5 Best Selling Food Processors in India

A food processor is one such appliance that has made a mark in Indian kitchens. If you are looking to get your hands on the best food processor in India, this post is for you.

Cooking is quite different and multiplicity when compared to any other cuisines in the world. Unlike the west, where people rely more on boiled food and raw salads, Indian cooking is all about intricate recipes and methodical procedures. Our traditional cooking is all about hours of preparation and multiple elements in a single dish. Earlier, ladies used conventional methods like manual churners and graters for food; however, now, with changing trends, women have less time to cook. Thus, there are multiple gadgets available in the market to make cooking easy. 

Usually, Indian women need a mixer grinder, hand blender, wet grinder or a grater, juicer, and many other appliances. However, Food processors are an all-in-one gadget that helps in doing almost all the prep for cooking.

Top Rated Food Processors in India – Overall Winners

From grinding stone to automatic blenders and grinders, Indian kitchens have come a long way. The biggest companies now provide the latest and high-end gadgets for Indian women so that they can cook with ease and less tiredness.

Best Food Processor in India

While some rely on ordinary mixer grinders, women who are fond of cooking often invest in a high-quality multi-functional food processor. In India, food processors sell like hotcakes. Have a look at the best sellers below.


Bajaj Food Factory Food Processor


Bajaj Electricals is one of the most renowned brands in an Indian household which provides quality of electric appliances for the kitchen, bathroom, and complete range of home solutions. This Affordable food processor in India from Bajaj is not only durable but also very handy. It is easy to use and comes with the Bajaj Warranty. 

The motor of this food processor in India comes with a lesser power; however, it is very durable and enough for home use. The food processor comes with three jars with a variety of capabilities. And has eight attachments for multiple utilities like Kneading, Beating, etc. The food processor is convenient and comes with a stainless steel blade. 

One of the best safety lock mechanism is there to ensure that there is no risk of cuts and accidents while using. 

It comes with the following:

  •         Chopping blade
  •         Slicing Blade
  •         Coconut Peeler
  •         Flour Kneading Blade
  •         Fine Shredding Blade
  •         Coarse Shredding Blade
  •         French Fries Shredder 
  •         Citrus Juicer

It has a three-speed pulse function to do intermittent shredding and chopping. The Jars are made of high food-grade material in Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate Fiber.  

It is one of the most convenient and handy food processors for Indian nuclear families wherein you can use the small-sized jars for making purees, chutneys, and shakes with ease. 

It has 600-Watt Motor with a motor protector in case there is an overload on the machine. 

Coming from Bajaj, this food processor gives you the best design and durable body, which is suitable for continued use.


  • One of the best appliances for making batter for Dose or Kneading Atta
  • Easy to use and handy size
  • Enough for a small Indian household
  • Best for making vegetable and fruit juice
  • Quick to use


  • It has some plastic parts which may break easily.
  • The Appliance does make some noise.

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus


Inalsa is a trusted Indian kitchen appliance brand that provides high-quality appliances which Indian homemakers adore. The Maxie Plus Food Processor provides the best attachments and jars which complete the cooking chores with ease and cleanliness. SO, when you are looking out for a complete solution to all the baking prep needs, this Food processor is worth the money. 

It helps in chopping and grinding and beating everything with its easy to use attachments. The most beautiful thing about this one of the best food processors in India is that it helps in Indian Cooking needs like kneading the floor for Rotis or only prepping the dough for cookies. SO, if you love cooking new recipes and baking, then it is the right choice for you. 

It has blades for chopping, mincing, grating, and cutting vegetables and fruits as per your need. 

You can quickly knead Atta for your chapatis without any mess or worrying about getting the right consistency

Whether you need to beat eggs for cakes or omelet or Beat that coffee for the perfect texture, the beater attachment can do it without any effort. 

With the juicer attachment in the Food Processor, you can quickly churn out the maximum juice from fruits and vegetables without any wastage.

Another great accessory is the one for French fries through which cutting perfectly shaped chips is easy. 

You can easily make mashed vegetables for your children through the attachment.

This is one of the best food processor in India as it comes with 4 jars.

There is also an overload protector that saves appliances from damage in case of overload. 

You can use three-speed modes as per your needs. 


  • It is Heavy Duty so does not get damaged when used excessively
  • 700-Watt Motor is power efficient.
  • It is modern in looks.
  • It has the best overload protector.


  • Plastic blades can break at times
  • No service centers in smaller parts of India

Philips Food Processor HL 1661

Philips is a reputed Indian household brand that is trusted by millions. Be it household electricals, electronics, or kitchen appliances; consumers vouch for Philips quality. This Food processor from Philips is compact and easy to use. This food processor is an excellent replacement for a Juicer and well as a Mixer grinder. It is, without doubt, a great looking machine which compliments the modern kitchen providing all the needed functions for Indian cooking. 

  • Philips food processor has a compact design, so it is easy to put together and use. 
  • It has a variety of attachments made with sturdy material to make sure that you have the best experience using them.
  • Made with durable material and handy design, this food processor is a must-have for any Indian cook. The best part is that it comes with stainless steel blades, which unlike the plastic blades as offered in other food processors, cannot break easily. The blades are sharp and do not go blunt even after many uses. 
  • The sharp blades coming from the house of Philips cut, slice and splice through the vegetables and fruits, even the hardest ones with ease. 
  • You can use the blender for making smoothies, frothiest, and milkshakes with ease and quickly.
  • Using the handy small jar, you can make chutneys and purees in any quantity without mess and wastage. 
  • There is also a grinding and mixing jar, which is ideal for making masala and pastes for your dishes. Fine grinding also helps in making powder for unique recipes. 
  • The Juicer attachment in the food processor is one of the best as it produces fresh juice from citrus and non-citrus fruits without any mess. The high-end juicer makes sure most of the fluid is extracted without any wastage. It is also effortless to clean. 
  • Chopping onions and garlic is one of the most painful chores in the Indian kitchen. However, one needs to do this most often. The Chopping attachment helps you chop onions and other veggies with ease as it has hard and sharp blades for chopping. It has a very high-power motor that does even heavy tasks with ease.
  • The components that come in the pack with this food processor in India are safe to be washed in Dishwasher. 
  • The Biggest bowl of the processor has 2.1 L capacity, and other jars have 1 L capacity.


  • Compact and safe Design
  • Takes Less Space
  • High Power motor
  • Good performance


  • High priced

Singer Foodista Plus 600

Singer is a known brand in Indian households; however, it must make its mark in kitchenware yet. The Food Processor from Singer is durable and high performance as it has been rated high by the users who have tried and tested it. It comes with good quality jars; however, the quality cannot be compared with other processors. The motor is a high performance but does not have the overload protection. Another best food processor in India, Singer is worth a try for its large-sized jars, which is larger than other brands like Bajaj and Inala. Another plus side that its liquid jar is also larger than others with 1.5 Liter capacity. The Chutney jar is also spacious with 300 ML capacity. 

  • The processor comes with nine attachments that help in doing most of the cooking preparation with ease. 
  • The Motor is of 600-Watt size and powerful enough to serve the needful. So, you can cut and chop vegetables of the fineness of your requirement with the chopper attachment. You can quickly grind spices and nuts using the high-power grinder and also make shakes and juices easily with this small yet powerful food processor from Singer. 
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years on motor and two years on the jars and attachments.
  • It has the best quality stainless-steel blades which are suitable for grinding, chopping, and puree. The Kneading attachment is made of hard plastic to give you the proper consistency dough as you need. The Fruit filter attachment is also worthy of appreciation as it makes juice extraction easy and messes free. The Safety lock on the bowls helps in the spill and mess-free cooking.


  • It is very affordable
  • Comes with a Safety Lock
  • Has all the needed attachments
  • The fruit filter is a plus
  • Less Noisy


  • Bad After Sales Service
  • No overload protection mechanism
  • Mediocre jars

Wonder Chef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor


Another great food processor in India, Wonderchef is a gem of its own and stands out of rest in the list as it is manual with amazing qualities. The manual food processor comes with a handy design with a tow gear system for speed and power. The blades are of high quality that makes cutting, chopping, and grinding an easy task. What makes this food processor a must-have is that it is mechanical, so it does not consume any electricity. Thus it is easy to use even in case there is a power outage that is common in India. 

  • The sharp blades and easy to use mechanism make prepping for cooking effortless.
  • This food processor is ideal for beating eggs, Kneading dough for cookies, Pastries, and rotis.
  • The easiest way to whip cream for cakes and desserts is by using the whipping attachments in this state-of-the-art food processor. 
  • Its design is excellent and modern, along with high-performance accessories. It is ideal for mincing meat and grate vegetables. You can quickly knead the dough and make sure that you get the vegetables and food chopped in the exact size that you want. Since it is manual, you have greater control over the consistency and fineness of the grinding, mixing, or blending.  It can also be used to crush ice for preparing shakes and Frappe.


  • Not electricity consumption
  • Dual gear for high-end use
  • Easy and quick


  • Manual, so takes some effort.

Tips for buying the best food processor

Whenever you buy any kitchen appliance, one of the primary factors is to check your needs and utility and then look for the one that best matches your requirements. There may be many high-end gadgets available in the market that do hundreds of operations, but you should check what your requirements are and what kind of functions you need while cooking. 

You should also consider your budget while looking for the best food processor in India.

Motor Power

The high-end food processors must have suitable power motors that are sturdy and do not burn off on heavy load usage. The motor should also come with an overload protection warrantee else. It is an essential part of the food processor.


Capacity is an important thing to consider while buying the right food processor in India. You should check that it has at least the large, medium and small-sized jars, Small-sized is also essential as they are needed for making chutney, puree, etc., If only large-sized jars are available, then it will be difficult to make less quantity food items.

Large pots are needed for making shakes and other items. So, you should check that your food processor has a variety of jars.


Blades are the soul of any food processor, as, without it, you would not be able to do any intended task. So, make sure that the appliance you are buying has high quality sharp and sturdy blades.

Handy Design

The compact and sleek designs not only look good but are also easy to handle. You may want to have a look at a variety of Indian food processors before zeroing on the one which looks best and fits in your kitchen space.


The trusted brands are more recommended for buying kitchen appliances, like Food appliances, as they are costly and long time buy. 


You must invest in the best food processor available in India that helps you ease out your cooking. With these top food processors in India listed above, you can choose one which is best suited for you. Also, the tips may help you enormously in deciding the most optimal choice for you.

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