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7 Best Fitness Bands in India

Are you struggling to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle? May be its high time that you turn your thoughts of getting fit into action. Before you lose your motivation again, quickly invest in a fitness band, and never look back because there is a healthy lifestyle waiting ahead of you. We are here with the best fitness bands in India that will get you hooked because they have so much to offer you.

Not only do they track your steps and count the calories you have burned, but they also motivate you on a daily basis to achieve small goals. These fitness bands will monitor your heart and sleeping schedule, and you can check your notifications on them. Say what?! That’s right as these smart fitness bands are multifunctional and have one purpose only that is to guide you to your dream fitness goals. Let’s start the best fitness band in India buying guide and see what all these bands we have in store for you.

Best Fitness Band Brands in India

  • Fitbit
  • Samsung
  • Garmin
  • Mi
  • Honor
  • RealMe
  • Huawei

Best Fitness Bands in India


Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit is a brand which needs no introduction as it is the king of fitness products. This Fitbit charge 3 is the best fitness band in India because of its bomb features.

When it comes to design, the band looks classy and sleek, and the rubber strap is highly durable. Fitbit band has an OLED display, which has an excellent resolution, and you can see the screen in the Sun too. Since the band is made solely for fitness purposes, it features a 24*7 heart rate monitor, a 3-axis accelerometer and an altimeter.

 Moreover, the device provides exceptional accuracy as it counts the calories you have burnt, the number of steps you have walked, and also monitors your sleep.

The battery life is outstanding, as the band provides a battery backup of 7 days. The charging time is 1-2 hours, and it goes from 0 to 100 real quick. As the touchscreen is water-resistant, users can wear it while swimming too. All these incredible traits of this Fitbit band makes it stand out.


  • OLED Display.
  • Real time cardio tracking.
  • Counts the calories burned.


  • Highly accurate.
  • Stylish looking.


  • GPS is not available.

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker (Graphite and Black) with Offer on Accessory:


Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung is known worldwide for its electronic appliances, and you will find its products in almost every Indian household. This fitness band by Samsung is our second best pick, and it will not fail to impress you.

The two-tone color scheme makes this device look stunning, and the silicone straps with inner grooves provide ultimate comfort to your wrist. With AMOLED Display of 1.5 inches, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro also offers excellent build quality and water-resistant features up to 5 atmospheric pressure. 

Features like heart rate monitor, barometer, accelerometer, gyro sensor along with the calculation of calories burned, and a total number of steps walked are performed accurately by this fitness band. An auto activity detection technology can detect if you are running, walking, dancing, or jumping. There is a GPS tracker present, and you can also attend texts or calls using the device. 4GB storage space is provided for music so that you can enjoy your workout making it one of the best fitness band in India.


  • Auto-detection technology.
  • AMOLED Display
  • 3 Days Battery Backup.


  • Extremely reliable.
  • GPS tracker.


  • Battery life could be more.

(Renewed) Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro SM-R365 Smartband (Red):


Garmin VivoLift 4

Garmin is yet another famous company worldwide that has entered the world of fitness bands with ts offering Vivolift 4. The impressive feature about this product was its appearance as you just cannot go without buying it.

Although the Display is quite small with a size of 0.35 inches, you can still clearly read the text, and its readability in the Sun is also quite high. With a customizable color display and water-resistant feature, the device has a battery life of 1 year. The gesture navigation technology automatically detects your activities like running, swimming, or walking.

Moreover, the accelerometer and sleep monitor are very accurate, and the device also challenges you daily with a step count. You can pair your fitness band with a blue tooth, set the alarm, and even use it as a stopwatch. Along with that, the intelligent backlight technology helps in saving the battery of the band. Overall, this product is worth it, and you should give it a try.


  • 1 year Battery life.
  • Interchangeable straps.
  • Always on Display.


  • Super attractive design.
  • Great battery life.


  • Heart sensor is not present.

Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking Watch, Adult Large (Black):


Mi Band 4

The most sold and the best fitness band in India is from Xiaomi. Mi has a history of manufacturing products with the best features at an economical price. With Band 4 fitness tracker, Mi has once again proved this. The build quality of this smart band is excellent as it comes with flexible and lightweight straps available in a variety of colors.

Coming to the Display, it has a 0.95 inches OLED display, which offers great visibility even in the Sunlight. Features like heart rate monitor, step counter, sleep monitor, and calculation of calories burned are all present in this device. You can easily pair your phone via blue tooth so that you can check your text and call notifications on the smart band.

Its battery life is unimaginable and makes this product more outstanding. It operates for 20 days continuously after you charge it just one time. Being suitable for both iOS and Android, the applications on the App Store and Google store provide a lot of helpful information related to health.


  • OLED Display.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Powerful Lithium Battery


  • Affordable.
  • Very reliable.


  • Charging process is complicated.

 Mi Smart Band 4- India’s No.1 Fitness Band, Up-to 20 Days Battery Life, Color AMOLED Full-Touch Screen, Waterproof with Music Control and Unlimited Watch Faces:


Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 fitness tracker is our next best pick and is undoubtedly one of India’s best fitness bands. From elegant design to supreme features, it tops the list in every aspect.

The fitness band has a heart rate monitor that comes with a photoplethysmogram sensor to provide optimum accuracy. Along with this, the sleep tracker monitors your sleep and gives you feedback on your sleeping schedule. An accelerometer, 0.95 AMOLED Display, water, and scratch-resistant features are some other incredible things of this device.

This smart band can be connected to your smartphone, and you can view your emails, text, and call notifications on the band screen. Talking about the battery life, it works for 14 days straight if you charge the fitness band once, which is pretty amazing. So basically, this product has all the things that you require in a fitness tracker.


  • Water resistant.
  • AMOLED Display.
  • 14 days battery backup.


  • TruSleep Technology.
  • SpO2 feature.


  • Small Display.

HONOR Band 5 (MeteoriteBlack)- Waterproof Full Color AMOLED Touchscreen, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen), Music Control, Watch Faces Store, up to 14 Day Battery Life:


RealMe Band

RealMe is a strong competitor in the market when it comes to advanced features at an affordable price. With RealMe products, you get exactly what you pay for.

The design is pretty basic yet elegant, and the silicon straps are flexible as well as comfortable. It has features like step counter, real-time heart rate sensor, and calorie calculator. With a 0.96 LCD display, the device also allows you to view your texts, calls, and other notifications on the smart band.

Although there is no touchscreen, but the interface is still user-friendly, and there is a control button at the bottom of the Display. Speaking of battery life, you can use it for 8 days if you charge it fully once, making it one of the best fitness band in India. As there are five different watch faces, you get a variety of options to choose from. Our final verdict of this product is that it is pretty decent and suitable for people who want a fitness band under a budget.


  • 8 days of battery life.
  • 0.96 LCD Display.
  • Realtime app notifications.


  • Affordable.
  • Silicone straps are flexible.


  • Display brightness is low.

Fitness Tracker HR, S5 Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer IP68 Waterproof Sleep Monitor Step Counter for Women Men:


Huawei Band 3 Pro

Another one on our list is this best fitness band from Huawei. This all in one fitness tracker is breaking all records with its incredible features. Although the brand is not very famous in India, its products speak for themselves.

The highlight of this device is that it has a battery life of 30 days because of the powerful Lithium Polymer battery. Being the most light in weight smart band, it will not irritate your wrist. Plus, a gesture detector automatically tracks your activities in case you forgot to switch on your band before work out.

You can make phone calls, check texts and notifications, and set the alarm with this device. Along with that, all the sensors are accurate, the calculation of calories burned, and the step count is precise. Since it is water-resistant, you can flaunt it under the water too. Its design makes it appear classy as it comes in a gorgeous black color.


  • Gesture detector.
  • Water Resistant.
  • 30 days battery backup.


  • Affordable.
  • Light in weight.


  • The manual has instructions written in Chinese only.

Huawei Band 3 Pro All-in-One Fitness Activity Tracker, 5ATM Water Resistance Swim, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Built-in GPS, Multi-Sports Mode, Sleep Tracking, Black, One Size:


Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker

There is no match for the Fitbit fitness band, and so here we are with one more product from this brand. Track your daily activities with the help of Fitbit Inspire HR and lead a fit lifestyle.

SmartTrack Record Technology detects your workout information like walking, running, and swimming based on the history of your workouts. You can track your calories burned and pulse rate to improve your workout sessions. Other features like timer, stopwatch, and visibility of the screen, even in Sunlight, make this product a great one.

The Fitbit app has several functions to help you as you can view suitable diet plans and work out plans for yourself. Moreover, the battery is quite powerful, and you can use it for 5 days on a single charge. Backlight OLED Display technology also helps in power saving. Since the band is flexible and water-resistant, you can wear it when you go swimming. Overall, being the best fitness band in India, it will surely help you in enhancing your health.


  • Backlight OLED Display Technology.
  • SmartTrack Record System.
  • 24*7 Real-Time Heart Monitoring.


  • Powerful battery backup.
  • Tracks your sleep.


  • The design is very basic.

 Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate (Black):

Types of Fitness Bands

 Mainly, there are 3 types of fitness trackers to help you achieve your goals.

1. Basic Fitness Bands

These types of bands simply count your steps and calculate the total distance you have traveled. For people who need a band only to monitor their walking or running, basic fitness bands will be perfect for you.

2. Heart Rate Monitor

Along with performing the essential functions of a fitness band, these also have a real-time heart rate monitor. You can see how many calories you have burned throughout the day. This will give you an idea about how your diet and work out plans are going.

3. GPS

Fitness bands with GPS are the most advanced form of trackers. They have all the basic features along with a GPS tracker. You can see which routes you want to take or the ones you have taken previously and track your directions; distance travelled as well as the pace of travelling.

Important Features of a Fitness Band

Heart Rate Monitor

This feature monitors your heart rate 24*7. You can see when you are in a safe zone and when you need to work out a little more. Heart rate tracking also gives a better idea of the number of calories burned.


It is a sensor that tracks every movement of your body. If you are at rest, walking, or running, an accelerometer helps in detecting your activities from all angles. Best fitness bands come with these features. 


The barometer sensor tracks your step count, the number of stairs you have climbed throughout the day, and gives you accurate results. Some fitness bands even challenge you with a step count goal for the day.

Movement Reminders

This feature notifies you to stand up and do some activity if you are sitting for too long. You will even get a reminder to work out if you missed it in case.

Factors to consider before buying a fitness band: Buying Guide

GPS Tracking

With GPS, you can see which routes you have traveled or the ones you want to travel through. It gives you an idea of the total distance you have traveled and what pace did you retain. If you connect the band with your smartphone, you can also find it in case if it is lost because of the GPS.

Gesture Detector

This is a handy feature as it automatically detects what activity you are doing. There are times when you may forget to switch on the fitness band before your workout and gesture detector saves you in such situations. In our opinion, if you are looking for the best fitness band in India, go with the one that has this feature. 

Smartphone Connectivity

You can check your emails, texts, calls, and notifications from WhatsApp and Facebook if your smartphone connects to your fitness band. Some bands offer extra storage for music so that you can have an enjoyable work out session.


How do fitness bands know that you are sleeping?

While you sleep, your body is still, and there is no movement. Even your heart rate changes when you sleep so the fitness band can easily track it. Then, your sleeping patterns and your schedule can be monitored.

Is the Apple fitness band good?

If any brand exists that gives a fierce competition to Fitbit, then it has to be Apple. It has incredible features and is one of the finest brands available in the market. However, it is expensive than most of the bands and can not be connected with Android smartphones.

Are Fitbit sensors accurate?

Yes, they are incredibly accurate. From heart monitor to sleep tracker, all the features give you the most precise results. Fitbit bands are known for their reliability so that you can trust them.

Final Verdict

Fitness Trackers are your way to go if you want to monitor your daily activities and opt for a healthier lifestyle. These fitness bands are suitable for all age types, so do not restrict yourself from investing in them as they are very beneficial. The above-mentioned products are the ones we loved the most because of their incredible features. Also, they are the best fitness bands in India, do check them out before you land on a particular fitness band. This was all you needed to know about the fitness bands, and we hope this helped you.

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