Top 30 Restaurants in India for a Culinary Adventure

Discover the culinary treasures of India where the gastronomic landscape is as diverse as its culture. With cities like Mumbai leading the charge, boasting 12 top-notch eateries, your taste buds are in for a treat. Bengaluru trails closely with 11 culinary gems, while Delhi and Goa offer a feast for the senses with 8 and 7 top-tier restaurants, respectively.

Among these, 16Mumbai stands out as the best restaurant in India for 2023, delivering an unforgettable ten-course tasting menu that showcases the country’s rich produce. It’s a journey through India’s flavours, all served up in a chic, repurposed Mumbai textile mill. If you’re a food lover, it’s time to update your bucket list with the top 25 famous restaurants that have carved out a prestigious space in India’s vibrant food scene.

30 Best Restaurants of India – Must Visit

As you delve into India’s culinary excellence, it’s vital that you experience the allure of its finest dining establishments. The following collection showcases eateries that are not only acclaimed for their flavors but also for the unique atmosphere they offer, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Indian Accent, New Delhi

Indian Accent, New Delhi

In the heart of New Delhi, Indian Accent stands as a testament to modern Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s contemporary twist on traditional dishes has earned it a spotlight on the global food stage. Ranked #1 at the Condé Nast Traveller Top Restaurant Awards multiple times, it’s the place where you can indulge in an eclectic menu featuring the likes of wasabi and cucumber raita or raw and ripe mango daulat ki chaat accompanied by signature Indian Accent kulfis. The atmosphere is as exuberant as the menu, making it a dine-out experience you can’t afford to miss.

​Avartana, ITC Grand Chola, Chennai​​Avartana, ITC Grand Chola, Chennai​

Avartana in Chennai captivates with its harmonious blend of Traditional and Innovative South Indian cuisine. The restaurant celebrates Southern peninsula flavors through its avant-garde dishes. Its decor references local culture, with details like banana flower-shaped lights and murals of Kerala canoes, elevating your dining to an art form.

Koh Restaurant – MumbaiKoh Restaurant – Mumbai

At Koh, imagination meets plate with an impressive Thai-centric menu. Tucked away in Mumbai, it’s an oasis where the true essence of Thai cuisine is presented with a twist. From fiery curries to subtle, aromatic soufflés, Koh turns every meal into a celebration.

The Embassy, DelhiThe Embassy, Delhi

Serving generations of diners, The Embassy in Delhi is a culinary landmark. Here, you’ll find North Indian cuisine that tells a tale of the city’s history through its robust flavors and nostalgic ambience.

Zen Restaurant – Bangalore

Zen Restaurant – Bangalore

Zen in Bangalore is where authenticity marries a minimalist aesthetic. Its Japanese fare, crafted with precision, brings forth a tranquil culinary adventure, aligning with its serene surroundings.

Bukhara Restaurant – New Delhi

Bukhara Restaurant - New Delhi

Synonymous with North Indian food, Bukhara is a culinary gem that has been delighting patrons for decades. Famous for its tandoori dishes, you’ll savor the flavors that have become integral to Delhi’s rich food tapestry.

Lupa, Bengaluru

Lupa, Bengaluru

Lupa in Bengaluru stands out for its Mediterranean spirit, ensconced within the vibrant energy of the city. It’s a sanctuary for fresh, vibrant flavors that whisk you away to the sunny coasts of the Mediterranean.

Wasabi by Morimoto Restaurant – MumbaiWasabi by Morimoto Restaurant – Mumbai

Wasabi by Morimoto offers a slice of Japan in Mumbai with its legendary sushi masterpieces. As one of the city’s most premium dining spots, it’s a must-visit for meticulously crafted Japanese delicacies.

​Sienna Store & Café, Kolkata​​Sienna Store & Café, Kolkata​

Sienna Store & Café in Kolkata is a boutique gem, perfect for when you’re craving homemade style fare in a contemporary artisanal space.

Wharf Restaurant – Chennai

Chennai’s Wharf Restaurant prides itself on its seafood specialties, sourced directly from the local coastlines. The view complements the menu, offering a seaside dining experience that’s both exceptional and intimate.

Hotel Temple City Restaurant – MaduraiHotel Temple City Restaurant - Madurai

For those seeking a taste of traditional South Indian fare, Hotel Temple City in Madurai satisfies with its authentic dishes served in an inviting atmosphere, reminding you of the rich legacy of Tamil cuisine.

New FreezeLand Restaurant – AhmedabadNew FreezeLand Restaurant – Ahmedabad

New FreezeLand is Ahmedabad’s answer to quick, delectable bites without compromising on traditional Gujarati flavors, resonating with the city’s vibrant street food culture.

La Quello Mediterranean Kitchen Restaurant – Vadodara

Head to La Quello in Vadodara for a Mediterranean escape. Here, wood-fired pizzas and homemade pastas reign supreme in a setting that’s clearly inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean shores.

Sakura Restaurant – New Delhi

New Delhi’s Sakura is a tryst with Japanese tradition. Known for its authentic Kaiseki meals and sushi bars, it provides an experience that’s both truly Japanese and uniquely Delhi.

Bomra’s, GoaBomra’s, Goa

Bomra’s is a sanctuary where Goan cuisine meets the serenity of its surroundings. Its fusion dishes, which often incorporate fresh seafood, offer a contemporary perspective on Goa’s culinary prowess.

Mediterra at Sayaji Hotel Restaurant – Indore

Mediterra in Indore brings the landscapes of the Mediterranean to the heart of India. Its rooftop setting and innovative cuisine promise a night under the stars like no other.

​The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai​

Dive into Mumbai’s colonial past through The Bombay Canteen’s menu, a place where vintage charm fuses with modern Indian cuisine, offering dishes that are as eclectic as the city itself.

Gunpowder, Goa

With a view of the picturesque Goan backwaters, Gunpowder’s south Indian kitchen delights with spicy coastal fare, reviving age-old recipes with a modern touch.

Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur

Experience the regality of Rajasthan at Chokhi Dhani, where the rich culinary heritage of the region is brought to life amid vibrant folk performances and authentic rural décor.

Bread and Chocolate, White Town, Puducherry

A piece of France nestled in Puducherry, Bread and Chocolate serves up artisanal bread, pastries, and divine chocolates that’ll transport you straight to a Parisian café.

O Pedro, Mumbai

O Pedro in Mumbai encapsulates Goa’s tropical vibe, offering continental, Goan, and North Indian cuisines with a dash of panache, all in the lively setting of Bandra Kurla Complex.

Ginger House, Cochin

Ginger House in Cochin tempts with its unique location inside an antique shop, where the food is as intricately crafted as the curios that surround you.

Bharawan Da Dhaba, Amritsar

Bharawan Da Dhaba, Amritsar

Bharawan Da Dhaba in Amritsar is an institution, a place where the earthy flavors of Punjabi cuisine are served with authentic flair and heartwarming hospitality.

Savya Rasa, Kotturpuram, Chennai

Savor the nuanced delights of lesser-known South Indian cuisines at Savya Rasa, where each dish tells the story of the region’s rich cultural tapestry.

SodaBottleOpenerWala, MumbaiSodaBottleOpenerWala, Mumbai

Mumbai’s SodaBottleOpenerWala serves Parsi and Bombay Iranian café culture on a platter. It’s a nostalgia trip for those looking to reminisce Bombay of yore.

The Bangala Restaurant – Karaikudi

In Karaikudi, The Bangala Restaurant stands proud as a culinary bastion of Chettinad cuisine, offering an array of flavors that are both bold and satisfyingly homely.

Bhawan, Gurugram

Bhawan in Gurugram is your gateway to indulging in Indian street food delights with a twist. The restaurant’s innovative take on local snacks will leave you craving more.

Bar Palladio, JaipurBar Palladio, Jaipur

Romantic and regal, Jaipur’s Bar Palladio, with its stunning decor and Italian delights, offers an evening that’s as much a visual feast as a gastronomic one.

Roma Restaurant – KochiRoma Restaurant – Kochi

Catch a breezy, relaxed vibe at Roma Restaurant in Kochi, where continental fare meets coastal freshness in a laid-back setting by the waterfront.

Paasha Restaurant – Pune

Paasha Restaurant – Pune

Perched atop Pune, Paasha Restaurant dazzles with its North Indian and Peshawari cuisine, coupled with panoramic city views, enveloping you in luxury and indulgence.

Upahaar Restaurant – MusoorieUpahaar Restaurant – Musoorie

Upahaar in Musoorie presents a homely retreat where the beauty of the hill station complements its simple, yet heartwarmingly delicious food, perfect for those who find joy in the simpler things.


You’ve journeyed through the rich tapestry of India’s best eateries, each offering a unique window into the country’s vast culinary landscape. With a blend of traditional and modern, these restaurants aren’t just places to eat; they’re destinations for unforgettable experiences. So whether you’re craving the comforting spices of the South or the innovative twists of contemporary Indian kitchens, you’re now equipped to satisfy your palate. Don’t just take our word for it—dive into the flavours and let your taste buds embark on an adventure that’s as diverse as India itself. Your next meal could be a story in the making.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virat Kohli’s restaurant?

Virat Kohli’s restaurant, one8 commune, is a vibrant eatery situated in the bustling heart of Bengaluru on Kasturba Road. It reflects the energetic vibe of the city.

Which is the No 1 restaurant in India?

The No 1 restaurant in India is Indian Accent, located in New Delhi, with a stellar score of 95 for its innovative Indian cuisine and unique dining experience.

Which is the best Indian restaurant in the whole world?

EnVols ranks as one of the top Indian restaurants globally, renowned for its excellence in gastronomy and Indian culinary delights.

What are the 10 best restaurants in India?

As per Condé Nast Traveller India, the 10 best restaurants include Indian Accent (New Delhi), Bomras (Goa), Masque (Mumbai), Avartana (Chennai), Sienna Store & Café (Kolkata), The Bombay Canteen (Mumbai), O Pedro (Mumbai), and Veronica’s (Mumbai).

Which is the most costly restaurant in India?

The most expensive restaurants in India include Le Cirque Signature at The Leela Palace, Bengaluru, Vetro at The Oberoi Mumbai, and Lantern Restaurant & Bar at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Bangalore, offering upscale Italian, European, Mediterranean, and Chinese cuisines, respectively.

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