9 Best Refrigerators Under Rs. 20,000

To help you get the best refrigerator under 20000, we created this guide on India Deets. The refrigerator has food, and the food has your heart. We all tend to open our refrigerators and check it out at least 10 times a day, even if there is nothing but veggies in it. Also, we don’t realize how this appliance plays a vital role in our households until it is broke or you need a new one.

There is so much more to a refrigerator than the cooling application, so we will help you know about it through this buying guide. It can be quite a task to finalize one product when the availability of refrigerators in the market is huge, and all of them seem appealing to you. We are here with a list of the best refrigerator under 20000 that will suit your needs and will amaze you with their features.

Best Brands for Refrigerators

  •  LG
  •  Samsung
  •  Whirlpool
  •  Godrej
  •  Haier

Best Refrigerator Under 20000


LG 270 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (Smart Inverter Compressor)

LG is the first and only choice for several Indian households as far as electronic appliances are concerned. As the brand’s motto says Life’s good, this refrigerator will literally improve your lifestyle with its incredible quality and features.

Starting from the performance, its Smart Inverter Compressor ensures stabilizer free as well as noise-free operation. It also offers Smart Connect Technology for the users to operate their refrigerator with an inverter so that you won’t have to worry about the food being spoiled. With a capacity of 270 liters, this fridge is suitable for small families.

All the shelves are made up of toughened glass that can hold weight up to 175 kg. Moreover, the inclusion of an anti-bacterial gasket keeps the food fresh and makes the refrigerator easy to clean. Another great feature of this product is that it creates the fastest ice in just 108 minutes. This single door refrigerator has a 3-star rating, so it is energy efficient and will cut down your electricity bills.


  • Fastest ice making.
  • Smart Inverter Compressor.
  • Anti-bacterial gasket.


  • One of the best refrigerator under 20000 in India. 
  • Easy to clean.


  • Basic design.

LG 270 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(GL-B281BPZX, Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor)


Samsung 253 L 1 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (Inverter Compressor)

Samsung is one of India’s most lovable brands because of its amazing products, advanced features, and after-sales service. This is the second-best product on our list of the best refrigerators under 20,000.

Samsung’s double door refrigerator has a capacity of 253 Litres, which makes it suitable for small and medium families. The toughened glass shelves can hold up to 150 kgs of weight so you can easily store chicken, lamb, and other heavy food items. Plus, the shelves are slidable, enabling you to comfortably see the items kept at the back.

Features like Digital Inverter and movable ice maker increase the efficiency of the product. You can store bottles of any size in the refrigerator as the bottle guard is quite huge. The presence of a LED light makes the device accessible even at night. Moreover, its all-round cooling technique maintains uniform airflow throughout the refrigerator.


  • Digital Inverter Compressor.
  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • Ice maker twist.


  • Sliding Shelves.
  • Durable.


  • Absence of ergonomic handle.

Samsung 253 L 1 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator(RT28M3022S8, Elegant Inox, Inverter Compressor)


Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (German Steel)

Whirlpool is a sought-after brand because of its durability, innovative features, and high-quality products. This double door refrigerator has a two-star energy rating, which leads to saving of energy.

Talking about its key features, the product has a 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology so that your frozen food remains chilled and fresh for a long time. The Honeycomb moisture lock-in technology helps in keeping the vegetables crisp as well as moisture-free.

With the presence of a chilling gel, the food will stay fresh as ever even if there is a power shut down.

Other features like Fresh flow Air Tower and Active Deo maintain a uniform airflow along with preventing odor in the refrigerator. Also, it has a capacity of 245 liters; therefore, it is sufficient for small to medium families.

Its stabilizer free operation, anti-bacterial filters, sliding trays, and big bottle guards make this device worthwhile.


  • MicroBlock Technology.
  • Chilling Gel.
  • 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology.


  • Frost free.
  • Food items are fresh for a long time.


  • Absence of Digital Inverter compressor.

Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEOFRESH 258LH CLS PLUS 2S, German Steel)


Godrej 210 L 5 Star Single Door Refrigerator (Base Stand with Drawer)

A range of affordable, value for money, and effective products are available in the market, all thanks to Godrej. Present in almost every Indian household, the brand has served its customers successfully for years now.

The highlight of this product is its thick PUF insulation, which provides optimum cooling in the refrigerator.

It comes with an Aroma lock feature that retains the freshness of your food items. If you have small children at your home, then you can use the door lock to ensure the safety of your little ones. 

Along with a large freezer, the product also has a big vegetable tray to accommodate all your veggies. Moreover, stay-cool technology will keep your food items fresh for 24 hours in case of a power cut off. This single door refrigerator has a 5-star energy rating, which means that power consumption is extremely low. It requires manual defrosting, and it is a pretty convenient option. With a capacity of 210 liters, the refrigerator is suitable for small families and thus makes it to the list of the best refrigerator under 20000 in India. 


  • Aroma Lock.
  • Thickest PUF Insulation.
  • 5 star Energy Rating.


  • Child lock.
  • Low noise while operating.


  • Suitable for only small families.

Godrej 210 L 5 Star ( 2019 ) Single Door Refrigerator(R D EPro 225 TDI 5.2 PRL WIN, Pearl Wine, Base Stand with Drawer, Inverter Compressor)


LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

This is the second product of LG on our list because, as we said earlier, Life’s good with this brand. Before we jump into its features, you cannot ignore the elegant design of this refrigerator, which will enhance the look of your space.

Being one of the most affordable yet effective products, this single door refrigerator will impress you with its durability and innovative technologies. It has a 4-star energy rating to save you a great deal of power. You can connect the refrigerator to an inverter if there is a blackout so that your food items don’t spoil.

There is a special box with a moist and fresh feature to maintain the right amount of moisture as well as the oxidation level of veggies. Along with an Anti-bacterial gasket, a base stand with drawer is also present to fulfill your extra storage needs. Appealing features like stabilizer-free operation, toughened glass shelves, and the fastest ice generator categorize this as the best refrigerator under 20000.


  • Moist and Fresh.
  • Digital Inverter Compressor.
  • 4 star Energy rating.


  • Affordable.
  • Elegant and sleek.


  • None but suitable for small families only

LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-D201ARGY, Ruby Glow)


Haier 195 L 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator (Mirror Glass, Base drawer)

Haier brings you the perfect combination of convenience and comfort with its range of refrigerators. It is again one of the best refrigerators under 20000 in India.

Having a glass mirror finish, this refrigerator will add to the beauty of your modern kitchen. What we found the most amusing about this product is the Hour Icing Technology, which will provide you with ice within an hour. There are separate vegetable and fruit boxes for additional storage, and the airflow is uniform in every corner of the device.

Since the shelves are toughened glass, heavy jars and containers can be stored in the refrigerator. The PUF insulation is thick, which ensures optimum cooling. Alongside, a defrost button is present to defrost all the ice in the freezer no time. Also, it has a stabilizer free operation, so the power fluctuations are not to be worried about. The refrigerator has a 4-star energy rating to reduce your bills. 


  • Hour Icing Technology.
  • 4-star energy rating.
  • Stabilizer free operation.


  • Arrives with a base drawer.
  • Sleek in design.


  • After-sales support can be improved.

Haier 195 L 4 Star Refrigerator (HRD-1954PMG-F, Mirror Glass, Base drawer)


Samsung 215 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator (Base Stand with Drawer)

We couldn’t resist mentioning this refrigerator from Samsung as it is priced reasonably, has innovative features along with a basic yet sophisticated design.

Its advanced Digital Inverter Technology is capable of adjusting the speed of the compressor itself across 7 levels. To prevent the build of bacteria and fungi on your food items, a safety gasket is present inside the refrigerator. The device operates even on low voltages and prevents any sort of electrical accident because its working is stabilizer free. 

You get extra storage as the product has a deep door guard as well as a large capacity Vege box. Not only does this refrigerator can run on an inverter, but it can also operate on solar energy. Other features include child lock, toughened glass shelves along with a base stand drawer. It requires manual defrosting and is suitable for small families as it has a capacity of 215 liters.


  • Safety gasket.
  • 4-star energy rating.
  • It can operate on solar energy.


  • Child lock for safety.
  • Very low noise while it operates.


  • None, but the design can be improved.

Samsung 215 L 4 Star Inverter Refrigerator(RR22T382XR8/HL, Blooming Saffron Red, Base Stand with Drawer)


Godrej 236 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (Scarlet Dremin)

This spacious, functional, and affordable refrigerator from Godrej is our next pick. It has a capacity of 236 liters, so this will be sufficient for small to medium-sized families.

Godrej assures you uniform cooling in the refrigerator to keep your food fresh like it is on day 1. As the vegetable tray is quite big, you can store all the veggies easily. With the presence of antimicrobial resistance in the gasket, the food inside will remain fresh and free of bacteria. Plus, a bright LED is inbuilt in the device so that you can see everything clearly, even in the middle of the night.

Alongside, a large tray chiller arrives with the refrigerator, which can hold jumbo-sized water bottles and aerated drinks. The freezer has quite some space, so don’t worry if your ice cream tubs will fit in or not.

Overall, this is a great product. Being the best fridge under 20000, it will fulfill your everyday basic needs.


  • Frost, free refrigerator.
  • 2-star energy rating.
  • Anti-bacteria gasket.


  • Food stays fresh for a long time.
  • Spacious.


  • Customer service is not up to the mark.

Godrej 236 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RF EON 236B 25 HI SC DR, Scarlet Dremin)


Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator 

Another option for the best refrigerator under 20000 in India is from Whirlpool. This product is a great deal for singles and small families. Whirlpool justifies its reputation with each of its products, and we can’t get enough of this brand.

This is the most affordable product on our list by far, so it is suitable for people who want to buy a refrigerator under a budget. Key features include stabilizer free operation, manual defrosting along with auto-connect to the inverter.

Because of large vegetable shelves and bottle guards, you get enough space to store your groceries. It has a 3-star energy rating, which makes the power consumption low. Features like Honeycomb lock-in technology maintain the moisture in vegetables, keeping them crisp.


  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • 3-star energy rating.
  • Auto connects to the inverter.


  • Affordable.
  • Spacious.


  • It has a very basic design.

Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S, Blue)

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Refrigerator under 20000 Buying Guide

 Type of Refrigerator

There are several types of refrigerators, like side by side, French door, bottom freezer, and top-freezer refrigerators. All of them very vastly in terms of features, size as well as price. Choose a style that you like to look for a specified category only without wasting time on other products 


One of the most important things to consider is the size of the refrigerator. Measure the space you have and then measure the dimensions of the product. If you are shifting into a new house or renovating, then you can first finalize the product and create a space accordingly. Generally speaking – the best refrigerators under 20000 in India will be smaller in size but enough for a nuclear family. 

Make sure there is enough space on the sides, top as well as the back of the refrigerator, to avoid any sort of damage to the device.

Energy Star Rating

This point has gained a lot of importance in recent years when it comes to electronic appliances. The energy star rating of any product determines how energy efficient the device is. The higher is the rating, the more efficient and environmental-friendly the refrigerator is. Not only this, but it also minimizes your electricity bills, which is a great thing.


What is the lifespan of a refrigerator?

Usually, refrigerators last for 12-18 years, easily depending on several factors like how you use them. If you clean it from time to time and do not wear it out, then it will last long.

What factors can damage your refrigerator?

The most common thing we do is overstuffing the refrigerator, which can lead to a break down of the compressor. Another factor is the leaking of refrigerant, which stops the cooling inside the fridge. Issues can arise in the cabling and compressor motor that damage your refrigerator.

Which is the best time to buy a refrigerator?

You can buy it any time whenever you require it the most. However, it is recommended that you buy a refrigerator in September-October as the companies launch new models during this time. You can go for these new models and also, the rates of the older models drop too.

Final Verdict

This was all about the best refrigerators under 20000. From your midnight cravings to your snack time that occurs every 2 hours, these refrigerators will take care of all your delicious feasts. As far as the type of refrigerator is concerned, single-door and double-door refrigerators are best suited for bachelors and small families. It is really important to keep your food fresh, healthy, and retain its nutritional value, so a good refrigerator is a must.

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