7 Best Selling Hair Straighteners in India

Hair straightener in India are much in demand. Thanks to the fashionable females in the country. Women often spend a lot of time nourishing and taming their hair to look their best. Females have a fetish for looking great, and that is not possible without nicely done hair.

Even though most of the women these days go for permanent hair straightening, eventually it becomes an overhead cost and damages the hair. Thus, a lot of women prefer to buy the right quality styling tools like Straighteners for personal use at home. The most significant benefit of having the best hair straightener in India at your disposal is to get a seasonable look whenever you want.

Top-Rated Hair Straighteners – Overall Winners

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Best Hair Straighteners in India

We have added some the most famous hair straighteners available in India along with their features, temperature and other details. There are certain factors that a buyer should consider before buying the right straightener.


Philips Kera Shine Straightener HP8316/00


Philips is one of the most preferred brands in Indian households when it comes to any home appliance. This state-of-the-art hair straightener is infused with the goodness of keratin. It is known for its smooth finish that makes it glide over your frizzy hair in a jiffy. It does the work with the least effort and creates a smooth and silky finish for your hair. A lot of Indian women face hair damage due to excessive treatments and chemical processes like Rebonding etc. Once the effect of the treatment goes off, the hair strands look frizzy, dry, and dull.

With this best hair straightener in India, (which is Keratin-Infused), you can get the best glossy finish for your hair that looks nourished and healthy. This device is specially designed for thick and voluminous Indian hair. It is indeed one of the best hair straighteners for thick hair that straightens hair in one swipe.

  • It heats up fast within a minute.
  • It has specially designed hair damage control surfaces.
  • It has an ionic plate that smoothens and defrizzes the hair. 


  • It has a long 8 M cord.
  • Gives a smooth finish to hair.
  • Straightens in a jiffy.
  • Leaves shine.


Nova Hair Straightener

Nova is a long-proven brand for quality products in India. It has affordable and reliable hair straighteners in India, which are not just durable but also sturdy. This straightener straightens hair without any heat damage. The ceramic plates come with an apt amount of heating that gives the smooth finish to hair without any breakage or burning. It has plates that fit well on each other, giving the right grip to the user for quickly holding the hair within and straighten with ease.


  • It has a unique auto-stop feature that stops the device when it overheats.
  • The cord is long a rotational thus does not break.


  • The only issue is that when you use it, again and again, it can make hair rough.


Keemy 329 Professional

This professional-grade hair straightener is made with the ceramic and tourmaline plates. It is known to do minimal hair damage and give the intensive shine to hair without damaging its natural sheen. The gadget is best suited for people with sensitive hair as it takes extra care of the hair with a thin and frizzy texture. Without any chemical usage, you can make your hair look smooth and silky.

Its hair protective material makes sure that the damage to hair due to heat is minimal. It has high to low – four temperature settings. It has a superfast heating mechanism and reaches the needed temperature in 30 seconds. One of the best things that make it the best hair straightener in India is that it has Wide plates that can be used on thick hair for best results.


  • Suitable for thick, thin, and frizzy hair.
  • Quick results with fast heating plates.
  • Conditioning ions that make hair look healthy
  • Comes at a good price.


Remington Ceramic Straight Slim 230 S3500

Remington is a renowned International brand that manufactures and sells hair straighteners worldwide. The Remington Ceramic Straight Slim 230 S3500 is a beautiful gift for women who want to have sleek, stylish, beautiful smooth hair. The ceramic plates in this straightener give the best results with no damage to hair.

The heat distribution around the plates is evenly done with the help of ceramic coating, and within one swipe of the straightener in the hair strand, the best results are seen. The hair now only looks evenly straight, but it also makes it shinier in no time. It has 110 MM plat, which makes it easy to straighten voluminous hair with ease. It has 30 temp settings to make sure you can select heat levels based on the amount of straightening you need and the texture of your hair. You can also check out other hair straightening products from the same brand.


  • It is easy to use
  • Durable
  • It does minimal heat damage


  • It is comparatively expensive


Panasonic Hair Straightener – EH-HW19


Another best hair straightener in India is from the Panasonic brand. This is a uniquely designed hair straightener with great quality ceramic plates. The evenly heated plates make sure each strand of the hair is perfectly straightened without any clumps and clutches.

There is also a unique comb attacked on the sides of the hair straightening pates to make sure that the hair is also detangled as you smoothen and straighten them. The high-speed heating provides wonderful results in a short time. The straightener is of high quality and gives long-lasting utility even after many uses. It has a unique design which gives precision in styling. So, it is a must-buy for someone looking for a highly stylish hairdo with ease. One of the key differentiators in this tool and others is the attached combing bristles that make hair perfectly straight and detangled. It is highly recommended for people with thick or frizzy hair. 


  • It is compact in size
  • Comes in a unique design
  • It can detangle hair as it has a comb.
  • It heats up fast


IKonic Pro Hair Straightener

Extra-wide plates in this air straightener make your hair look so stylish and smooth within the single-use that you can get the best look for your hair. There are a lot of hair styling tools available in the market; however, this one provides exclusive results with its state-of-the-art design and infrared heating technology.

The infrared heating in this hair straightener does not damage hair and provides even straightening with the help of the ceramic plates of tourmaline material. The Straightener comes with the PTC and Double ceramic heater, which gives safe and fast styling, which even non-professionals can use to make good hairstyles. It has adjustable plates, and the edges are also rounded to give a voluminous texture. A lot of hair straightening tools make hair look limp and flat after straightening, but this one is different. It makes your hair look bouncy, sleek, straight, and smooth giving you a shiny look in a jiffy.


  • Straightens hair quickly
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Comes with an LED display to check settings
  • And has a one-hour auto turn off the feature


Price is a bit on the higher side.


Agar InstantStraight Titanium Straightener

It is one of the most professional and easy to use straightener available in India. With its five temperature settings for every hair type, this is one of the different yet best hair straightener in India. It has a floating titanium plate that can straighten the hair in a natural way.

Its best part is that its Titanium plates offer 40 percent extra straightening then other straighteners. It can heat up in 2 minutes and provide the best results. It is made of titanium. Thus, there is no friction or static hair. It makes the ends of the hair look soft and smooth which often gets dry after shampooing or using a hair dryer. It also Detangles frizzy and knotty hair as it smoothens the hair strands as you straighten them.


  • It gives Dual Voltage settings
  • It can help create a shine in dull hair
  • It softens the hard hair texture


It may not be very durable and long-lasting.


Braun Satin Hair Straightener – 3 ST 310


The straightener is specifically great for the people who have very rough and coarse hair. Such texture is difficult to straighten and smoothen as the hair is thick. You cannot rely on normal quality hair straighteners to create a straight look on thick and rough hair.

With the long-lasting reputation of Braun in beauty tools, one can easily trust on this amazing hair straightener. It has extra-wide plates that can create a smooth and silky finish for a larger chunk of hair in one go. It has floating ceramic plates which you can adjust to fit all the hair strands and do even straightening and styling in one go. It is ideal for all lengths of hair giving them a superbly rich and voluminous look. The tool is ideal for quick styling with its 13 temperature settings to select heating range as per the thickness and length of hair. It is the most preferred and best hair straightener in India for thick hair


  • It has 13 temperature settings
  • Comes with adjustable ceramic plates
  • Good quality
  • Can straighten large chunk of hair


  • Expensive

Selecting the Best Hair Straightener in India – Buying Guide

Here are a few essential things that you should consider while choosing a hair straightener for yourself.


You should always look for reputed brands that provide good quality appliances. If you have used other styling tools like Hair Dryer, Blower, Curler, etc. from any brand, then you can trust that brand more as compared to others. Philips, Nova, Braun, and Revlon are some reliable brands that offer potentially the best hair straighteners in India.


There are a lot of elements in which the hair straightening brushes and irons are available for the Indian women. There can be ceramic as well as stainless steel along with Teflon coating. You can get the one that suits you better.


The size of your hair straightener is a significant aspect to consider when you are on the look out for the best hair straightener in India. You must consider the length and texture of your hair while deciding the size of the straightener.

If you have long and thick hair, then you should prefer a large straightener that comes with wide plates and string grip so that you can take your frizzy and voluminous hair in a single swipe. Great hair straighteners are heavy duty and they come with high-temperature setting. You should note that such hair straighteners are not good for thin and silky hair because they can damage the feeble hair and give a new flat look.

If your hair length is medium and you have compatibility straight hair then medium size hair straightener are good for you. You may also consider buying a small-sized hair straightener that comes with thin nearly 1-inch plates. These can be used to tame the small banks and sidelocks. Such straighteners can also be carried in the purse.

Best bet is a medium-sized hair straightener as they work well on short, medium, and long hair. And there is a lot of variety of hairstyles you can create with medium-sized tools.

Cost and Quality  

You should consider buying a quality hair straightener even if it is a bit costlier than the cheap alternatives available. It may be really tempting to see affordable variants available in the market that claim to be the best hair straightener in India. However, the catch is that the low-priced ones may just damage your hair. They may turn out to be one-time-use devices or might not even work at all. So, if you want to invest your money then you should buy a good branded one. You may choose the one which is optimally priced and serves your purpose. Stay away from the local brands.

Cord Length and Swivel

The cord is an important part of hair straightener because if the cord is not swiveled one it will just be inconvenient to use. Also, the cord should be of reasonable length, at least 5-6 Meters so that you can easily use your straightener even if there is no plug available at hand length. You may also consider looking at the quality of the cord while buying so that the cord does not break or wear tear in the long run.


Dual Voltage is another factor that comes in the best hair straighteners in India. It helps you operate your straightener at two voltages.

We hope we helped you gain some knowledge about hair straighteners that will help you choose the best product available in India.

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