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5 Best Mass Gainer in India 

Well, losing weight is a goal for many people around the world, but some people want to gain weight and feel more muscular. However, to feel more athletic, strong, and want to develop a skinny body, the best mass gainer in India is the quick fix for you. Mass gainers help skinny people to get extra calories, proteins, carbs, and fat for building muscles. And some also even contain macronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and creatine. However, mass gainers are taken by athletes, gym freaks, or by someone whose body requires extra nutritional supplements. Besides, in today’s world, looks play a significant role in motivating and building self-confidence. 

For most guys and even girls, gaining mass helps them achieve their body image goals and enhance their personality. Well, buying such kinds of supplements without any knowledge is a bit risky for your health. In Fact, there are various supplements in the market, so we have combined some best mass gainers in India that will fulfill your requirements and ease your concern to buy a mass gainer. But before we start with the best mass gainer, let us understand the benefits and side effects of mass gainers.

Benefits of Taking Mass Gainer

Gaining stronger muscles or gaining weight is equivalent to losing weight. Just like to lose weight, you need dedication, hard work, the effort you need, all these even to gain weight or musicals. The best Mass gainer in India helps to make stronger muscles inconvenient and easy. Moreover, taking mass gainers has a long list of benefits, some of them are.

Rich in Carbohydrates

Every mass gainer is rich in carbohydrates which provides energy and helps to build muscles. However, it is easier to consume if you calculate the number of calories every day. 

High-Quality Whey Protein

Whey protein is an excellent source of nutrients to build a body. Every mass gainer contains whey protein, and some also have dietary fat, which helps to achieve a lean physique. 

Muscles Recovery and Growth

Mass gainer helps in aiding the damaged muscles and growth. Any athlete or a bodybuilder requires a mass gainer in order to make muscles grow and strengthen. Moreover, it helps to achieve the desired results in doing intense workouts or play. 

Contains Minerals and Vitamins

Mass gainers have carbohydrates and protein on a higher scale, but they also contain vital minerals and vitamins. They improvise the diet and supply the necessary nourishment to the body to stay healthy. 

Contains Fiber 

Fiber is an essential nutrient in your diet. Mass gainers contain fiber that keeps you at bay from bloating issues and also improves digestion. 

These were some benefits of mass gainer. You can intake any best mass gainer in India, but always make sure to have a good workout routine, or else your money on mass gainer will be completely in vain. Also, take note that you may notice some side effects if taken in excess. Let us check out some side effects of mass gainers.

Side Effects of Mass Gainer

Almost all mass gainers promise to build musicals and gain weight. However, if you already have a nutritious diet, then it is not required. Moreover, in case you need extra supplements, know that these types of supplements cause a negative impact on health too, even if they are the best mass gainer in India. Therefore it is necessary to consult your health advisor before you can get any kind of supplement. Some of the side effects of mass gainer are:

  • Unhealthy weight gain (extra fat accumulated on the body if you don’t have regular workout) 
  • Poor kidney health
  • Negative impact liver
  • Stomach issues( thickening lining) 
  • Heavy nausea feeling 
  • Allergic reactions ( only if you are allergic to any ingredients present in mass gainer) 
  • Severe muscle pulls and cramps
  • Lung Problems ( Breathing issues such as too much cough, sneezing, even can lead to asthma)
  • Can strike high blood sugar

These were some major side effects of intaking mass gainers excessively. However, please know that every body type is different and side effects may vary accordingly. Also, it is advised to take mass gainer in a required dosage as consulted by your health advisor.

Best Mass Gainers in India

Many weight gainers powder brands in India give promising results, but either they have high prices or have bad reviews. So we have created a list of the best mass gainers in India, which are affordable, positive reviews, and great ingredients. Check out the following best mass gainer in India.


Optimum Nutrition


Optimum Nutrition is the best brand for weight or mass gainers in India. Due to its high quality of ingredients and results, it has become the favorite product of most gym freaks. Some of the features are:

  • Rich in high calories, which is vital for muscle growth as well as strengthening. (Per serving calorie 1240 depending upon the flavor). 
  • Moreover, optimum Nutrition is infused with 25 various vitamins and minerals and also creatine and glutamine. 
  • Optimum Nutrition comes in a variety of flavors; however, the bestseller flavor is chocolate. 
  • Moreover, if you ever doubt their authenticity, you can always visit their website or SMS the six-digit code on the pack.


Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer

Agree with the fact that Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer is a bit expensive but worth every penny. This product is considered to be the best mass gainer in India, and almost every gym trainer or doctor recommends the same product. Look for its features for more. 

  • One of the best things about Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer comes in unique flavors such as chocolate hazelnut, vanilla chocolate, Mocha, vanilla, and chocolate.
  • Another good thing about this product is it is made in India.
  • Labrada Muscle contains no dextrose, sucrose, and corn syrup solids.
  • Moreover, the product contains essential nutrients with creatine and monohydrate, making it the perfect mass gainer for young bodybuilders and athletes.


MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL


MuscleBlaze is one of the well-known brands for providing weight-gaining powders. Additionally, the price is reasonable according to the size you choose. Have a look at its unique features. 

  • This weight gainer or mass gainer powder is rich in whey protein that provides enough energy.
  • In addition, MuscleBlaze products have metabolizing carbohydrates that maintain calories supplied for muscle recovery and growth.
  • Besides containing major ingredients, it also includes 27 various vitamins and minerals with a blend of digestive enzymes. 
  • MuscleBlaze mass gainer comes in a variety of flavors and sizes, such as chocolate mint, chocolate, Irish cream chocolate, and vanilla.



Nutrimuscles’ massive mass gainer is one of the best mass gainers in India. However, it is slightly more expensive than other products but has amazing positive results. Check out its features below. 

  • The product contains high protein mass imported from the USA.
  • If you perform heavy weight training, the nutrimuscle mass gainer will provide you with vital amino acids and BCAAs.
  • Moreover, it boosts the absorption of nutrients as it contains pancreatic enzymes and other multiple enzymes.
  • However, it is best for people who are into heavy weight lifting and bodybuilders.


Big muscles Nutrition Real Mass Gainer


Big muscles Nutrition Real Mass Gainer is again available at affordable prices and a well-known mass gainer brand in India. Check out its mentioned features. 

  • This product can be taken by all genders. However, it is preferable for teenagers, young athletes, and people who just started working out, 
  • It contains natural whey protein and milk protein which helps to increase your energy. 
  • Moreover, Bigmuscles Nutrition also contains amino acids which keep protein synthesis all day. 
  • Also, the best thing is the product is made in India.

Last Words

Please make sure that before you take these best mass gainers in India, consult your health provider and intake the required dose in a day. However, these products are the best and have excellent reviews but always check the correct dosage you require.

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