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9 Best Pedestal Fans in India

Surely, you are no stranger to the wrath of harsh Indian summers and to beat the season we bring you a list of the best pedestal fan in India. With the summers getting hotter every passing year, it only makes sense if we are prepared well, smartly. Thanks to the ever-advancing technology, the most basic daily life ceiling fan also comes in a portable variant, called the ‘Pedestal Fan.’ 

A stationary ceiling fan or the best window AC in India has got nothing in comparison to a pedestal fan for nights when you want to revisit your childhood days and sleep on your terrace under a sky full of stars. And what could be more exciting if I told you that the modern pedestal fans are ever more aesthetical, state-of-the-art designs and efficient performance? However, the unlimited options available in the market can turn overwhelming, and you might feel lost in the hunt to find your perfect pedestal fan. Given below is a list of some of the best pedestal fans in India that can assist you in bringing one at your home and saving yourself from this scorching heat. Have a look:-

Top Brands for Pedestal Fans in India

  • Usha
  • Havells
  • Crompton
  • Bajaj
  • V-Guard
  • American Micronic
  • AmazonBasics
  • Orient
  • iBell

Best Pedestal Fan in India


Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

The first in line under the best pedestal fan in India is this amazing fan by one of the most trusted home equipment brands in India, Usha. This fan comes in two cool summer colors, white and blue, to fit in with your respective home decor. This is just not it; it comes with special semi-transparent blades which are not only good looking but perfectly serves the purpose of being an effective pedestal fan, as well. 


  • Its sturdy structure reduces wear & tear and increases the product’s life. 
  • It has a copper-coated motor for efficient working.
  • It comes with a remote control
  • It has an air throw of 67cmm radius
  • The fan has a fuse system to protect the motor from overheating; hence, reducing the risk of greater machinery damage inside. 


  • User-friendly experience with the remote control
  • Has a 2-year long warranty
  • Semi-transparent PP blades are of high quality
  • It’s low maintenance


  • It can be a little costly for someone looking for a strict low-budgeted fan. 



Havells Swing 400mm Pedestal Fan 

Havells is one of India’s homegrown brands with a global presence and international standards. When speaking of a Havells pedestal fan, you will get nothing less than an ergonomically designed fan with hassle-free commanding. The company proudly boasts about its jerk free oscillation and specially engineered blades using aerodynamics, which adds to the betterment in air circulation.  


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Smooth oscillation
  • Child proofed safety ribs covering the blades with 120 spokes
  • Beautifully designed switch box which comes with big buttons
  • It also has 2-hour timer settings
  • A warranty of 2 years


  • This is aesthetically pleasing and the best pedestal fan in India.
  • It looks chic placed in a well-decorated corner of your house
  • It has a remarkable air delivery of 72 CMM
  • Comes with a power consumption of 55 watts, so remains economical


  • It is a little heavier when pushed around
  • Assembling of the product is challenging



Crompton Hiflo 400 MM Pedestal Fan LG

One of India’s top choice brands is Crompton. You get a 400 mm and 450 mm sweep area choice, which is rarely a product variant in other brands. You don’t need to even think twice before investing in this fan if you are looking for a reliable and light-weighted pedestal fan. It has specially designed corrosion-free guards, which are also childproof. The exclusive PP blades promise not only high performance but also noise-free operation and are semi-transparent. 


  • It comes with a tilt control knob to adjust the vertical angle of the fan
  • It boasts a copper motor
  • It has a push oscillation knob, which is extremely user friendly in function, just one push and it will begin oscillation it’s way throughout the space
  • Its peak speed is 1300 RPM with incomparable air delivery of 70 CMM
  • In case there’s a voltage fluctuation or natural causes of a thermal overheating, it comes with thermal protection. 


  • This is an energy-saving product with a consumption of 50 W power at top speed.
  • It has a sturdy base
  • It has a glossy finished plastic body
  • It comes with multiple speed control switchboard
  • This product has a warranty of 2 years
  • It has an option of two sizes, a 16-inch, and an 18-inch variant
  • Its installation is very handy


  •  It does not have a remote control
  • The plastic quality has been a subject to criticism in this product by many users



Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm Pedestal Fan 

Another best pedestal fan in India comes from the famous brand Orient. If you were looking for a beautifully designed, delicate pedestal fan, this is the one for you. Comes in a combination of white & blue colors, it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing fans. It comes with a height-adjustable feature, thanks to the telescopic arrangement. The switchboard is unusual and nothing like ever seen before. 


  • This fan has a metal body with a plastic coating, to make it sturdy and corrode-resistant
  • Instead of the regular PP blades, this fan boasts a set of resin blades which promises maximum and most powerful air delivery
  • It comes with a full 90 degrees oscillation
  • It can be adjusted up and down using the tilt button


  • The product has 2 years of warranty
  • The fan has a powder-coated guard with a polymer ring for extra protection
  • It has a piano switchboard with three-speed variants
  • The sturdy structure gives a crisp look and longer life
  • It has a reasonable price compared to its amazing features


  • It is slightly heavier and doesn’t have wheels for smooth portability
  • It doesn’t have a remote control



iBELL WINDP10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf with Remote and High Air Flow

This is definately one of the most exclusive fans on our list today. iBell is not an age-old company; it’s a modern-day company that has manufactured this alluring pedestal fan, which is not just inexpensive for your liking, but one of the only fans with 5-blades in this price range. If you are moving away for college or job any time soon, then don’t think twice, pick this fan and bless yourself with an inexpensive student pad! 


  • With more number of blades, it is particularly designed for enduring harsh summers
  • It has an extremely powerful motor to ensure your house is well ventilated and cool
  • The air delivery is more improved with the increase in the blades
  • It is a steal with an energy consumption of 55 W
  • The motor is self-lubrication which will ensure there are no wear-and-tear even if you use it all year round


  • Its motor is specifically designed to work in the dry Indian summer conditions
  • The motor is 100% copper
  • It has an absolute silent operation, so much that it will almost seem to be whisper quiet
  • It comes with a remote control
  • You can set a 2-hour timer on it
  • It has a heavy-duty, matte-finish body



AmazonBasics – High-Speed Pedestal Fan for Cooling with Automatic Oscillation 

Amazon is the top e-commerce company in the world and is trusted for its customer friendly services. Now with their in-house home equipment brand, AmazonBasics, it has reached every Indian household! With international standards and world-class manufacturing, this product is thoroughly tested for safety against any electric shock or even fire hazards. AmazonBasics has undoubtedly tested the product in-and-out on major parameters like sturdiness, performance, and product well-being. Overall, you can trust the company standard for thoroughly verifying everything on their end and delivering what may be an economical yet the best pedestal fan in India.


  • It has an air delivery of 65 CMM to 76 CMM, depending on which speed it is being used 
  • It has 3 aerodynamically engineered blades
  • Its total sweep area is 400mm
  • It has a single hand tilt operation for vertical angle adjustment
  • One can adjust the height of this fan between 115cm to 135cm


  • It has been internationally tested for any hazards
  • The fan has 2 years of warranty
  • It has a 3-speed switchboard
  • This product has an almost quiet functionality even at the highest speed
  • Its blades are made of fiber
  • The motor is made of 100% copper


  • It doesn’t have a remote control.



V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

For those who like to have a colourful fan, this pedestal fan is your ultimate choice. Made in a combination of black and yellow color, V-Guard is a reliable Indian company manufacturing goods of your choice for your better living. Possessing aerodynamically designed 3-blade and powder-coated protective guard, this is one of the sleekest pedestal fans available in India. 


  • It comes with a remote control
  • It has a motorized oscillation function for automatic cooling in every corner of the room
  • It has an undoubted high efficiency so that you can use it with a timer for added savings on your electricity bills
  • It has a diverse switchboard for smooth operation


  • It has 120 spokes, powder-coated guard for corrode resistance and child safe
  • It comes with a thermal overload coping mechanism
  • The swept area is 40mm
  • It is a beautifully designed pedestal fan
  • It has 2 years of warranty


  • For as heavy a base as this fan, it doesn’t come with wheels for smooth maneuvering.



American Micronic- AMI-PFT-55WDx-Imported Pedestal Fan


This standardized regular pedestal fan, as the company says, is a perfect combination of design, effective execution, and protection. When it comes to smart working, it has a never-seen-before in-built oil reservoir that lubricates the fan’s inner parts. This on-going lubrication offers sturdiness and longevity to the product. Along with it, the fan has a jerk-free oscillation which adds to the overall stability of this pedestal fan.


  • This is a great looking fan, will surely complement your home decor
  • You can adjust the height of this pedestal fan
  • It has an effortless working mechanism
  • It has a 3-year motor change warranty 
  • It has a fiber made body, instead of the plastic bodies
  • With the stay-on feature, you can run the fan for as long as you want


  • It has a uniformly functioning oscillation
  • You can set a 2-hour timer
  • The product has a 75 CMM of air delivery
  • It looks like a premium product


  • It does not have any exclusive features to distinguish between the rest comparable models.



Bajaj Victor VP-R01 400mm Pedestal Fan 

Next on our list of the best pedestal fan in India is this Bajaj Victor. Being one of India’s most trusted homegrown brands, Bajaj has a whole lot of value-added to it! You can find this product easily available in the market and an extremely inexpensive range. This particular fan has 3 acrylic blades, a childproofed guard, and a sturdy motor. A standard, the trusted product, is what Bajaj’s Victor pedestal fan is all about!


  • It operates on 450 mm of a swept area
  • This fan consumes 55 W power on top speed
  • It comes with remote control for easy operations while you are still at your bed enjoying a good night’s sleep
  • The special acrylic blades are designed for better air delivery and performance


  • It has a 2-year warranty
  • You can set a 2-hour timer on this fan
  • Its assembly is effortless and easy


  • The product doesn’t mention any legitimate protection from thermal overload
  • It is unsure whether the motor parts have an inbuilt lubrication



Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan 

This globally present Indian country has raised the bar for fellow Indian brands such that its products are one of the high-selling products in the market. This pedestal fan has a contemporary design, a sturdy body, with a guarantee of high performance and long life. While using the Havells pedestal fan, you needn’t stress on any sort of motor damage, for it is ergonomically engineered to work during voltage fluctuations, as well as, thermal overload protected. 


  • It has a height of 1540mm
  • It has the most air delivery of 110 CMM
  • It is almost silent when functioning
  • The semi-transparent PP blades ensure maximum air delivery efficiency


  • It is given as excellent performance even on low voltage
  • It comes with a standard 2-year warranty
  • The brand value is incomparable
  • It doesn’t create too much noise while working
  • It has a flat and stable base
  • You can adjust the height up to 1 foot
  • It has a speed regulator on the motor 


  • It doesn’t have any remote control
  • It can be too big for a small-sized room


Padestal Fan Buying Guide – Factors to Consider

Now that you have a shortlisted list of the best pedestal fans in India, your next step is to identify which is the appropriate pedestal fan for you. Let’s take a quick look at the important factors to consider when shopping a pedestal fan:


The last thing you would wish is to have in your best pedestal fan in India is the noise if the fan is placed at an arm’s length from you. Older fans created a whole lot of noise when working, and it’s not deniable a fact that it can simply take away the peace of mind at home. Well, thanks to the advanced technology, fans today are not as noisy as their successors. 

Lightweight & Maneuverability

The whole idea of having a pedestal fan is to ensure that you can move it around. A heavier fan will be tough to move, and hence, not your best choice. 

Varied speeds

It would not be the smartest of the fans if it didn’t come with varied fan speeds. It is a must to find the best pedestal fan in India with variable fan speeds to make the fan adjustable to everybody’s likes of coolness and be able to use it across different seasons. 

Low maintenance

An essential but often overlooked feature is it being low maintenance. One wouldn’t want a fan that is problematic come season. The smarter choice would be to look for a longer warrantied fan, with a sturdy structure and resistant to thermal overheating.

The Swing

A pedestal fan is not an ideal pedestal if it cannot move in every direction. It is a must for a good pedestal fan to have a swing feature. However, some are specifically designed for particular usage without a swing feature, and those aren’t yours to choose if you want an equal distribution of air in all directions. 

Energy saving

Much too often, you will find yourself bothered with the excess energy consumption by a pedestal fan. Trust me when I say this, don’t doubt yourself being bothered about it, because it matters and if you calculate, you can save up to 50% while using it all year long, only if you make a smart purchase of buying an energy-saving fan. This feature is worth surpassing your budget because you will be saving a big deal on your electricity with this one-time purchase. 


We hope that you must have had all your questions answered about a pedestal fan. Now surely you must be making the purchase of the best pedestal fan in India for you by now! All the brands listed above have undoubtedly raised the bar by bringing in the best of their technologies and making the use of a pedestal fan, ever more convenient. Who knew, the noisy, out-dated pedestal fans would one day look so aesthetically pleasing and become smart as well as eco-friendly? Well, if you didn’t, then it is time for you to invest in one! Don’t miss out on tiny details about the product, and keep in mind filling in the warranty form. 

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