene compared to titans like NetMeds, Practo has quickly become a trusted name. Offering more than just an online marketplace, it delves into online doctor consultations, rivaling the comprehensive service approach of MedPlus Mart. Practo’s seamless operation on both Android and iOS devices ensures you’re never more than a few taps away from a complete health destination.

What brings an added bonus is the accessibility to discounted medicines with PaisaWapas coupons, emphasizing affordability in your healthcare journey. Whether it’s a routine purchase or an urgent medical consultation, Practo aligns itself with the needs of modern users, unifying various health services under one digital roof.



When you’re looking for reliable and efficient online medicine delivery in India, Netmeds is a strong contender in the digital pharmacy space. Having been founded over a decade ago, Netmeds offers not just a wide range of healthcare products but also essential services like lab tests and online doctor consultations, making it a versatile platform for your medical needs.

The ease of use with Netmeds begins with the simple prescription upload feature, streamlining the process of purchasing prescription medications. After uploading, qualified pharmacists verify your prescriptions, ensuring a seamless and safe transaction. Furthermore, with over 5 million app downloads and a substantial user satisfaction level, as reflected by an impressive user rating of 4.35, Netmeds has established a strong foothold in the Indian market.

Feature Netmeds
Availability Android and iOS Devices
User Downloads 5,000,000
User Rating 4.35

A significant boost to the company’s growth trajectory came when Reliance Retail acquired a majority stake for ₹620 crore, signaling an expansion to even more remote locations. This ensures that whether you’re in a bustling city or a tranquil town, access to medicines and health supplies is just an app installation away.

Besides prescription drugs, you’ll find an array of OTC (over-the-counter) medications available on the platform, providing a comprehensive selection that caters to various health needs. And when it comes to getting these products to you, Netmeds’ commitment to quick and secure delivery ensures your orders get to your doorstep without delay.

It’s clear that Netmeds is centered around customer convenience and covers a breadth of health-related services. Not just an online pharmacy, it’s a full-fledged healthcare hub tailored for the Indian consumer, aiming to simplify and enhance the way you take care of your health.



When time is of the essence and you need your medical supplies promptly, Medlife stands out with its promise to deliver within 2 hours. As an emerging player in the online medicine delivery sector, Medlife caters to your urgent needs efficiently. With the app’s interface, you can effortlessly navigate through a plethora of wellness products—it’s not just limited to medicines but extends to baby food and diapers, covering a comprehensive range of healthcare needs.

Medlife’s rapid traction in the digital healthcare space is reflected in its impressive 5 million installs on the Play Store. Here’s a snapshot of what Medlife brings to the table:

  • Over 5,000,000 app downloads
  • An extensive product catalogue that includes baby care and wellness products
  • A high user satisfaction score, with a rating of 4.35
  • Availability across all major Indian cities, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune

Leverage the convenience that Medlife offers right through your smartphone. Whether you’re an Android user or prefer iOS, the Medlife app is accessible on both platforms, ensuring no one’s left out of the loop of swift healthcare service.

User-Centric Experience

Your health should never take a backseat, and that’s why the Medlife app is tailored to provide a seamless and user-centric experience. They’ve honed a swift and secure system that makes sure you’re only a few taps away from getting your medical supplies delivered to your doorstep. Their wide-reaching service spans major urban landscapes, ensuring accessibility to quality healthcare products regardless of where you’re at in these cities.

The Power of Integration

Medlife’s integration in the online medicine delivery segment is noteworthy. The app’s extensive reach suggests that it may soon become a household name, much like the other giants in the space. By focusing on quick delivery and user satisfaction, Medlife is fast becoming a go-to option for patients and households longing for reliability and expedience. With a vision to blanket every city with their unparalleled service, the expansion of Medlife is something to keep a watchful eye on as it advances the intersection of health and technology.



Truemeds is gaining ground as a trusted choice for many across India due to its commitment to high-quality medical supplies. This e-pharmacy distinguishes itself by sourcing medicines exclusively from the top 50 Indian medicine manufacturers. Quality assurance is a major priority as every order undergoes a Triple Check before dispatch, which involves verification by a doctor, pharmacist, and an advanced AI-based algorithm.

When you’re navigating the vast digital world of online medicine delivery, it’s refreshing to find an app that doesn’t just offer medicines, but does so with an overarching emphasis on quality. Despite its absence of a membership program, Truemeds compensates with significant first-purchase incentives such as up to 72% off and a free consultation, propelling it to rank 44 on the Google Play Store.

Looking for more than just medicine delivery? Truemeds understands the value of expert guidance and therefore offers teleconsultation services. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this feature means you’re getting prescriptions tailored to your needs, based on rigorous scientific methods and historical outcomes.

These online apps offer undeniable benefits when compared to traditional chemist shops. Imagine finding all your medical needs met with a few clicks, enjoying considerable discounts, avoiding the inconvenience of in-store queues, and on top of that, not worrying about missing a dosage. Netmeds, for instance, reminds you when it’s time to refill your prescription, ensuring continuous medication without interruption.

  • Find medicines quickly and conveniently
  • Avail of significant discounts
  • Enjoy the comfort of ordering from home
  • Benefit from professional teleconsultation services

Truemeds does not stop at providing a seamless shopping experience. The brand goes the extra mile to assure you’re receiving the best quality for your health. With their promise of authenticity and a user-friendly interface, managing your medical needs is considerably less daunting.



When you’re seeking the ultimate convenience in purchasing medicines, PharmEasy stands out as a noteworthy mention among the best online medicine delivery apps in India. Imagine having access to over 1 lakh products with just a few clicks and receiving them at your doorstep. That’s what PharmEasy brings to the table – a comprehensive, hassle-free experience right from the comfort of your own home.

Navigating through PharmEasy’s app or website, you’ll find a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly search, add to cart, and checkout. The process is designed for absolute ease, ensuring you spend less time on procurement and more on your wellbeing.

Stay on Track with Your Medication

Renowned for its innovative features, PharmEasy offers a Scheduled Reminder Service to help you keep up with your medication regimen. You’ll never miss an important dose again, thanks to timely alerts tailored to your specific needs.

Savings and Quality Combined

PharmEasy isn’t just about ease; it’s also where value meets quality. You’ll encounter attractive offers with substantial savings:

  • Up to 60% discount
  • Massive e-wallet cashbacks

Furthermore, quality is uncompromised at PharmEasy. Every medicine goes through a three-step quality check, ensuring that you receive only the best.

Unparalleled Coverage

Servicing over 5 million users across 12,000+ cities, including metros like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai, PharmEasy’s reach is extensive. This broad coverage underscores the trust and reliability that users place in PharmEasy for their healthcare needs.

Diagnostic Tests at Your Fingertips

Beyond medicine delivery, PharmEasy steps into the realm of health diagnostics. You can book a range of lab tests, including full-body checkups, from the comfort of your home, tapping into a network available in 40 major Indian cities. With PharmEasy, you’re not just ordering medicine; you’re managing your health proactively.

Swift Delivery Times

Expect your orders to be swiftly delivered, often within 24-48 hours in select cities. This rapid service is part of what makes PharmEasy a top contender in the online pharmacy sector, ensuring you get what you need without undue wait times.

Why Medicine Delivery Apps are Important in India

The evolution of technology and its integration into everyday life have revolutionised various industries, one of which is healthcare. Medicine delivery apps are not just a trend but a substantial shift in the way healthcare is accessed in India.

Increasing Demand for Online Medicine Delivery

The surging demand for online medicine delivery in India is a reflection of the country’s growing internet penetration and smartphone usage. With the everyday hustle and the clock ticking faster in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai, the need for quick, reliable, and efficient healthcare services have never been more critical. Here’s why there’s a significant upswing:

  • Digital advancement makes it effortless to browse and purchase from a vast range of medicines online.
  • People, especially millennials, find it highly convenient to order their prescribed medicines through an app with just a few taps.
  • The rise of health consciousness and the need for regular medication for chronic conditions fuel the market.
  • A competitive atmosphere among various apps ensures better services and offers for users.

Convenience and Time-saving

At the core of the success of medicine delivery apps lies the unparalleled convenience and time-saving features they offer:

  • Doorstep Delivery: Just like ordering food or groceries, getting your medication delivered to your door eliminates the hassle of visiting a pharmacy.
  • 24/7 Access to Pharmacists: Some apps even provide the facility to chat privately with pharmacists at any time, offering expert advice on medication-related queries.
  • Online Prescription Upload: Gone are the days of standing in lines; instead, upload a prescription online, and the rest is taken care of by the app.
  • Scheduled Reminders: You’ll find many apps coming with added functionalities like reminder services to ensure you never miss a dose.
  • Special Offers: Who doesn’t love a good deal? The competitive nature of the market means more savings on your medication bills.

The integration of these apps into the daily lives of consumers signifies a shift towards a more digital and health-conscious India. It’s not just about the ease of buying; it’s also about maintaining your health with the right products, at the right time, without breaking your daily routine. The influence of the Uber model for delivery services, combined with the necessity for ongoing healthcare, has paved the way for on-demand medicine delivery apps; a modern-day elixir for busy lifestyles.

Comparison of Features and Services

Pricing and Discounts

When you’re sifting through the best apps for medicine delivery in India, pricing and discounts offered can sway your decision. It’s common to find first-purchase offers like a flat 25% off on orders, making that initial buy quite tempting. Regular users aren’t left out, as apps often feature flat-rate discounts on every order. For instance, you might save a consistent 20% off each purchase.

An added benefit comes from platforms that proffer discounts of up to 70% on health tests and packages, enhancing the value beyond mere medication delivery. Apps like PharmEasy not only offer these monetary savings but also help with medication adherence by refilling prescriptions monthly – an essential service if you’re managing chronic conditions.

Apps may also throw in membership benefits, enticing you to sign up for annual plans. Benefits can include free delivery, priority processing, and cashback rewards on orders. Some memberships go as far as offering free health consultations, ensuring you’re not just saving money, but also prioritizing your health. Look out for additional savings during checkout, where you can apply coupon codes to net even lower prices on your medical purchases.

Offer Type Discount Additional Benefits
First-Purchase Offer 25% off
Regular Order Savings 20% off May include up to 70% off on health tests
Membership Benefits Variable Free delivery, cashback, free health consultation

Customer Support and Returns

The backbone of any service-driven app is its customer support. The leading medicine delivery apps in India ensure that you have access to 24/7 pharmacist support, enabling you to get professional assistance whenever needed. Some apps take responsiveness a step further by offering instant communication channels like direct in-app messages or dedicated helplines.

Returns can sometimes be a thorny issue, but top apps strive to streamline the process. Whether it’s a damaged product or just a change of mind, apps aim to give you peace of mind with a clear returns policy. Responses to return requests are expected to be swift and solutions-focused, minimizing any inconvenience you may face.

Conversely, data privacy stands as a crucial aspect of customer support, with policies in place detailing how your personal information is protected. Apps have to navigate the delicate balance between personalizing your experience and safeguarding your privacy – an increasingly important feature in today’s digital landscape.

When it comes to medicines or health services, any grievances you have require prompt attention and resolution. This is why customer support for these apps isn’t just about answering questions, it involves advocating for your well-being and trust in the service.

Keep in mind that the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support can drastically impact your overall satisfaction with the medicine delivery service, highlighting its importance in the grand comparison of app features and services.


With the rise of online medicine delivery, you’ve got the power to manage your health more efficiently than ever before. The apps you’ve discovered offer a blend of convenience, savings, and security that’s hard to beat. Whether it’s the ease of having medications delivered to your doorstep or the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 pharmacist access, these platforms are revolutionising the way you take care of your well-being. Remember, choosing the right app can make all the difference in your healthcare journey, so consider the features that matter most to you. Embrace the change and let these innovative services streamline your medicine purchasing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for medicine delivery in India?

PharmEasy, 1mg, Practo, Pharmacy Bazar, Netmeds, Medlife, Apollo Pharmacy 247, and MediBuddy are renowned for medicine delivery in India.

Which site is best for medicine delivery?

Many find PharmEasy to be user-friendly, offering quick home delivery and attractive offers. It is highly recommended by its customers.

What is the lowest prescription price app?

RxSaver is considered very cost-effective for those who are insured, underinsured, or without insurance, often providing better prices than insurance co-pays.

Which is the top 1 medicine company in India?

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd is currently the top pharmaceutical company in India based on market capitalization.

Which app delivers medicine in 30 mins?

Farmako is recognized for its rapid 30-minute medicine delivery service.

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