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Does your cable operator bother you? Want to switch to DTH services and look for the best DTH in India? Well, I am presenting a list of India’s best DTH service providers. First, let us know briefly about DTH. So, what is this DTH?

DTH connection refers to Direct to Home. You can easily stream various channel programs just by sitting at home. The person who purchases a DTH receives high-quality signals directly through satellites. Moreover, this all is done with a wired system.

Furthermore, we all are living in an era where technological advancements are at their peak, and DTH connections are one of them. So, why not get yourself benefited from these services. Besides, you can customize your channels as per your preferences and requirements. You do not have to pay a fixed amount every month. Rather you are free to choose the package that suits your needs. 

Now, let us learn about the best DTH connections that are available in India. 

Choose the Best DTH in India

There is huge competition in every field. Moreover, you will find multiple options if you start to look for one particular service. So is the case with DTH service providers. There are several options available, and I will list the best ones. 


Tata Sky



Tata Sky is one of the best DTH in India. It is a joint venture between 21st Century Fox and Tata companies. It offers a wide range of channels. The attractive range of channels is offered in multiple languages.

Moreover, the flexible packs and combos attract a large number of customers. This DTH network offers around 600 hundred channels, and among these, 99 are HD channels. Apart from this, Tata Sky was the first company to offer video-on-demand service and a 4K Set-top-box.


Airtel Digital TV (Best DTH in India)

Airtel Digital TV was launched by Bharti Airtel in 2008 and is considered India’s best DTH service provider. Within no time, this network has gained popularity and has significantly reached around 10 million subscribers.

Apart from this, this service provider offers around 500 channels and out of which there are several HD channels. You can also record programs and get multiple connections just through one dish. Besides, if the entire building or housing complex subscribes to this DTH, then the subscribers can get customized packages and various discounts. 


DD Free Dish or DD Direct Plus


The free DTH service provided by Prasar Bharti was launched in December 2004. It was earlier known as DD Direct+. Moreover, this is considered one of the best DTH in India as it offers a free service all over the country. So, do not have to bother about the monthly charges as you just have to pay for the installation. 

Besides, you will get a set-top box, antenna, and a remote during the installation. You can easily buy this DTH online or anywhere around the local market. Apart from this, the channels are directly operated through satellites. There is no fuss about cable operators. 


D2H (Best DTH in India)

This DTH service provider is another best DTH in India that was founded in 2009 by Videocon. The reason for the popularity of this service provider is completely based upon its combos and affordable packs. Moreover, D2H is a subsidiary of Dish TV. 

Though Videocon D2H and Dish TV got merged in 2016, there are 19% of the total subscribers of D2H alone. The company provides a wide customer base with around 600 varied channels. You can enjoy the vast collection of SD and HD channels which offer clear pictures and fine sound quality. Apart from this, it uses MPEG-4 technology to enhance the user experience.


Dish TV


This subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises is yet another best DTH in India. It is the first DTH service provider in India. Moreover, it was launched in the market when there was the rule of cable operators all around. The main focus was to provide services in those areas which could not get cable services.

Dish TV provides more than 300 channels. Apart from this, it offers various kits and combos to increase the viewing experience of the customers. There is a parent lock given so you can have control over what your children watch. Though it grew slowly, this company now has around 17.7 million subscribers.


Zing Digital

Zing Digital is one of the best DTH in India. It is another subsidiary of Dish TV that was launched in January 2015. This DTH provides the services at nominal costs, especially for regional languages. Moreover, this company currently operates in the states of West Bengal, Odisha, and Kerala.

Also, to increase its market value, the company offers affordable packs such as Rs. 99 channel packs that include free-to-air channels. Thus, the company is known for providing the cheapest DTH connections all over India.


JIO DTH (Best DTH in India)


Reliance group of companies has launched a new initiation in the DTH market. The JIO DTH is considered the best DTH in India and has gained popularity among the masses. For the time being, the company renders its services in major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. It will be launching the services in villages too.

Apart from this, the company offers an attractive price range that lies between Rs. 180 to Rs. 200 as it aims at providing the cheapest services in the country. The JIO DTH offers several plans such as My Plan, Basic Home Pack, Silver Plan, Gold Pack, and Platinum Plan.


Sun Direct

Sun Direct is yet another best DTH in India. It is a Chennai-based company and provides its services in southern India and was launched in 2007. Moreover, it offers services in all the regional languages. 

The reason behind their popularity is that they provide free set-top boxes and an affordable monthly plan. Apart from this, they have around 10 million subscribers. Though the focus is mainly on the South Indian language channels, Sun Direct also offers the streaming of English and Hindi Channels.


Independent Dish TV


Last but not least is the Independent Dish TV which is another best DTH in India. It is formerly known as Reliance Big TV, and it belongs to an Indian television operator. Moreover, it is also counted as one of the subsidiaries of Reliance Communications. 

This DTH service provider acquired 1 million subscribers just in the course of three months after its launch. The service was later renamed Reliance Digital TV. But after some time, it was taken over and rebranded by Pantej Technologies and Veecon Media as Independent TV.

In a Nutshell

So, after learning about all the best DTH service providers, you may compare their packages and prices. Apart from this, you can check the availability of the connection in your area that you want to buy. Lastly, choose the one that fits in well with your demands and desires.

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