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Best Ent Doctors in India (Exclusive List)

Just as the maestros of an orchestra ensure a flawless performance, you need the best ENT doctors in India to address your ear, nose, and throat issues with precision. You’re seeking professionals who have turned the art of healing into a science, with reputations that precede them like the wise sages of medicine.

You’ll find solace in the hands of these acclaimed specialists, who come equipped with cutting-edge technology and years of experience to tackle your health challenges. Whether it’s a nagging cough or a complex surgical procedure, they’re the go-to experts who can bring harmony back to your life.

Trust in their expertise as you navigate the landscape of India’s top ENT physicians, ensuring you’re in the right hands for your care.

Dr. Shilpi Budhiraja

When you’re seeking an expert in ENT, Dr. Shilpi Budhiraja’s name stands out. Her proficiency in the field is well-regarded, making her one of India’s top ENT physicians.

She’s equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle a variety of ear, nose, and throat conditions with precision and care.


You’ll find that Dr. Shilpi Budhiraja brings a wealth of expertise in ENT treatments, offering advanced care for a range of ear, nose, and throat conditions. Her reputation for excellence in addressing issues like sinusitis, hearing loss, and throat infections is well-known. She’s adept at both routine examinations and complex surgeries, ensuring you’re in capable hands.

With her extensive training, Dr. Budhiraja utilizes the latest diagnostic tools to pinpoint your condition. She then tailors a treatment plan specifically for you, employing cutting-edge techniques. Whether you’re battling chronic tonsillitis or require delicate ear surgery, her dexterity and attention to detail make her stand out.

Trust her to provide compassionate, thorough care that targets your unique needs.

Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal

Now, let’s turn your attention to Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal, a distinguished figure in ENT with 30 years of medical practice.

His expertise in Otorhinolaryngology and Minimal Access Endoscopic Surgeries has set a high standard in the field.

Dr. Mittal is particularly renowned for his proficiency in Sinus and Skull Based Surgeries, Balloon Sinoplasty, and Sleep Surgery.


With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal excels in Otorhinolaryngology and is a pioneer in Minimal Access Endoscopic Surgeries. His expertise isn’t limited to general ENT procedures; he’s also renowned for his proficiency in Sinus and Skull Based Surgeries, Balloon Sinoplasty, and Sleep Surgery. You can trust that you’re in capable hands with Dr. Mittal, as he’s skillfully navigated the complexities of these delicate areas, offering you less invasive options with quicker recovery times.

Dr. Mittal’s dedication to advancing the field is evident in his approach to patient care. He’s committed to providing treatments tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes. So, when you’re seeking top-notch ENT care, Dr. Mittal’s distinguished expertise makes him an exceptional choice.

Dr. Shomeshwar Singh

You might be curious about the expertise of Dr. Shomeshwar Singh, who’s next on our list of top ENT doctors in India.

He’s not only acclaimed for his proficiency in the field, but patients also trust him for his innovative treatment approaches.

Let’s take a look at his unique skill set and the contributions he’s made to otorhinolaryngology.


Dr. Shomeshwar Singh, with over two decades of experience, specializes in advanced ENT procedures and is renowned for his expertise in otology, rhinology, and laryngology. He’s a leader in his field, adept at tackling complex cases that cover a range of ear, nose, and throat conditions. You’ll find him at the forefront of innovative treatments, using cutting-edge technology to improve patient outcomes.

His reputation isn’t just built on his surgical skills but also on his dedication to patient care. You’re in good hands with Dr. Singh, as he’s committed to providing personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. His extensive knowledge ensures that you receive the best possible care for any ENT related issue.

Dr. (Col) Subodh Kumar

You’ll want to pay close attention to Dr. (Col) Subodh Kumar, whose expertise in ENT is widely acknowledged. With years of dedicated service and a wealth of experience, he’s earned a spot among the top ENT doctors in India.

His skills and knowledge in the field contribute significantly to the high standards of patient care he’s known for.


Discover how Dr. (Col) Subodh Kumar’s extensive experience in ENT surgery can address your specific health concerns effectively. With a career spanning decades, he’s honed his expertise to offer you top-notch care. Whether you’re dealing with sinusitis, tinnitus, or any other ENT-related issue, Dr. Kumar’s proficiency ensures precise diagnosis and personalized treatment plans.

His skills aren’t just about treating common ailments; they extend to complex surgeries that demand precision and finesse. You can trust that you’re in capable hands, as his track record in both military and civilian medical service is impeccable. If you’re seeking someone with a wealth of knowledge and a gentle touch for your ENT needs, Dr. Kumar is among the best choices you could make.

Dr. P. L. Dhingra

You’ve heard of Dr. P. L. Dhingra’s reputation; he’s a beacon in the ENT community with a wealth of expertise. His knowledge in the field is comprehensive, covering a broad spectrum of ear, nose, and throat conditions.

When you’re seeking top-notch care for ENT issues, Dr. Dhingra’s experience is unmatched.


Dr. P. L. Dhingra, with decades of experience, is one of the foremost ENT specialists in India you can consult for comprehensive care in otorhinolaryngology. He’s renowned for his clinical acumen and surgical skills, offering expert management of a wide array of ear, nose, and throat conditions.

Here’s what sets him apart:

  1. Pioneering expertise in endoscopic sinus surgeries and micro-ear operations.
  2. Renowned author of the definitive textbook ‘Diseases of Ear, Nose & Throat,’ which is a staple in medical education.
  3. Leader in adopting innovative techniques for voice restoration and snoring correction.
  4. Adept at managing complex head and neck cancers with cutting-edge treatments.

You’ll find his approach both meticulous and compassionate, ensuring you receive the highest standard of ENT care.

Dr. Debashish Dutta Majumdar

When it comes to ENT specialists, you’ll want to know about Dr. Debashish Dutta Majumdar’s expertise. With his extensive experience in the field, he stands out as a leading figure in otorhinolaryngology.

His skill set is broad, covering a variety of ear, nose, and throat conditions.


As you seek top-notch ENT care, Dr. Debashish Dutta Majumdar’s extensive expertise in otorhinolaryngology ensures you’re in highly capable hands. His years of experience and specialized training equip him to handle a wide array of ENT conditions with precision and care.

Here’s what sets him apart:

  1. Pioneering techniques in endoscopic sinus surgery, providing relief to chronic sinusitis sufferers.
  2. Excellence in pediatric ENT, offering compassionate care for your little ones’ unique needs.
  3. Innovative treatments for hearing impairments, including advanced cochlear implant procedures.
  4. A respected voice in the otolaryngology community, regularly contributing to leading medical journals and conferences.

Choosing Dr. Majumdar means choosing peace of mind for all your ENT-related concerns.

Dr. W.V.B.S Ramalingam

When you’re looking for an ENT specialist with a strong reputation, Dr. W.V.B.S Ramalingam stands out for his expertise in Skull Base Surgery and Phonosurgery.

He’s a leading figure in cochlear implant treatments, which has earned him considerable recognition in the medical community.

His skill set and experience make him one of the best ENT doctors in India to consider for complex ear, nose, and throat conditions.


You’ll find Dr. W.V.B.S Ramalingam’s expertise in the fields of ENT and cochlear implant treatment to be among the most esteemed in India. With a career dedicated to pioneering techniques and achieving remarkable outcomes, his proficiency is reflected in the trust and recognition he receives from both peers and patients.

Here’s what sets him apart:

  1. Profound experience in Skull Base Surgery, addressing complex conditions with precision.
  2. Mastery in Phonosurgery, enhancing voice and speech outcomes.
  3. Renowned for his work with cochlear implants, significantly improving hearing impairments.
  4. Commitment to advancing the ENT field through continuous research and innovative treatments.

Choosing Dr. Ramalingam means you’re opting for a leader in ENT care, whose contributions have shaped the way treatments are delivered in India.

Dr. EC Vinaya Kumar

You’ve learned about various top ENT specialists, and now it’s time to focus on Dr. EC Vinaya Kumar.

With his extensive expertise in ENT, Dr. Kumar stands out as a leading figure in this medical field. His accomplishments and experience offer reassurance that patients are in capable hands.


Dr. EC Vinaya Kumar’s expertise in Otorhinolaryngology has established him as one of India’s premier ENT surgeons, adept at handling complex cases with precision and care. You’ll find his skill set includes:

  1. Advanced surgical techniques for treating chronic sinusitis, offering relief to countless patients.
  2. Proficiency in managing intricate ear disorders, including hearing loss and balance issues.
  3. Expertise in voice and throat conditions, ensuring both functional and aesthetic outcomes.
  4. Pioneering work in endoscopic skull base surgery, contributing to minimally invasive solutions for serious ailments.

With these skills, Dr. Kumar has earned a reputation for excellence. His commitment to patient care and continuous learning keeps him at the forefront of ENT advancements in India.

Dr. E.V. Raman

When you’re seeking top-notch ENT care, Dr. E.V. Raman is a name you can trust.

With over 45 years of experience at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, he’s a giant in the field of Otorhinolaryngology.

Patients respect his expertise and rely on his proven track record for exceptional ENT treatment.


With over four decades of experience in Otorhinolaryngology, you’ll find Dr. E.V. Raman at the forefront of ENT specialists, renowned for his proficiency and skillful approach to ear, nose, and throat conditions. His expertise doesn’t just stop at general practice; it encompasses a range of specialized treatments and surgical procedures.

Here’s what sets him apart:

  1. Advanced Surgical Skills: Dr. Raman is adept at performing complex ENT surgeries with precision.
  2. Innovative Treatment Plans: He tailors cutting-edge treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs.
  3. Research Contributions: Leading numerous research initiatives, he’s helped advance the field of Otorhinolaryngology.
  4. Patient Education Focus: Ensuring you understand your condition and treatment options is a priority for him.

Dr. Sumit Mrig

When considering the best ENT doctors in India, you can’t overlook Dr. Sumit Mrig’s exceptional expertise in the field.

He’s known for his precision in treating a wide array of ear, nose, and throat conditions.

With his years of experience and specialized knowledge, Dr. Mrig stands out as a top choice for patients seeking ENT care.


Dr. Sumit Mrig’s expertise allows you to receive top-notch care in the complex field of ENT, addressing a broad spectrum of ear, nose, and throat conditions with precision and skill. With years of experience and a commitment to patient-centered care, Dr. Mrig is renowned for his:

  1. Innovative surgical techniques, particularly in minimally invasive ENT procedures.
  2. Extensive experience in managing chronic ear diseases and hearing restoration surgeries.
  3. Proficiency in endoscopic sinus surgeries that deal with sinusitis and related disorders.
  4. Expertise in voice and swallowing disorders, offering both medical and surgical solutions.

You’re in capable hands when you choose Dr. Mrig for your ENT concerns, as his depth of knowledge ensures a tailored approach to your treatment.

DIY Remedies for ENT Problems

You can manage minor ENT issues at home with some effective DIY remedies before consulting a top specialist.

For a sore throat, try gargling with warm salt water to reduce swelling and discomfort.

If you’re dealing with sinus congestion, steam inhalation can help clear your nasal passages; just pour hot water into a bowl and inhale the steam carefully.

For earwax buildup, a few drops of mineral oil or baby oil can soften the wax.

However, if symptoms persist or worsen, it’s crucial to seek advice from one of India’s best ENT doctors, such as Dr. E.V. Raman or Dr. Ganapathy H at Apollo Hospitals, to ensure proper care and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Determine Which ENT Specialist Is the Right Choice for My Specific Condition?

To find the right ENT specialist for your condition, research their experience, read patient reviews, and consider their expertise in treating similar cases. Ensure they’re conveniently located and have a credible practice history.

Can Lifestyle Changes Impact ENT-Related Issues, and Are There PrevENTative Measures One Can Take to Avoid Common ENT Problems?

You can mitigate ENT issues with lifestyle tweaks, like avoiding allergens and quitting smoking. Regular exercise and a balanced diet also prevent common problems. Always consult a professional for personalized advice.

What Are the PotENTial Risks or Complications Associated With ENT Surgeries Performed by These Top Doctors?

You might face bleeding, infections, or anesthesia reactions during ENT surgeries. Even top doctors can’t guarantee zero risks, but their expertise often leads to successful outcomes with minimal complications.

How Do These Top ENT Doctors Stay Abreast of the Latest Research and Technological AdvancemENTs in Their Field?

You’d want your ENT specialist to stay informed about new research and tech advancements. They likely attend medical conferences, participate in workshops, and read up on the latest studies to keep their skills sharp.

Are There Any Alternative or ComplemENTary Therapies That These ENT Specialists Recommend in Conjunction With Traditional TreatmENTs?

You might find that some ENT specialists recommend complementary therapies like acupuncture, herbal remedies, or yoga alongside traditional treatments to enhance recovery and manage symptoms more holistically.


You’ve met India’s finest ENT wizards, from Dr. Budhiraja’s caring touch to Dr. Raman’s surgical prowess.

Remember, alongside these titans, home remedies can offer temporary relief. But when it’s time for expert care, trust these seasoned hands to guide you back to health.

They’re your go-to for any ear, nose, or throat woes. Don’t wait; reach out to these maestros and hear, breathe, and speak at your best again.

Your journey to healing starts now.

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