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Top Indian Rheumatologists: Your Guide to the Best Care

Seeking the best rheumatologist in India? You’re in luck. With top-tier hospitals like Gleneagles Global Hospitals leading the way, you’ve got access to exceptional care. Here, the best rheumatologists bring their extensive experience and expertise to the table, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatment for a range of rheumatologic conditions.

Your journey to better joint health starts with understanding the importance of flexibility and diet. Stretching keeps your body limber, and a healthy diet minimises inflammation. But when it’s time for professional intervention, India’s top rheumatologists are at your service, boasting impressive credentials and years of experience, like those practising at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

Embarking on this path, you’ll find support every step of the way. Whether through a simple contact form or a direct chat on WhatsApp or Telegram, help is readily available. You deserve the best care for your rheumatologic needs, and India’s finest rheumatologists are here to deliver just that.

Dr Chitra SundaramoorthyDr Chitra Sundaramoorthy

Exploring the landscape of rheumatologic care in India, you’ll encounter Dr Chitra Sundaramoorthy, renowned as a leading figure among the nation’s rheumatologists. Her sterling reputation is bolstered by a vast reservoir of knowledge and an unwavering commitment to her patients’ well-being. Imagine the peace of mind you’d have, knowing that your joint health is in the hands of a professional of her caliber.

When it comes to managing complex cases of arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, Dr Sundaramoorthy’s approach involves a blend of advanced treatments and compassionate care. This dual strategy ensures that each patient receives a tailored plan to manage their condition effectively.

Dr Sundaramoorthy’s experience spans over three decades, marking her as a vetted expert in the field of rheumatology. Her career is studded with milestones, including pioneering work in innovative therapeutic methods that have significantly improved patient outcomes. By opting for a consult with a rheumatologist of such distinction, you’re taking a crucial step towards managing your health optimally.

The foundation of Dr Sundaramoorthy’s practice is built on cutting-edge research and continuous learning. With her at the forefront of rheumatologic advancements, staying abreast of the latest developments in the field is integral to her treatment philosophy. Your journey to improved joint health could benefit immensely from her deep expertise and dynamic treatment modalities.

Accessibility is key, and with the digital age offering various platforms for communication, reaching out to top rheumatologists like Dr Sundaramoorthy has never been easier. Whether it’s for a comprehensive diagnosis or a second opinion, her services are just a few clicks away. Prioritising your health by consulting with a top-tier specialist could certainly usher in a new era of wellness for you.

Remember, in the realm of rheumatology, expertise counts. Seeking assistance from esteemed professionals like Dr Sundaramoorthy can mean the difference between enduring chronic discomfort and finding a path to relief and improved quality of life. With someone like Dr Sundaramoorthy, embracing a future with better managed rheumatic conditions is not just a possibility—it’s within reach.

Dr Prof Rohini HandaDr Prof Rohini Handa

When you’re seeking a rheumatologist with extensive experience and a formidable academic background, Dr Rohini Handa’s name stands paramount. Renowned for his expertise in rheumatology, he brings over two decades of dedicated service to patients suffering from various rheumatic disorders. Specializing in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), and Paget’s disease, his knowledge and skills provide patients with cutting-edge care and management of their conditions.

His reputation in the medical community is bolstered by an impressive array of over 335 published works, including research papers, insightful chapters, and review articles. These contributions to national and international journals highlight his dedication to advancing the field of rheumatology and his commitment to sharing knowledge with peers and the public alike.

Dr Rohini Handa’s Achievements Details
Years of Experience Over 20 years
Specialties Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, Paget’s disease
Academic Contributions More than 335 papers and articles

Esteemed for his significant clinical insights, he has been honored with numerous prestigious awards and orations, reflecting his stature in the rheumatology fraternity. His invaluable experience gained at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, reinforces his standing as a top rheumatologist in India.

Patients who approach Dr Handa can expect to receive focused care that’s tailored to their unique needs. Under his management, you’re assured of a comprehensive treatment plan designed to alleviate symptoms and improve your overall quality of life. His blend of in-depth medical knowledge with practical clinical experience ensures that each patient’s journey towards better health is grounded in trust and exceptional medical care.

Remember, managing rheumatic diseases effectively hinges on the expertise of your consultant. Trusting your care to someone with Dr Handa’s remarkable track record means placing your health in the hands of one of the best rheumatologists India has to offer.

Dr Ankit PatawariDr Ankit Patawari

When you’re searching for top-tier rheumatologists in India, Dr Ankit Patawari is a name that’s bound to catch your attention. Armed with specialized training in managing complex rheumatic conditions, he’s committed to providing patients with personalised and advanced care.

As you delve into his expertise, you’ll find that Dr Patawari has been involved in pioneering research, contributing valuable insights into rheumatology’s evolving landscape. His focus areas include, but aren’t limited to, autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia, offering a wide-ranging skill set to tackle various rheumatic challenges.

Not only has Dr Patawari distinguished himself with his clinical acumen, but he’s also known for his holistic approach to patient care. Understanding that every patient’s journey is unique, he strives to craft treatment plans that resonate with individual lifestyle needs and limitations, ensuring that you receive care tailored just for you.

In addition to one-on-one consultations, Dr Patawari is actively involved in educational initiatives, equipping patients with the knowledge to understand their conditions and manage symptoms effectively. This empowerment is crucial in fostering a proactive attitude towards one’s health, which can significantly influence treatment outcomes.

Further cementing his reputation, Dr Patawari’s multidisciplinary collaboration reflects modern medicine’s best practices, involving allied health professionals to create a comprehensive care model. This synergy often results in innovative care strategies that enhance patient wellbeing beyond traditional methods.

If you’re looking to entrust your rheumatological care to an esteemed professional, Dr Patawari’s commitment to patient-centric treatment, along with his clinical finesse, makes him a standout choice in the field. Scheduling a consultation could be your first step toward managing your rheumatic condition with one of the best specialists in the country.

Dr Kaushik V VDr Kaushik V V

When seeking top-tier expertise in rheumatology, one name that frequently emerges is Dr Kaushik V V. With a reputation for Excellence in Patient Care, Dr Kaushik stands out as a Leader in Rheumatology. His comprehensive knowledge in this complex medical field translates to an uncanny ability to diagnose and manage a wide array of rheumatic diseases, from common ailments like rheumatoid arthritis to more elusive conditions.

Dr Kaushik’s approach to rheumatology isn’t just about managing symptoms; it’s about understanding the underlying causes and addressing them with Cutting-Edge Treatments. He’s well-versed in the latest advancements in biologic therapies and other novel interventions that provide relief and improve the quality of life for his patients.

His dedication goes beyond clinical practice, as he actively contributes to ongoing research in rheumatology, ensuring he stays at the forefront of innovative care. Whether it’s autoimmune disorders or degenerative joint diseases, his treatment strategies are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Under Dr Kaushik’s guidance, you’re not just a patient; you’re a partner in your healthcare journey. His belief in Holistic Patient-Centered Care reflects in the way he collaborates with other healthcare professionals to create a comprehensive treatment plan. This teamwork maximizes your chances of recovery and helps manage long-term health with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

Patients appreciate Dr Kaushik’s Empathetic Approach and his commitment to their wellbeing. His ability to articulate complex medical information in an understandable way empowers patients, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health.

In your search for the best rheumatologist, you’ll find that Dr Kaushik’s expertise is not just in treating the condition, but also in nurturing hope and fostering resilience among those who face the daily challenges of rheumatic diseases.

Dr Nachiket KulkarniDr Nachiket Kulkarni

Finding a skilled rheumatologist who matches your health needs can be daunting. When it comes to managing complex rheumatic conditions, Dr Nachiket Kulkarni stands out with his vast experience and patient-centric approach. If you’re grappling with rheumatologic issues, Dr Kulkarni’s clinic might be your next port of call.

With a keen interest in autoimmune diseases and a dedication to providing avant-garde treatment options, Dr Kulkarni stays at the forefront of rheumatologic care. He’s not just invested in contemporary therapies but also emphasizes the importance of lifestyle adjustments and preventive measures.

Here’s a snapshot of what sets Dr Kulkarni apart:

  • Extensive expertise in the latest rheumatologic procedures
  • A reputation for compassionate, holistic care
  • Regular participation in international medical forums
  • Commitment to patient education and empowerment

Under his guidance, patients receive a thorough examination, followed by a detailed discussion of potential treatment strategies. This includes access to cutting-edge biologic treatments and personalized medication plans. Through collaborative efforts with multidisciplinary teams, Dr Kulkarni ensures that you receive comprehensive care that addresses every facet of your condition.

His clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that facilitate accurate assessments. Moreover, Dr Kulkarni’s ongoing contributions to rheumatology research means that he’s always up to speed with innovative treatments that could benefit his patients.

You’re encouraged to make your health a priority. Remember that finding the right rheumatologist can make a significant difference in the quality of your life and how effectively you manage your condition. Dr Kulkarni’s dedication to his patients’ well-being and his expertise in rheumatology might be exactly what you’re looking for in your journey toward better health.

Dr Ajit Kumar SurinDr Ajit Kumar Surin

Stepping into the realm of rheumatology, you’ll find Dr Ajit Kumar Surin, a name synonymous with advanced rheumatologic care. With an illustrious career that spans over two decades, Dr Surin has carved out a niche in the landscape of Indian rheumatology.

At the forefront of Innovative Treatment Methods, he brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and a patient-centric approach. His extensive work in the field is complemented by a dedication to integrating new therapies that address complex autoimmune conditions. His expertise is not just limited to clinical practice; Dr Surin actively contributes to the body of research that continually shapes the future of rheumatologic treatments.

Why Dr Surin Stands Out in His Field

Dr Surin’s patients benefit from a tailored approach, receiving comprehensive care plans that go beyond just medication. He is keen on adopting a holistic strategy that includes:

  • Lifestyle modifications
  • Personalized therapy sessions
  • Continuous health education

The integration of these elements ensures that you’re not just receiving treatment but also learning how to manage and adapt to your health challenges. It’s this commitment to empowering patients that positions Dr Surin not merely as a physician but as a partner in your journey to wellness.

As a respected member of the rheumatology community, Dr Surin frequently partakes in workshops and seminars aimed at spreading awareness and educating both peers and patients. His presence in these forums highlights the respect he commands and his influence in pioneering significant advancements in the field.

Engaging with Dr Surin, you gain access to a realm of rheumatological care that’s founded on a deep understanding of patient needs and the complexities of the immune system. His focus on progressive treatment options ensures that you’re at the cutting edge of rheumatologic healthcare.

Dr Prashanth Bafna

Dr Prashanth Bafna

When you’re searching for top-tier rheumatologic care in India, Dr Prashanth Bafna’s name is one to remember. His expertise in handling autoimmune diseases and complex cases places him among the most respected rheumatologists in the country. Well-versed in the latest treatment protocols, Dr Bafna’s approach often involves a blend of clinical best practices and a deep understanding of rheumatologic disorders.

With a patient-first mindset, Dr Bafna has dedicated considerable parts of his career to improving patient outcomes in rheumatology. His treatment strategies extend beyond medications; they encompass a comprehensive pain management plan, lifestyle advice, and continual support throughout the treatment journey. This holistic methodology signifies his acknowledgment that rheumatologic conditions require long-term, sustainable treatment approaches.

Patients under Dr Bafna’s care are not just recipients of his medical knowledge but also partners in their own healthcare journey. He ensures clear communication and educates his patients about their condition, empowering them to make informed decisions. Here are aspects of his patient care strategy:

  • Individualized Treatment Plans: Tailored to each patient’s unique needs and medical history.
  • Educational Support: Providing resources and information to help patients understand their condition.
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Working closely with other specialists to ensure a coordinated approach to care.

Due to his commitment to advancing rheumatology, Dr Bafna actively participates in clinical research, striving to bring innovative therapies to the forefront. His contributions to the field are seen both in the clinic and across various medical conferences where he shares insights and learns from global developments.

Emphasizing on progressive and patient-centric care, Dr Bafna’s aim is to alleviate the burden of rheumatic diseases through effective management and by integrating new research findings into practical treatment plans. With a reputation for excellence and a dedicated spirit, his patients often experience improved quality of life and better management of their rheumatologic conditions.

Dr Paresh kumar JenaDr Paresh kumar Jena

While exploring India’s top medical professionals in rheumatology, you’ll likely come across the distinguished Dr Paresh Kumar Jena. With over two decades of comprehensive experience, Dr Jena has established himself as a stalwart in Indian rheumatology. His profound knowledge and specialized skills set a benchmark in the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune conditions and rheumatic diseases.

At the outset of his career, Dr Jena gained a robust education, earning his MD in Internal Medicine with exceptional grades. He further honed his expertise through rigorous training and research, which now translates into the high-caliber care he provides to his patients. His clinical acumen is backed by continual learning and adapting to the advancements in rheumatology.

In his current role, Dr Jena heads a prominent rheumatology department at one of the country’s most prestigious hospitals. Numerous patients treat Dr Jena’s clinic as their go-to destination for managing conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, spondyloarthritis, and osteoarthritis.

  • Patient-Centric Approach: Dr Jena’s philosophy centers on a patient-first strategy. Each treatment plan is individualized, considering the patient’s unique lifestyle, disease severity, and personal health goals.
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Recognizing the complexity of rheumatic diseases, Dr Jena emphasizes a collaborative approach, bringing together experts from various fields to offer comprehensive care.
  • Innovative Treatments: He’s at the forefront of integrating novel therapeutic methods, including biological treatments that have revolutionized patient outcomes in chronic rheumatic conditions.

Dr Jena’s commitment to the field extends beyond patient care. He’s a guiding force in educating the next generation of rheumatologists and is actively involved in various research initiatives aimed at discovering newer, more effective treatment modalities. Patients and peers alike look to Dr Jena for his unwavering dedication and contributions to rheumatology in India.

Dr Anupam WakhluWakhlu

When exploring rheumatologists recognised for their impeccable credentials and patient care, you’ll likely come across Dr Anupam Wakhlu. With a robust history in clinical practice, Dr Wakhlu has established himself as a trusted expert in the field of rheumatology.

Experience and Expertise

Dr Wakhlu’s extensive career has been marked by his in-depth knowledge and application of cutting-edge therapies to combat various rheumatic diseases. He’s well-versed in handling complex cases, providing both medical and holistic care to his patients.

Innovative Treatments

Known for his willingness to adopt innovative practices, Dr Wakhlu stays abreast of the latest advancements in rheumatology, ensuring his patients receive the most up-to-date treatment options. Whether it’s employing biologics or novel therapeutic approaches, his dedication to pushing the field forward has made a significant impact.

Patient-Centric Approach

At the heart of Dr Wakhlu’s practice is a commitment to personalised care. Understanding that each case is unique, he tailors his treatment plans to fit your specific needs, aligning them with your lifestyle and health objectives. This patient-centric approach has garnered him a reputation for being not just a physician but a partner in his patients’ health journeys.

Knowledge Sharing and Mentoring

Aside from providing top-tier patient care, Dr Wakhlu is passionate about knowledge sharing. He mentors young professionals in the field, helping to shape the future of rheumatology with his experience and expertise. Through this mentorship, he ensures not only the well-being of his current patients but also the continued excellence of rheumatologic care in the years to come.

His work redefines what it means to be at the forefront of rheumatologic treatment and education, solidifying his status as a luminary among India’s best rheumatologists.

Dr Kasturi HazarikaDr Kasturi Hazarika

When looking for the best rheumatologists in India, Dr Kasturi Hazarika stands out for her exceptional skill and knowledge in the field. With a career that spans significant achievements and contributions, she’s proven to be a pillar in rheumatology care. Her expertise is not just limited to treatment, but also extends to groundbreaking research that has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in managing rheumatic diseases.

Dr Hazarika’s approach to treatment goes beyond the conventional. She emphasises a holistic understanding of each patient, recognizing that customised care plans are key in dealing with chronic conditions. With a keen eye on advancements in medical science, she continually integrates the latest therapies and techniques into her practice. This dedication ensures that her patients receive care that is both current and effective.

Part of what sets Dr Hazarika apart is her passionate involvement in ongoing learning and professional development. She regularly participates in international conferences and symposia, contributing to global conversations about rheumatology trends and best practices. Her commitment not only improves her own skillset but also enriches the community of healthcare professionals she engages with.

Furthermore, Dr Hazarika is known for her patient-first philosophy, ensuring that every treatment plan not only targets the disease but also enhances the patient’s quality of life. Your trust in her capabilities is well-placed as she consistently receives high praise for her ability to manage complex cases with compassion and precision.

As you navigate the waters of healthcare and rheumatology, Dr Hazarika’s comprehensive care offerings and her notable position in rheumatology in India become all the more essential. Her track record speaks volumes, and her role in pioneering advanced treatments offers hope and high-quality care to those struggling with rheumatic conditions.

Dr Arun Tiwari

Dr Arun Tiwari

When searching for the best rheumatologists in India, you’re likely to come across the name Dr Arun Tiwari. With an esteemed reputation, Dr Tiwari stands out in the community for his expertise in diagnosing and treating a broad range of autoimmune conditions. His precise approach to rheumatologic care has benefitted countless patients across the nation.

Dr Tiwari’s background includes a formidable mix of both local and international training, arming him with the latest advances in rheumatologic therapies. His methods are patient-focused, ensuring that each case is treated with personalized attention. Trust in his ability to provide relief and long-term management plans for those dealing with rheumatic diseases is well placed.

The medical community regards Dr Tiwari as a leader who is consistently at the forefront of rheumatology. He is known for:

  • Implementing cutting-edge treatment protocols
  • Offering innovative management strategies for chronic conditions
  • Engaging in collaborative research initiatives

Your healthcare journey might lead you to seek a specialist who not only treats your condition but also educates you on how to manage your health proactively. Dr Tiwari prioritizes patient education, empowering you to understand your condition thoroughly. This empowerment can be the key to enhancing your quality of life when living with chronic rheumatologic ailments.

While Dr Tiwari’s contributions to rheumatology in India are significant, his dedication to ongoing learning and patient care excellence sets him apart. This commitment ensures that patients receive the most current and effective treatments available. Moreover, peers often seek his counsel on complex cases, which demonstrates his prominence in the rheumatologist community.

Role of a Rheumatologist in Healthcare

When facing rheumatic diseases, it’s essential to understand the pivotal role rheumatologists play in the healthcare industry. These specialists are the front line in the fight against autoimmune and musculoskeletal disorders, providing expert diagnosis and treatment plans tailored to individual needs. From Rheumatoid Arthritis to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), and other complex conditions like Paget’s disease, rheumatologists are your pathfinders through the often complicated terrain of autoimmune disorders.

The journey with a rheumatologist often begins with a comprehensive assessment, leading to a precise diagnosis. It’s their expertise that has seen advances in treatment protocols, enabling better disease management and quality of life improvements for patients. They have a unique set of skills that not only focus on medications but also encompass surgical approaches when necessary, such as knee or hip replacement surgeries.

With over 20 years of experience, top rheumatologists bring a wealth of knowledge to their practice, offering innovative care that considers both established treatments and emerging scientific research. Patient education is a strong emphasis in their approach to care, equipping you with the information you need to understand your condition and make informed health decisions.

The role of a rheumatologist extends beyond individual patient care, as they often contribute significantly to medical knowledge through research. With hundreds of published papers and articles, these professionals continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in rheumatology.

Part of a rheumatologist’s weekly schedule may include multidisciplinary meetings, where they collaborate with other specialists to design holistic treatment plans. This multidisciplinary approach is particularly prominent in institutions like Gleneagles Global Hospitals in Chennai, where the integration of various medical disciplines ensures comprehensive care. Rheumatology’s reach has expanded, and now, younger individuals are also becoming a growing demographic needing rheumatic disease management, making the field more dynamic than ever.

Services Offered by the Best Rheumatologists

Diagnosis and Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases

When you’re facing complex rheumatic diseases, seeking out top-notch medical expertise is essential. The best rheumatologists offer a vast array of services, efficiently diagnosing and treating over 100 rheumatic conditions. Their comprehensive approach covers diseases like vasculitis, lupus, and myositis, ensuring precise diagnosis through advanced diagnostic tools. Expert treatment plans are designed after thorough assessment, integrating both classic and innovative therapies to manage these chronic disorders.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Management

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disorder that requires dedicated care. The leading rheumatologists provide tailored treatment regimens which include disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), biological response modifiers, and physical therapy. They work with you to monitor disease progression, adjust treatments as needed, and minimize joint damage, thereby improving your quality of life significantly. Management extends beyond medication to include guidance on lifestyle and dietary adaptations.

Osteoarthritis Care and Treatment

Rheumatologists specialize in offering personalized care for osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. Treatment focuses on maintaining joint function, managing pain, and slowing disease progression. Therapies might include a combination of medications, corticosteroid injections, and hyaluronic acid viscosupplementation. They also advocate for exercise routines and weight management strategies to alleviate symptoms and enhance joint health.

Lupus Treatment and Monitoring

Dealing with lupus requires vigilant management by skilled rheumatologists who formulate individual treatment plans. Therapy options may involve immunosuppressants, antimalarials, and biologics tailored to your specific needs. Regular monitoring of organ health is paramount to managing lupus effectively. Rheumatologists also focus on educating you about symptom recognition for timely interventions and flare-up prevention.

Gout Management

Gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis, can cause severe pain and discomfort. Expert rheumatologists employ an integrated treatment approach targeting uric acid levels in the blood. This often includes urate-lowering therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, and lifestyle changes aimed at reducing triggers such as certain foods and alcohol. Continuous monitoring helps in preventing recurrent flares and joint damage.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Options

Those struggling with fibromyalgia can find relief through services offered by leading rheumatologists. As there is no one-size-fits-all approach, treatment is highly personalized and may encompass pain relievers, antidepressants, or antiseizure drugs. Specialists also recommend complementary therapies such as physiotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and stress reduction techniques to manage symptoms effectively and improve daily functioning.

How to Find the Best Rheumatologist in India

When you’re dealing with a rheumatic condition, finding the right rheumatologist can be a key part of managing your health effectively. With numerous qualified professionals across India, you may feel overwhelmed with where to begin your search. Here’s how you can find the best rheumatologist in India.

Recommendations from General Physicians and Specialists

Your journey often starts with a visit to your general physician, who knows your medical history and can identify the signs that suggest you may benefit from specialist care. Ask for recommendations; they’re likely to refer you to a rheumatologist they trust and who has a solid reputation in the medical community. Moreover, if you’re already under the care of a specialist for related conditions, they may also have valuable insights and referrals based on collaborative practices with rheumatologists.

Seek Referrals from Friends and Family

Word-of-mouth is powerful. Discuss with friends and family members who have had experience with rheumatologists. Their firsthand accounts of their treatment, patient-care experience, and outcomes can provide you with practical insights that you might not find on professional listings. Note, however, that personal experiences can vary, and what suits someone else may not be the perfect fit for you.

Online Directories and Reviews

In the age of the internet, online directories are an invaluable resource. They provide names, qualifications, years of experience, and locations of rheumatologists in India. Use trusted medical websites to sift through patient reviews and ratings, as they offer a glimpse into the doctor’s expertise and approach towards patient care. Remember, while reviews can guide you, they should not be the sole determinant of your choice.

Contact Local Medical Associations

Many cities have local medical associations with information on registered medical experts in the area. Contacting these associations can assist in identifying established rheumatologists. These organisations often hold records on a doctor’s certifications, experience, and any significant contributions to the field, ensuring that you have access to credible information before making your decision.


Finding the right rheumatologist is crucial for managing your rheumatic conditions effectively. Armed with the knowledge of what to look for and where to seek guidance, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision. Remember that the best rheumatologist for you is one who not only has the expertise but also aligns with your personal health goals and provides a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to medical professionals and utilize available resources to ensure your joint health is in the best hands. Your journey to improved well-being starts with taking that first step towards expert care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main conditions treated by rheumatologists?

Rheumatologists diagnose and treat over 100 rheumatic conditions, including common diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus, gout, fibromyalgia, and more specialized conditions like vasculitis and myositis.

What treatments do rheumatologists provide?

Rheumatologists provide tailored treatment regimens based on individual patient needs, which may include medications, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, dietary adaptations, and organ health monitoring.

How can I find the best rheumatologist in India?

To find a leading rheumatologist in India, consider seeking recommendations from general physicians and specialists, referrals from friends and family, looking through online directories and reviews, or contacting local medical associations for information.

What qualities should I look for in a rheumatologist?

When selecting a rheumatologist, look for expertise in treating your specific condition, a good track record, patient reviews, and a willingness to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to manage your care.

Is seeking a rheumatologist important for managing rheumatic diseases?

Yes, it is crucial to seek a rheumatologist’s medical expertise to manage complex rheumatic diseases effectively, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your long-term health and wellbeing.

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