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When you want to send something to your dear ones overseas or have a small eCommerce business online, you look for courier companies. There are several courier services in India, but only a few of them come from the best courier services in India. When orders are placed, the success is measured by the quality of services, including order completion on time and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the foremost motive of any courier service, but not everyone can reach the expectations. They all promise the best quality; however, the order placed is damaged in the process many times, or the packaging isn’t perfect, or the order is late than the expected delivery. 

Some of the other issues always occur, but here’s the list of best courier services in India which will never disappoint you. Although, before going through them, let’s understand the parameters to choose the best courier services, providers.

Criteria To Select Best Courier Services

We all know the demand for courier companies is increasing because the majority of businesses are online. Thanks to digitalization. We also know what courier services do. But the question arises how to choose courier services which are best for business. This could be the trickiest part and even risky. If you partnered with a courier service that can give satisfactory service, you might lose customers or stay back in the race with your competitors. To avoid that, there is a criterion to choose the best courier services according to your business. Following are the basic factors you can look for in the best courier services in India

  • Serviceability: This is the foremost factor that anyone should look for. Serviceability falls under two categories. First, does this particular courier providers ships to your business’s desired destination. And second, can the selected courier manage the number of orders your business has on a weekly or monthly basis. So if the courier services fulfill these two categories, then you can put a green tick on the checklist. 
  • Delivery Speed: Every customer wants their product to be delivered on time or before if they can. This increase the trust on the business and customer will tend to buy from you more. So delivery speed is the second criterion to look at in any courier services provider. Check for their delivery history and time; you will be getting a clear idea if the courier provider is suitable for your business or not. 
  • Proof of Delivery: The delivery proof is another significant aspect of any courier service. You can only improve after receiving customer feedback, which may include. Having proof of delivery is a verification document wherever a customer registers a complaint and can hold delivery agents for the state of the product at the time of delivery. 
  • Specialization: Due to digitalization these days, almost all businesses are online. And because of this, courier service providers had to get more creative and smooth in the delivery process. A particular company or a business provides many types of products, and courier services get specialized in a specific product category, like ceramic goods, which are easily breakable in the process. For such products, handling with care and packing is highly important. Thus give a green tick if the courier service providers are specialized in easy and safe cargo. 
  • Security and Insurance: When high-value products are to be shipped, it is best to have insurance to prevent any kind of loss. Insurance is also vital for the courier service providers as well. To grantee, the product with insurance is a smart movie one can do. In case the courier service providers damage the product in any way, they are liable to pay the cost of damage. 

These were the essential factors to check in any courier service provider before you make a deal with them. For a successful business, your customers should be satisfied with the product and the other aspects. So it is better to choose the best courier service provides. Check out the following list of best courier services in India.

Best Courier Service Providers in India


FedEx Courier Partner


FedEx Courier partner was founded in the year 1973 that is an e-commerce courier service. It was the first company to have global goodwill in the logistics industry. After gaining a name in the industry, FedEx Courier partner arrived in India for online business with the best courier services. After years of providing services, FedX is one of the best courier services in India. 

They specialized in handling a variety of products and ensures timely delivery. This courier partner delivers to more than 220 countries and territories and comprises 90 percent of the world’s GDP. On a daily basis, they have almost 36 million shipments across the globe which makes FedX the largest courier company with fast and reliable services for any business. 


DHL Shipping Company

DHL refers to Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn as the second-best international courier partner in India after FedX. The courier company was founded in 1969 in San Francisco and expanded its services around the globe by the 1970s. Today, DHL is a well-known courier service provider around the world. They have a well-connected distribution network in more than 220 countries and cover more than 26000 pin codes across a country. Moreover, DHL also ensures that the environment isn’t harmed in the delivery process. They maintain a strict rule of reducing waste during the shipment. One of the reasons why it is considered the best courier service in India.


Delhivery for Courier services 


Delhivery for Courier services is new in the industry of transportation and courier services. Delhivery for Courier services was founded in 2011 and had snowballed. Today Delhivery courier services are the most trusted one and at a reasonable rate. They provide flexibility to the clients with delivery time choices, Plus you get to set your delivery with a specific type of location like an office or home location.

Moreover, they have the most accessible payment options. Delhivery for Courier services is also for its technology service. They monitor and control the shipment, fraud dedication, and cross-check the consignee’s address with OTP on the registered mobile number of the customer. The company also delivers hazardous goods, high-value products of all shapes and sizes with exceptional services.


DTDC Courier company

DTDC Courier company is an Indian courier service provider since 1990, headquartered in Bangalore. They offer eCommerce business with a variety of services like customizing delivery as per the client requirements, COD, bulk shipping, fragile products, and even express delivery with minor extra charges. DTDC manages approximately 12 million shipments every month from all over the country. 

Moreover, DTDC has an extensive network of more than 10500 franchisees. Apart from being the best courier services in India, DTDC also has a name overseas. The company provides service to 240 international locations like the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, and all Asian countries. Moreover, DTDC has an extensive network of more than 10500 franchisees.




BlueDart is another best courier service in India engaged in the industry 1983. The company has affordable prices and has 35000+ pin codes in India. BlueDart is also famous internationally in more than 220 countries. They offer various payment options, automated proof of delivery also ensures the weather conditions of waterways, roadways, and airways. Moreover, with airways transportation, the company has six subsidiary cargo airlines called Blue Dart Aviation which operates in South Asian countries. Also, Bluedart is reliable with transportation of goods in and out of the country. 

Final Words

So these were some of the companies that provide the best courier services in India and even internationally. You can partner with any one of the courier service providers according to your business needs. Choosing a suitable courier partner highly reflects on the business growth. Better the delivery service, better the growth because a customer expects the product within 3-5 working days. So these companies are the best to fulfill the customer needs on time. 

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