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Best BP Machines in India With Prices (2021)

Are you looking for the best BP machines in India to keep regular track of your blood pressure? Then this guide is for you. As we all know, COVID-19 has shaken almost everyone’s soul. With the ongoing pandemic, people are more stressed and diagnosed with hypertension. The lockdown has affected many people mentally, which results in high blood pressure or sudden drop.

Moreover, at this time, going to the hospital can be highly critical. Therefore it is best to check your and your family’s blood pressure at home. Having a BP machine is probably for the best. However, there are tons of brands and options in the market for BP machines. It is sometimes overwhelming to find and buy a device that is suitable and easy to use at home. So here’s a guide for you to narrow down your search for the best BP machines in India. But before jumping onto the BP machines, let’s understand how to use BP machines at home. 

Steps To Use BP Machine at Home

We all know the function of the heart, right. When the heart pumps blood through the circulatory system, the blood puts pressure on arteries, veins, and capillaries. This is defined as blood pressure. But as per the saying, ‘anything in excess is bad, too much blood pressure or too slow pressure can be harmful. 

High Blood Pressure makes your blood vessels wall too high, which leads your heart to overwork, also known as hypertension. Similarly, low blood pressure is the opposite of high BP. In case of low blood pressure, the body’s organs don’t get a sufficient amount of blood, medically known as Hypotension. 

This can be harmful; in terms of science, high and low blood pressure is also known as the ‘silent killer.’Therefore it is best to check your BP every now & then at home with the best Bp machines in India. Here are things to do before you check and some steps to follow to check BP at home. 

Things you need to do before checking Blood Pressure

  • Check your blood pressure after 30 minutes of eating, intake of caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco products. 
  • Go to the restroom to empty your bladder.
  • Don’t talk and rest for 5-10 minutes before checking. 
  • Relax in a comfortable position. Do not cross your legs and keep your back supported. 
  • Always check from the left arm. Rest your arm on a table.
  • While wrapping the cuff around the arm, ensure there is no room left to slip your finger under the cuff. Keep it tight. 
  • Also, ensure that the cuff should be one inch above your elbow. 

Steps to Check

Step 1:  Turn on the power of your digital monitor.

Step 2:  In an automatic mode/model, the cuff will escalate by itself with a push button. But on a non-automatic mode/ model, you have to escalate the cuff with a rubber bulb manually. 

Step 3: After the cuff is escalated, the device will let the air out at a slow pace. 

Step 4:  Check the display screen for BP reading. The reading will show your systolic and diastolic pressures. Pro tip- maintain a diary to keep track. 

Step 5: After you have checked your BP, release all of the air from the cuff by the exhaust button

Step 6: If you are not sure and want to check again, kindly wait for 2-5 minutes before starting again. 

Hope you are clear with things to do before checking your blood pressure and how to use the device. Let’s check the best BP machines in India that are easily accessible on Amazon.

Best BP Machines in India

Here are some best BP machines in India we have listed for you, along with their pricing. You can fetch these BP monitors at the amazon website.

Omron HEM 


Omron HEM is a fully automatic device and very easy to use with three years of warranty. This monitor gives you an accurate reading of your blood pressure level which is why it is the best Bp machine in India. Check out its other features as well.

  • The device operates on the oscillometric principle to give a precise reading of your blood pressure. 
  • The Omron HEM cuff is comfortable enough with a circumference of 22-32cm. Big enough to wrap around a big arm. 
  • The device also detects body movement to prevent any error in measuring blood pressure levels.
  • Along with blood pressure levels, Omron HEM also detects irregular heartbeats. 

Price on Amazon: Rs 2175 

Morepen (Best BP Machine in India)

This is the second-best digital blood pressure monitor. It is fully automatic, lightweight, and one of the trusted and best BP machines in India.

  • Dr. Morepen is a digital device that shows accurate readings of your blood pressure.
  • Very easy to use and no hassle to charge. The monitor works on AAA batteries
  • The device is small and lightweight, and you can easily carry it in your bag while traveling.
  • Also, the monitor is labeled with systolic and diastolic for you to read the measurement easily. 

Price on Amazon: Rs 1475



Rossmax is an aneroid blood pressure available on amazon. Unfortunately, due to its reasonable price, the product quickly ran out of stock. So hurry to get your device. 

  • The cuff is comfortable and safe to wrap. Moreover, it is latex-free.
  • The Rossmax device monitor has a chrome plate to release brass air from the valve.
  • The device is effortless and handy to use at home.
  • Moreover, the cover is soft- cotton fabric and easily washable which makes it the best Bp machine in India.

Price on Amazon: Rs 1410 

Beurer (Best BP Machine in India)

Beurer is an affordable blood pressure monitor. If your budget is low and wants the best quality, Beurer is the best choice for you. Check out its characteristics to know more. 

  • Beurer is a perfect device to monitor your blood pressure with an automatic switch off.
  • The device is battery-operated, so you don’t have to charge every time. One of the reasons why this is the best Bp machine in India.
  • Moreover, the device shows the previous measurements to compare your current measurements.
  •  The device has an LCD for clear reading and comes with five years of warranty.
  • The blood pressure monitor also has a hemodynamic stability display. Which means you are resting enough throughout the process of monitoring blood pressure. The device will blink if your circulatory system isn’t at sufficient rest. 

Price on Amazon: Rs 1499 



Newnik isn’t a famous blood pressure monitor device, but it is the best for precise and accurate results. Look for its features to know more. 

  • With the Newnik blood pressure device, you can keep track of your BP and get reliable results in every use.
  • The device comes with an oversized cuff and high-quality, comfortable velcro for slim and obese people.
  • You can carry the device anywhere as it is durable, water-resistant, and has a polyester carrying case to keep the cuff and meter safe.
  • Moreover, the device indicates hypo and hypertension if you have any. So it is considered the best Bp machine in India

 Price on Amazon: Rs 1149

To Summarize

We hope this complete guide helps you narrow down your search for the best Bp machines in India. However, it is best if you discuss it with your healthcare provider before buying. These BP machines have excellent reviews and will be easy for you to use at home. Stay Healthy!.

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