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5 Best Sewing Machines in India With Features

Sewing is an art. If you are into sewing then let us tell you that we now have some high-end sophisticated sewing machines available in India. Why not increase your productivity by getting your hands on the best sewing machine in India. In this post, we have written about some of the top-rated sewing machines along with their feature. It is time to upgrade your sewing and make a choice for a new machine. 

In this technology world, sewing machines come within built stitches, adjustment of length, different foot pressure or hand pressure, and many more things. If you are looking for the best sewing machine in India, then this article can help you to pick the right one.

Sewing Machine – Overall Winners

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Using a Modern Sewing Machine

If you are a beginner with this modern technology sewing machine, here are few points for you to read.

  1. At very first, you need to know to off and on the switch of the machine. Generally, it will be on one side of the device.
  2. There must be a light bulb near the needle area; this helps you to focus more. 
  3. You also have a foot pedal to operate the machine like an accelerator.
  4. You also have the stitch length and width button where you can make different types of stitching like zig-zag, button, etc.
  5. The tension wheel does not allow any loops while stitching.
  6. Small Screw helps you to hold the needle in a proper place. 
  7. Bobbin tension screw must be there to hold the bobbin in front.
  8. You should not forget to do correct oiling and make sure that you do it in every joint.

Best Sewing Machine in India

Your search to find a machine for stitching ends here.


Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing Machine

This is one of the best mini sewing machines, by reading the name of the brand only you can understand that it is a trustable brand. It is a straightforward and innovative solution for the home appliance. The beginners and the user who are switching to an electric sewing machine; for them, this is the best combination. This is made with Japanese technology, which ensures high quality.


  • It has seven in-built stitches with fourteen applications where the user can do zig-zag, straight stitch, zip fixing, blind hem, lace fixing, rolled hemming, etc.
  • It has auto-tripping bobbin system, sewing light, automatic needle threading, etc.
  • It also comes with two years of warranty.


  • While using, you need a continuous electricity supply.
  • Thread gets stuck in the machine if anything goes wrong while sewing.
  • Not many accessories they provide compared to other brands.

Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine

This is a portable sewing machine, which is lightweight, and the user can carry this machine easily. It has speed like it can work 1800 spm (stitches per min), which is suitable for fast sewing. This has a storage accessory drawer, which helps you to keep your arm free.


  • This machine comes with a power-saving mechanism.
  • This helps to make a hole for the button in four steps.
  • It has a LED light, which allows you to use in a low light area.
  • It comes with two years of warranty, and the company’s servicing is excellent.
  • The company provides dust cover along with the machine.


  • Sometime any wrong move needle may break, so the user must be careful.

Brother FS101 Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother is the best company who deliver innovative products, and they are serving their customers for four centuries. This company product is generally very affordable and high in quality.


  • This sewing machine in India comes with 100 in-built stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches.
  • You can quickly stitch buttonhole.
  • It also has an LCD, which helps you to focus correctly. 
  • It has a built-in speed control system, which helps the machine to adjust the running speed so that the user can control it.
  • This machine also allows you to sew extra-large and heavy fabrics.


  • It does not come with the case. Users need to purchase it separately.
  • It does not have an in-built blade.

Usha Janome Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine


This machine provides a beautiful look with the best quality. Weight is very light so you can carry the machine everywhere. It consists of 21 applications and 869 spm (stitches per minute), and it helps you to increase your swing speed so that you can complete the project fast.


  • It is one of the best sewing machine in India as it provides you automatic needle threading.
  • It has a triple strength switch, which allows you to lock the thread three times forward, backward then forward again.
  • It comes with the hardcover, which provides protection.
  • This machine can help you by providing you with stretch stitching, rolled hemming, button fixing, smocking, zip fixing, stitch hemming, buttonhole, etc.
  • It comes with two years of warranty.


  • It only works with electricity, no battery included.
  • While sewing, you must be careful because thread gets stuck in the machine that time it breaks.

Singer promise 1408 

If you want to unleash your creativity, then this machine is the best option for you. It is very lightweight, which allows you to carry easily. The speed of the machine is 1800 spm (stitches per min), and this is very helpful for faster delivery. It has a free arm stitching option.


  • It helps you to make buttonholes in four steps; bobbin winder also helps you to wind the threads automatically.
  • LED light is available for focusing on the low light area.
  • The company also provides a user guide so that you do not face any problem while using it.
  • Two years of warranty is there in this product.
  • It comes with a dust cover.
  • This machine use is effortless, so beginners can use this.

Qualimate Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Another one in the list of the best sewing machine in India is Qualimate. If you are looking for high quality at a reasonable price, then this model is best. This is a very portable and compact design so that users can move this very quickly. It will not allow eye-straining due to its pre-thread option.


  • This machine is durable, so it provides a strong stitch, which does not allow the stitch to come out.
  • You can use a foot presser to control the machine easily. 
  • You can easily sew in dim light.
  • It has two-control speed; the user can select as per their convenience.


  • If the fabric is thick, it will not work correctly.

Isabella Mini Desktop Sewing Machine

This machine is a 4 in 1 sewing machine, which gives you a perfect finish for your daily needs. If you are looking for a compact and capable machine, then this is perfect for you. It is very lightweight and portable. It does not allow you to get strains.


  • It has a foot pedal and adapter, which will enable you to sew easily.
  • It also provides a strong stitch, so that it does not come out easily.
  • This machine is pre-threaded so that you do not get any eye strain.
  • This machine comes with double threads, which allows the user to stitch quickly.
  • This has LED lights, which will enable you to stitch even in low light areas.
  • The most important thing it comes along with accessories like foot pedal, needle, and needle threaded.


  • Without cloth, you should not run the machine that can be risky. 
  • Users cannot use thick fabrics.

Usha Janome Stitch Magic

This is one of the lightweight sewing machines available in India. It also comes with carrying handle. It also has a thread to handle the tension, so that you can control the machine in your way. It has extra space so that you can keep your arm easily and complete the work. Total nine applications you can do work like stretch stitching, rolled hemming, button fixing, satin stitch, zip fixing, and smocking.


  • It comes with the automatic needle threading.
  • It also comes with the manual, which can help you while facing any usage problem you can take guidance from that book.
  • The company provides two years of warranty on this machine.
  • It provides automatic needle threading so that the user’s eye does not get the strain.


  • The foot pedal is not much comfortable to use.
  • Very often, stitching problem comes, which is a risk for the cloth. 
  • It does not come with a manual, so any problem needs to call customer care.

Usha Janome Allure 

This is one of the best hand sewing machine, which comes with 1602 dry iron combo. This is a very lightweight and automatic Zig-Zag electric Sewing machine, which is best for home purposes. This machine comes with carrying handle so that the user can carry this anywhere anytime. It allows your arm to be free, and you can use two dial patterns for stitch so that very easily you can stitch. 


  • Another one in our list of the best sewing machine in India is this one as it comes with 13 built-in-stitch and 21 applications. These include button stitching, satin stitch, zip fixing, rolled hemming, smocking, etc. 
  • The sewing speed is also more 860 SPM, and stitch width is 5 mm.
  • It comes with other accessories like warranty cards, instruction manuals, accessories, etc. 
  • It also comes with 4-step buttonhole sewing.


  • The product is a bit costly compare to other brands.

What to look for in a Sewing Machine

Before you buy the sewing machine, you must check a few things. Those are discussing below:

  • Need to check the brand:

Since sewing machines are very popular, many companies have introduced new models. But you must always look for the good one and see how old is the company so that you can get a better one. If you are a beginner, then you need to be very careful, and the above list can help you with this.

  • Price:

While finding the best sewing machine in India, you need to compare features with price. Good quality does not come cheap. So if you are looking for quality, then it is better that you increase your price a bit.

  • Projects:

Buying the machine depends on the project because all repairs you need to do depend on that you can select the machine. You must know what you need machine, so that you can buy the correct one for you.

  • Frequently use:

You must also see how often you are using the machine. Some people occasionally use then keep it back, some people regularly use, some use for their business purpose, etc. Depending on that, you need to select the correct model for you.

  • Storage:

This option is matters a lot when you need to shift the machine. If you are working in one place, then no need to think about weight, but if you need to pack that and carry somewhere, then you need to think about its portability.

  • Accessories:

Best sewing machines in India come with accessories. Choose which all you need out of – adjustable thread tension, bobbin cover, automatic needle threader, Bobbin winding, embroidery machine, free arm, jam-proof bobbin, needle position, pattern memory, etc.

  • Warranty:

This is very important where you must look before you buy it.

We hope our research will help you find the best sewing machine in India as per your requirements. All the best!

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