Best Helmet Brands In India

I bet you all love the bike and scooter rides when the weather is pleasant with a cool breeze. It is the most amazing and refreshing experience, right? But when we go for a ride, the first thing that comes to mind is a helmet. Well, that small circular thing may not seem like an essential accessory but is a life-saving accessory. So for you to never ride a bike without a helmet, we have curated a list of the best helmet brands in India. 

In accidents and heavy traffic, a good quality helmet can be a protector from several head injuries. Thus it is better to choose a good helmet for your delightful rides. However, let’s understand if you need to wear a helmet and what different aspects to consider while buying a helmet before we jump onto the best helmet brands in India.

Reasons To Wear A Good Quality Helmet

Let’s agree with the fact that many people avoid wearing a helmet for many illogical reasons. They just risk their lives every day as any mishap can happen on roads. Also, apart from reducing life risk, there are other reasons to wear a helmet. Thus to know more, check out the reasons to wear a helmet while driving.

Safeguard from Head Injuries

This is the first and the foremost reason to wear a helmet, as it saves you from head injuries. If you have known, the cause of death of most bike riders is smashed head or major head injury. With uncertainty on-road and abrupt drivers, any unfortunate event can happen. Even the slightest mistakes on the road can be perilous. Moreover, a minor fall from a bike can affect the rider’s psychological state and result in concussions. And worst comes to worst, paralysis or death, but a helmet can be your lifesaver. The circular accessory can reduce the risk of severe head injuries. 

It is a RULE

Well, keep everything aside; wearing a helmet is a rule in many metropolitan cities in India. A huge fine is charged against the biker with no helmet. Moreover, India is becoming smarter these days as hidden cameras are installed on roads to check if the rider is wearing a helmet or not. If not, an expensive fine is charged. Thus to bypass these fines and penalties, wear a helmet because it is a mandatory rule now. 

Preferable in different weather conditions

Helmets protect the riders from rainy reasons, cold weather, and heat from the scorching sun. The cover in front of the helmet helps you to concentrate on the road in any weather. 

No Dust and Pollution

In big cities, pollution is a major concern for citizens and with that a lot of dust. A helmet can protect you from dust as well as pollution. If you cover the shield in front of the helmet, the wind and dust particles will not bother you. Moreover, it protects your skin from pollution. 

Increases Visibility for Others

Apart from reducing the risk of head injuries and clear sight on the road in all weathers. Wearing a helmet also helps others to notice. A bright-colored helmet will be a good choice both day and night. In addition, you can stick a fluorescent reflective tape on the backside of your helmet so as for others to see you properly at night or in a dense place with lowlights. 

We hope that these reasons have convinced you enough to wear a helmet while driving. And so encourage others to wear a helmet. However, there are types of helmets available in the market, so below mentioned is a guide to buy a perfect helmet for you. 

Aspects to Consider While Buying Helmet

Wearing a good quality helmet without neglecting comfortability is highly important. So we have jotted down some points which you can consider while buying a helmet. 

  1. Fitting: Make you choose the correct size of the helmet. Wear the helmet and ensure that the size perfectly fits your head. Moreover, the helmet shouldn’t move.
  2. Weight: Choose a helmet that is not too heavy. A helmet can be heavy and lightweight that depends upon its design and construction. Make sure the helmet doesn’t feel doesn’t your head.
  3. Padding: Padding inside the helmet should be spongy and comfortable. It should not bother you while riding.
  4. Vision: The helmet you choose should not clog your side vision, also known as peripheral vision.
  5. Ventilation: While you buy a helmet, look for the ventilation spots for air to flow. You should not feel cramped or airless. 

These were the aspects to consider while buying any helmet. Make sure that you have set your budget beforehand. It will save you and the seller time to show the product as per your needs and budget. However, we have already discussed the aspects and benefits of helmets, but which helmet is best can put you in great confusion. So below are the best helmet brands in India we have researched for you.

Best Helmet Brands In India

Here is the list of the best helmet brands in India, which will definitely encourage you to buy one of these for safety.


Vega (Best Helmet Brand In India)


While we speak of the best helmet brands in India, Vega is the first brand that makes it in our mind. The brand is popular in India as well as across continents. Vega came into the market in 1982 in India, and within a few years, it established itself as the topmost helmet brand. Vega offers a wide price range from minimum to maximum with outstanding quality. The brand also offers a variety of biker accessories like gloves, goggles, side boxes, etc. Vega, without a doubt, can be anyone’s first choice because of its price range.

Price Starts from Rs 1000


Studds Helmet

Studds Helmet is another top-selling helmet brand in India. If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet stylish helmet, Studds is the perfect brand. Moreover, the brand is also well known in 35 countries. It’s quite impressive and a reason to trust the brand. Studd Helmet manufacturers almost all types of helmet-like flip-up design, full face, half face, off-road helmets, and many more. And the best part, Studd Helmet prices are very affordable; however, that depends upon the type of helmet you choose. 

Price Starts from Rs 870


Steelbird Helmet

best-helmet-brands-in-indiaThis is considered one of the best helmet brands in India. Steelbird helmets are unique because of their cost-efficiency, reliability, durability, and toughness. In addition, Steelbird has four lines of product: Steelbird, Steelbird Air, Ares, and Ignyte. Moreover, the brand offers all types of helmets, from open face to motocross. Plus, all the helmets feature an aerodynamic design for riders not to feel claustrophobic. With affordable prices and various designs, one can have an array of options to choose a Steelbird helmet. 

Price Starts from Rs 1000


Royal Enfield Helmet

You must have heard of the Royal Enfield brand. Many Indians have a classic royal Enfield bike that looks smart, rich, and of course, turns some head-on the road while you ride. The good thing is apart from a variety of motorcycles, Royal Enfield also offers accessories for two-wheelers at a reasonable price. Without a doubt, you can trust the brand. Royal Enfield has a wide selection of helmets that look cool and are not heavy as their bikes. Moreover, they have plenty of designs and colors in helmets, plus they are unisex helmets. That means men and women can wear Royal Enfield helmets.

Price Starts From Rs 1800


Fastrack (Best Helmet Brands In India)


One of the topmost and well-known brands, Fastrack also manufactures helmets, particularly for adventurous people. However, Fastrack only offers two types of helmets, full and open face helmets. The helmets are made from polycarbonate material which makes the product scratch-proof. Moreover, the brand has a high quality of pads inside, spongy, and don’t lead to don’t while wearing. There are many Fastrack helmet designs, colors, and sizes, and the cost depends on the model you have selected. 

Price Starts from Rs 2500

To Sum Up

Now that you know, you quickly buy helmets without any confusion or hassle. However, always be sure of the size and your comfortability with the decided budget. These are the best helmet brands in India that will fulfill your needs and will keep you stylish while you ride a bike.

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