Best Cooking Oil in India with their Health Benefits

Cooking oil has been a vital aspect in each Indian dish and lots of words worldwide. There are several alternatives for cooking oil to help you to stay fit and taste even better. These oils can be used for sautéing, baking, or even for drizzling. The Indian market has a plethora of options for cooking oils. And to choose which is best for you, proper taste and fitness, we have compiled a list of the best cooking oil in India with their health benefits to choose what is suitable for you. 

Oil in our food plays an important role, and cooking oil may affect your health if not selected properly. A rise in cholesterol, heart disease, excess fat, etc., can all be a source of using bad local cooking oil. So it is best if you use proper cooking oil, which tastes better and keeps you at bay from an array of health problems. The best cooking oil we have mentioned will be appropriate for you, plus they offer a long list of health benefits. So without any delay, let’s go through the best cooking oil in India.

Best Cooking Oil in India & its Advantages

To add rich flavor to your food and add exotic aroma using proper cooking oil is a must. Besides, you need to keep in mind their effects on health as well. Here’s the list of best cooking oil in India with health benefits available at affordable prices.


Puvi Cold Pressed Groundnut (Best Cooking Oil in India)


Groundnut oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, which manages and controls your cholesterol level. Besides, groundnut oil is the best source of Vitamin E and amazing for skin and hair as well. Puvi Cold Pressed Groundnut oil is a healthy alternative to any refined oils. Following are its features:

  •  Best cooking oil in India for deep frying and sautéing. 
  • Provides a better taste with an amazing aroma as the cold-pressed groundnut is beneficial. 
  • Puvi cold-pressed groundnut oil is rich in antioxidants that help maintain hair quality and is best for the skin. 
  • It comes in a variety of sizes and is available almost anywhere at affordable prices. 

Health Benefits of Groundnut

  1. Promotes weight loss
  2. Boost your metabolism 
  3. Suitable for diabetic patients as it keeps the blood sugar level in control
  4. Reduces the risk of cancer


Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a good source of Vitamin E; besides, it contains all nutrients required for the body to function. Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil is found in almost every Indian kitchen because of its amazing properties and health benefits. Check out its amazing properties.

  • Fortune Sunlite oil is healthy to digest as it is lightweight. 
  • This is the best cooking oil in India as it makes your immune system stronger. 
  • Besides, Fortune Sunlite is rich in natural vitamins and has low saturated fats.
  • The amount of low saturated fats keeps your heart in good functioning.

Health Benefits of Sunflower Oil 

  1. Sunflower oil provides energy to the body throughout the day. 
  2. Reduces the risk of heart disease. Best for heart patients. 
  3. Improves the digestion process as it is light
  4. Build and repairs the body tissues 


Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil


We all know how good olive oil is, especially when you are using it in cooking food. To choose the best olive oil, Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best cooking oil in India. Most of the elite group of people prefer food in olive oil because of its health benefits. As olive is a bit expensive, Borges offers it at very reasonable prices. Look for more of its features. 

  • Borges Olive is the best replacement for butter or ghee. 
  • Apart from cooking veggies, you can use them in salads or for dressing. 
  • Borges olive oil is naturally rich in antioxidants properties because of natural olives.
  • It contains no harmful preservatives or added color. 

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

  1. Reduces the risk of chronic disease because of its powerful antioxidants
  2. Reduces inflammation in bones 
  3. Prevent heart strokes and attacks 
  4. Good for people who have Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and obesity.


Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil

Maxcare virgin coconut oil is the best cooking oil for South Indian dishes. Maxcare Virgin Oil is available at a reasonable rate with plenty of benefits. Following are some of its features.

  • Maxcare Virgin Oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk, which makes it 100% pure, natural, and unrefined.
  • This oil can be used for cooking and taken as a dietary supplement as prescribed by your doctor. 
  • Maxcare virgin coconut oil is best suited for frying foods as it is resistant to oxidation at a high level of heat.
  • Suitable for people who are on ketogenic diets.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

  1. Coconut oil used for cooking food improves blood lipids and enhances metabolism 
  2. Promotes weight loss 
  3. Rich in vitamins E which is good for hair and skin.
  4. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that make the oil digest easily.


Dabur Cold Pressed Mustard Oil


Dabur mustard oil is the best cooking oil in India which many Indians trust for cooking tempting dishes at home. This is the second-best choice after olive oil for cooking food. Here’s the list of its features

  • It is filled with monounsaturated fatty acids, which help to manage cholesterol
  • Dabur Mustard Oil is rich with the goddess of Omega 3 and Omega 6. 
  • It keeps a healthy balanced diet for you and your family if consumed daily. 
  • The oil is made from the finest mustards so that the natural properties of mustard remain the same. 
  • Besides, it is the best and healthier alternative to traditional cooking oil. 

Health Benefits of Mustard Oil

  1. Promotes Heart health and reduces the risk of inflammation of arteries 
  2. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in mustard help to prevent you from cold, cough, and other various infections. 
  3. It helps to improve blood circulation. 
  4. Easy process of digestion and boost metabolism. 

These were some of the best cooking oil in India that you can blindly trust. Moreover, they are better, healthier, and tastier. 


Q1. Can cooking oil go bad? 

Ans. There are rare chances of cooking oil going bad. However, most of the cooking oil stays fresh after 6 months to one year after opening the oil container or the bottle. Vegetable oil may change its color, but that is normal. 

Q2. Can cooking oil be reused? 

Ans. Yes. You can reuse cooking oil as it will save your money and minimize the wastage of oil. You can reuse it until you start noticing particles to break down. That’s when you have to use fresh oil. 

Q3. Is cooking oil gluten-free?

Ans. Almost all cooking oils are gluten-free. 

Final Words

Cooking delicious dishes requires the right cooking oil. There are tons of brands that offer cooking oil, but the above list is the best cooking oil in India which you can add to your routine and improve your and your’s family health with these cooking oils. Stay Healthy! 

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