7 Best Pigmentation Creams in India

Our skin is definitely the most exposed organ of the body. There are several conditions that can affect our skin and make it uneven. One of the most common problems with the skin is pigmentation for which you need the best pigmentation cream available in India. Pigmentation makes the skin look darker. It might occur in patches or cover large areas or can even affect the entire body. Although it only affects the appearance and does not cause any harm, pigmentation should be taken care of as they can be a warning for other medical conditions. 

There are various kinds of skin pigmentations noted, but the most common ones are Melasma, Sunspots, and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Melasma takes place due to hormonal changes, such as during pregnancy. Sunspots are very common as these are caused due to over-exposure from the Sun. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the stubborn marks acne leaves behind. There are pigmentation creams to cure this and you should definitely have the best pigmentation cream in India to make your skin look beautiful.

Pigmentation can be a nightmare, so let’s find a way to fight it.

Top Brands for Pigmentation Cream

  • Mamaearth
  • Kama
  • Jovees
  • Mystiq Living

Best Pigmentation Cream in India


Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream, For Pigmentation & Blemish Removal, With Mulberry Extract & Vitamin C – 30ml

The best pigmentation cream in India to rank at 1st position on our list is by Mamaearth. It is formulated with the goodness of Mulberry Extract, Daisy Flower Extract, and Vitamin C. The natural and unique formula of this cream prevents melanin from depositing on the skin surface, which looks like dark patches, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. It also provides a shield to your skin with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The cream gives you soft skin with a healthy glow, but it is non-greasy and gets absorbed in the skin very nicely. It is dermatologically tested, and it claims to be suitable for normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin. The good thing is the product is not made of any harsh chemicals and is free from Parabens, SLS, and Mineral Oils.


  • It protects the skin against pigmentation from UV rays.
  • The blemishes, spots, and discoloration are reduced. 
  • It evens out the skin tone.
  • Nourishes the skin very well and gives a healthy glow. 
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Natural and Certified Toxin Free


  • It is free from any harmful, harsh chemical.
  • Suits all skin types
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Moisturizing


  • It takes a lot of time to show significant results.
  • The price is high for 30ml of product. 

(Mind it this is not acne preventing cream, it only works on fading blemishes)



RE’ EQUIL Skin Radiance Cream ( helps in reducing hyperpigmentation, dark spots, age spots, melasma) 30g

The brand has made sure only to include ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce dark spots, acne spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. The natural plant extracts in it act as strong antioxidants that aid in healing the skin and resulting in an even skin tone. Dermatologists back it, and the scientifically proven ingredients check the melanin production and also protects the skin from UV radiations, retaining the moisture and glow of the face. The bioactive components also benefit in making the skin glow from within. Another notable thing is that this cream is free from chemical bleaching agents, which are for skin whitening, like hydroquinone and Kojic acid.


  • An effective and the best pigmentation cream in India.
  • This cream increases the radiance of the skin.
  • Evens out the skin texture to give a healthy glow. 
  • Delays signs of aging.
  • The non-comedogenic formulation of this cream is suitable for all skin types.


  • Works on fading dark spots with continuous use. 
  • It leaves a moisturizing effect.


  • The quantity is very less, which won’t last long. 
  • You need to be patient and apply it for at least 6-8 weeks to see results.
  • It might not be a suitable cream for some people with acne-prone skin.



Bella Vita Organic PapyBlem Pigmentation Blemish Cream Gel For Spot Removal, Brightening & Lightening With Papaya & Saffron, 60 grams

This 3 in 1 papaya face gel is curated to be an anti-blemish and anti-pigmentation face gel. It consists of the natural goodness of Papaya, Saffron, and Aloe Vera. It is competent to lighten any kind of pigmentation and blemishes, which can be due to freckles, acne scars, or sunspots. The formulation is highly effective in giving you the desired results with intensive skin repair to return the glow to the face. This gel is perfect to be used in both day and night.

This pigmentation cream in India is a combination of natural ingredients like papaya extract, saffron extract, Aloe Vera Gel hydroxyethylcellulose, xanthum gum, glycerine, caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, edta, aqua. The Papaya extracts control the oil production, and Aloe Vera soothes the acne and pimples. It also hydrates dry skin, and glycerine aids in locking the moisture. Papaya and aloe vera both are great for repairing skin damage.

The skin is tightened by a boost in collagen production initiated by papaya, and Vitamin E fights the wrinkles. The blend of papaya and saffron fades away blemishes and pigmentation if you feel a tingling sensation after applying this gel. You don’t need to worry as it is just the natural extracts doing their magic on your skin.


  • Reduces blemish and pigmentation
  • Brings glow and fairness
  • Light texture and non-greasy
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Suitable for both day and night use and all skin types.


  • The texture is very light.
  • It is a great buy for oily and acne-prone skin as it gets enough hydration without making the skin feel greasy.
  • Make the skin feel soft and supple.


  • It might not be a very moisturizing gel for dry skin.
  • You need to be very careful around the glass tub as it is prone to breaking easily.
  • It shows no visible result on pigmentation.



Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream, 50g

If you like to have an Ayurvedic cram than this will be the best pigmentation cream in India for you as it is created out of Ayurvedic goodness. It is formulated with the finest of Saffron from Kashmir. Saffron is a very good ingredient to lighten and brighten any uneven skin tone. Dark circles and pigmentation marks are well treated. The cream also takes care of fine lines, age spots, and other signs of aging. Indian Madder works as an antiseptic, and Aloe Vera is a healer and also slows down the process of skin aging. The extracts of Vetiver and Lotus cools down the skin and clears it out of any blemishes. Liquorice has good anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This is a perfect night cream that treats your skin overnight to give a youthful and naturally radiant skin. 


  • Lightens and brightens the skin.
  • 97.5% Natural.
  • Repairs pigmented skin.
  • This cream gets rid of Dark Circles.
  • It minimizes fine lines and also signs of aging.


  • The skin feels soft and supple
  • Works on dark spots and pigmentation, but it will take time to show results.
  • Hydrate the skin really well.


  • Price is on the higher end.
  • It is too greasy and does not get absorbed into the skin well. 
  • It might cause a problem in people with sensitive skin. 



MOUNTAINOR Anti-Blemishes, Bye – Bye Pigmentation, Uneven Skin, and Melasma Light Face Cream Gel (50 ml), With Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Niacinamide.

The products of Mountainor are a unique amalgamation of Science and Nature to deliver transformative skin. Kojic acid Niacinamide and Aloe vera make the key ingredients of their formulation. The cream is curated to be used daily for maximum effect without flaking peeling or dry skin. It is loaded with many other organic ingredients like Green Tea, Liquorice Extract, Vitamin E Retinol, and Arbutin. It is appropriate for being used by both men and women and for all skin types. This cream penetrates deeply into the skin to reduce the appearance of blemishes and skin pigmentation. The dark spots fade away, and the damaged skin by Sun is required. It not only evens the skin tone but also enhances the skin’s capacity to maintain the evenness. What’s out are the harmful chemicals and preservatives. There are no SLS, artificial colourants, synthetic fragrances, or parabens. It is also gluten-free. The harsh synthetic chemicals provided in high-end facial creams are awarded in this, causing no harm to the skin. By incorporating natural ingredients, the toxic elements are removed, leaving you with even-toned skin.   


  • An effective blend of Nature and Science
  • Formulated for deeper penetration into the skin and effective results
  • Improves skin clarity
  • Stimulates collagen growth
  • Works on forehead fine lines, crow’s feet, brightens under eyes, firms the chin area, and smile lines.
  • No harmful Chemicals and Preservatives
  • No Side Effects, FDA Approved, Vegan 


  • It is moisturizing. 
  • Fading away of dark spots is visible soon.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Affordable


  • Not effective with stubborn pigmentation but works on acne spots.



Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream, 60g

Next on our list of best pigmentation cream in India is Jovees. It is curated with an Ayurvedic formulation which does not compromise with the ingredients’ properties in any way while going through the manufacturing processes. It works on enhancing the natural moisturizing properties of the skin. The unique blend of Herbs and Botanical extract works its magic on refining skin tone, minimizing pigmentation marks, and clearing out the blemishes. The goodness of saffron makes any discolouration fade away, and the skin gets its clarity back.


  • Minimizes pigmentation, dark spots and clears out blemishes
  • Improves skin clarity and evens out discolouration
  • For all skin types


  • It’s not too oily or greasy on the skin.
  • The texture is light.
  • The fragrance is really pleasant.
  • The skin feels soft and supple.
  • Fades away pimple marks and blemishes with continuous use.
  • Completely made of natural ingredients.
  • Affordable.


  • It takes time to show results.
  • It is not a good day cream as it has no SPF and feels heavy under the Sun.



Mystiq Living – Anti Pigmentation and Dark Spot Remover Cream | Ayurvedic Formulation | With Vitamin C, Vitamin E And Hyaluronic Acid 

The authentic Ayurvedic formulation is the patent of this brand. It has the goodness of plant extracted essential oils. When the Ayurvedic natural extracts are blended with essential oils, they work to diminish dark spots, reduce skin pigmentation, and leave you with radiant skin. The key ingredients, including Lily Lotus, Mulberry extract, and Lemon Juice, effectively control oil sebum and lightening dark spots. Pomegranate extract, along with Hyaluronic acid, accelerates collagen production and provide anti-inflammatory properties to the skin. Chenopodium Quinoa seed extracts compiled with Niacinamide work on reducing blemishes and pigmentation. What brightens the skin are Holy Basil and Liquorice extract.

It is also loaded with turmeric root extract for purification of skin, shea butter to provide the ultimate moisture, and apple cider vinegar, which acts as astringent. It is prepared with only natural ingredients, discarding nasty chemicals like sulphate, phosphate, silicon, paraben, etc. No artificial fragrance or synthetic colours added. 


  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Clarifies uneven skin tone and brightening the skin
  • Removes dark spots
  • Fades hyperpigmentation
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • 100% natural


  • It effectively keeps skin moisturized.
  • This cream fades away dark spots eventually.
  • It shows the result soon.


  • It doesn’t bring any noticeable change in pigmentation.


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No one ever desires a patchy, pigmented skin. So, it’s time to choose any of these creams, according to your preferences and needs, and bid goodbye to pigmentation. It is evident that every skin is different, and each of them needs different care. What might be a Holy Grail for someone might not be your cup of tea. Getting the perfect skincare products is a trial and error process, with the hope to get the right product soon.

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