9 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Kitchen chimneys have become quite popular in recent times. Your home will be called a modern home only if you have the best kitchen chimney in India installed in your kitchen. The new generation understands, having good food is more important than wearing expensive clothes, and being able to cook it at home is something that can create a great impression. This is why people nowadays are spending time learning to cook various cuisines, and investing their money in modernizing their kitchens. While you are trying to make your kitchen modular with various fittings that facilitate the storage, you will also need to have a powerful and modern kitchen chimney. A good quality kitchen chimney will help you keep your kitchen clean from the grease released while cooking and also make the cooking process easier for you.

A quality kitchen chimney not just keeps the kitchen clean and tidy, but also makes the person working in the kitchen cook comfortably. The heat produced in the kitchen because of smoke can make it difficult for a cook to stand there for long. A good chimney for kitchen will vent out all the smoke and make the working condition comfortable. Apart from smoke, there are also harmful gases released due to the burning of the stoves, which are also removed from the kitchen by these chimneys.

Kitchen Chimneys in India – Overall Winners

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Best Brands For Chimney In Kitchen

  • Elica
  • Bosch
  • Glen
  • Hindware
  • Eurodomo
  • Sunflame
  • Seavy

Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Since it is essential to have a good kitchen chimney in a modular kitchen, we shall be trying to guide you on choosing the right one through this post. We shall be talking about the best kitchen chimney in India and discuss the features of different brands.


Elica Auto Clean Chimney


The Elica auto clean chimney is going to make the cook happy as it not just enhances the cooking style, adds a luxury touch to your kitchen’s appearance, but it also has the auto-clean feature. This kitchen chimney comes with a touch panel that has a button to start the auto cleaning. The auto cleaning feature removes the oil particles stuck inside the chimney with the help of a heating element, and these further are collected inside an oil collector can. They can be easily cleaned when you feel it is needed.

Coming to the power consumption of the Elica’s best kitchen chimney in India, which is just 180 watts, makes this a less power consuming product. Using it for a long duration will put no burden on your electricity bill. Also, it saves your money for repairs as the product comes with a 1-year warranty and the motor inside has a 5-year warranty.

Summary of top features:

  • Auto-cleaning
  • Powerful Suction
  • Less power consuming
  • Touch panel
  • 5-year warranty for the motor


  • High Suction Power (1200 m3/hr)
  • Curved glass adds a luxurious look
  • Perfect for 2 and 4 burners
  • Less power consumption (180 watts)
  • Auto clean technology
  • 2 baffle filters


  • Does not provide installation service

Click on the link below to buy Elica Auto Clean Chimney:


Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney

This kitchen chimney is manufactured by the top European brand Eurodomo, and it has both the looks and the high functionality. While this chimney is packed with several smart features, the black tempered glass adds to the elegant appearance of your kitchen. The build quality and materials are of high grade, which is a must for any Indian kitchen throughout the year.

Top features:

  • Auto Cleaning
  • Touch control system
  • 1+5 warranty (5-year warranty is for the motor)
  • The suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr
  • LED lights


  • Premium looking finish in black
  • Needs to be cleaned only once in 6 months
  • Can accommodate gas stove with 3 to 5 burners
  • Tempered glass
  • Baffle filters of stainless steel


  • A proper manual for the users is not available.
  • Produces a noise of 58 DB

Click on the link below to buy Eurodomo Onyx PB BK 60 Kitchen Chimney


Faber Hood Crest 60 CM Kitchen Hood


This chimney for kitchen by Faber is on our list as it is durable, highly efficient, and produces very little noise. This model from Faber is perfect for the people who are looking for both style and efficiency in the same product. The gesture control in this chimney makes it unique and hence one of the best kitchen chimneys in India. This wall mounted kitchen chimney is powerful enough to keep your kitchen clean and give you excellent cooking experience.


  • Produces less noise
  • Has both touch and gesture control features
  • Suction power is of 1200m3/hr
  • LED bulbs for lighting
  • Comes with auto cleaning feature
  • 1+5 warranty (5-year warranty is for the motor


  • Wall Mounting feature
  • Strong Suction with less noise
  • Gesture and touch controls
  • Oil can for auto cleaning.
  • The latest technology with no filters


  • Is priced a bit higher than various other models in the market

Click on the link below to buy Faber Hood Crest 60 CM Kitchen Hood


Hindware Nevio 90 AutoClean Chimney

This kitchen chimney in India is considered to be one of the best, especially for the Indian kitchens. The reason for this is the quality of the stainless steel used in it, the stylish design, and durability to withstand long hours of functioning. The auto cleaning makes it very easy to maintain the cleanliness of the chimney. However, the chimney itself makes sure to keep your kitchen free from greasy fumes and harmful gasses. Also, it is a less power consuming product which lowers electricity bills even after excessive use.

Notable features:

  • Auto Cleaning feature
  • Oil Can
  • LED lights for cooking convenience
  • Less power consumption
  • Tough material for high duty functioning


  • The size is right even for a kitchen size more than 200 sq ft
  • Has baffle filters
  • Stainless steel of high quality
  • Wall mounting
  • Can be controlled with one-touch
  • Strong Air Suction (1200 m3/hr)


  • The pipe is not durable.
  • Installation is not free of cost.

Click on the link below to buy Hindware Nevio 90 AutoClean Chimney


Seavy Ciaz Black Titanium Kitchen Chimney


Seavy brings you a kitchen chimney, which is the right choice when you have a large-sized kitchen. This brand has been known in the kitchen equipment industry for a long time for its high quality, innovation, and designs. Indian families with an extended number of people can consider buying this as the best kitchen chimney in India for its powerful suction ability. Cleaning the chimney is not a task, thanks to the auto-clean feature in it.


  • Auto Cleaning feature
  • LED lights for cooking convenience
  • Oil Can
  • Regular cleaning not needed


  • Baffle filter
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • Facility to control the speed
  • Touch panel controlling system
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Does not require to be cleaned often (once in 6 months)


  • Will not fit in a small kitchen.

Click on the link below to buy Seavy Ciaz Black Titanium Kitchen Chimney


Glen 6071 Kitchen Chimney

The brand Glen has been known in the modern kitchen industry for more than 2 decades now in India, and the kitchen chimney on our list by this brand is a good buy for the Indian consumers. It is durable because of the toughened glass, which at the same time makes it stylish and is also easy to clean. Most brands hike give a 5-year warranty on the motor; Glen kitchen chimney comes with a 7-year warranty.


  • Flame retardant materials to avoid fire
  • Warranty of 1+7 years
  • Power saving efficient LED lights
  • Build material both durable and stylish


  • Less Noise
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Body made from toughened glass
  • The suction capacity of 1000m3/hr
  • Baffle filters of stainless steel
  • The motor can take an overload.
  • Wiring has flame repellent plastic.


  • Poor customer service

Click on the link below to buy Seavy Ciaz Black Titanium Kitchen Chimney


Sunflame Kitchen Chimney


With various features different from other chimneys in the market, the Sunflame kitchen chimney is a good buy for kitchen size >200 sq ft. This product can give the same performance for years and is capable enough to keep your kitchen grease-free. The purpose of this kitchen chimney is to provide you with an overall pleasant cooking experience. The combination of toughened glass and metallic finish make it elegant and durable at the same time. The baffle filters in the Sunflame chimney for the kitchen are chosen to make them suitable for use in an Indian kitchen and hence it comprises our list of best kitchen chimney in India.

Best features:

  • The suction power of 1100m3/hr
  • One-touch control panel
  • Charcoal filter for ductless operation
  • The metallic finish on the toughened glass


  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Touch Control panel
  • Charcoal and baffle filter
  • Ductless operation
  • Combined with the gas stove


  • Produces noise
  • Comes with a stove but it is not balanced well

Click on the link below to buy Sunflame Kitchen Chimney


Elica 60cm Kitchen Chimney

Another best kitchen chimney in India is again by Elica. It is the one that is suitable for Indian kitchens with a medium size. It is not a chimney with auto cleaning but still, the construction of chimney is such that it can be cleaned easily. Also, the product is less power consuming, which makes it worth the buy. Even if it consumes less energy, it still has the capability of providing efficient functionality to make sure that your kitchen stays free from heat, fumes, and harmful gasses.

Summary of top features:

  • The suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr
  • Has both the looks and performance capability
  • Tough body
  • Produces less noise


  • Less noise while using makes it unique.
  • Energy-efficient product
  • Powerful Suction
  • Cleaning is Easy
  • Features LED lamps


  • Does not have auto cleaning feature

Click on the link below to buy Elica 60cm Kitchen Chimney

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

When you are doing the It is the installation of the chimney, which decides what kind of a chimney it is and there are 2 methods of installation and thus 2 types of chimneys. These are the ducting chimneys and ductless chimneys, and both have their benefits, and both work in different ways. To choose which one is the right kind of chimney for your kitchen, make sure to go through this section of the post thoroughly.

Chimneys with a Duct or ducting chimney

These chimneys have a pipe or a duct that has a vent out of the kitchen and is responsible for keeping the heat, harmful gases, and smoke out of your kitchen. The filters in the ducting chimneys make sure to absorb the oil released while cooking.

These chimneys are efficient, and that is why they are preferred for use in commercial kitchens. They are an excellent choice for Indian home kitchens as there is a lot of cooking done in Indian homes and such a chimney will be a good choice. However, make sure that you are getting a proper installation for these chimneys and are ready to bear a bit of noise while using them.

Chimneys without a duct or ductless chimneys

As the name suggests, these chimneys do not have a duct to release the air. So, if you are wondering where do the smoke, heat, and other harmful gasses go, then the simple answer is the charcoal filters present in these chimneys take care of these unwanted elements. The charcoal filters are efficient in absorbing heat and smoke from a kitchen, which is not as busy as a commercial kitchen. If you are a nuclear family, then this kind of chimney can serve as the best kitchen chimney in India for your home. It will be a better option for your kitchen as they are effortless to install. Though be prepared to change the filters regularly.

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide – Factors to consider

While buying the. best kitchen chimney in India for the first time, you will have confusion as there are various models available in the market. To avoid being confused, you should keep in mind what kind of kitchen you have and how much time you will be able to devote to its maintenance and cleaning of the chimney. Consider the following points to choose the right chimney for your kitchen.

The Types of Filter Inside The Chimney

There are 3 types of filters that you can find in the kitchen chimneys, and these are baffle filters, charcoal filters and mesh filters (cassette filters) The best for Indian kitchen where a lot of cooking is done, the baffle filters are the best, and that is why most of the chimneys in our list are the ones with baffle filters. Unlike the mesh and charcoal filters, the Suction of the chimneys with baffle filters is not hindered when oil is deposited on the surface of the filter though they need cleaning in 2 or 3 months that can be managed easily.

The Size Of Your Kitchen And The Chimney

You choose a hob or a gas stove for your kitchen based on the size of the kitchen, and the chimney should also be selected on similar grounds. If you have a medium-sized kitchen and a family with fewer members, you will have to choose a hob with 2 or 4 burners, and a 60 cm chimney is the right size for it. While if you have a bigger kitchen and have many members in the family, then the hob with 3 to 5 burners will be required, and for it, you will need a 90 cm chimney.

Since a hob with more burners will be put to more intense cooking, more amount of heat, smoke, fumes, and grime will be released for which you will need a chimney that can suck up all that waste. While if you have a small-sized kitchen a small size chimney will pe apt as the bigger size chimney will not just occupy more space but also produce noise that is not required.

Features Like Auto Clean And Less Noise

Nowadays, many brands are offering chimney for the kitchen with features like less noise and auto clean. Choosing your chimney based on these features is more of a personal preference. Most of the people can bear the sound of kitchen chimney, but if you are willing to maintain the luxury standards, then it is better to choose a less noise producing chimney.

The auto-clean feature is something that most people want to add to their kitchen chimney, as cleaning of a kitchen chimney can be time-consuming. Though this feature adds to the price, so if you can spend a few hours once in 3 months, then you can skip this feature and save a few bucks. Also, you should know that chimneys with the function of auto cleaning will also need some kind of maintenance once in 6 months. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your kitchen with the best kitchen chimney in India.

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