Best Car Subwoofer in India

An audiophile must have the best car subwoofer in India. If you like your music loud, a subwoofer is an excellent option. Now you don’t need to install those big bulky woofers which take up half of your boot space. A subwoofer is ideal for cars because it doesn’t require much space and gives you the desired results.

A small subwoofer for the car doesn’t take up much boot space and leaves enough for luggage when travelling. So, you don’t have to deinstall the subs and compromise on the quality of your music while taking long journeys.

There is a question of whether you need an amplifier with a subwoofer. The subwoofers have built-in high-pass filters which filter out all the low frequencies. So, it depends on whether you want to install an amplifier.

Top 7 Best Car Subwoofer in India

Here is the list of top subwoofer speakers for cars.


Sony Car Subwoofer XS-NW 1202S

Sony XS-NW 1202S

Sony is known to produce the best car sound system in the world. The Sony XS-NW 1202S Box Subwoofer is the best car subwoofer in India. The Sony subwoofers are designed to provide the best musical experience. 

The pentagonal shape of the woofer with a stroke stabiliser rubber around it reduces acoustic distortions. The 12-inch polypropylene cone has dimples that enhance the bass’s quality. This subwoofer will meet your needs for that extreme bass.


  • Power consumption: 1800W
  • Mounting type: Floor standing, cuboid shape
  • Frequency: 32-1000 Hz
  • Price range: Rs 8,000-10,000


  • It provides high quality even without an amplifier
  • Fewer distortions and high frequency
  • Enhanced bass quality


  • At lower volumes, the bass is missing.

Best Car Subwoofer in India – JBL GT-X1500THI


JBL is known to produce amplifiers, loudspeakers, and headphones. JBL is one of the best in the market regarding musical types of equipment. GT-X1500THI is designed to provide excellent bass with clarity. It has a bass-reflex 12-inch tube enclosure that delivers quality sound. 

Because of its cylindrical shape, it is easy to place and adjust in a car. It comes with a protective grill for the cone and a mounting strap to secure the subwoofer inside the car. It will produce the intended outcomes while enhancing your car’s appearance.


  • Power consumption: 1500W
  • Mounting type: mounting strap, cylinder
  • Frequency: 35-200 Hz
  • Price range: Rs 8,000-10,000


  • Compact bass tube design.
  • Outstanding performance for the price
  • Excellent volume and bass output


  • No inbuilt amplifier

Subwoofer Speaker for Car – Pioneer TS-WX300TA

Pioneer TS-WX300TA

Pioneer is worth considering if you want the best car subwoofer in India. This is a company which produces one of the best car audio systems, home theatres, DJ equipment, etc. The TS-WX300TA is installed inside a bass reflex tube to create the low frequencies you can feel while sitting in a car. 

With good quality speakers, this subwoofer is going to provide excellent sounds. It will also assist the speakers in maintaining excellent sound quality even at higher volumes.


  • Power consumption: 1300W
  • Mounting type: Floor standing
  • Frequency: 20-130 Hz
  • Price range: Rs 10,000-15,000


  • Inbuilt class-D amplifier
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful bass tube


  • Costlier than average

Blaupunkt GTB 8200A Subwoofer for Bass

Blaupunkt GTB 8200A

Get the best car subwoofer in India from Blaupunkt, which produces the best car audio systems worldwide. The design is durable and compact, which is perfect for cars. The GTB 8200A is a small subwoofer for cars that ensures quality sounds to the listeners.

The best thing about this subwoofer is that it has an integrated class-D amplifier. So you do not need to spend extra on an amplifier. After installing this small subwoofer in your car, you may be unable to listen to music anywhere else.


  • Power consumption: 150W
  • Mounting type: Floor standing
  • Frequency: 30-200 Hz
  • Price range: Rs 8,000-10,000


  • Inbuilt class-D amplifier
  • Automatic on/off
  • Highly durable and compact design


  • No other colour options are available

Infinity 1200W Subwoofer for Car

Infinity 1200W

Infinity is another company you can consider if you want the best car subwoofer in India. 1200W is one of the best from Infinity that will keep you content. This subwoofer is loaded with excellent features like SSI (selectable smart impedance), which allows you to reconfigure your system. Other features that make this subwoofer stand out are:

  • An oversized aero-cooled voice coil.
  • An acoustically damped glass fibre cone.
  • Premium screw-down terminals.

The design of this subwoofer is compact and appealing, and glass fibre is incorporated into the cone for accurate sounds without distortion.


  • Power consumption: 2000W
  • Mounting type: Flush mount
  • Frequency: 25-175 Hz
  • Price range: Rs 10,000-12,000


  • Long-term dependability and highly efficient
  • Elegant and robust design
  • Excellent frequency response


  • No other colour option

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4-10

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4-10

Another best car subwoofer in India to get your hands on is the P3D4-10 punch P3. As the name suggests, it has a ten-inch subwoofer with a 2-ohm voice coil at 500W RMS power consumption. The shape is circular and designed for haughty sound quality with minimum distortions. 

It has an anodised aluminium voice coil that provides heat dissipation and keeps the woofer cool. The vertical attach surround technique (VAST) helps increase the cone’s effective radiating. The subwoofer comes with a grill made of a cast aluminium trim ring, enhancing the subwoofer’s overall look. 


  • Power consumption: 800W
  • Mounting type: Flush mount
  • Frequency: 29 Hz
  • Price range: Rs 10,000-20,000


  • Excellent sound delivery with less distortion
  • Futuristic and sleek design
  • Best subwoofer for bass


  • Very expensive subwoofer

Pronod SR-P10A+ – Pocket-Friendly Car Subwoofer

Pronod SR-P10A+

Pronod has one of the best car subwoofers in India though it is not a famous brand. The SR-P10A+ has an inbuilt amplifier to ensure better sound quality. The subwoofer is a ten-inch active bass tube and has a compact design. The subwoofer deserves to be on the list because of its high calibre to ensure quality sounds.

The USP of this subwoofer is that it is the most affordable in our list of the best car subwoofer in India. Pronod provides the best features at affordable prices, and the subwoofer is in demand with positive reviews.


  • Power consumption: 300W
  • Mounting type: Floor standing
  • Frequency: 20-130 Hz
  • Price range: Rs 5,000-7,000


  • Good quality at reasonable prices
  • Inbuilt amplifier
  • A-one sound delivery


  • Average design and build quality

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The above list of the best car subwoofer in India will help you decide which one you want to buy. A subwoofer is a must for people who enjoy a lower frequency of their music. It provides a 3-dimensional surround sound experience and makes the music sound authentic. A subwoofer is designed to produce frequencies below 30Hz which is more than enough for cars. 

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