A guide to the best beaches in India for a refreshing vacation

Are you planning to beat this scorching summer heat? Well, we have brought you a list of the best beaches in India that will soothe and relax with their gentle waves and light surroundings. With a stretch of around 7516.6 Km, the Indian coastline gifts you with elegant and exotic beaches. The beaches are genuinely relaxing, breathtaking and unique, from the boardwalk to the rocky coastline. You can lay back and have a sunbath, watch the waves roll in, or even nap in a hammock between two palm trees. Something in the salty air and the wave sound attract tourists from different places to these alluring places. 

List of Top 10 Best Beaches In India

With so many beautiful beaches surrounding the coastline of India, the sandy shores call for having fun. The smooth and crashing waves of water, the loamy sand, and the salty scents in the sea breeze make it drool. You will surely fall for the tranquil sounds of the oceans and the gulls. So, without wasting time, pack your swimwear with sunscreens and moisturisers, as we are here with a guide on the best beaches in India. Look at the list and prepare for a beachy adventure coming this season.

Varkala, Kerala


Varkala combines a vibrant surf and backpacker scene with the peace of a bustling temple town. This beach is a lovely location for the Ayurveda retreats and a wonderful getaway from the bustle of the city. Additionally, those looking for solitude may find this beach the ideal location. It also has cutting-edge surfing amenities, making it one of the best beaches in India for learning the sport and experiencing its pleasures.

Gokarna, Karnataka


The serene and unspoiled beaches of Gokarna are the best places to unwind. The beaches here are less developed and congested than those in Goa, which have a hip and fashionable attitude. Om Beach and Half-Moon Beach are the ideal places to go here. The final beach in Gokarna is only accessible by boat or on foot. The fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and rocky surrounding Paradise Beach make it the ideal beach retreat. Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town in the Karnataka state and a recently discovered destination for beach lovers and hippies because of its immaculate beaches and magnificent terrain.

Baga Beach, Goa

Baga Beach is another famous beach in the Goa territory. It serves as a commercial and sporting hub for those who enjoy the adventure. There are numerous exciting dining establishments, beach shacks, and water activities. The nightlife at Baga beach is more intriguing because of its abundance of some of the region’s best nightclubs. The beach comes alive as the sun sets, and the party atmosphere takes over. Baga Beach offers a sanctuary for water sports fans and a variety of exciting and fun-filled activities. You can go fishing, snorkelling, speedboating, and diving.

Calangute Beach, Goa

If you are an avid sunset lover and a nature admirer, then Calangute beach is the one for you. You can enjoy various activities like eating outlets, shopping stalls, and water sports. From watching the sunset to participating in beach activities, it has everything a traveller could want while in the state of Goa, making it one of the best beaches in India. Other adventures you can enjoy are parasailing, water surfing, bumper ride, banana ride, jet-ski, and speed boat rides.

Kovalam, Kerala


The beach town of Kovalam has three famous beaches – Lighthouse beach, Samudra beach and Hawah beach, which together form its majestic rocky crescent. Kovalam is a popular tourist destination in the country. It’s known for its imposing lighthouse, shallow waters, low tidal waves, and various beach and water activities. Its bohemian scene makes it one of India’s most happening beach places. You can enjoy Sunbathing, snorkelling, sunset viewing, sailing, water skiing, catamaran rides, cycling, and swimming.

Palolem, South Goa

Palolem Beach in south Goa is the place to go if you love to party. The abundance of water-based activities and the wild and seductive party atmosphere make for a refreshing experience. It is one of India’s most picturesque beaches because of these activities. The beach is typically untouched, and foreign visitors come here frequently.

Possibly Goa’s most stunning beach is Palolem. It is a mile-long, semi-circular beach surrounded by a dense coconut palm grove. The beach is the busiest in South Goa and gains more and more popularity every year.

Agonda, South Goa

Agonda Beach

It is also moderately less crowded, which means you can enjoy solitude and have a relaxing time. It is one of the most serene beaches where you can cherish precious hours with your better half and be smitten. The shorefront in Agonda is usually less crowded than the other beaches in Goa. If you’re looking to relax and have a picturesque sea view, Agonda Beach is the place to be; hence, it is counted as one of the best beaches in India.


If you are looking for some French Heritage, you must land in Pondicherry on the Auroville and Paradise beaches. You can also check out the pristine beaches at Mahe, Yanam and Karaikal—part of Pondicherry’s Union Territory. Enjoy and relax with the sunset and sunrise views without interruption. The Auro Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Pondicherry that attracts many tourists and locals alike.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman & Nicobar Island

The largest of the islands in this group of water-locked land masses, and a popular tourist destination, is Havelock Island, where this spotless beach can be located. TIME Magazine chose it as Asia’s Best Beach. This beach, also known as Beach No. 7, is renowned for its tranquil, still sea and beautiful white sand. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, dispersed around the Bay of Bengal, contain Havelock Island, which is home to this beach.

Arambol, North Goa

Arambol beach

This beach carries a travelling vibe with live music and beach jam sessions. You can lay back and breathe some peaceful air and enjoy yoga sessions. Apart from that, the beach-shack cafés are also fun to visit. Also, this beach has a budget-friendly ambience amid earthy-red rocks to add charm to your trip. When you visit Arambol Beach, you can partake in kite surfing, paragliding, meditation, yoga, dance, and musical instrument lessons.


In addition to being outstanding and exciting travel locations, Indian beaches offer you the most peaceful environment for stress relief. They are the ideal locations for enjoying with your loved ones while participating in adventures like water sports. We’ve provided you with a selection of some of India’s most famous and beautiful beaches worth seeing. The atmosphere is lively and enthralling thanks to the excellent dining experiences and exquisite eateries. These thrilling and best beaches in India undoubtedly have something exciting and worthwhile for you.

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