6 Best Magazines in India for Avid Readers

Magazines have always been a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment, and in India, they’re no exception. With a rich tapestry of culture and current affairs, the best magazines offer you a window into the nation’s heart. Whether you’re a voracious reader or just starting out, there’s something tailored just for your interests.

From the thought-provoking articles of VARINDIA, India’s top IT magazine since 1999, to the compelling travel narratives of National Geographic Traveller India, the variety is endless. These publications not only inform but also inspire, making them a must-have for anyone keen on staying ahead of the curve. So, let’s dive into the world of the top magazines in India that you should be adding to your reading list today.

Vogue India

Vogue India

When you’re looking to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, and celebrity news, Vogue India emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of lifestyle magazines. With its unbeatable nationwide reach, Vogue boasts the title of the most circulated fashion magazine across India, turning it into a staple for the style-conscious reader. Designed to cater to a varied audience, its pages are filled with a rich diversity of topics, weaving together fashion, beauty, culture, and style in a manner that’s both informative and captivating.

Your connection with global fashion doesn’t end at borderlines; Vogue India mirrors the prestige of its international counterparts, maintaining a blend of local and global sartorial flair. Expect detailed coverage of high-profile fashion events, where the work of both emerging and established designers is laid out in stunning visual spreads that illustrate the creative pulse of India’s fashion industry. In Vogue, photography isn’t just complimentary – it is as storytelling as the editorial content which encapsulates the ethos of the Vogue brand.

Not merely a passive observer, Vogue India is a vocal advocate and influencer within the Indian fashion landscape. It’s where the heartbeat of trendsetting finds a rhythm through iconic covers and groundbreaking features. From in-depth interviews with both industry experts and A-list celebrities to up-close designer profiles, the magazine empowers readers to be at the forefront of style revolution.

In your pursuit of exclusivity and luxury, Vogue India stands out as an essential resource, simultaneously offering a platform for the Indian fashion industry to thrive upon. It’s where you’ll find advertisers keen to connect with an affluent, trend-savvy audience, recognising the magazine’s clout in reaching those who shape the contours of Indian fashion and lifestyle.

India Today

India Today

When you’re aiming to stay informed about the latest happenings across India, India Today is the magazine that’s got you covered. Established by Living Media India Ltd and hailing from New Delhi, this publication has been a steadfast source of news since 1975. With its comprehensive coverage, you will find yourself immersed in a plethora of topics including politics, economics, business, technology, travel, lifestyle, and Bollywood.

Engaging with India Today is an enriching experience due to its dedicated approach to maintaining the highest standards of journalism in the country. This magazine is not just another addition to your reading collection but a suggested must-have for those who wish to have a well-rounded perspective on various subjects.

As you ponder over which magazines deserve your subscription, consider the influence and reach of India Today. With a readership that boasts a staggering 15.9 million, your connection to the world of current events and trends is just a plan away. To subscribe:

  • Select a plan that aligns with your needs
  • Add it to your cart
  • Use the buy now option to finalize the subscription.
    If you’re already an avid reader, there’s a convenient renewal order option available—ensuring that you’ll never miss out on an issue.

Venture into any marketplace and you’ll notice the prestige that India Today commands. It’s not just a periodical that decorates newsstands but rather a platform that’s synonymous with exclusive high-profile interviews and in-depth analyses. These features frequently spark conversations at corporate gatherings and fuel discourse on national television debates.

Peek into the business landscapes and socio-economic discussions that India Today brings to the table, you’ll see a commitment to inclusive development that resonates throughout its pages. Whether it’s through shedding light on pressing issues or providing a voice for the diverse populace, India Today stands as a pillar in the media sector that actively contributes to the nation’s progress.

Forbes India

Forbes India

As you delve deeper into the realm of business magazines, you’ll find Forbes India at the pinnacle of financial and corporate journalism. Managed by the Reliance Industries-owned Digital18 Media Ltd, Forbes India Magazine is a beacon for the entrepreneurial spirit, known for its commitment to the power of free enterprise. This illustrious publication helps you grasp the essence behind the headlines, offering insights that connect you to the bigger picture.

Your quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of India’s economic climate is well catered by Forbes India, which covers a wide array of industries, from nascent startups to formidable corporate giants. The magazine’s content acts as a window into the strategic minds of the nation’s business leaders, providing you with actionable perspectives that can influence your decisions and strategies.

Boasting an Interactive and Multimedia-Rich Platform, Forbes India isn’t just about the printed word. Its digital presence brings together engagement and information, offering a mix of articles, videos, and podcasts tailored to meet your preferences.

  • Interactive tools
  • Multimedia content
  • Comprehensive insights

Through Forbes India, you’re not just reading about the business world; you’re experiencing it. Whether it’s up-to-the-minute news, groundbreaking interviews, or analytical deep dives, Forbes India brings the excitement and complexity of the industry to your fingertips.

In a global ecosystem where staying informed is key to staying ahead, Forbes India positions itself as an invaluable resource for professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone with an interest in the country’s economic pulse. As part of the wider Forbes franchise, Forbes India continues to influence and inform its readership with content that’s both informed and influential.

Business Today

Business Today

When you’re seeking comprehensive insights and in-depth analysis of the current economic landscape, turning your attention to Business Today might just be the smart move. With Premier status in India, this fortnightly business magazine has been a staple for discerning readers since its launch in 1992. It’s no surprise that Business Today leads the pack with the highest circulation amongst business publications of its kind in India.

What sets Business Today apart is not only its extensive coverage but also its foresight in preparing readers for emerging challenges. As the business environment evolves, you’ll find this magazine to be a crucible of knowledge, brimming with up-to-the-minute reports and analyses that touch upon business, markets, and society at large.

Metric Detail
Publication Frequency Fortnightly
First Issue 1992
Publication Language English (Also available in other languages)
Reader Focus Business ecosystems, market trends

Living Media India Limited, the entity behind Business Today, has consistently maintained high standards, offering an unwavering quality that resonates with its wide readership. As you thumb through the pages—or swipe through the digital edition—you’re met with a rich tapestry of business typography that captures the true essence of liberalised India.

Recognized for delivering relevant reports, this business magazine leverages its authoritative stance in the industry. The foresight in editorial choices has cemented Business Today as a key player, equipping you with all the necessary updates to challenge the uncertainties of tomorrow. The extend of its influence is reflected in its readership numbers, which remain unmatched in the sector.

As the landscape of business journalism continues to be competitive and dynamic, Business Today ensures that its content is not only timely but timeless. Whether it’s about global market trends or socio-economic phenomena, you’ll find that the information provided is curated with a deep understanding of your need for knowledge that’s both cogent and actionable.



When you’re diving into the hub of Indian lifestyle and entertainment, Femina makes its presence known as a cultural touchstone. Celebrating nearly six decades of success, this magazine resonates with readers who are enthusiastic about Bollywood, fashion, and beauty tips. It’s the essential read for those who love their daily dose of Lifestyle, Love, and Horoscope insights, much like the trusted local aunty who always has the inside scoop on everything from Filmfare to short film awards—only it’s with professional finesse.

Femina’s reach extends beyond glamour and gloss, as it taps into meaningful content that covers relationships, health, and career paths. If you’re looking to stay informed yet inspired, Femina provides that blend by featuring interviews with powerful women and celebrities, making every issue a compelling mix of personal growth and entertainment.

  • Relationship advice
  • Health and wellness tips
  • Beauty and fashion trends
  • Career guidance

Dedicated to its diverse audience, Femina offers articles that mirror the aspirations and success stories of Indian women—catering not just to your interest in the latest makeup miracle but also offering counsel for life’s various arenas.

For those with a taste for something beyond glitter and glam, Femina doesn’t disappoint. Diving into categories like lifestyle and personal development, it becomes an ally for readers on all fronts. You’ll find it’s a magazine that doesn’t just reflect the trends but often sets the precedent for what’s talked about in social circles.

As a brand, Femina has long understood the importance of evolving with its readers, ensuring it remains relevant and rooted in authenticity. So, whether it’s a low-down on the upcoming Filmfare Awards or expert-led beauty tips, Femina presents a curated experience that keeps you knowledgeable, engaged, and ready for the world.



When you crave news delivered with unflinching honesty and clear-cut facts, Outlook Magazine offers exactly that. Recognised for its award-winning journalism, this magazine stands out with its bold and aggressive reporting. Launched in 1995 by Outlook Publishing India Pvt Ltd, Outlook has established itself as a critical player in the realm of current affairs, politics, entertainment, and sports, both in print and the digital world. It’s an indispensable source for readers seeking informed analysis on a wide range of topics.

Outlook isn’t just available in English; you’ll find a Hindi version too, catering to a broader audience and ensuring inclusive access to quality content. The magazine’s fearless approach to storytelling makes it one of the most vibrant news magazines in India. Its nationwide reach and diverse readership base testify to its impact and relevance in the modern media landscape.

Specialised Reading with Outlook Variants

If your interests are more niche, Outlook doesn’t leave you behind. Outlook Business Magazine, launched in 2006, is a powerhouse of financial journalism. It’s the second-largest business publication in India and a mine of insights into the country’s business ecosystem. Featuring interviews with global business titans, such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, this magazine provides you with a window into the minds of the most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs.

For those with wanderlust, Outlook Traveller shines the spotlight on exotic travel destinations and offers expert narratives on unforgettable experiences. If it’s financial wisdom you’re after, Outlook Money is your guide through the complexities of personal finance, investments, and the economic landscape.

Outlook publishes content that not only keeps you updated but also encourages you to delve deeper into stories of broad interest. Each edition is designed to ensure you stay informed and engaged, making it a valuable addition to your reading list.

The Week

The Week

When you’re on the lookout for a news magazine that delivers a concise and comprehensive roundup of the latest happenings, The Week steps up as an excellent option. Its reputation has been built on the backbones of editorial quality and journalistic honesty. What sets The Week apart is its ability to cater to a wide array of topics, ensuring that you stay informed on everything from politics, business, science, technology, to culture.

The magazine’s weekly publications are a testament to its commitment to providing timely and relevant content. It’s not just about filling pages with information; The Week is about presenting news and developments from India and across the globe in a format that’s digestible. You can expect in-depth pieces that delve into the heart of current events, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around you.

Alongside news coverage, The Week doesn’t shy away from the analytical aspect of journalism. You’ll find thought-provoking articles that challenge you to look beyond surface-level headlines and understand the implications of local and international events. Whether it’s a political upheaval, a technological breakthrough, or a cultural phenomenon, The Week ensures that you’re not just aware, but also engaged.

Another aspect where The Week shines is its commitment to diversity in content. While some publications may pigeonhole themselves into niche categories, The Week embraces a wide-ranging approach to its subjects. This attribute makes it a versatile read that caters to an extensive spectrum of interests, whether you’re a policy wonk, a science enthusiast, or simply someone looking to stay well-rounded in their knowledge base.

Each issue promises a blend of news, views, and insightful commentary that keeps you, the reader, at the centre of the discourse. With its finger on the pulse, The Week ensures that its content is always relevant, making it a go-to source for those seeking to stay on top of current trends without sacrificing depth or quality.

Fortune India

Fortune India

As you navigate the vibrant business landscape of India, Fortune India stands out as a beacon for entrepreneurs and business professionals. This magazine, a collaboration between ABP Publication group and Times Inc, has quickly established itself as a staple among industry leaders and upcoming entrepreneurs alike. Your aspiration to excel in the business world finds a match in the pages of Fortune India, where the accomplishment of renowned businesspeople is not just reported but analysed and celebrated, urging you to give your utmost.

When you subscribe to Fortune India, you’re not just staying informed; you’re immersing yourself in the world of India’s top business strategists. Delve into:

  • In-depth profiles of industry pioneers
  • Expert analysis of market dynamics
  • Strategic insights that inform pivotal business decisions

Imagine gaining firsthand knowledge from the forefront of innovation and industry success. That’s exactly what you get with each issue of Fortune India. It’s more than a magazine; it’s your mentor in print.

The content spectrum of Fortune India is broad yet precise, covering a range of topics crucial for your growth in the competitive business environment. From entrepreneurship, finance, and investment to in-depth discussions on economic trends, this magazine is your gateway to understanding the complex yet exhilarating world of business.

Readership Group Content Focus
Business Professionals Entrepreneurship, Finance, Investments
Investors Indian Business Landscape, Global Events
Entrepreneurs Trend Analysis, Strategic Insights

As technology strides forward, you need to keep a 480-degree perspective on advancements that are reshaping the business domain. Fortune India enables you to do just that. It’s not merely about getting an update; it’s about staying ahead of the curve. Whether it’s launching a startup or taking a leap in your career, here’s where you find out how to make impactful moves.

Quality journalism and precise reporting are the hallmarks that make Fortune India a credible source, turning it into a fertile ground for advertisers looking to connect with a highly involved and influential audience. With every page, expect a trove of information that’s not only up-to-date but also critically relevant to your financial and economic interests.

Sports Illustrated India

Sports Illustrated India

When you’re on the lookout for comprehensive sports coverage in India, Sports Illustrated India stands out as a premier source. Its roots stretch back to its American counterpart, yet it’s meticulously tailored to embrace the sporting culture and fervour that’s uniquely Indian. This magazine offers an all-encompassing perspective on various sports, ranging from cricket and football to Olympic disciplines.

Each page of Sports Illustrated India is a dive into the vibrant world of sports. You’ll find captivating stories of endurance, victory, and sometimes heartbreak, laying out the human side of sports that often goes unseen. Featured articles provide a behind-the-scenes look at your favourite athletes, showing their struggles and triumphs in a way that resonates with fans and casual readers alike.

The magazine isn’t all just profiles and narratives; it packs a punch with authoritative analyses and forecasts that sports aficionados crave. Get ready to engage with in-depth articles that break down game strategies, player performance, and future predictions. Sports Illustrated India isn’t just recounting scores; it’s helping you understand the dynamic nature of sports.

Engrossing photo essays within Sports Illustrated India capture the motion and emotion of sporting events, leaving you with visuals that are as striking as they are memorable. Because let’s face it, sometimes a single snapshot can tell you more about a game than a thousand words ever could.

Revel in the richness of detailed sports journalism and be the first to know about emerging talents and future legends. With Sports Illustrated India, you’re not just staying in the loop; you’re delving into the heart of what makes sports a significant part of the cultural fabric.

Business World

Business World

Navigating the intricate labyrinth of India’s business landscape requires more than just savvy know-how; it demands a deep insight into the industry’s heartbeat. Business Today becomes your lens to that world. With its foundation dating back to 1992, the publication offers a fortnightly dispensary of nuanced business knowledge.

Your quest for understanding the world of commerce isn’t limited to just facts and figures. It’s about stories that inspire, strategies that empower, and the intricate dance of economics and management. Here’s where Business Today steps in, with its comprehensive coverage.

  • In Depth Analysis: Expect to dive deep into the workings of both domestic and international markets.
  • Latest Trends: Stay updated with cutting-edge business tactics and market strategies that are shaping the industry.
  • Success Stories: Learn from the best, with detailed case studies on thriving businesses and influential leaders.

As a business enthusiast, you’re always on the lookout for the next big idea. Forbes India resonates with that aspiration. Forbes, globally recognized, extends its influential voice to India’s entrepreneurs and business moguls.

From interviews with business elites to roundtable discussions on industry-shaking innovations, Forbes India is your gateway to:

  • Exclusive Content: Access thought-provoking articles and insights from industry front-runners.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Engage with content that touches various sectors, startups, and conglomerates alike.
  • Rich Multimedia: Explore podcasts and video interviews that add a dynamic edge to your understanding.

Moreover, if it’s a panoramic picture of the global business stage you’re after, then Fortune India adds another dimension to your reading repertoire. Fortune magazine’s Indian edition not only analyses key business occurrences but also provides forecasts that could determine your next business move. With their hand on the pulse of India’s economic trends, they deliver content that’s both influential and informative, charting out narratives of business evolution that are as compelling as they are significant.

In this rapidly evolving market, staying ahead means being well-informed. That’s precisely what the top business magazines in India offer – a blended learning experience that’s rich, insightful, and constantly evolving.

History of Indian magazines

Early Indian Magazines

You might find it fascinating that The Oriental Magazine, also known as Calcutta Amusement, was the first magazine to be launched in India by the British. This pioneer publication set the stage for a new era in Indian literature and journalism. The magazine culture soon proliferated with various other missionary magazines, proving their relevance and the demand for written content among the educated classes. The Hindustan Review, which appeared in 1900, marked a significant milestone in the country’s history—it was the first fully Indian-created and edited magazine, signalling a new wave of Indian intellectualism and thought leadership in print media.

Growth of Indian Magazines

As India progressed, so did its magazine industry. The spectrum of subject matter broadened extensively. From the business-savvy individual to the lifestyle enthusiast, magazines began catering to a wide array of audiences. Diverse topics like finance, sales and marketing, upcoming businesses, and investment advice began to regularly feature within these pages. Indian magazines also started showcasing in-depth coverage of the stock exchange and management strategies, becoming a treasure trove of knowledge.

The collection of these publications provided readers with current headlines and details about industry giants, offering them updated information and insights. Publications such as The Economist Magazine catered to those looking for exclusive reports, political commentary, and critical analysis on a range of topics from politics to technology.

With the expansion of India’s readership base, the magazine industry saw a variety of magazines, including those focused on lifestyle, technology, and entertainment, rising in popularity. Big names in the Indian magazine industry, such as Living Media India Ltd, Outlook Publishing India Pvt Ltd, and Digital18 Media Ltd, became household names, signifying the continued growth and the diverse nature of Indian magazines.

Categories of Indian magazines

Lifestyle Magazines

When you’re keen to stay updated on the latest in luxurious living, culture, and leisure activities, lifestyle magazines are your go-to source. These publications delve into a plethora of subjects that promise to refine the quality of your life. Vogue India stands out with its expansive coverage of beauty, culture, and style, reflecting the very essence of a cosmopolitan life. Affluent readers find these magazines particularly engaging, offering a window into the elite world of art, travel, and high society.

With India’s ever-growing appetite for lifestyle content, these magazines have become a staple, meeting the demands for diverse and comprehensive subject matter. They offer a blend of aspirational content and practical advice, drawing in readers from all walks of life who seek to enhance their daily experiences.

Fashion Magazines

For those of you who breathe, eat, and live fashion, fashion magazines serve as your personal stylist and shopping guide. These publications feature the latest trends and provide exclusive access to fashion events, designer interviews, and behind-the-scenes coverage. Vogue India leads the pack with the largest circulation among its kind, proving its influence and authority in the Indian fashion sphere.

These magazines aren’t just about what’s in vogue; they’re cultural barometers that reflect changing society through the lens of fashion. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxury brands or street chic, fashion magazines cater to every style sensibility, making them an indispensable part of the fashion enthusiast’s life.

Business Magazines

Navigating the complex world of commerce and finance is made easier with Indian business magazines. These publications offer in-depth analyses of the latest market trends, economic forecasts, and business strategies to keep you at the forefront of industry insights. Business Today and Forbes India are revered for their robust content that caters to the business community and C-level executives.

A staple for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs, business magazines not only inform but also inspire with success stories and case studies from around the globe. They equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, whether it’s about investment, management, or market entry strategies.

Sports Magazines

If you’re passionate about sports, staying abreast of the latest games, player profiles, and match analysis is crucial, and that’s where sports magazines come into play. These publications cover a broad spectrum of sports, from cricket, India’s beloved pastime, to football, tennis, and beyond.

They provide comprehensive coverage that includes exclusive interviews with sports personalities, in-depth analysis of matches, and discussions on policy and the business aspects of sports. For avid fans and players alike, these magazines are an essential source of information that captures the excitement and drama of the sporting world.


You’ve explored the rich tapestry of India’s magazine landscape, discovering a world where business, lifestyle, and culture converge. With heavyweights like Business Today, Forbes India, and Fortune India, you’re equipped with the knowledge to delve into deep analyses and global forecasts. The journey through India’s publishing history has shown you how magazines have evolved, catering to a diverse array of interests and niches. Whether you’re seeking investment advice, the latest in fashion, or tech trends, there’s a magazine out there for you. Embrace the wealth of information and insight these leading publications offer and stay connected to the pulse of India’s vibrant society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which monthly magazine is best for UPSC by toppers?

Kurukshetra, Economic and Political Weekly, Down to Earth, Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services Times, Geography and You, Competition Success Review, and World Focus are considered the best monthly magazines for UPSC by toppers.

Which is the largest selling weekly magazine in India today?

India Today is the largest selling weekly magazine in India today, with a readership of almost 8 million, making it the most widely circulated magazine in the country.

Which magazine is better India Today or Outlook?

India Today leads in terms of readership figures, with an All-India readership of 57.61 lakhs, compared to 16.43 lakhs for Outlook and 14.96 lakhs for The Week, making India Today the leader in this segment.

Which magazine has the largest circulation in India?

India Today has the largest circulation in India according to the Indian Readership Survey reports from December 2019 to March 2020.

What is the most viewed magazine in the world?

The New York Times Style Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and T Magazine are reported as some of the most viewed magazines globally, with The New York Times Style Magazine and its variants receiving 642,176,991 total visits.

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