10 Best News Channels in India (Most Watched 2021)

Have you ever wondered what it is to have a life without news channels? No news will be spread about what is going on in the world. Well, then this may have realized you realize how important it is to have a list of best news channels in India that provides authentic information. Not many know what is News or its full form. News can be defined as information about current events or happenings which can be communicated through many mediums.

Moreover, News’s full form is North, East, West, and South. From watching the latest gossip of Bollywood to watching what’s going on globally, news channels are one of the most trusted sources. Since India is such a big nation, a single channel can’t cover the whole nation’s News. Therefore India has many news channels, including English, Hindi, and regional media.

List of Best News Channels in India

With so many channels, we rarely see one or two, and it is pretty tough to know which news channel we are supposed to trust. There are channels that provide fraudulent content and mislead the public with the information. Therefore, to make it simple, we have enlisted some of the best news channels on whom you can surely put trust. 


Aaj Tak – Sabse Tez

It is one of the best news channel in India for Hindi, which can be trusted with information. Aaj Tak is a sister channel of India Today. This channel was founded in 2000 by India Today. Aaj Tak has maintained its reputation in the media industry as one of the most reliable news sources in Hindi. Moreover, this news channel is less controversial media as compared to other news channels in India. Some famous journalists are with the Aaj Tak channel, Anjana Om Kashyap, Sayeed Ansari, and Sanjeev Chauhan. 

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 42,99,00,000


ABP News -Aapko Rakhe Aage (Best News Channel in India)

Another reliable source for News. This channel was founded back in 1998. It is one of the largest news media in India, with 200 million viewership weekly. Also, this channel is the first bilingual channel providing News in both English and Hindi. Besides, the ABP news channel also sets various programs for a wider audience. We have known reporters working for these channels like Neha Pant, Jyoti Taneja Bhasin, and Romana Isar Khan.

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 31,13,82,000


Zee News- Zara Sochiye

This channel was commenced a year after ABP news was introduced. The Essel group owns this. Zee News is a channel of Zee Media Corporation and has other regional channels with a broad audience. Despite being indulged in a serious scandal, this channel has maintained its trust within the public, which ultimately has led to the channel’s growth. It stands third in terms of top-five Hindi news channels in India. 

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 30,03,24,000


India TV News- Aap Ki Aavaj 

None can deny the authenticity of this channel. It is the channel with Aisa’s most prominent news TV studios founded in 2004 in Nodia by famous journalist Rajat Sharma. Currently is the chairman and editor in chief of India TV. We have known Rajat Sharam as host also, running the favorite show called Aap Ki Adalat. It is one of the trusted channels for information and is considered a good reputation to its rival channels.

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 1,67,424 


Times Now- Action begins here. Always with the News

This channel is one of the best English news channels in India. This channel was founded in 2006 based in Mumbai with minimal controversies. However, this channel gained its popularity with renowned journalist Arnab Goswami, but he left the channel in 2016, and its thunder was gone. However, despite Arnab Goswami’s absence, the channel has now reputed itself back again in the competition because of its hardworking journalists like Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar.

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 12,84,000


Republic TV: You are the Republic. We are just your voice

Republic TV is India’s right-wing news channel founded in May 2017. When Arnab Goswami left Times Now, he decided to run his news channel, which is now known as Republic TV. Due to Arnab and being the new news channel in the nation, it has quickly risen its popularity among the public. This channel is now rated among the top 5 English news channels. Its unique approach is that it provides a free-to-air policy that increases the wider audience compared to other media houses. 

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 20,82,000


CNN-News18- On Your Side

Another English news channel that is trusted by the public. It was founded in 2005 by Rajdeep Sardesai. As of now, it is owned by Network 18 with several sister channels. It has a wide audience due to its different regional channels providing information of all genres, which are also notable for their authenticity. However, CNN News has been in a minor scandal that barely affected its viewership and reputation. However, it is still growing more among the public. 

Weekly impressions according to BARC India:6,53,000. 


NDTV India – Voice of the Public

Among the competitors, this channel manages to maintain its viewership with a reputation. This is a Hindi news channel founded in 1988. NDTV stands for New Delhi Television. At present, this channel has four other channels with a broad audience. Barkha Dutt, who is one of the famous journalists in India, is part of NDTV, and also Ravish Kumar is part of this channel. This has prestige popularity; NDTV is an unbiased news channel. 

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 163,089


India Today TV (Best News Channel in India)

This another channel that showcases a 24-hour English channel founded in 2003 in Noida. India Today TV is owned and run by TV Today Network. This channel has a more extensive brand value, and hence it has resulted in a broader audience around the nation. This channel is the main competitor of Republic TV. Moreover, this channel is unbiased with the News. Besides showcasing the current affairs around the world, India Today has also been showcasing business-related News.

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 11,82,000


WION- World is one

WION is another famous news channel again owned by the Essel group. It was launched in 2016, mostly reporting global News and current events from the Indian Subcontinent. Sudhir Chaudhary is the Editor-in-Chief. Although this channel is a little back in the competition and less known to the public. But still has managed to rank at fifth position on the BARC ratings. Besides, WION is one of the most unbiased news channels and reliable sources of information. 

Weekly impressions according to BARC India: 6,23,000

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