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Best Scotch In India That Every Whisky Lover Must Try

Every scotch is whiskey, but not every whiskey is scotch. If you want to relish the world’s best whiskies in India, you should try Scotch whisky. The reason is quite simple, Scotland is the birthplace of the best whiskies in the world. They are produced using the old-centuries recipe and methods. Moreover, every scotch has a distinct taste and flavor, plus the best scotch in India comes in different types too. 

Furthermore, scotch is a refined and pure beverage that was first made from malted barley. Scotch whisky is an authorized term made to protect the whiskey made in Scotland. In addition, by rule, scotch whisky has to be matured and distilled in oak barrels for at least three years. Additionally, the number on the bottle indicates the minimum age of the drink. So, from smoky amalgams to sherry bombs to everything in between, the best scotch produces a good flavor with every sip. 

To help you enjoy the scotch and appreciate the different flavors of booze, below we have listed the best scotch in India with their approximate price range. Let’s get into it!

Top Six Best Scotch In India

Let’s take a look at the best Scotch brands in India, after which you might require at least one sip of it. 




The one and only Lagavulin was first introduced in 1816 and are a senator of Islay-style malt. It became famous by actor Nick Offerman who was honored with his own release. Moreover, it is mainly matured in ex-bourbon barrels, which provides a robust flavor, rigorous smoke, and a salted-fish character. Besides, Lagavulin 16 year statement still remains the solid favorite of many malt fans worldwide and is also one of the best scotch in India.

There are mainly five bottles of Lagavulin navy and is formed in the south of Islay at a distillery with outstanding views over Lagavulin Bay. Similar to refined molasses melting over a bonfire, it gives tangible layers of sweet and spicy smoke. Just more than a quality brand, Lagavulin will awaken slumbering taste buds. 

Region: Islay

Established in: 1816

Best-known definition: 16 Year

Price of Lagavulin 16-year-old: 6000 INR (Approximately)


Bruichladdich  (Best Scotch in India)

Under the surveillance of famous Master Distiller Jim McEwan, this Islay-based brand endured an entire overhaul back in 2001. Bruichladdich distillery was first established in 1881 by the Harvey brothers and lay opposite the western shore of Loch Indaal on Islay. Besides, the distillery offers mainly single malt Scotch whisky and is one of the eight working distilleries on the Island. In addition, the distillery makes three different single malts: Bruichladdich (unpeated), Port Charlotte (heavily peated), Octomore (extremely heavily peated) as well as The Botanist gin.

Undoubtedly, the distillery is known for producing some of the best qualities in Scotland, which is aided by the tall, narrow-necked stills that produce floral, elegant, and fruity house style. It is also one of the best scotch in India, and for those who don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on alcohol, the Port Charlotte or Classic Ladie are good starting points. 

Region: Islay

Established in: 1881

Best-known definition: The Classic Laddie

Price of Bruichladdich Scottish barley: 4000 INR (Approximately)


The Glenlivet


The Glenlivet brewery was established in 1824, and the brand is the highest-selling single malt scotch whisky in the US and is the second most prominent selling single malt brand worldwide. The Glenlivet has only shut down once in history, and that was due to the small event known as WWII. Bigger now than ever, it is also one of the best scotch brands in India, with best-selling single malt whisky. Its core strength is grounded by some straightforward sippers, namely the 12 years and Founder’s Reserve. 

The Glenlivet scotch is a blend of malt, biscuits, toffee, mango, and oak. It is the favorite booze of scotch lovers and is a refreshing alcohol pack with a citrus punch that gives a smooth fragrance of lemon, grapefruit, and juicy citrus notes that lingers on long even after you have finished your drink. 

Region: Speyside

Established in: 1824

Best-known definition: 12 Year

Price of The Glenlivet 12-year-old: 5500 INR (Approximately)


The Dalmore (Best Scotch in India)

The Dalmore factory is one of the most legendary in the world. It was founded in 1839 by Alexander Matheson and had a different maturation process. Several expressions of The Dalmore are matured in two precious wooden casks, American white oak ex-bourbon casks and exclusive aged sherry casks from Gonzalez Byass. Moreover, it is doubtlessly one of rich, full-bodied scotch with orange, coffee, and chocolate flavors. 

Apart from this, Dalmore scotch whiskey is the finest highland single malt scotch which was owned and operated by Whyte and Mackay. Besides, The Dalmore 12-year-old and unique products like the Paterson collection are a few of the best scotch whiskey from Scotland. Additionally, this drink has different variants; all are crafted carefully to pleasure any scotch lover. It is available as highland malt as well as single malt and is distilled, matured with distinct processes. In India, the bottle of The Dalmore will cost you around Rs. 5,200, with more expensive variants, are selling for as much as Rs. 575,000.

Region: Highland

Established in: 1839

Best-known definition: 15 Year

Price of Dalmore 15-Year-old single malt whisky: 5500 INR (Approximately)




The Macallan brewery was established in 1824 and is located in the Moray. Moreover, it was one of the first Scottish breweries to be licensed legally. In 2009, Macallan announced that they are the third largest-selling single malt globally and second-largest by value. Besides, Macallan scotches take 100% of their color from the oak wood in which they are matured. Since wood is a natural product so each tree might be different and, in turn, imparts various flavors and colors to the scotch whiskey during progression.

Furthermore, the expertise of the Macallan markers ensures that the color remains as constant as possible from bottling to bottling by managing and selecting the barrels that provide the variety of natural colors necessary to the Macallan single malt. Macallan is the most sought-after scotch for collectors and has undoubtedly built the best reputation for quality malt scotch whiskey over the last four decades. The Macallan has types and styles of nutmeg, dried fruit, and fruitcake and comes under the list of best scotch in India. 

Region: Speyside

Established in: 1824

Best-known definition: 12 Year

Price of Macallan 12-year old fine oak: 5000 INR (Approximately)


Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is a blended scotch, and almost everyone in the world must have heard about this renowned brand. Walker’s sons were the ones who launched the iconic brand into the stratosphere with premium blends, brilliant scotch bottle designs, intelligent business practices, and clever marketing. When it comes to innovative marketing, who can argue with the idea of categorizing each unique blend by color? At the top, the smoothest scotch whiskey is the Johnnie Walker Blue. 

Moreover, the most famous and best scotch in India is Johnnie Walker Red Label, succeeded by the slightly higher Johnnie Walker Black Label. So, basically, there are Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Green Label, Double Black Label, and Gold Label. Additionally, Johnnie Walker’s other well-known scotch includes Aged 18 Years and Swing. It is the only scotch whiskey brand that is available in almost every country where alcohol is legal, and it is best known among booze smugglers due to the high price it commands on the black market. 

Region: Scotland

Established in: 1820

Best-known definition: Red Label or Black Label

Johnnie Walker Aged 18 years blended scotch whisky 75CL: 6570 INR (Approximately)

To Wind Up

We hope that we’ve shared most of it. Of course, the marketplace of alcohol of the best scotch in India is continually rising, and as we explore the new favorites and flavors, there are a few drinks that never go out of fashion and taste. If you have not already tried any of them, then what are you waiting for? Go on and grasp a drink of your favorite.

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