Best Badminton Rackets in India – Top 7 Picks

Embarking on your badminton journey or looking to up your game? You’re in luck. India’s thriving badminton scene means you’ve got access to some of the finest rackets out there. From the budget-friendly Silvers KIDS SILPEDAL COMBO6 to the top-tier LiNing N36 S2, there’s something for every swing and budget.

Whether you’re smashing shuttles or perfecting your drop shots, the right racket can make all the difference. With options like the feather-light LiNing Air Force 77 G2 and the smash-master Victor Jetspeed S10Q, you’ll find the ideal partner to complement your play style. Let’s dive into the world of badminton rackets and discover the one that’ll elevate your game.

Li-Ning G-Force 3600 Superlite Carbon Fibre Strung Badminton Racquet

Li-Ning G-Force 3600 Superlite Carbon Fibre Strung Badminton Racquet

If you’re on the hunt for a badminton racquet that delivers a blend of power and precision, the Li-Ning G-Force 3600 Superlite may just tick all your boxes. Crafted with advanced carbon fibre technology, this racquet is designed to meet the demands of experienced players who know their game inside out.

Here’s why the Li-Ning G-Force 3600 Superlite stands out in the crowded badminton racquet market:

  • Material: The use of carbon fibre not only makes this racquet lightweight but also incredibly durable, ensuring it withstands the rigors of regular play.
  • Grip Size: With a G4 grip size of 4 1/2 inches, it offers a comfortable hold, reducing the chance of slippage and providing better control over your shots.
  • Weight: As the name suggests, it’s superlight, which translates to easier manoeuvrability, allowing you to make those quick, reflexive shots with ease.

At a competitive price of 1990 INR, it’s an investment that’s sure to improve your court performance. Not just a robust tool for the game, it’s also a statement piece with its sleek dark grey and gold design, perfect for players who take pride in both their play and their equipment.

Given the Li-Ning G-Force 3600 Superlite’s lightweight nature and powerful performance, it’s a fantastic choice for intermediate and advanced players. The reduction in air resistance during swings due to its design is a game-changer, bolstering your ability to hit those speedy shots across the net. With exceptional manoeuvrability, you’ll find transitioning between different play styles smoother than ever before.

When considering an upgrade or simply looking to keep your edge, this racquet’s abilities to enhance control and speed on the court should be a key factor in your decision-making process. Whether executing a delicate drop shot or a forceful smash, you’ll appreciate the meticulous balance this racquet offers, solidifying your command over the game at every skill level.

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i

When you’re looking for a blend of agility and precision on the badminton court, the Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet should be on your radar. With a weight of just 77 grams and 30 lbs tension, it’s designed for those fast-paced exchanges, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

This racquet’s distinctive multi-coloured design doesn’t just add a touch of style to your game; it represents a high-performance choice that many badminton lovers swear by. At 2249 INR, it balances affordability with quality, truly offering the best of both worlds.

  • Brand: YONEX
  • Weight: 77 grams
  • Tension: 30 lbs
  • Material: Graphite
  • Racquet Type: Badminton

Advanced materials such as Graphite and CARBON NANOTUBE technology go into the construction of the Yonex Nanoray Light 18i. This pairing leads to a robustness that serious players will appreciate and a resilience that keeps your racquet performing at its peak for longer.

The box frame design with its round-shaped head is ideal for players who yearn for stability in their shots. Paired with Elastic Ti technology, the racquet combats deformation, allowing you to unleash powerful shots that maintain precise direction and energy.

Frame Material Shaft Material String Tension Weight Grip Size Head Shape
Graphite Graphite 24 LBS 88g G4 – 3.5 inches Isometric

Included with your purchase, you’ll find a full cover to protect your racquet, adding to the value of your investment. It’s not just a tool; it’s an upgrade to your badminton arsenal – one that comes fully equipped and ready to dominate the court.

Stepping onto the court with the Yonex Nanoray Light 18i means you’re equipped to handle the most intense rallies with finesse. Whether it’s a precision drop shot or a commanding smash, this racquet empowers you to execute with confidence.

Li-Ning Ignite 7 Speed Badminton RacquetLi-Ning Ignite 7 Speed Badminton Racquet

If you’re passionate about badminton, the Li-Ning Ignite 7 Speed Badminton Racquet may just redefine your game. Lightweight yet durable, this racquet is engineered to cater to both intermediate and advanced players, offering a blend of power and precision that elevates your play.

Crafted with advanced technology, the Li-Ning Ignite 7 Speed is all about enhancing your swing speed and control. Its Ultralite Carbon Graphite construction does not only contribute to its feather-light 77-gram weight but also ensures longevity, allowing you to trust in the racquet’s consistent performance over time.

The racquet’s oval head shape is tailored to strike a balance between power and skill, letting you deliver sharp smashes and also perform subtle drops with equal ease. The flexibility of the racquet’s shaft plays a critical role in this versatility, giving you nuanced control without sacrificing the strength needed for high-power plays.

  • Brand: Li-Ning
  • Weight: 77 Grams
  • Grip Size: 3 1/4 inches
  • Material: Full Ultralite Carbon Graphite
  • Head Shape: Oval
  • Ratings: 4.2 out of 5 stars
  • Reviews: 566

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons as highlighted by users:

Pros Cons
Hits balanced and accurate shots Shaft can be too flexible for some
Comfortable to use
Lightweight design
Made from high-quality materials

The manoeuvrability of the Li-Ning Ignite 7 Speed is a significant advantage that can be the difference during intense rallies. Your ability to react and adapt quickly to your opponent’s shots is critical, and with this racquet’s responsive nature, you’re well-equipped to handle the pace of the game.

Whether you’re defending against steep smashes or executing rapid net shots, the Li-Ning Ignite 7 Speed Badminton Racquet could be your trusted companion on the court, bringing a calculated synergy of power and speed to your badminton arsenal.

FZ Forza Precision 11000 Strung Badminton RacquetFZ Forza Precision 11000 Strung Badminton Racquet

When seeking the perfect blend of power and control, the FZ Forza Precision 11000 emerges as a top contender for your next badminton racket. Lightweight by design, it’ll enhance your agility, making sure you can move quickly across the court. You’ll appreciate the meticulous balance that provides a head-heavy feel without sacrificing precision.

Built for serious badminton players who sway between intermediate and advanced levels, the racket musters pace and maintains control simultaneously. Whether it’s sharp drop shots or aggressive smashes, the Precision 11000’s stiff shaft ensures your strokes are consistently accurate, acting as a natural extension of your intent on the court.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Weight: 87 Grams
  • Grip Size: G5
  • Material: Full Ultralite Carbon Graphite
  • Head Shape: Isometric

The Power of Carbon Graphite can’t be underestimated. This material choice allows for a racket that’s not just light but incredibly resilient. And the isometric head shape enhances the sweet spot, forgiving those slightly off-centre hits without losing the desired power.

Pros and Cons

Here are the Pros and Cons to consider:


  • Available in three sizes
  • Durable quality


  • Expensive
  • Can be challenging to adjust to the head-heavy balance

The racket’s dynamic optimum frame minimises air resistance, which in turn boosts your swing speed for more compelling play. While it’s an investment, the Forza Precision 11000’s durability and ability to aid in powerful yet precise shot execution make it worth considering. Remember, your ultimate choice will reflect your dedication to the sport and can significantly impact your performance on the court.

Li-Ning 3D Calibar X Drive Carbon Graphite Strung Badminton Racquet

When you’re on the hunt for a badminton racket that embodies a trifecta of power, speed, and control, the Li-Ning 3D Calibar X Drive Carbon Graphite Strung Badminton Racquet should be on your radar. It’s expertly crafted from carbon graphite, which yields a robust yet responsive feel vital in high-speed games.

  • Carbon Graphite Construction: Offers enhanced strength and superior responsiveness.
  • Balanced Weight Distribution: Ensures a harmonious blend of power and precision.

This racket’s meticulously balanced weight distribution means you don’t have to compromise between delivering forceful smashes and executing pin-point drop shots. It’s incredibly versatile, fitting for a wide swath of player skills—though intermediate and advanced players might appreciate its nuanced design the most.

Playing with the Li-Ning 3D Calibar X Drive, you’ll notice the benefits of its lightweight design immediately. Swift movements and fluid transitions are effortless, allowing you to keep up with fast-paced rallies without any extra strain on your wrists or arms.

Feature Benefit
Lightweight Facilitates quick movements
Carbon Graphite Enhances durability and power
Balanced Design Supports precision and control

You’re likely to find fellow players who’ve switched to this racket report significant improvements in their game—it’s not uncommon for it to become their all-time favourite. These enhancements come from the racket’s combination of lightweight agility and the ability to exert considerable power when needed, without giving up a smidgen of control.

Remember, in badminton, the ‘G’ typically indicates the racket’s weight—a crucial feature to consider when browsing through options. While you’re advancing your gameplay, remember the importance of a racket that balances power and control, like the Li-Ning 3D Calibar X Drive. Whether you’re defending the backcourt or attacking the net, this racket is designed to stand by your side, intuitively complementing your playstyle with its finely tuned tension and responsive design.

Victor Thruster K F C LTD High Tension Power Series Unstrung Badminton Racquet

Victor Thruster K F C LTD High Tension Power Series Unstrung Badminton Racquet

When searching for the perfect balance between power and precision in badminton rackets, your attention might just be captured by the Victor Thruster K F C LTD High Tension Power Series Unstrung Badminton Racquet. This piece of equipment has been tailored specifically toward intermediate and advanced players who want to elevate their game with a potent blend of strength and finesse.

Crafted from High Resilience Modulus Graphite, the racket is renowned for its durability and high-quality construction. You’ll find that it stands up to the rigorous demands of competitive play, making it a reliable choice for serious athletes. The head-heavy balance adds a potent punch to smashes and enables deep clears, vital for dominating from the back of the court.

With a head shape that’s designed to be isometric, the racket offers an enlarged sweet spot, which means even off-center hits can still pack quite the wallop. The 84-gram frame ensures that you’re wielding a racket that’s lightweight enough for quick responses yet solid enough to deliver powerful shots.

  • Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite
  • Weight: 84 grams
  • Grip Size: G5 (4 5/8 inches)
  • Head Shape: Isometric

You’ll appreciate the High Tension Power Frame, a feature that advances the racket’s stability, especially when firing aggressive shots. Such innovative design allows for a greater tension in the strings, translating to more explosive power transfer upon contact with the shuttlecock.

However, be aware, the racket comes unstrung which can be seen both as a pro and a con. While it may add an extra step before you can hit the court, it also offers you the chance to customize the string tension to suit your individual playing style. And considering its price point, it can be perceived as an investment into your sporting arsenal.

Pros Cons
Durable and high-quality construction Pricey
Reduces air resistance and improves manoeuvrability Unstrung
Powerful shots
Unstrung for the player’s customizability

Li-Ning G-Force Superlite Ignite 7 Carbon Fibre Strung Badminton Racquet

When you’re seeking versatility and finesse on the badminton court, the Li-Ning G-Force Superlite Ignite 7 stands out as a remarkable choice. Exceptionally light yet powerful, this racquet is engineered to cater to your quick reflexes and swift movements. It’s worth noting that its construction boasts Full Ultralite Carbon Graphite, offering the kind of durability seasoned players expect.

Imagine holding a racquet that feels almost weightless at just 77 grams, granting you the agility to manoeuvre with ease and precision. With its isometric head shape, you benefit from a more consistent response across the entire string bed. This translates to a larger sweet spot, facilitating more forgiving off-centre hits.

Beyond its weight, the racquet’s unique Tensile Slim Shaft is a key feature. It provides a balance of rebound and anti-torsion that significantly enhances your power transmission during play. You’ll appreciate the swift recovery between shots, which is vital during high-paced rallies. A notable attribute captured in user reviews is the racquet’s ability to maintain smash power without a cumbersome feel.

Li-Ning G-Force Superlite Ignite 7
Weight 77 Grams
Grip Size 3 3/8 inches
Material Full Ultralite Carbon Graphite
Head Shape Isometric
Ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars
Reviews 566

With its intuitive design focusing on reducing air resistance, the Li-Ning G-Force Superlite Ignite 7 enhances your gameplay with a combination of speed and comfort. Whether it’s a quick defensive block or a powerful baseline clear, you’ll find this racquet to be a dependable ally on the court.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Badminton Racket


When you step onto the court, the weight of your badminton racket is pivotal to your performance. You’ll need to wield a racket that feels natural and comfortable in your swings, optimising your game for long rallies and powerful shots. Lightweight rackets are often preferred by beginners and intermediate players. This is because they offer easier handling and less strain on the wrist and shoulder, which can help prevent injuries. These typically range from 77 to 95 grams and are characterized by their quick maneuverability.

For advanced players, a heavier racket might be the key to maximising smash power and overall shot stability. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that a heftier racket requires more effort to swing. Finding the weight category that complements your strength and skill level can dramatically impact your gaming experience. It would be best if you were aiming for a racket that enhances your natural play without causing undue fatigue.


The racket’s balance defines where the weight is predominantly distributed, greatly influencing your hitting power and control. If you’re someone who thrives on delivering powerful smashes and aggressive play, a head-heavy racket might be your go-to choice. The extra weight at the head amplifies your smash and clear shots, driving the shuttlecock with more force.

Conversely, if your strategy is centred on speed and agility, a head-light racket will suit your swift swings and rapid responses. Its balance towards the handle lets you maneuver quicker and switch between shots with ease, offering superior control.

For those of you who desire a middle ground, offering both power and quick racket-handling capabilities, an even-balanced racket emerges as the versatile contender. This balance type affords you the best of both worlds, making it an excellent choice for all-round players.


The flexibility of a racket is another core factor, deeply integrated with your playing style. Flexible shafts bend and snap back easily, thus are forgiving during off-center hits, offering better control for players with less powerful swings. This makes them ideal for beginners or players with a defensive style, who prioritize precise, controlled shots over raw power.

Stiff shafts, on the other hand, have minimal flex but react quickly during play. They offer less control but are unmatched in terms of power delivery, making them perfect for advanced players who can consistently hit with accurate timing.

Before picking up a new racket, it’s worth giving a few a test to get a feel for the right flexibility that matches your style. Remember, the ideal combination of weight, balance, and shaft flexibility can elevate your game, giving you that competitive edge you’re after. Selecting a racket with a suitable flexibility profile for your level of play is a strategic choice that can boost your performance significantly.


Choosing the right badminton racket is a game-changer. You’ve learned that the weight, balance and flexibility of a racket can vastly improve your performance on the court. Whether you’re starting out or you’re an advanced player looking to maximise your power, there’s a racket that’s tailor-made for your needs. Remember, the perfect racket complements your playing style and enhances your strengths. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to make an informed decision and elevate your game to the next level. Go ahead, pick the racket that feels like an extension of your arm and watch your badminton skills soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors are vital when choosing a badminton racket?

Key factors include player’s skill level, playing style, racket weight, grip size, balance (head-heavy, head-light, even-balanced), and racket flexibility.

How does racket weight affect player performance?

Lighter rackets tend to be easier on the wrist and shoulder, making them ideal for beginners and intermediate players, while heavier rackets offer advanced players more power in smashes.

What does head-heavy and head-light mean in racket balance?

Head-heavy rackets have a weight distribution towards the head, enhancing smash power. Head-light rackets have weight focused towards the handle, offering greater control and maneuverability.

How should racket flexibility be matched with player style?

Flexible rackets generally suit players who enjoy a more whippy action and require assistance with power, while stiffer rackets offer better control for players with a strong wrist action.

How do grip size and comfort relate to racket selection?

A proper grip size ensures comfortable handling, reducing the risk of injuries and improving overall play. It’s crucial to select a grip that fits your hand well for the best performance.

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