Top Lint Removers in India: Safe & Effective Picks

Looking for the best lint removers in India to keep your clothes pristine? You’re not alone. With a wide array of options from portable gadgets to full-sized machines, the Indian market offers a variety of choices to suit your needs. Whether you’re in Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Nagpur, or Rajkot, finding the right lint remover has never been easier.

From the compact and convenient Nova USB Lint Remover to the powerful and efficient Fur Lint Remover, there’s a tool out there to tackle those pesky lint balls. And with the rise of online reviews, like the Nova Lint Remover Review, making an informed decision is just a few clicks away. Keep your sweaters, coats, and fabrics looking their best with a top-notch lint remover that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

NOVA Lint Remover for Clothes

NOVA Lint Remover for Clothes

When you’re battling pesky lint on your favorite outfits, the NOVA Lint Remover emerges as a notable mention. With its USB charging capability, this device ensures you’re never tethered to a socket, making it a convenient choice for those on the go.

Efficiency is a key attribute of the NOVA Lint Remover. It offers quick results without compromising on thoroughness. A few swift passes might be all it takes to rejuvenate your garment. Moreover, it’s designed to handle various types of fabric, which adds to its versatility.

Here’s a quick glance at what sets the NOVA Lint Remover apart:

  • Portability: Compact enough to fit in travel bags
  • Rechargeability: Say goodbye to constant battery replacements
  • Versatility: Suitable for different fabric types

Safety is paramount, and this gadget is built with protective features to prevent damage to your clothes or injury to you. Given the array of options available, it’s advisable to watch related video reviews to get a firsthand account of its efficacy. This practical tool stands out in a crowded market of lint removers and could be the answer to keeping your clothes looking their best.

AGARO LR2007 Lint Remover

AGARO LR2007 Lint Remover

When you’re in search of a high-quality lint remover, the AGARO LR2007 stands out for its performance and features. Here are the significant aspects to help you understand its capabilities:

  • Durability and Design: Boasting a pure copper head alongside a sturdy plastic handle, this lint remover is both robust and comfortable to use.
  • Dual-Sided Functionality: For versatility, it offers a double-sided design; one side equipped with copper to tackle tough lint and fur balls, while the other includes a round brush suitable for smoothing out fur coats.
  • Rechargeable Convenience: Unlike battery-operated models that require constant battery changes, this device comes with rechargeable functionality, ensuring you won’t get caught without power when you need it most.

User Ratings and Reviews

The general consensus among users is positive, with the AGARO LR2007 receiving a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating from a substantial number of reviews, which reflects on its reliability and efficiency.


Suitable for a variety of fabrics and items, including:

  • Woolen Sweaters
  • Blankets
  • Jackets
  • Furnishings such as carpets and curtains

Its versatility extends to different types of textiles, confirming its place as an essential tool in maintaining the appearance and longevity of your clothing and home textiles.

StyleHouse Lint Remover for Woolen Clothes

StyleHouse Lint Remover for Woolen Clothes

When you’re tackling lint on woolen clothes, the StyleHouse Lint Remover stands out with its targeted design. This electric lint shaver caters to delicate fabrics, ensuring your woolens remain pristine.

Key Features to Note

  • Color Scheme: The distinctive white and orange design sets it apart, making it easy to spot among other laundry tools.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A strong 4.1 out of 5 stars from users who have experienced first-hand the capabilities of this lint remover.

Performance and Efficiency

Offering a powerful 9000/min rotation, the StyleHouse Lint Remover’s blade is built to handle a variety of fabrics, not just woolens. The swift rotation speed ensures that you remove lint quickly without damaging the fabric.

User Ratings

Users have praised this lint remover for its effectiveness on woolen garments, reflecting in high user ratings. Here are the statistics:

User Rating Number of Reviews
4.1 744

The StyleHouse Lint Remover is ideal if you’re looking for a reliable tool to maintain the quality of your woolen clothes. Its design and performance have earned it a respectable position among the best lint removers available.

Remember, keeping your woolens lint-free not only improves their appearance but also extends their life, making a lint remover a valuable addition to your laundry toolkit.

Philips GC026 Electric Lint Remover

Philips GC026 Electric Lint Remover

When dealing with annoying lint on your favourite garments, the Philips GC026 Electric Lint Remover stands out. Its powerful operation and user-friendly design make it a go-to gadget for keeping your fabrics smooth and pristine.

Key Features

  • High-Speed Rotation: The device boasts an impressive 8,800 rounds per minute, swiftly removing fuzz balls and lint.
  • Versatility: From sweaters to blankets, this lint remover can clean a variety of fabrics—including that coveted jumper.

Ease of Use

This model’s acclaim is partly due to its ease of setup and operation. You can quickly make your clothes and other surfaces lint-free with minimal effort.

  • Stainless Steel Blade: Safely and effectively removes pills without damaging the fabric.
  • Lint Chamber: The removable chamber allows for easy disposal of collected lint.

Portability and Convenience

Compact in size, you can easily store the Philips GC026 or take it with you on trips. Since it comes with 2 AA batteries provided, you’re ready to declutter your wardrobe of lint at any moment.

  • Protective Cap and Cleaning Brush: Adds an extra layer of protection and helps maintain the device.
  • No USB Cable Included: Note the absence of a USB cable for charging.

Reviews and Recommendations

The positive feedback from multiple reviewers highlights its gentle yet efficient performance. A strong brand reputation adds to the Philips GC026’s appeal, with users acknowledging its quick action as a standout feature.

Evercare Fabric Shaver

Evercare Fabric Shaver

When you’re tackling lint and pill removal, the Evercare Fabric Shaver stands out for its compact and user-friendly design. Don’t let its size fool you; this shaver quickly and easily rejuvenates your garments, making it a staple for your fabric care routine.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Shaving: The sizable blade surface swiftly removes fluff, lint, pills, and bobbles. You’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your refreshed fabrics.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s fuzzy sweaters, knit t-shirts, bed sheets, or heavy woolen coats, this fabric shaver has you covered. It’s even safe for delicate curtains and upholstery.
  • Gentle on Fabrics: Safety comes first. The Evercare Fabric Shaver is less abrasive than other electric options, reducing the risk of damage to your clothes and fabrics.
  • Ease of Grip: The compact design is comfortable to hold, ensuring a steady hand during use.
  • Convenience: Complete with a small brush and protective cover for the blades, it’s designed for both practicality and safety.
  • Storage: Its easy-to-store feature scores high for those with limited space.
  • Value for Money: In comparison to larger, more expensive models, you get excellent performance at a great price point.

Maintenance and Safety:

  • Included with the fabric shaver is a small brush to help remove trapped lint from the head, ensuring the device operates at peak efficiency.
  • A protective cover shields the blades when not in use, providing an extra layer of safety and extending the shaver’s lifespan.

Always be Prepared:
Keep your garments looking immaculate. With the Evercare Fabric Shaver, you’ll be well-equipped to handle fabric wear and tear with confidence and ease.

Beautural Fabric Shaver

Beautural Fabric Shaver

When tackling the persistent problem of fabric pills, lint, and fuzz, you’ll find the Beautural Fabric Shaver an indispensable ally. Its combination of power and efficiency makes it an ideal choice for refreshing a wide range of textiles, from clothing to furniture.

The unit’s versatility is backed by the convenience of being AC adapter or battery powered, providing flexibility in usage whether you’re at home or on the go. This device ensures your clothes and furniture are cared for regardless of your location.

Key details about the Beautural Fabric Shaver are presented below:

  • Power Source: AC Adapter & Battery Powered
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Total Reviews: 5423

This model stands out with its high user satisfaction, which reflects in the generous number of positive reviews. Users consistently report a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their clothes and upholstery after use, highlighting its effectiveness.

To ensure optimal performance, the shaver is equipped with a safety feature that protects both the fabric and the user. Its design includes a protective cover and an additional brush for maintenance, enhancing its durability and ensuring that your garments stay looking their best for longer.

Remember, fabric care requires a thoughtful approach. Having the right tools, like the Beautural Fabric Shaver, as part of your routine can make all the difference. Keep your garments free of unwanted bobbles and enjoy the renewed look of your fabrics.

Genteel Lint Fabric Shaver Remover

Genteel Lint Fabric Shaver Remover

When you’re tackling lint on your sweaters and blankets, look for a device that’s up to the task. Genteel Lint Remover stands out as a powerful accessory in fabric care, designed to efficiently remove fuzz and fabric pills.


  • Best suited for various textiles, including sweaters and blankets.

The user feedback scores speak volumes about its effectiveness:

  • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Reviews: 7,300 on a popular e-commerce platform

Battery Operation:

  • Operates on AA batteries (not included), offering you the convenience of portability.

User Convenience:

  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind regarding quality and durability.


  • This electric lint remover is praised for its dependability in refreshing clothes as well as furniture.


  • A thoughtful inclusion of a protective cover ensures your fabric isn’t damaged during the lint removal process.

By considering the Genteel Lint Fabric Shaver Remover, you’re equipping yourself with a reliable tool that promises to keep your garments and homeware looking their best.

Do they damage clothes?

When you’re seeking a solution to keep your clothes looking pristine, you might wonder if lint removers are safe for your beloved garments. It’s essential to distinguish between different types of lint removers and their safety on various fabrics.

Safety Features to Consider:

  • Protective Blade Covers: Devices like the Evercare Fabric Shaver are designed with safety in mind, incorporating a cover to guard the blades when not in use, thus preventing any accidental snags or cuts to fabric.
  • Adjustable Heights: Many lint removers offer adjustable blade heights to accommodate different types of fabric, ensuring only the lint is removed without harming the cloth itself.
  • Quality of Blades: Sharper blades tend to provide a smoother shave with less effort, and high-quality shavers like the Bulfyss USB Rechargeable Lint Remover, equipped with sharp and durable blades, help prevent potential damage by requiring fewer passes over the fabric.
  • Many users experience no harm to clothes, especially when using devices such as the Conair Battery Operated Fabric Shaver. Its large shaving head is designed to be gentle even on upholstery, which can be more delicate than clothing. This avoidance of damage extends the life and appearance of your clothes.

Real-Life Results:

  • It’s reported that the Genteel Lint Fabric Shaver Remover is especially effective on a variety of textiles including sweaters and blankets without causing any harm, backed up by its 1-year guarantee.

Remember, proper use according to manufacturer instructions is key in preventing any fabric damage. Always check the device’s features and user reviews for assurance on delicate fabrics.


You’ve now got the scoop on the best lint removers available in India, ensuring your clothes always look their best. Remember, with the right gadget like the Genteel Lint Fabric Shaver Remover, you can maintain the integrity of your garments without a hitch. Trust in the experiences of other users and the safety features highlighted—your wardrobe will thank you for it. So go ahead, choose the lint remover that suits your needs and enjoy fuzz-free, impeccable clothing every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: a lint brush or a lint roller?

A lint roller is typically best for quick touch-ups and removing surface lint, particularly on sturdy fabrics. A lint brush is more suitable for delicate fabrics and can also handle pet hair effectively. Both tools have their place in garment care, with the roller being more disposable and the brush being more sustainable.

What is the best thing to remove lint from clothes?

The best way to remove lint from clothes would be to use a lint roller or a lint brush for targeted removal. Dryer sheets, damp sponges, or adhesive tapes can also be effective. For a more permanent solution, wash clothes using a mixture of microfiber cloths and white vinegar to minimize lint production.

How do you permanently remove lint?

Permanently removing lint can be challenging, but you can reduce future lint by identifying and separating lint-producing items, using microfiber cloths in the dryer, and applying anti-static spray. If lint is a persistent issue, consider using a clothes shaver for a more permanent fix.

How do I stop my clothes from collecting so much lint?

To prevent your clothes from collecting lint, you should wash and dry lint-producing items separately, use white vinegar in the wash to reduce static, turn garments inside out before washing, and use dryer sheets or anti-static sprays. Additionally, make sure to keep your lint roller handy for any stray fibers.

How to remove lint from clothes in India?

Adhesive tape is a convenient and effective option for removing lint from clothes in India. Simply shape the tape into a ring with the sticky side out, place it over your fingers, and roll it across the fabric. Continue the process until all the lint is removed.

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