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Top-Rated Indian Ice Cream Brands: Find the Best Scoops & Delights

Craving a scoop of heavenly delight? You’re not alone. India’s love affair with ice cream goes beyond the ordinary, with brands like Amul leading the charge as the nation’s favourite. Offering a perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess, it’s no wonder Amul has become synonymous with ice cream in India.

With a plethora of options, from the globally recognised Baskin Robbins to the homegrown Creambell, your taste buds are in for a treat. Each brand brings its unique twist to classic flavours, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s the richness of chocolate or the subtlety of vanilla, finding the best ice cream in India is a journey of creamy indulgence.

And for those who prefer a dash of luxury, the Black Diamond ice cream stands as the most expensive treat to savour. So get ready to dive into the world of India’s best ice creams and discover your next late-night craving fix.



When you think of ice cream in India, Amul invariably comes to mind. Established in 1946 in Anand, Gujarat, Amul has become synonymous with ice cream for Indians nationwide. Starting its journey with dairy products, Amul’s venture into the ice cream market began in 1996, quickly establishing itself as a market dominator.

Amul’s success draws heavily from its commitment to quality and its vast array of products. Beyond ice creams, the brand boasts an impressive portfolio of over 200 products, including milk, yogurt, cheese, and chocolates. However, it was the introduction of their ice cream range that truly captured the nation’s hearts and taste buds.

Amul Ice Cream first made an impression in Gujarat and then swept the nation. The remarkable journey started on 10th March 1996 and within years, they had the highest market share. By 1999, Amul Ice Cream was available across India, with outlets sprouting in major cities following its inaugural store in Mumbai in 1997.

The array of Amul ice creams caters to every palate, featuring classic to exotic flavours. A notable mention is Amul’s Camel Milk ice cream – an innovative offering for health-conscious consumers. Crafted from 100% camel milk, this variant stands out not just for its unique source but also its lower fat content, amounting to only 4.4%.

Moreover, Amul is not just about indulgence but also about inclusivity. With the variety, it’s ensured that there’s an Amul ice cream for everyone. Whether you’re in search of a luxurious treat or an everyday delight, Amul’s commitment to quality and taste shines through with every scoop.

As you continue to explore the best ice creams in India, remember that Amul isn’t just a brand; it’s a part of India’s culinary culture. It is the taste of nostalgia for most, a taste that carries the legacy of Indian entrepreneurship and the richness of local dairy farmers’ efforts.

Kwality Wall’sKwality Wall's

Discovering the roots of Kwality Wall’s ice cream, you’ll find a history rich with innovation and cultural integration. Kwality Wall’s is an iconic result of combining Kwality, the pioneer of ice cream production in India, with the globally recognized Wall’s of Britain. Since 1956, Kwality started shaping India’s ice cream scene. In 1995, Unilever recognized the brand’s potential and created what you now know as Kwality Wall’s.

Indulge in the creamy delight of Cornettos and the rich flavours of Magnum, and you’re savouring the delectable creations of this brand. Known as a powerhouse in the ice cream industry, this mergence created not just a brand, but a legacy that extends beyond borders. With a substantial presence in India and other South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Brunei, Kwality Wall’s is a name synonymous with quality and variety.

Here’s a snapshot of their vast ice cream empire in India:

Outlets Number
India Over 7,500

Kwality Wall’s caters to a diversifying clientele with a commitment to inclusivity. You’ll appreciate its extensive range of products that go beyond traditional dairy. The brand champions vegan and vegetarian ice cream options, recognising the evolving demands of today’s ice cream enthusiasts.

What sets Kwality Wall’s apart in the competitive ice cream market is its stance on health and innovation. The company ensures its product line remains free from Vanaspati, a transfat that’s often critiqued for health reasons. Their admirable choice to exclude such ingredients demonstrates their dedication to offering treats that aren’t just tasty but also mindful of consumer well-being.

With innovation at its core, Kwality Wall’s continually experiments with new flavours and products, securing its position as one of India’s most Beloved Ice Cream Brands. Whether it’s unveiling the next exciting flavour or reinventing a timeless classic, this ice cream giant is always in the pursuit of frozen perfection, enabling you to indulge in a dessert experience that’s enriched by history and defined by texture and taste.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins

Delve into the world of Baskin Robbins, a name that stands out in the ice cream industry with its remarkable history and widespread acclaim. Established in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, the American brand soared to become a global sensation, showcasing a legacy that spans across countless flavours and innovative creations. With its iconic BR logo, Baskin Robbins touts over 8,000 locations in nearly 50 countries, indicating its massive reach and enduring popularity.

Famed for Flavour Innovation

Baskin Robbins takes pride in their expansive flavour spectrum, having crafted more than 100 ice cream flavours. These offerings are adapted based on regional palates, utilizing local ingredients to connect with customers on a cultural level. You’ll encounter unique concoctions like Magic Layer Bar, Amazin Raisin, and Caramel Turtle Truffle among classic hits like Vanilla and Chocolate. Their commitment to innovation allows them to keep evolving their menu, ensuring there’s always something new to tantalize your taste buds.

Health Conscious Choices

Navigating the changing health trends, Baskin Robbins offers alternative options targeted towards health-conscious consumers. They’ve introduced jaggery-based ice cream as a healthier alternative to traditional sugar-laden desserts. Jaggery, a natural sweetener, lends an authentic taste and a nutritional edge to the ice cream, proving that indulgence can align with a healthy lifestyle.

Establishing Roots in India

Asserting its position as one of the principal ice cream chains in India, Baskin Robbins boasts numerous parlours across the nation. The establishment of its first manufacturing facility outside North America in India heralds its commitment to the Indian market. From bustling metros to smaller emerging areas, Baskin Robbins ensures that its presence is felt and its flavours enjoyed by a diverse array of ice cream enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of the intricate Blue Raspberry Sorbet or the comfort of Banana, Baskin Robbins caters to every palate with style and finesse.


Embark on your voyage through India’s ice cream paradise with Vadilal – a brand that stands tall amidst the giants of the frozen delight industry. You’re likely familiar with Vadilal as it’s a name that resonates with quality and tradition in India’s ice cream saga. Founded in 1907, this brand has etched its presence in every ice cream lover’s heart.

Vadilal’s journey, from its inception at a single outlet in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, to becoming a beacon of innovative flavours, is nothing short of remarkable. It’s your one-stop brand for an extensive array of ice creams, with a stunning portfolio of over 150 flavours. Delight in everything from traditional favourites to contemporary concoctions that push the boundaries of your taste buds.

As you roam the alleys of India’s vast markets, you’ll notice Vadilal’s dominant presence. With a whopping more than 50,000 retail outlets, you’re never too far from indulging in a scoop of Vadilal’s creamy goodness. And for those who prefer the quintessential parlour experience, there are over 250 ice cream parlours across the country waiting to serve you a memorable dessert.

Vadilal’s commitment to innovation is evident not only in their flavour spectrum but also in their offerings that extend beyond ice cream. Their product line includes flavoured milk, frozen vegetables, breads, and an assortment of ready-to-eat snacks. This diversification has only reinforced their status as a household name and kept them relevant in the ever-evolving food industry.

While enjoying Vadilal’s creations, you’re not just savouring a treat; you’re becoming a part of their story – a tale that began with Vadilal Gandhi’s humble soda fountain in 1926. Fast forward to today, and his legacy has blossomed into an empire that remains steadfast in providing top-notch frozen delights to its loyal customers.

Remarkably, Vadilal has sustained its market position through consistent product quality and by giving formidable competition to other leading brands. If it’s a hot summer day or a moment worth celebrating, Vadilal stands as a testament to time-honoured flavours and innovative trends that keep India’s ice cream landscape vibrant and evergreen.

Mother DairyMother Dairy

When exploring the best ice cream in India, Mother Dairy undeniably stands out as a household name. Incepted in 1974, this brand has been tantalizing taste buds for generations. With a diverse product line comprising paneer, ghee, milk, edible oils, and vegetables, Mother Dairy ensures that your cravings for creamy delights are well satiated. Notably, their ice cream segment has been instrumental in bringing unique textures and flavours to the Indian market.

The innovation within Mother Dairy’s ice cream range is epitomized by their famed Cookie Crumb Ice Cream. Imagine digging into a tub packed with delectable cookie snippets, seamlessly blended into a velvety ice cream that’s both thick and indulgent. Perfect for a cozy movie marathon, it’s no wonder this flavour has become a fast favourite for those in pursuit of a delightful treat.

With a broad distribution network, Mother Dairy ice creams are readily available and recognisable by their distinctive tub-like packaging – a convenience that resonates well with consumers. Their continual experimentation in the realm of ice creams has resulted in a plethora of tempting options that cater to every palate, setting them apart from their counterparts in the industry.

Mother Dairy’s success can be attributed to their sheer dedication to quality and the breadth of their offerings. By continuously evolving and listening to consumer preferences, they’ve crafted a range that appeals widely across various demographics. In 2020, their steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional products led to an impressive annual revenue of Rs 11,000 Crore, a testament to their prominence in the Indian dairy sector.

While it’s well-known for its dairy prowess, Mother Dairy’s range of processed food items like pickles and jams also deserves a mention. These additions underscore the brand’s versatility and its commitment to enriching your culinary experience with a touch of convenience. Whether you’re after their staple milk or a scoop of something sweeter, Mother Dairy surely promises and delivers quality with each product.



When it comes to ice cream in India, Naturals is not just a brand but an experience that has captured the heart of the nation. With a humble beginning in Juhu, Mumbai, Naturals has now blossomed into a widespread phenomenon spanning 15 states with a remarkable presence of 165 parlours. This brand has firmly established itself as a go-to destination for ice cream lovers, ensuring that no matter where you are—be it in Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Bangalore, Kolkata, or Hyderabad—your cravings are well taken care of.

Naturals has revolutionized the Indian ice cream scene by introducing innovative flavours that have the whole country buzzing. Its experimental approach to flavours like Chickoo, Sitaphal, and startlingly refreshing Tender Coconut have set new benchmarks for ice cream excellence in India. These flavours, especially the Tender Coconut laden with chunks of coconut flesh, aren’t just delicious; they’re a tribute to India’s rich produce, conjuring up the essence of Indian summers and serene beaches.

Here’s a glance at the reach of Naturals across the nation:

Number of States Number of Parlours Locations
15 165 Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, and others

The power of Naturals lies not just in its geographic spread but also in its commitment to quality and constant evolution. When you step into a Naturals parlour, you’re greeted with not only an array of delectable ice creams but also the promise that each scoop comes from a place of innovation and dedication to Indian tastes and culinary traditions. You can visit their parlours to sample the joy firsthand or conveniently order your tub of happiness online through partner delivery platforms like Swiggy or Zomato.

Fans of Naturals understand that this brand isn’t merely about the ice cream; it’s about the journey of flavours that resonate deeply with the Indian palate. It’s a celebration of local fruits and flavours, and a testament to the brand’s promise to excite and satisfy with every scoop. Whether it’s the meticulous preparation process or the final delicious outcome, Naturals continues to be a beloved part of India’s ice cream story.


Venturing further into India’s ice cream favorites, Creambell stands out with its commendable expansion and variety. Established in 2003 under RJ Corp, Creambell swiftly climbed the ladder to become one of the most sought-after ice cream brands in the country. As of now, Creambell presents a staggering 136 varieties, ensuring there’s a flavor to match every taste bud—and perhaps more importantly, every age group.

But what really sets Creambell apart? Its growth metrics tell an impressive story. Between 2008 and 2013, the company experienced a growth of over 600%, a testament to its burgeoning popularity. Even though it ceased operations in 2020 due to market conditions, the legacy and preferences it built remain strong. Creambell had a significant presence, with availability in over 19 states and a sprawling network of more than 35,000 outlets within India.

Creambell’s international footprint is as noteworthy as its domestic dominance. The brand successfully penetrated markets in Nepal, Bhutan, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, and Nigeria, echoing its global appeal.

The Creambell venture doesn’t end with ice cream. It’s also expanded into the dairy sector, offering milk and an array of dairy products, reinforcing its connection with quality and the dairy industry at large.

Particular favorites among its range include the cake-style ice creams—a hit for their rich, indulgent textures and flavors. Its Black Forest variant, among others, stands as a testament to how Creambell has skillfully catered not just to traditional ice cream flavors but also to the indulgent, dessert-inspired cravings.

With an impressive portfolio of flavors and a far-reaching influence, it’s clear that Creambell’s strategy focused heavily on innovation and understanding consumer desires at a granular level. Ice cream lovers could always find something exciting, whether it was the taste of authentic Indian fruits or the familiar comfort of creamy classics.


When you’re on the hunt for some of the richest ice cream in India, Havmor’s legacy, stretching back to 1944, is simply unmissable. With its start in pre-partition Karachi, Havmor has an enduring history that has culminated in its stronghold on the Indian market since 1947. A testament to the brand’s commitment to quality is its acquisition by the multinational conglomerate Lotte International in 2017, marking a new era of growth for this cherished ice cream brand.

Havmor sets itself apart with an earthy richness that is the signature of its diverse range of products. Fancy a taste adventure? Then you’ll be impressed by Havmor’s vast selection, with over 160 varieties of Ice Cream flavors, not to mention its ready-to-eat products, novelties, and authentic kulfis. Their family ice cream packs are an especially big hit, acclaimed as the best across India for their generous portions and delightful flavors.

Customer Loyalty and Market Reach

Havmor’s eclectic mix of traditional and innovative flavors means there’s always something new to try. This strategy has proved effective, not only in maintaining customer loyalty but also in fostering continuous expansion. The high quality of Havmor ice creams and cones has been a key factor to its success, earning the brand a special place in the hearts of those in Mumbai and beyond.

If you frequent the vibrant streets of Mumbai, chances are Havmor has become a part of your ice-cream-eating ritual. It’s a brand that has thrived amidst fierce competition, thanks to a relentless focus on quality and variety. Founded by Satish Chona, this ice cream contender has continuously evolved its flavor palette to entice and satisfy the diverse palates of its customers.

Innovation in Variety

Havmor’s novel approach to flavour innovation means that there’s always something to suit any taste bud, whether you’re craving the nostalgia of classic kulfis or itching to indulge in playful nouveau creations. Their unique offerings keep the brand at the forefront of the ice cream industry, carving a niche for itself amidst a sea of generic options. It’s this persistent innovation and understanding of consumer tastes that have helped Havmor to climb to the peaks of success in the Indian market.


If you’re a fan of ice cream with a twist of tradition, Nirula’s is a name you should know. Established in 1934, it’s not just one of India’s oldest, but also a beloved fast-food chain, especially amongst the youth in Delhi. Nirula’s is famous not just for ice cream, but also for its delectable range of burgers, pizzas, and quick snacks.

Let’s talk about one of Nirula’s special offerings: the Butterscotch Crunch ice cream. It’s more than just a sweet treat; it’s an experience of rich, creamy textures mingled with crunchy caramel bits. This isn’t your ordinary ice cream – it’s crafted with fresh milk and cream, ensuring ultimate richness with every spoonful. And if you’re seeking that additional burst of flavour, the butterscotch nougat is there to satisfy your taste buds.

You’ll find the Butterscotch Crunch ice cream in a convenient 650ml tub—perfect for those moments when you’re craving a cold indulgence at home. But there’s more! This versatile delight can also be transformed into a sumptuous milkshake, offering you an alternative way to enjoy its richness.

Nirula’s doesn’t stop there. They’ve mastered the art of variety, catering to all sorts of flavour preferences. Whether you’re into classic tastes like Vanilla and Strawberry or looking for something bolder such as Oreo Dunked in Cookie and Exotic Black Currants, Nirula’s has you covered. For the more adventurous palate, flavours like Hot Chocolate Fudge and Real Rose Petals Peck Velvety add a gourmet twist to your ice cream experience.

With Nirula’s widespread popularity, it’s clear that their commitment to quality and variety continues to resonate with ice cream aficionados across India. So when you’re in Delhi, don’t miss out on diving into the cold and creamy world of Nirula’s where tradition meets an ever-evolving range of flavours to satisfy your dessert cravings.

Regional ice cream specialties

When exploring the diverse landscape of Indian ice cream, certain regional specialities stand out, boasting their unique textures, flavours, and histories. Each one tells a story of cultural heritage, rich with local ingredients and traditional methods passed down through generations.


Imagine a frozen dessert so rich and dense, it feels like a creamy slice of heaven on your tongue. Kulfi, a staple in Indian cuisine, is renowned for its intensely milky flavour and smooth, yet firm texture. Unlike regular ice cream, kulfi isn’t churned, resulting in a solid, decadent treat that melts slowly, prolonging the delight of each bite. Varieties such as saffron, cardamom, and mango burst with authentic tastes, making it a must-try for any enthusiast.

  • Saffron Kulfi
  • Pistachio Kulfi
  • Mango Kulfi
  • Almond Kulfi


Scooping into a bowl of Falooda feels like unearthing a treasure trove of textures. This Persian-inspired dessert is a spectacle of layered elements, featuring rose-soaked vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, and jelly pieces, all topped with a generous scoop of kulfi. When mixed, these components create a refreshingly chilled concoction, perfect to beat the scorching heat on a blistering summer day.


One cannot be in India and not indulge in the sweet creaminess of Rabri. This thick, condensed-milk based dish is laced with nuts, spices, and sometimes, fruit. The traditional process of slow-cooking the milk produces layers of malai, or cream, which are cooled and served with a subtlety that complements the vibrant flavours of Indian cuisine. Rabri isn’t just a dessert; it’s a divine experience for your taste buds.

Matka Kulfi

If you’re after an Instagram-worthy ice cream experience, then Matka Kulfi is your pick. This version of kulfi is served in a small earthenware pot called a ‘matka’, which lends a unique, earthy aroma to the frozen treat. This traditional presentation not only keeps the kulfi dense and cool but also adds an element of rustic charm to each serving. Take a spoon to a matka and discover why this style of kulfi is cherished across generations.

  • Classic Cream Matka Kulfi
  • Mango Matka Kulfi
  • Rose Matka Kulfi
  • Pistachio Matka Kulfi

Each of these specialities not only excites the palate but also represents a slice of India’s rich culinary tapestry. As you sample these iconic treats, you’re not just tasting ice cream—you’re experiencing centuries of tradition and the joy of India’s sweet heritage.

Factors to consider when choosing the best ice cream

When on the hunt for the perfect ice cream, you’re likely to be swayed by a myriad of factors, each playing a pivotal role in delivering that transcendent frozen treat experience. So, let’s delve into what makes an ice cream truly stand out.


The paramount aspect of any culinary delight, especially ice cream, is its taste. You’ll naturally gravitate towards flavours that tantalize your palate and leave you craving more. Exceptional ice creams balance sweetness and richness, often with subtle notes that distinguish them from the mundane. Whether you prefer classic or adventurous flavours, ensure that the taste meets your expectations and evokes a sense of indulgence.

Variety of Flavors

For many ice cream aficionados, variety is the spice of life. You’re likely looking for a brand that offers a spectrum of flavours, each intriguing in its own right. Brands that craft a wide assortment of tastes cater not only to traditional preferences but also to the curious taste buds seeking novelty. A diverse flavour selection allows you to explore new combinations while still having the option to fall back on timeless favourites.


Texture is an attribute that can elevate ice cream from good to great. Whether you savour the creaminess of a densely whipped mixture or revel in the lighter, airy quality of a soft-serve, the mouthfeel of ice cream is critical. A well-crafted ice cream should have a consistent texture, devoid of ice crystals, which can detract from the overall experience.


The building blocks of any delectable ice cream are its ingredients. High-quality ice creams boast freshness and natural flavours, often making a notable difference in taste. Check the label for real fruit, genuine spices, and the absence of artificial additives. Premium brands pride themselves on using choice ingredients that contribute to a richer flavour and a healthier option.

Brand Reputation

A brand’s reputation can act as a trustworthy guide to selecting the best ice cream. Established brands have honed their craft, consistently delivering quality products that generate loyal followings. They often stand behind their offerings with transparent practices, from sourcing ingredients to production processes. Look for brands with a strong heritage in ice cream making, as this often signifies a commitment to excellence that has stood the test of time.

In your quest for the best ice cream, consider these facets carefully. They’re pivotal in distinguishing an ordinary frozen dessert from a culinary masterpiece that turns a simple indulgence into a memorable one.


Embarking on a quest for the best ice cream in India is a journey through a symphony of flavors and textures that are as diverse as the country itself. Whether you’re sampling a scoop of Amul’s creamy delights, indulging in Baskin Robbins’ international range, or savouring the traditional tastes of Kulfi and Falooda, you’re not just enjoying a frozen treat—you’re experiencing a piece of India’s rich dessert culture. Remember, the perfect ice cream for you is about more than just taste; it’s about the authenticity of ingredients, the reputation of the brand, and the sheer variety on offer. So next time you’re out to satisfy your sweet tooth, let these insights guide you to the most delectable choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arun ice cream considered actual ice cream?

Arun ice cream is a type of frozen dessert prevalent in India, composed of milk, sugar, and rice flour. It’s often considered a healthier option, but whether it’s categorised as true ice cream is subject to interpretation.

Which city in India is renowned for the best ice cream?

Mangaluru, also known as Mangalore, holds the title for the ice cream capital of India, offering an extensive array of ice cream-related treats.

Which brands produce authentic ice cream in India?

Amul is famed for its slogan “Real milk. Real ice cream.” and is a leading ice cream brand in India, recognized for its authenticity.

Which ice cream brand is the best in India?

Amul stands out for its variety, followed closely by Vadilal, Kwality Walls, Mother Dairy, Cream Bell, Cream and Fudge, Havmor, and Baskin Robbins as top contenders in the Indian market.

Is consuming ice cream daily advisable?

Eating ice cream daily can be part of a balanced lifestyle, provided it’s consumed in moderation. Serving size is crucial, with a marked difference between enjoying one scoop versus several on a regular basis.

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