Top Pick: The Best Harley Davidson Bike for 2024

Looking for the best Harley Davidson bike to satiate your thirst for the open road? You’re in luck. Harley-Davidson’s impressive lineup, from the high-mileage X440 to the mighty Fat Boy 114, offers a bike for every rider. Whether you’re after the most bang for your buck or the most luxurious ride, there’s a Harley that fits your style and budget.

With models like the Sportster S and the Pan America 1250, Harley-Davidson bikes are not just about raw power; they’re a perfect blend of performance and style. And with prices ranging from ₹2.39 lakh for the X440 to ₹40.49 lakh for the Road Glide Special, you’re sure to find your dream ride.

Harley-Davidson isn’t just a brand; it’s an iconic symbol of freedom and rebellion. With a legacy spanning over a century, Harley-Davidson has become synonymous with motorcycle culture. Known for their distinctive sound and customisable features, these bikes carry a legacy of American craftsmanship that continues to evolve, ensuring they remain a coveted choice for riders around the globe.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Harley-Davidson Street Glide

When you’re considering the best Harley-Davidson bike for long-distance touring without sacrificing that much loved sporty aesthetic, the Street Glide series should catch your eye. Initially conceived to fulfill a rider’s specific need, Street Glide has burgeoned into a crowd favorite offering versatility and luxury.

The Street Glide garners popularity thanks to its four variants: the base model Street Glide, the Street Glide ST, Street Glide Special, and the luxurious CVO Street Glide. Each variant ups the ante in terms of features and customisation, securing the Street Glide’s position in the hearts of those with a taste for sporty touring motorcycles complemented by the Harley marque’s heritage. It is also listed among the best cruiser bikes in India and appeals to bike lovers for its powerful engine.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the Street Glide Special, known for its blend of style and substance:

  • Engine: 1868 cc
  • Top Speed: 177 Kmph
  • Mileage: 18.3 kmpl
  • Price: ₹31.99 Lakhs (Ex-showroom)
Design Highlights Features
Low Profile Infotainment System
Batwing Fairing Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS)
Hard Saddlebags BOOM!™ Box GTS Infotainment System
Signature LED Lighting Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin Engine

Boasting a heritage that’s intrinsic in every Harley-Davidson model, the Street Glide doesn’t cut corners when it comes to delivering a ride that’s both thrilling and comfortable. Your ride is enhanced by luxury features such as advanced infotainment systems and cutting-edge safety features, ensuring that every journey is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

When examining the Street Glide line-up, remember that the ultimate choice is one that aligns with your unique demands for power, style, and customisable options. Harley-Davidson’s Street Glide stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and rider satisfaction, making it a compelling option for your next two-wheeled adventure.

Harley-Davidson Road GlideHarley-Davidson Road Glide


When seeking the pinnacle of long-distance touring comfort coupled with style, the Harley-Davidson Road Glide checks all the boxes. Often hailed as a rider’s dream, this model encapsulates the essence of what it means to ride in grandeur. You’ll find that every element of the Road Glide is streamlined for a hassle-free touring experience.

Specification Detail
Engine Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 or 114
Torque 122 ft-lb
Weight 372 kg (Wet Weight)
Fuel Capacity 22.7 L
Seat Height 695 mm
Price Rs 40.49 Lakh
  • Aerodynamic shark-nose fairing with Dual Daymaker® Reflector LED Headlamps.
  • BOOM!™ Box GTS infotainment system, an advanced interface experience.
  • Responsive front and rear suspension.
  • Reflex™ linked Brembo® brakes with standard ABS.
  • Available in several colorways to fit your personal style.

The Road Glide’s imposing physique and dominant stance are not just for show; every curve serves a purpose, ensuring you glide over the highways with ease. The motorcycle’s audio system and adaptive suspension system elevate your riding experience at every turn. Whether it’s comfort or performance, the Road Glide doesn’t back down, blending them seamlessly into an unforgettable journey.

Naturally, owning a Harley-Davidson entails customization, and the Road Glide is no exception. Dive into a plethora of genuine accessories and make your Road Glide uniquely yours. With the Road Glide, you’re not just investing in a motorcycle; you’re embracing the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

When exploring the best Harley Davidson bikes, you can’t overlook the iconic Fat Boy. Its legendary status in the motorcycling world has made it a firm favourite among riders looking for that classic American cruiser feel. The design of the Fat Boy is immediately recognisable; with its solid-cast disc wheels, you’re getting a heavy-duty look that oozes confidence on the road.

Key features stand out in the Fat Boy’s design:

  • Signature LED Headlamp: Illuminate the road ahead with modern technology embedded in a timeless design.
  • Milwaukee-Eight® 114 Engine: A powerful engine for impressive performance and unforgettable rumble.

Let’s delve deeper into what makes the Fat Boy a top contender:

Features Specifications
Engine Milwaukee-Eight® 114
Torque 155 Nm
Weight 317 kg
Seat Height 675 mm
Fuel Capacity 18.9 Litres
Price (Ex-showroom) Rs 24.49 Lakh onwards

The Fat Boy is known for its massive presence on the road complemented by a high-quality finish and detailing that showcases its build quality. The powerful Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine ensures that you have enough torque and acceleration for cruising city streets and powering down highways.

Riding a Fat Boy, you’ll notice the precision handling despite its size, thanks to a refined suspension system that provides a smooth ride. The available genuine accessories offer a level of customization that allows you to stand apart from the crowd, making the Fat Boy as much an expression of individuality as it is a powerhouse on wheels.

So whether you’re cruising through cityscapes or dominating the open road, the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy remains an impressive option. It doesn’t just transport you from one place to another; it delivers a statement-making journey every time you fire up the engine.

Harley-Davidson Iron 883Harley-Davidson Iron 883


When you’re on the hunt for the quintessential entry-level Harley, the Iron 883 emerges as the heavyweight in a beginner-friendly category. Strength and style aren’t mutually exclusive here, and the Iron 883 is evidence of that.

Design and Features

  • Minimalist cruiser with classic, blacked-out styling
  • Bobber-style fenders for that sought-after aggressive look
  • Low seat height at 25.7 inches, ensuring accessibility

Known for its minimalist design, the Iron 883 strikes a balance between raw, stripped-down aesthetics and the functionality a new rider craves. Its design boasts bobber-style fenders and an all-black palette, giving you the custom look right off the showroom floor.

  • Engine: 883cc V-twin
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
  • Power: 49 HP
  • Torque: 53.8 lbs-ft
Specification Detail
Engine Size 883cc
Horsepower 49 HP
Torque 53.8 lbs-ft
Curb Weight 564 lbs
Seat Height 25.7 inches
Transmission 5-Speed Manual
Price (2022) $11,249

This motorcycle provides a smooth ride with enough torque for a fun experience, and its manageable weight and size make it perfect for urban streets and open roads.

Handling the Iron 883 is as enjoyable as it is striking to look at. Offering precision handling, it’s nimble enough to maneuver with confidence and ease, whether you’re navigating city traffic or winding country roads.

Harley-Davidson Forty-EightHarley-Davidson Forty-Eight


When you’re scouting for an urban bike to express your personality, the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight grabs attention. It’s a bike that delivers in style and aggression, perfect for making a statement at any local meet. Its distinctive design nods towards classic motorcycle lineage with features such as:

  • Extra small teardrop-shaped fuel tank
  • Heritage-infused aesthetics
  • Raw, compact, and powerful look

Despite initiating production in 2001, the Forty-Eight continues to captivate riders looking for a blend of traditional Harley vibes and modern muscle. It fits snugly into the Sportster family as one of the most visually impactful models – coming across as nothing short of awesome.

Feature Detail
Production Years 2001 – 2017
Design Classic with a muscular stance
Ideal Rider Profile Smaller statured, urban enthusiasts
Weight 500+ pounds
Center of Gravity Low
Maneuverability Nimble

You’ll find that, despite its hefty appearance, the low center of gravity lends it surprising nimbleness – a boon for zipping through city streets without the bulk usually associated with larger bikes.

Whether you’re navigating the daily city grind or rolling up to a weekend rally, the Forty-Eight ensures your ride echoes the boldness of Harley-Davidson’s rich heritage. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being remembered.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide

When you delve into the troves of Harley-Davidson’s history, the Electra Glide stands out as a visionary model that shaped the future of touring bikes. Born as the last carrier of the panhead V-twin engine, this iconic machine laid the groundwork for long-distance riding comfort. Its electric starter—a first for Harley-Davidson—marked the beginning of a new era, merging convenience with powerful performance.

The Electra Glide wasn’t just about starting up without a kick; it redefined what it meant to take on the open road. The Turnpike tank held a massive 5 gallons, and the bike was decked out with essential accessories for the touring enthusiast. As night fell, its upgraded 12-volt battery-powered headlight pierced through the darkness, a feature that was as innovative as it was practical for its time.

Design & Features at a Glance:

  • Last bike to carry the panhead V-twin: A nod to Harley’s rich history
  • First Harley with an electric starter: Transitioning from kickstart
  • Touring-oriented features: Including a 5-gallon fuel tank and windshield
  • 12-volt electrical system: For a powerful headlight and reliable long-distance touring
Feature Specification
Price 9104
Engine 1212cc (74 ci) panhead V-twin
Power 55 HP
Torque 70 lbs/ft
Transmission 4-Speed Manual
Curb Weight 720 lbs

The aesthetic appeal of the Electra Glide was undeniable. It showcased the panhead engine not just as a powerhouse but as the motorcycle’s centerpiece. With little to draw your eyes away, you appreciated the bike’s beautifully simple presentation—one that defined the American Cruiser look for decades.

Harley-Davidson Softail SlimHarley-Davidson Softail Slim


When you’re in the market for a bike that effortlessly blends classic design with modern functionality, the Harley-Davidson Softail Slim will likely catch your eye. Born from a lineage that traces back to the 1940s, it’s a ride that’ll make you feel as though you’ve stepped right into a piece of history. Yet, beneath its vintage veneer lies modern engineering that elevates your riding experience to today’s standards.

Your quest for that perfect blend of old and new has an answer in the Softail Slim. Imagine cruising down the open road feeling the air glide past, just as riders did in the heyday of motorcycles, but with the confidence that contemporary technology is working to ensure your ride is smooth, safe, and utterly enjoyable.

  • Design and Features:
  • Specifications:
Feature Specification
Engine Type V-Twin
Displacement 1745cc
Seat Height Low
Front Fork Upgraded, modern
Display Digital
Overall Vibe 1940s-era appearance with modern touches

From the low seat position that offers comfort and stability to the chrome embellishments that demand attention wherever you go, the Softail Slim isn’t just a motorcycle—it’s your statement of style and substance. Pilot this machine, and you’re not only riding; you’re broadcasting your affinity for an era when motorcycles were the definitive symbols of freedom and individuality.

Your appreciation for timelessness now meets the perks of progress. The details in the Softail Slim’s design aren’t just for show; they’re a nod to a storied past, complemented by the reliability and performance of present-day engineering.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 CustomHarley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom


Venturing further into the diverse Harley-Davidson lineup, you’ll find the Sportster 1200 Custom, a bike that resonates with versatility and personalisation. It’s the true definition of a performance cruiser, drawing enthusiasts with its bold presence and unmistakable design.

When you straddle the leather seat of the Sportster 1200 Custom, you’re gripping history fused with modern performance. This model is engineered to offer a responsive ride complemented by the power of the iconic V-twin engine.

Design and Features:

  • Custom-style paint
  • Chrome accents
  • Beefy front end with a 130mm front tyre
  • Distinctive 2-into-2 exhaust system
  • Sculpted steel teardrop tank
Engine 1202cc, Air-Cooled Evolution
Torque 96 Nm at 3500 rpm
Weight 255 kg
Seat Height 710 mm
Fuel Capacity 17 L

The Sportster 1200 Custom stands out with its customisation capability, bringing to the table an array of Harley-Davidson genuine accessories. Whether it’s handlebars, foot controls, or seat choices, you’re empowered to make your bike a reflection of your style.

Handling and comfort haven’t been overlooked. The combination of a broad handlebar sweep and a refined suspension system ensures that every journey is as enjoyable as the last. And with ample torque available right through the mid-range, the Sportster 1200 Custom cheers on rolling the throttle.

Exemplary of its lineage, this bike isn’t just about looks or functionality but a harmonious blend of both. It presents itself as a canvas for expression while promising a ride that’s both exhilarating and comfortable. Riding the Sportster 1200 Custom, you’re not just on any bike; you’re experiencing a cornerstone of American two-wheeled tradition.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

When you’re seeking a vigorous riding experience mingled with a dose of nostalgia, the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S might just be the motorcycle you’ve been dreaming of. Draped in a profile that exudes aggressiveness and a raw, stripped-down look, this model stays faithful to its roots while incorporating contemporary performance.

Known for its towering performance and dark style, the Low Rider S stands out as a best Harley Davidson bike with these distinct features:

  • Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine: An iconic V-Twin engine that delivers piles of torque for astonishing acceleration.
  • Reduced Rake: The frame retains a laid-back profile but with enhanced nimble handling.
  • Solo Seat: Specifically designed to offer a more connected feel with the bike and the road.

Here are some key specifications arranged in a user-friendly table format:

Specification Details
Engine Milwaukee-Eight 114
Displacement 1868 cc
Seat Height 690 mm
Length 2355 mm
Weight (as shipped) 295 kg
Fuel Capacity 18.9 L

The Low Rider S not only offers sublime power but also features a minimalist design with a performance-first intent, allowing you to carve city streets and open highways alike. With the signature Daymaker headlamp and raised controls, the ride’s posture is aggressively tuned for the spirited rider.

Harley-Davidson Breakout

Harley-Davidson Breakout

When you’re eyeing the pinnacle of cruiser style, the Harley-Davidson Breakout takes centre stage. It’s a motorcycle that refuses to go unnoticed with its head-turning aesthetics and rumbling presence. If you’re after a bike that balances style and substance, look no further.

The Breakout shines with gleaming chrome and offers an array of colour schemes that suit any rider’s preference. Its visual prowess is undeniable, bolstered by a massive 240/40 rear tyre that completes its muscular silhouette. Beyond looks, the Breakout is built for the long haul—the 18.9L fuel tank ensures you’re set for extended cruises without frequent stops.

Here are the key features and specifications of the Breakout 117:

  • Engine: Milwaukee-Eight 117
  • Power: 101 hp
  • Torque: 125 lb-ft
  • Weight: 17 kg lighter than Low Rider ST
  • Tech Features:
    • ABS as standard
    • Switchable traction control
  • Wheel: Rear 240/40 tyre
  • Fuel Tank: 18.9 litres

Despite its high-end price tag starting at £24,195, the Breakout 117 stands atop the Softail range, a testament to its undisputed reign as the king of Harley cruisers. It not only looks the part but also delivers a thrilling ride thanks to the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine—a powerhouse that guarantees a responsive and exhilarating experience on the road. With a minimalist approach to technology, the Breakout stays true to the classic Harley-Davidson ethos while keeping it contemporary with essential modern features such as ABS and switchable traction control.


You’ve explored the iconic range of Harley-Davidson bikes, each offering a unique blend of power, style, and road presence. The Breakout stands out as a formidable leader in the cruiser category, with its robust Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine and striking design. It’s a bike that doesn’t just promise a ride; it delivers an experience. Whether you’re after the raw appeal of the Iron 883, the classic cool of the Forty-Eight, or the touring supremacy of the Electra Glide, Harley-Davidson has a bike to suit your taste. But if you’re looking for the ultimate in cruiser performance with a minimalist tech approach, the Breakout is your unmatched choice. Ride on, knowing you’re at the helm of a true masterpiece of American engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines the Harley-Davidson Breakout among other models?

The Breakout stands out with its Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, striking design, switchable traction control, and a distinctive rear 240/40 tyre, offering a unique blend of style and power in the cruiser segment.

Is ABS standard on the Harley-Davidson Breakout?

Yes, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) comes as standard on the Harley-Davidson Breakout, enhancing rider safety during braking.

What tyre size does the Harley-Davidson Breakout have?

The Harley-Davidson Breakout is equipped with a substantial 240/40 rear tyre that complements its powerful stance and performance capabilities.

What approach to technology does the Breakout take?

The Breakout adopts a minimalist approach to technology, focusing on the essential features that enhance the riding experience without overwhelming the rider with unnecessary gadgets.

How does the Breakout balance style and performance?

The Breakout balances style and performance by combining its head-turning aesthetics and muscular build with a potent Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, ensuring both visual appeal and thrilling riding dynamics.

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