Best Hair Colour Brands in India: Salon Shine at Home

Exploring the best hair colour brands in India? You’re in luck! Whether you’re looking to add a touch of vibrancy with shades like violet and red or stick to classic hues like black and brown, there’s a brand that’ll suit your style. With options ranging from high-pigmented semipermanents to ammonia-free formulas, you’re spoilt for choice.

Choosing the right hair colour is more than just picking a shade; it’s about finding a brand that complements your skin tone, hair texture, and personal style. From L’Oreal Paris to Streax, the top hair colour brands in India offer a range of stunning colours and features to meet your needs. Plus, with the convenience of at-home colouring, you can achieve salon-quality results without stepping out the door.

L’Oreal Paris

MatrixImmerse yourself in the world of L’Oreal Paris, a brand that sets the benchmark for hair colour in India. Recognized globally, this brand stands out for its exceptional quality and trendsetting hues that cater to your desire for colour that turns heads. You’ve likely seen their diverse range of products, brimming with shades that promise to complement your complexion and mirror your personal style.

L’Oreal Paris understands that you’re seeking not just colour but also care for your hair. Their ammonia-free hair colours are meticulously formulated to not only deliver stunning colour but also to nourish your hair. The semi-permanent range offers a shimmery tone that revitalizes your hair’s appearance, making it look salon-fresh in just 20 minutes. This ease of application at home means you can maintain rich, glossy colour that endures up to 28 washes, seamlessly blending with your bustling lifestyle.

The brand’s Excellence Crème line exemplifies their commitment to innovation. With products designed for 100% grey coverage, L’Oreal Paris helps you achieve a sophisticated look that projects confidence and glamour. Their hair colours come infused with nourishing ingredients that ensure your locks remain vibrant and healthy, echoing the luxury of a professional touch.

It cannot be overstated: L’Oreal Paris is more than a hair colour brand; it’s a pledge to excellence and sophistication in hair care. Whether you’re experimenting with a new look or aiming to uphold your signature shade, this brand equips you with the choices and the high-performance products to manifest your vision with precision and flair.

While navigating the colourful spectrum of L’Oreal Paris, consider your hair texture and how the various formulations might elevate your natural style. With a constant pulse on the latest trends, the brand remains ahead of the curve, providing colours that not only cover greys but also enhance your hair’s inherent beauty. This makes L’Oreal Paris a favoured choice among users who await quality and durability in their hair colour solutions.


MatrixEmbark on a journey to redefine your style with Matrix hair colour. When it’s about personal expression through vibrant shades, Matrix’s SoColor Cult line stands out. You’ll find bold and unconventional shades perfect for those moments when you want your hair to make a statement. Whether you’re aiming for a vivid magenta, a deep blue, or a fiery red—Matrix offers the freedom to customize your look.

Dive into the sophisticated technology that Matrix brings to your hair care regimen. Their formulas are enriched with a CeraOil Complex, a game-changer that helps strengthen and nourish your hair. Even after colouring, you can enjoy hair that’s not only eye-catching but feels silky and shiny too. With Matrix, the quest for salon-quality results at home becomes a reality.

Here’s a quick glance at what Matrix brings to the table:

Pros Cons
Permanent and semi-permanent options May be on the higher end of the price scale
Salon-quality results at home
Great grey hair coverage

Navigating through the world of hair colour, you might be wary of the harsh chemicals often used in the colouring process. It’s reassuring to note that Matrix keeps its ammonia content low. This ensures a more pleasant and comfortable colouring experience, something you’ll undoubtedly appreciate.

Don’t let the worry of greys dampen your spirit. Matrix offers excellent grey hair coverage, allowing you to maintain a youthful and vibrant look, irrespective of age. Whether it’s covering up or making a bold fashion statement, Matrix supports your vision.

Choosing Matrix is not just about getting a new hair colour; it’s about embracing diversity and expressing your individuality without compromise. Your hair is your canvas, and with Matrix, you’re equipped to create a masterpiece that resonates with your sense of style. Keep exploring the possibilities and discover the rich palettes that Matrix has in store for your hair’s transformation.


GarnierWhen you’re looking for hair colour that combines nature’s touch with lively shades, Garnier rises to the occasion. Their Color Naturals range, brimming with olive oil goodness, ensures your locks stay nourished and lustrous. Whether it’s the earthy tones you’re after or the vibrant streaks that make a statement, Garnier caters to your whims.

The brand’s gentle approach to hair care resonates with your desire for variety without compromising the health of your hair or scalp. By blending nourishing ingredients with pocket-friendly prices, Garnier presents an ammonia-free hair coloring experience that also upholds your budget.

You’ll find that Garnier not only prioritizes appealing color but also commits to eco-friendly practices, aligning your beauty routine with sustainability. Their hair color products aren’t just about a new hue; they’re about embracing and enhancing your natural beauty.

Easy and Nourishing Application

Dive into the details of Garnier’s offerings:

  • Olive Oil Enriched: Hydration and shine are at your fingertips with Garnier’s olive oil-infused colors
  • Multi-Tonal Color: Achieve depth and radiance with their multi-tonal formulas
  • Easy Application: Each kit includes a handy applicator brush for a smooth, even application

Consider the pros and cons of choosing Garnier:

Pros Cons
Natural-looking results Prolightening may be needed for bold shades
Ammonia-free options

Merging ease of use with high-quality ingredients, Garnier’s hair color kits come complete with all you need for a transformative colouring session. The non-drip formula means you’ll enjoy a mess-free application that stays put until you decide to wash it out, leaving your hair with a rich texture and a youthful look.


biotiqueWhen you’re searching for a hair colour that’s gentle on your locks and embraces traditional Ayurvedic practices, Biotique stands out. They’ve harnessed nature’s wisdom, blending it with modern demands to offer hair colours that do more than just change your look. Your hair gains the dual benefits of coloration and the nurturing properties of herbs such as henna, indigo, amla, and bhringraj. The result is a colour that not only transforms your hair visually but also improves its overall health.

Choosing Biotique means you’re opting for a product that’s eco-friendly and considerate of your wellbeing. Their commitment extends beyond the hair colour itself to the sustainable packaging and ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good about your choices.

Pros Cons
Colors blend naturally Color intensity may vary
Chemical-free & gentle

Biotique’s colour range, available in brown, dark brown, and black, is developed with Indian hair in mind. Their ammonia-free formula supports a more delicate approach to hair coloring. However, remember that the natural ingredients may not offer the same longevity as their chemical counterparts. The colour might start to fade within four weeks, especially if you frequently wash your hair.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a quick touch-up between salon visits, Biotique’s instant shampoo hair colour can be a lifesaver, offering both black and brown shades for your convenience.

BiotiqueShop On for hair colour that strides confidently along the line between style and substance. Their clean, cruelty-free vegan range is proof that you can achieve beautiful colour without compromising on hair health. Just be aware that opting for a more natural route means the colour results may not always be as predictable, but your hair will thank you for the tender care and nourishment it receives.


GodrejWhen considering hair colouring options, you can’t overlook the legacy of Godrej Expert Rich Crème. If you’re aiming for salon-like results without stepping out of your home, Godrej has become a staple. Known for its effortless application, the brand has garnered attention for its practical approach to hair colouring. You’ll find a diverse palette of shades tailored to your preferences, backed by the brand’s promise of style with simplicity.

The formulation of Godrej Expert Rich Crème stands out – it’s enriched with aloe vera and milk protein, integral ingredients that offer more than just colour. They nurture your hair, delivering a soft texture and an enviable shine post-colouring. Ammonia-free and designed for full gray coverage, Godrej hair colour ensures a healthy-looking finish without compromising on quality.

Here are some of the features that make Godrej a top pick:

  • 100% grey coverage
  • Aloe vera for natural colour and hair softness
  • Milk proteins that enhance hair softness
  • Convenient premeasured sachets for quick application
  • 30-minute colouring time for a swift transformation

Especially attractive is the user-friendly nature of Godrej’s hair colour products. If you’re pressed for time but need impeccable results, the premixed sachets are a godsend. Just apply, wait for 30 minutes, and unveil shining, evenly-coloured hair.

For those who prioritise hair health, the inclusion of silk protein and keratin in the VCare shampoo hair colour within the Godrej range, brings additional benefits. It’s crafted to strengthen your locks, leaving them more resilient and lustrous while providing instant colour and maintaining the natural look of your hair.



When you’re looking to refresh your look with a splash of colour, BBlunt stands out as a stellar option in the world of hair dyes. Renowned for its salon-inspired quality, BBlunt is favoured both by home stylists and professional hairstylists who want to bring runway-ready hair colour into everyday life. With Intense colour and silken shine, you’ll enjoy a fashionable and vibrant appearance straight from the comfort of your home.

Initiated by Adhuna Bhabani, a prominent name in hairstyling, BBlunt has the expert backing to elevate your hair colouring experience. You’re not just using any hair colour product; you’re treating your tresses to a professional-grade colour kit that’s been developed with the knowledge and finesse of a seasoned hairstylist.

BBlunt delights in variety, with an impressive range of shades. Whether you’re going for a subtle natural hue or making a bold statement with electric blues and fiery reds, there’s a shade for every personality and occasion.

Pros Cons
Easy-to-apply crème formula Scent may be strong for some users
Wide range of shades
Fade-resistant colour

Furthermore, BBlunt doesn’t just colour your hair – it cares for it. Their formula is enriched with silk protein, operating on a triple-action system that protects your hair, locks in moisture and bestows it with a remarkable, high shine that’s coveted by many. You can confidently strut your stuff, knowing your hair looks as good as it feels, with vibrancy that lasts up to 8 weeks.

Indulge in the luxury of BBlunt and revel in the freedom to regularly switch up your style. This hair colour isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a signal to the world that you’re someone who takes their mane seriously, with products specially designed for Indian hair that prevent damage and maintain health.


RevlonWhen you’re looking for a variety of shades to match every mood and occasion, Revlon has you covered. With 41 shades available, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. The trendsetter in hair colour, Revlon offers stunning permanent colour options that provide long-lasting results, particularly popular among those chasing the perfect blonde.

The Technology Behind the Colour

Opt for the cutting-edge 3D Color Gel Technology when you’re aiming for a mess-free, salon-like experience at home. This innovative formula allows for a much more straightforward application process, ensuring even highlights and smoother, healthier-looking hair. The gel consistency doesn’t drip, creating a clean and user-friendly colouring experience.

Ammonia-Free Options

Revlon’s dedication to hair health shines through with its Top Speed Hair Color, an Ammonia-Free product that’s friendly for both men and women. The unique Speed Technology means you can transform your hair in just 15 minutes. It’s fast, efficient, and easy to use, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

Revlon Top Speed Hair Color Details
Time for Application 15 minutes
Size 180g
Features Ammonia-free, Professional brush included
Shades Multiple (including natural hues)

Godrej, another household name, showcases similar commitments to quick and hassle-free hair colouring. Their Easy 5 Minute Hair Color is particularly noteworthy for those who value both time and quality.

For a quick grey hair solution, the Revlon Top Speed Hair Color in Natural Brown 60 delivers in a mere five minutes. This ammonia-free formula is enriched with Mother of Pearl and Ginseng Root Extract, which not only preserves the natural texture of your hair but also imparts resilience and shine. The complete kit even comes with two brushes, assisting with precise root touch-ups or full coverage – no mixing needed. You’ll enjoy salon-quality results in the comfort and convenience of your own home.



When you’re looking to reinvent your look, Streax stands out as an innovative brand that allows you to Style Your Way. With an understanding that hair colour isn’t just about covering greys but also an expression of personal style, Streax offers a range of shades that cater to your desire for Rich, Glossy Colours. Infused with walnut oil, their products don’t just alter the shade but also impart a Luxurious Shine to your locks.

As you explore the diverse palette Streax provides, you’ll find options that meet the standards of both Classic Elegance and Head-Turning Drama. It’s not only about finding the right shade; it’s about finding a hair colour that resonates with your personality and stands as an extension of your individuality.

Streax celebrates uniqueness and this brand’s hair colours are no stranger to this principle, being both Trendy and Versatile to suit various tastes and preferences. Plus, with a commitment to hair health, these products nourish your hair, helping maintain its condition.

  • The Streax hair colour range includes a unique formula enriched with argan oil that not only colours but also provides a Glossy Finish.
  • Accompanying conditioners in the pack work to Treat Hair Post-Colouring, reducing potential damage and leaving your hair Soft, Silky, and Manageable.
  • With 15 Different Shades available, there’s a match for everyone’s unique style.
  • Recognised as one of the Best Hair Colour Brands in India, Streax ensures that quality and trust go hand in hand.
Pros Cons
Easy to apply Frequently available in pre-measured sachets
Budget-friendly without compromising on quality
Impressive gray coverage

Indeed, Streax’s dedication to your hair goes beyond just colour. Being 100% Vegan and Ammonia-Free, along with added benefits of Aloe Vera and Collagen, means you can colour your hair without extensive damage. This formula ensures your new colour stays vibrant and lasts up to 28 Washes, so you can enjoy your new shade with confidence.

Color Mate

Color Mate

When searching for a hair colour brand that blends quality with wholesome care, Color Mate stands out. It’s known for its high-quality gel formula that ties excellent grey coverage with the nourishment your hair needs. If you’ve been troubled by harsh chemicals in hair dyes, you’ll find solace in Color Mate’s commitment to mostly herbal ingredients.

The absence of ammonia in the formula echoes the brand’s pledge to safety – making it a suitable choice if you’re allergic to conventional hair colour chemicals. It’s not just about the instant effect post-application; Color Mate ensures your hair remains soft and shiny, courtesy of its nourishing dye that works in synergy with your hair’s natural qualities.

Additionally, as someone who values time, you’ll appreciate Color Mate’s easy application process, which allows you to achieve a sophisticated look without leaving your home. However, it’s worth noting that while the brand excels in many aspects, the range of shades offered is limited. If your preference is for conventional colours over a rainbow palette, this might not pose an issue.

Regarding the usability and effectiveness, Color Mate asks for approximately 40 minutes of your time to cure, which can be conveniently slotted into your routine without much hassle. It promises 100% grey coverage, ensuring that every strand is treated with vibrant colour and restorative care.

Whether you’re looking for a quick touch-up or a complete colour overhaul, the gentle yet effective nature of Color Mate’s formula caters well to the discerning user. It’s ideal for those with damaged hair looking for a tender approach to colouring, without compromising on quality.

Here are some quick facts about Color Mate:

  • No ammonia
  • Herbal ingredients promote a natural finish
  • 40-minute curing time
  • Suitable for individuals with chemical allergies
  • Provides 100% grey coverage

In your quest for the perfect hair colour, considering the balance between effective colouring and hair nourishment is vital. Color Mate offers a harmonious solution that doesn’t sacrifice the health of your hair for aesthetic appeal.



When you’re on the hunt for hair colour that delivers on salon-quality vibrancy and luxe, Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Permanent Color Creme is your go-to option. Known for its multidimensional colour and high-quality ingredients, Schwarzkopf doesn’t just cover your greys; it provides a rich, intense colour that brings a professional touch right into your bathroom.

The formula stands out with its liquid sensoring technology, ensuring that your hair absorbs the colour evenly, giving you stunning, consistent results. You’ll find the ammonia-free gel-cream glides effortlessly through each strand. Even with its home-use design, the experience mimics a pampering session at your favourite salon:

  • Rich cream formula
  • Even and smooth application
  • Long-lasting shine and vibrancy

But that’s not all. Schwarzkopf is also renowned for its impressive 100% grey coverage, so you can wave goodbye to those pesky grey hairs that seem to pop up overnight. For those of you who’ve not ventured into colouring your hair due to concerns of ammonia, Schwarzkopf answers your woes with its ammonia-free offering.

Of course, Schwarzkopf’s premium quality comes at a price, and it’s noted that compared to other brands on the market, it is at a higher price point. But for those who consider their hair an investment, this cost reflects the quality you receive in return.

While indulging in the Schwarzkopf experience, keep in mind that some users have reported a strong odour despite the lack of ammonia. This is a small trade-off for the salon-worthy results you’d achieve from the comfort of your home. With a spectrum of shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect hue to match your personal style and give your hair the luxurious treat it deserves.

Crazy Color

Crazy Color

When you’re aiming to make a statement with your hair, Crazy Color’s range is your go-to choice. Offering a semi-permanent cream-based formula, this brand caters to those seeking to break free from mundane shades. With Crazy Color, it’s not about subtle change—it’s about full-on transformation. They offer an impressive lineup of shades that lasts up to 8 washes, perfect for your daring side. Here’s the kicker: you won’t need to bleach your hair prior to the application, which is a massive plus for maintaining your hair’s integrity.

Item Details
Durability Up to 8 washes
Bleaching Required No
Price Range Approx. Rs 1113
Availability Online platforms like Amazon

Their formula doesn’t just promise a temporary splash of color, it ensures that your hair fades beautifully over time, allowing you to enjoy a spectrum of shades as the color washes out. It’s an adventure from start to finish. The unique quality of these colors comes from the deep pigmentation, which means even without bleaching, the vibrancy shines through. Moreover, this UK-made dye boasts a composition that’s designed to minimize damage and maintain hair health.

Whether you’re experimenting with capri blue or pastel hues, you’ve got a palette at your fingertips that’s as wild as your imagination. If you’re someone who’s all about expressing individuality, adding Crazy Color to your style regimen is a must. The product is priced at around Rs 1113, which reflects its niche as a specialty color option for hair enthusiasts. You’ll find it readily available for purchase on prominent e-commerce sites, like Amazon, facilitating ease of access for anyone ready to dive into a world of unconventional colors.

What is the right age to start coloring hair?

When you’re considering dyeing your hair, you might wonder if there’s an appropriate age to start. Truth be told, hair colouring is a personal choice that depends on individual circumstances. However, it’s essential to consider your hair’s health. Younger hair can be more resilient to chemicals, but as you age, your hair may become dryer and more brittle, necessitating gentler formulas or professional assistance to avoid damage.

For those in their teens, vibrant and unconventional colours are popular, but it’s important to use semi-permanent dyes or colours that don’t require heavy bleaching to minimise harm to your developing hair. When you enter your twenties and thirties, you might be dealing with the commencement of grey strands. This period often marks a transition to using hair colors for coverage as well as fashion statements.

The forties and beyond usually see a more pronounced presence of grey hair. It’s then that permanent hair colours, often with nutritive and protective elements, become beneficial. Brands like Cuticolor Hair Coloring Cream are specifically tailored for these needs, with formulas that offer more color protection and are gentle on the scalp.

When selecting a brand, consider options with favourable features:

  • Ammonia-free solutions that are less harsh on your hair
  • Creams that provide conditioning alongside colouring
  • Formulas that promise longevity, like Cuticolor’s guarantee of colour for at least 15 washes

While there’s no one ‘right’ age to start coloring your hair, it’s crucial to match your choice of product with the requirements of your hair at its current life stage. As you prepare to apply the colour, ensure you’re equipped with the right tools and follow the provided instructions closely to achieve the best results while maintaining your hair’s health and vibrancy.

Hair Colouring at Home vs at Salon

You’ve heard the debate: should you colour your hair at home or at the salon? Salon-quality hair colours often come with protective compounds not found in DIY box dyes, which might include harsher chemicals. Consequently, you’re less likely to encounter hair damage, breakage, or loss with professional products.

When you opt for a salon visit, it’s more than just a colour application. The stylist conducts an initial assessment of your hair’s health, advising whether your strands can handle the colouring process. They craft a custom shade from a professional colour wheel to achieve the perfect outcome, tailored exclusively to your hair’s current hue.

Conversely, at-home hair colouring kits employ a one-size-fits-all method. These kits can’t differentiate between healthy and damaged hair, potentially leading to unexpected outcomes. Despite the colour guides, it’s not uncommon for DIY enthusiasts to end up with results that look different from what’s on the box.

Remember though, DIY hair colouring can be budget-friendly and convenient, especially when you’re after a simple change and are comfortable with a degree of unpredictability. Nonetheless, if you’re yearning for a customised approach, with the assurance of minimal damage, professional salons should be your go-to for vivid and lasting colour.

For those who fancy the DIY route, here’s a bright side: there are top-notch brands that make at-home colouring safe and stunning. You just need to pick the right products. The best brands mitigate the risk of damage and can give your locks a luscious hue that stands out. Whether it’s covering greys or ruling the roost with a bold new shade, you’ll find an array of options to bring the salon experience into the comfort of your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top hair colour brands in India?

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Permanent Color Creme and Crazy Color are among the top hair colour brands in India, renowned for their quality and range of shades.

Is it better to colour hair at home or at a salon?

Choosing between home and salon hair colouring depends on personal preferences. Salons offer a custom shade assessment and help protect hair from damage, while at-home colouring kits are budget-friendly and convenient for simpler colour changes.

Are salon-quality hair colour products better for my hair?

Salon-quality hair colour products often contain protective and nourishing ingredients that help to minimise damage during the colouring process. They are generally better for hair health when used by a professional.

Can I achieve salon-worthy hair colour at home?

Yes, with top-notch hair colour brands available in the market, it is possible to achieve salon-worthy results at home, provided you follow the instructions carefully and choose the right product for your hair type.

What should I consider when choosing a hair colour brand?

When selecting a hair colour brand, consider factors such as the presence of ammonia, suitability for your hair type, desired colour longevity, and whether the brand offers a shade that matches your preference.

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