7 Best Selling Hair Dryers in India

People who are fond of looking good deserve the best hair dryers. In India, hair dryers have become an essential part of daily routines for many youngsters. As you must have noticed that the market is filled with numerous best hair dryers in India, selecting one from them is a bit tricky.

In case if you are looking forward to buying a hair dryer that is good for your hair and comes at an affordable cost, make sure to follow this post till the end. We have listed the best hair dryers for men and for women along with their pros, cons and specs. This way you can know more about the product and hence make a wise decision on choosing a hair dryer for yourself.

Top Rated Hair dryers – Overall Winners

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These 3 products have emerged overall winners in our top choice for the best hair dryer in India.

All About Hair Dryers

Hairdryers are those products that emit non-damaging heat with the help of which you can get your hair dried within no time. Moreover, it is incredibly beneficial for different kind of hairstyles, let us have a look at some of those benefits that you can take advantage of with a hairdryer-

  • The hairdryer will help you in streamlining your hair grooming routine, with which you would be able to notice significant results.
  • In case if you want to go for hair styling, then a hairdryer will play the critical role of enhancing your hair style.
  • This product will help both men and women to get the kind of hair they want efficiently.
  • In case if you want to straighten your hair, then again, a hairdryer plays a vital role in providing you such hair.

Best Hair Dryers in India

Here is the list of top 8 hair dryers in India from which you can choose the best possible option for you based on its features, price, and other such factors.


Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer


 One of the best and highly reputed Indian brands that always creates products highly loved by its users are Philips, and here we are going to have a look at the top of best hair dryers in India, which is offered by Philips and known as Philips HP8100/46 hair dryer.

 There are several reasons because of which this hairdryer occupied the first position in the list, and we would be able to know about those reasons by having a look at its specifications and key features.


  • This hairdryer can hold up to 1000 watts of power capacity with the help of which you can take advantage of great hot air output.
  • It comes with a two-speed settings option with which you can increase or decrease the blower speed depending upon your needs.
  • Philips offers a long-term warranty with this product, so that if it stopped working within that given time, then the company would be responsible for getting it replaced.
  • This hair dryer in India comes with a 1.5 meters long wire with the help of which you can take it a bit longer from the actual switch.

Key features:

  • This product consists of a narrow concentrator with the help of which the blower would be able to throw out air with a concentrated flow. Hence there would be no distraction in the direction of air.
  • There’s a rubber made hook with the help of which you would be able to store the hairdryer easily anywhere.
  • Philips has also added a Thermo protect setting in this hairdryer with the help of which the dryer will throw optimal temperature air only.


  • Two adjustable speed settings to change the dryer speed accordingly.
  • Good looking compact design that offers better storage options.
  • Great power support.
  • Longer power cord for better accessibility.


  • Some users were able to face burning smell issues after continuous usage.



Syska HD1610 Hair Dryer


There is no lack of famous brands in India, and here we are going to have a look at a hairdryer option that is offered by another most used brand in India, which is Syska. This Syska HD1610 hairdryer is a popular option because firstly, it is made in a compact size with the help of which you can store it anywhere easily, and along with that, it also comes with a foldable design.


  • Equipped with a 1200 watts power capacity motor with the help of which you can take advantage of high-speed drying.
  • This Syska HD1610 hair dryer in India comes with two switch speed settings with which you can manage the speed of the dryer easily.
  • It comes with an overheat protection feature with the help of which you can save your hair from any kind of heat damage.
  • This hair dryer is fitted with a new kind of concentrator that helps in maintaining a good hair moisture level.

Key features:

  • High-quality 1200 watt motor that offers faster hair drying.
  • It also has a simple two-speed function with the help of which you can easily manage the speed of this hairdryer.
  • The foldable design is one of the most significant benefits that you can take advantage of with this hair dryer.
  • It is fitted with heat balance technology that helps in producing low noise.


  • This Indian hair dryer helps you in maintaining a good hair moisture balance that offers benefits in hair styling.
  • You would be able to take this hairdryer anywhere you want to, as it comes with a foldable design so it won’t take much space in your travel bag.
  • Uniform temperature is maintained during continuous use.
  • It offers instant heating and a faster drying effect.


  • The only issue users faced with this hair dryer in India is that it comes with a shorter power cord.



Havells HD1351 Hair Dryer

In case if you are trying to find one of the best hair dryers for women in India, then this Havells HD1351 could be your next hair dryer option. With the first glance to this hair dryer, you would be able to notice that it offers a great balance between the hair drying and styling features.

Let us have a look at the specifications of this hairdryer.


  • This hair dryer by Havells in India is fitted with 1200 watts dryer motor with the help of which you can take advantage of the impressive drying feature.
  • Offers two-speed change options low and high, with the help of which you can manage dryer speed and hence can get smooth and shiny hair quickly.
  • It comes with a detachable nozzle with the help of which you can make changes in the flow of airflow from this dryer.
  • It can take advantage of low-temperature mode for cool air.

Key features:

  • This hair dryer offers two temperature modes, a high-temperature mode for hot air, while on the other hand, a low-temperature mode for cool air.
  • It comes with a honeycomb inlet with which you can take advantage of efficient and continuous airflow.
  • You will not face any kind of high noise issue with this hair dryer.
  • Comprises of total three temperature modes.


  • It comes with a foldable handle for easy accessibility.
  • The design looks impressive.
  • Heat balance technology support.
  • Storage cap helps for easy storage.
  • Consists of all new cool shot button.


  • Various users were able to face a high heating effect within some time of using this hairdryer.



Choba 2000 Watts Hair Dryer

If you are trying to find the best hair dryer in India under the professional hair styling segment, then this Choba 2000 watts hair dryer would be the best option for you. This product comes with numerous features that will enhance your hair drying experience and take it to some new level.


  • It comes with a powerful wind motor that works on 2000 watts power capacity.
  • Choba hair dryer in India is offered with a three-speed settings option that will help you in better airflow speed management.
  • You would be able to detach the concentrator nozzle for maintaining a better airflow.
  • The overheat protection system turns it off automatically after continuous usage for hours.

Key features:

  • The company has done some great work under the grip section of this hairdryer.
  • It offers a long power cord that will not get wrecked by any heat issues.
  • It comes with several professional features.


  • The best option for professional usage.
  • Two-speed settings with three heating control features.
  • Two meters of power cord length.
  • Better nozzle body for extended usage.


  • Various users faced motor coil burning issues with this product. 



Nova NHP 8100 Hair Dryer

Here is one option that can be considered as the best hair dryer for men in India. Moreover, the most significant add-on that you would be able to notice in this hairdryer is that it uses ion conditioning technology with the help of which this dryer can offer you better hair quality efficiently. 


  • It comes with a concentrated nozzle that states it can dry your hair 20 times faster than other dryers.
  • Two heat settings for adjustable airflow.
  • This dryer has 1200 watts power consumption motor that helps you mold your hair in any form and style easily.
  • The company offers a long-term warranty period with this product.

Key features:

  • The product is made handily so that users can easily use it efficiently.
  • Provides exclusive protection from overheating issues with new technology installed in the hairdryer.
  • With the help of Thermo protects, you can keep your dryer at a particular temperature.
  • You can take advantage of both hot and cool air with this hair dryer.


  • It offers a gentle hair drying effect.
  • Toggle between hot and cool airflow.
  • Ionic airflow for better results.
  • It comes with a 1.8-meter long power cord.


  • Produces a lot of sound while the hair drying process. 



Hana Professional Hair Dryer


The sixth option in the list of 8 best hair dryers in India is this Hana professional hairdryer, which is an exceptionally great option for those who are trying to find a budget-friendly best hair dryer in India that contains all high-quality features.


  • It comes in a compact design with the help of which you can easily handle this hairdryer.
  • This hair dryer is equipped with a highly potent 1500 watt power consumption motor because of which all the magic takes place.
  • It also comes with a two years company warranty.

Key features:

  • It comes with extended wire support with the help of which you can take advantage of better accessibility.
  • This hair dryer also comes with a large air inlet that maintains a good temperature and reduces the chances of overheating.
  • You would be able to get two nozzles within the package. 


  • Two nozzle add-ons within the package.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.


  • Users started facing issues with this dryer after some months of using it. 



Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer

Here is another best hair dryer option in India that can be used for every kind of hair type efficiently. Moreover, this type of hair dryer is considered as a professional hairdryer.


  • Comprises of a powerful 2000 watts hair drying motor.
  • Uses tourmaline technology that helps in generating a better airflow.
  • Easy to use and handle. Moreover, better grip quality is also noticed with this hairdryer.

Key features:

  • Offers two temperature changing and three-speed settings options with the help of which you can make better adjustments.
  • A total number of 3 attachments and two concentrators would be available within the package.


  • Extreme power supply for better airflow output. 
  • The most appropriate option for drying and hairstyling.


  • It is a bit of an expensive option.



Vega Professional Hair Dryer 

Here is the last option in the list of best hair dryers in India, and this time we have got a hairdryer offered by the Vega company. This is one of the best options for creating curly hairs.


  • This hair dryer in India is equipped with 1000 watts of high-quality motor.
  • It offers two-speed options that are easily accessible at the handle of this hairdryer.

Key features:

  • It comes with heat and speed management settings.
  • Consists of a cool shot button that offers cool air right after clicking the button.
  • Overheat cut out option is a lifesaver.


  • Supports detachable nozzles. 
  • Numerous safety features. 
  • Hanging loop is also available. 


  • Design is not that good. 


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Best Hair Dryer in India Buying Guide FAQ

What is the minimum power consumption motor on an excellent hair dryer? 

You can select a hairdryer with a motor under power consumption of 1500-2000.

Under what price range we can buy a good quality hairdryer?

You would be able to get a good hairdryer in India under a price range of 3000-6000.

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