Best States to Live in India: Climate, Costs, and Facilities

Deciding where to call home is a significant choice, and if you’re considering India, you’re spoilt for choice. With its vibrant diversity and rich cultural tapestry, the country offers a range of states each claiming to be the best place to live. But what truly makes a state stand out in India?

From the bustling streets of Gujarat, known for its educational excellence and high human development standards, to the serene backwaters of Kerala, with its unparalleled healthcare and IT growth, each state has its unique allure. And let’s not forget Haryana, a powerhouse of industrial and agricultural development, offering thriving living conditions. You’re about to embark on a journey through India’s finest, where the cost of living, safety, and quality of life are not just aspirations but realities.



When searching for the best state to live in India, Kerala often takes the limelight. Known as ‘God’s Own Country’, you’ll find a haven of tropical beauty from its legendary backwaters to the serene Munnar tea plantations. The Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, forms an imposing, biodiversity-rich backdrop to the state’s immense natural charm.

Your culinary journey in Kerala will be marked with bold flavors, where the use of coconut, spices, and fresh seafood creates a palette of dishes that reflect the state’s rich cultural heritage. Kerala’s Malayali cuisine stands out not just in India but is renowned for quality that reaches far beyond its borders, finding its way into the Gulf countries.

Beyond the feast for your senses, you’ll delight in knowing that Kerala isn’t just picturesque but incredibly progressive. Kerala’s literacy rate soars above its peers, empowering you with a community that values education and continuous growth. The state’s commitment to literacy and education is a beacon that many other states look up to.

Infrastructure Aspect Metric
Road Network Paving Over 81% paved
Major Highways NH-47 and State Highway (North-South link)

The roads here tell a tale of connectivity and ease, with over 81% of its network paved, featuring prominent highways like NH-47. This accessibility across the state enhances your living experience, facilitating the swift movement from one vibrant locale to another.

Falling into step with Kerala’s pace means engaging with a community that has earned recognition for its governance. In 2018, it was named one of the best-governed states in India. Even more impressive, it clinched the title for the best state to live in, thanks to the unmatched living conditions and literacy rates.

Whether you’re drawn to invest your time in Kerala for its economic progress, where industries attract labourers from across the subcontinent, or for the sheer beauty and tranquility that each vista offers, you’re stepping into a lifestyle punctuated by excellence and allure. Kerala, with its spice-scented air and verdant landscapes, continues to hold a place of distinction while striving to address and improve upon its weaknesses.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

When you’re contemplating the best state to reside in India, Himachal Pradesh often springs to mind, particularly if you’re enchanted by the allure of hill stations and the tranquility of the mountains. Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, the state boasts not only breathtaking landscapes but also a vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage.

Exploring Himachal Pradesh, you’ll find its capital, Shimla, which exudes a unique blend of Indian culture and British colonial architecture. The city’s rich historical backdrop is complemented by its scenic beauty, making it a perfect retreat for both nature lovers and history aficionados.

Beyond the bounds of Shimla, you’ll encounter other gems like Manali, a haven for adventurers seeking the thrill of trekking and skiing. The state’s commitment to preserving its natural wonder is evident in how it encourages sustainable forms of tourism like adventure sports, which cater to a global audience.

Parameter Detail
Interstate Competition Rank High
Private Investment Attraction Increasing
Development Indices Positive on objective measurements

These factors aren’t mere tidbits; they play a critical role in making Himachal Pradesh an enticing location for both living and investment. The state’s performance in various development indices showcases its proactive stance towards building an infrastructure conducive to growth.

Moreover, Himachal Pradesh has been adept in inviting a fair share of private investment, vying successfully against other established centres like Gujarat and Maharashtra. This flow of investment is no accident; it’s a result of the state’s efforts to improve governance and offer a stable environment for businesses to flourish.

Your quality of life in Himachal Pradesh is considerably influenced by the adequacy of facilities provided. The state doesn’t just offer services; it ensures they’re accessible to its populace, emphasizing their effectiveness and the wellbeing of residents.

In a country of contrasts, Himachal Pradesh manifests as a region that harmoniously blends modernity with tradition, development with sustainability, and peace with progress. Whether you’re seeking serenity or exciting outdoor ventures, this state promises a diverse palette to paint your life experiences.



When searching for serenity and cleanliness in India, you’ll often hear Sikkim’s name rising to the top. Touted as the cleanest state in India, Sikkim stands out not just for its environmental purity but also for its widespread peace and tranquility. Travel enthusiasts and locals alike describe the state as ‘heaven on earth’ due to its idyllic setting and down-to-earth populace.

In Sikkim, the Kanchenjunga mountain range looms over the landscape, offering awe-inspiring views and a sense of majestic grandeur. The Yumthang Valley, also within the state’s bounds, is home to vivid floral spectacles and undulating meadows, perfect for nature lovers and photographers in pursuit of beauty in its most untouched form.

The capital, Gangtok, is a testament to Sikkim’s blend of natural elegance and cultural richness. Buddhist monasteries dot the city, inviting tranquility and introspection, while the local cuisine is a celebration of flavors that can only be found in this part of the world. The blend of traditional and modern life in Gangtok provides a unique living experience that’s both comforting and stimulating.

  • Unique Culture: Sikkim’s culture is a tapestry of traditional practices and modern influences, with festivals and food that are a testament to its rich heritage.
  • Natural Beauty: The state’s natural landscapes are pristine and inviting, perfect for outdoor activities or quiet reflection.
  • Serenity: With its reputation for peace, Sikkim offers a quality of life that prioritizes well-being and harmony.

Sikkim’s reputation as peaceful and clean isn’t unfounded. This claim is not just anecdotal; it’s the collective experience of those who reside in or visit the state. Amidst the bustling progress of India, Sikkim has managed to maintain its sacred aura, a feat that only enhances its appeal as one of the best states to live in within the country.



When you’re searching for a state that embodies the essence of tranquility and natural splendor, Uttarakhand stands out as a prime choice. With picturesque hill stations like Nainital, Ranikhet, and Mussoorie, this state isn’t just a haven for tourists but a serene place to call home. The locals preserve their rich culture with great pride and are known for their honesty and strong moral values. These qualities, coupled with the state’s dedication to academic excellence and technological advancement, have earned Uttarakhand a reputable spot among the best states in India.

Uttarakhand prides itself on its pollution-free environment and low crime rate. The snow-clad Himalayas and the enchanting Ganga river add to the state’s compelling beauty. Additionally, it boasts a cultural history steeped in tradition, making it a top contender for the title of India’s most well-rounded state.

Diving deeper into the heart of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, the state’s capital, offers a unique blend of natural elegance and academic prestige. Home to prestigious institutions like the Indian Military Academy, IGNFA, and ITBP Academy, Dehradun attracts those who value education and lush, green surroundings. It’s no surprise that the city receives the highest rainfall in India, contributing further to its lush landscapes.

The moral fabric of this region is especially noteworthy; characterized by near-zero crime rates and a deeply ingrained religious atmosphere contributing to the local’s esteemed moral conduct. Whether you’re from the far north or the deep south of India, Uttarakhand’s welcoming arms embrace one and all with familiar warmth and security.

Moving beyond the mainland, Meghalaya showcases a unique cultural tapestry and awe-inspiring landscapes. The state is home to wonders like the Living Root Bridges and the Mawlynnong Village, acclaimed as Asia’s cleanest village. Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, captures hearts with its melodic music scene, delectable cuisine, and captivating panoramic hills.



Delving into the heart of India’s rich cultural panorama, you’ll find Punjab, a state that epitomises vibrancy and vitality. Renowned for its agricultural prowess and effervescent culture, Punjab stands out not only for its food but also as a nucleus of India’s growth. In Chandigarh, the fastest-growing city in India and Asia, you’ll witness an exemplar of masterful urban planning paired with striking modern architecture.

Amidst Punjab’s treasures is the city of Amritsar, often referred to as the Sikh capital of the world. Amritsar is home to the resplendent Golden Temple which isn’t just a religious landmark but a symbol of sublime beauty and tranquility. Just a short distance away, the Wagah Border—connecting Amritsar and Lahore—is celebrated for its ceremonial displays, a sight unique to this global partition.

Chandigarh: A Blend of Modernity and Sustainability

  • Cleanest city in South Asia
  • Architecturally sophisticated
  • Rapid urban growth

Chandigarh stands tall as an icon of modernity and has been consistently scaling up as a sustainable metropolis. Your senses are bound to be delighted by the city’s meticulously planned sectors while the clean streets will leave you with a lasting impression.

Amritsar’s Air Connectivity Ascending

Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport in Amritsar is undergoing a significant transformation. Its steep trajectory in growth is setting records, poised to expand with flights connecting you to major cities like London, Toronto, and Paris.

Jalandhar: Echoes of Antiquity and Progress

Jalandhar represents an intriguing juxtaposition of ancient charm against the backdrop of contemporary development. It’s a city where the quality of life is complemented by:

  • Premier healthcare facilities
  • Reputable educational institutions
  • Unparalleled shopping experiences
Features Details
Urbanization Chandigarh: Fastest-growing in India
Air Connectivity Amritsar: Expanding international links
Healthcare Jalandhar: Best hospitals
Education Jalandhar: Reputed schools



Puducherry, often fondly referred to as ‘Pondy’, is your serene seaside sojourn on the southeastern coast of India. This former French colonial settlement is now a Union Territory, cocooned by the state of Tamil Nadu. Its unique French legacy is reflected in the quaint colonial architecture, harmoniously intertwining with a traditionally Tamil cultural backdrop. Here’s what makes Puducherry a top contender for one of the best places to live in India.

You’ll find Puducherry’s pace of life refreshingly laid back, which is a stark contrast to the hustle of other Indian metros. A sense of calm prevails on the tree-lined streets, especially around the peaceful avenues of the White Town, which is home to the famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Pondy’s cosmopolitan flair doesn’t end with its architecture; the town is also known for its exquisite culinary offerings. From French pastries to South Indian staples, your palate is set for a tantalising tour. The town celebrates a fusion of cuisines, often a flavourful medley of French and South Indian elements.

For beach lovers, Puducherry doesn’t disappoint. The sandy shores and serene beaches offer an idyllic setting for both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity. Meanwhile, your shopping experience in Pondy can be quite eclectic, ranging from boutique clothes stores to markets brimming with handicrafts, leather goods, and pottery.

In terms of climate, Puducherry enjoys moderate temperatures most of the year but does get quite warm during summers. The best time to visit or explore this region is from October to March, when the weather is more conducive to outdoor activities and exploring the town.

Living in Puducherry also means experiencing a quality education system, with a range of public and private schooling options, including those which follow international curriculums. The territory promotes a balanced lifestyle, combining modern comforts with a touch of timeless tradition.

Whether you’re drawn to Puducherry for its French connection, its coastal charm, or its relaxed lifestyle, you’ll discover that this little town punches well above its weight when it comes to providing a high standard of living with a touch of historical allure.



As you explore the diverse landscapes and cultures that India has to offer, you’ll find that Maharashtra is a standout for its robust economy and dynamic lifestyle. With Mumbai as its capital, this state is a powerhouse of industry, finance, and entertainment. Whether you’re in search of career opportunities or a vibrant cultural scene, Maharashtra presents a compelling case.

This state’s economic prowess is reflected in its striking figures. With a Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of over $400 billion, Maharashtra isn’t just thriving locally but also commands significant clout on a national scale. It’s intriguing to note that approximately 25% of the country’s industrial output originates from this region, making it a key player in India’s growth narrative.

Sector Contribution
Industrial Output 25% of India’s total
Gross State Domestic Product Over $400 billion

The phenomenal industrial activity in Maharashtra revolves predominantly around four districts, creating numerous employment prospects across various fields – from technology and media to fashion and gastronomy. Moreover, it’s the most industrialized state and also the most indebted, a testament to its aggressive push for economic expansion.

A hub of international trade, the appeal of Maharashtra extends to its lifestyle offerings. Specifically, Mumbai captures the essence of the state with its non-stop action and eclectic charm. Here, you can delve into a rich tapestry of experiences – from glitzy Bollywood escapades to historical landmarks, and from high-end dining to street food adventures. The city’s unmatched energy is aptly known as the pulse of a nation that never sleeps.

Infrastructure-wise, Maharashtra is ahead of the curve, boasting the largest road network in India and a well-integrated multimodal transportation system. This facilitates smooth commutes and connectivity, crucial for both business operations and personal mobility.

When it comes to culinary delights, the state’s cuisine is as diverse as its demography. You’re in for a sensory treat with a palate that ranges from soothing mildness to fiery spices, encapsulating the essence of Maharashtrian hospitality.

As you continue your journey through the fabric of Maharashtra, the lifestyle, opportunities, and amenities come together to paint a picture of a state that not only leads in industrial achievements but also offers a quality of life that’s rich, varied, and full of potential.



When exploring the top states to reside in India, you’ll find Mizoram standing tall. Known for its remarkable performance in various sectors, Mizoram has made significant strides forward. As a smaller state, Mizoram’s growth trajectory is impressive, positioning it as a best performer both in overall and incremental terms.

In the realm of health and wellness, Mizoram’s collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, coupled with technical assistance from the World Bank, has ushered in sweeping improvements. These developments are critical for enhancing your quality of life, ensuring access to better healthcare facilities, and contributing to the overall well-being of the residents.

Mizoram’s scenic landscapes and lush greenery are unparalleled, offering a serene and peaceful environment. The tranquility of Mizoram is often a highlight for those seeking a life away from the hustle and bustle of the more populous states. If you’re an enthusiast of nature or looking for a retreat, Mizoram’s untouched natural beauty fulfills these desires.

Despite its size, Mizoram’s infrastructure is catching up. With efforts geared towards boosting connectivity and transport, living in Mizoram means experiencing growth and development first-hand. These changes reflect an up-and-coming state that’s progressively becoming more accessible and attractive for new residents and businesses alike.

Economically, Mizoram may not match the giants like Maharashtra but it propels itself with unique selling points. The state’s commitment to health, environment, and steady infrastructural improvement makes it a contender for one of the best states to make your home in India. Whether you’re drawn to its economic potential or charmed by its natural allure, Mizoram offers a life that’s rich with cultural heritage and brimming with opportunities for the future.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

When you’re exploring the best states to live in India, you can’t overlook Tamil Nadu. Known for its architectural marvels and spiritual heritage, Tamil Nadu is more than just a state; it’s a tapestry of history, nature, and culture. It boasts a network of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Great Living Chola Temples and the Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram, which are a testament to its glorious past and present.

As you walk through Chennai, the state’s capital, you’ll discover a vibrant city that balances its roles as a cultural hub and business powerhouse. Its film industry and pristine beaches provide both leisure and economic strength beyond entertainment, fortifying its position as a thriving metropolis.

Economic Dynamism

Tamil Nadu holds the title of the second-richest state in India, with a GSDP of over $300 billion. Its economic vigor comes largely from its stalwart industries, notably automobiles and manufacturing. The presence of these sectors has created a resilient economy that supports a high standard of living and provides ample job opportunities. Here’s a brief overview of its economic standing:

Indicator Value
GSDP $300 billion
Economic Ranking 2nd

Beyond the Economy

But it’s not just the rich economy that makes Tamil Nadu standout. This state offers a unique blend of landscapes, from bustling cities to serene hill stations, and diverse climates that cater to preferences across the spectrum. Its educational system is reputed for excellence, producing graduates that excel in various fields.

Culinary enthusiasts will enjoy the smorgasbord of flavors that Tamil cuisine presents. The state’s dishes are a testament to its rich cultural tapestry, tantalizing your taste buds and leaving you craving more.

In terms of development, Tamil Nadu matches strides with industrially advanced states. Yet, it maintains its cultural essence and ecological harmony, illustrating that progress and tradition can coexist seamlessly. Whether you’re intrigued by educational prospects, career opportunities, or the sheer allure of its history and landscapes, Tamil Nadu presents a compelling case for being one of the best states to live in India.



If you’re seeking a state that balances economic might with a robust quality of life, Haryana stands out as a compelling option. Notable for its clear skies, Haryana leads in terms of air quality, making it a breath of fresh air in the truest sense. This state isn’t just about a healthy environment; it’s a hub of affluence, boasting a high concentration of wealthy individuals.

Known as the Most Developed State in South Asia, Haryana is not just a provincial powerhouse but a beacon of development across the region. Industry thrives here, evidenced by the fact that it stands out as the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, cars, and motorcycles. Here’s a snapshot of Haryana’s industrial prowess:

Industry Haryana’s Ranking
Two-Wheelers Largest Manufacturer
Automobiles Prominent Contributor
Corporate Presence Extensive In Rural Areas

Surpassing its geographical confines, over half of Haryana is part of the bustling Delhi NCR region. In terms of infrastructure, it’s the only state in India that can proudly claim 100% electricity coverage in its rural locales.

When it comes to accolades, Haryana was not just bestowed the title of the finest state to live in India last year due to its economic muscle. It’s also about the living standards it provides. The government’s move to render Gurgaon and Faridabad tax-free zones has transformed them into hotspots for real estate development, making the dream of homeownership more accessible for many.

Education in Haryana has a golden edge, thanks to proximity to revered institutions like Delhi University. This, paired with the state’s vibrant healthcare amenities and lifestyle comforts, forms an inviting picture for potential residents.

Sports and Valor: Haryana’s Heartbeat

Haryana’s soil has bred champions, with numerous sportspersons achieving global recognition. This penchant for sports isn’t just about fame; it tells the story of a state deeply ingrained with a spirit of perseverance and bravery. In fact, Haryana is celebrated for contributing a substantial number of officers and soldiers to the nation’s armed forces, underscoring its repute as the land of the brave.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of the sea, as the warmth of the tropical sun granulates through your windows—welcome to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Located at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, this union territory boasts an idyllic amalgamation of clear skies and serene beaches. Rich in biodiversity, the archipelago is home to a multitude of marine life and exotic birds that make it a nature enthusiast’s sanctuary.

When considering the Andaman and Nicobar Islands as a place to live, your focus may be on the peaceful lifestyle the islands offer. The population density is less than half of the national average, ensuring that you have wide-open spaces and undisturbed peace. The capital, Port Blair, is a hub of activity yet retains a laid-back charm that’s hard to find in mainland cities.

  • Economic Opportunities: Despite their remote location, the islands offer a thriving economy based on tourism, agriculture, and fishing. With ongoing developmental projects, including improved connectivity and infrastructure, job prospects are continuously emerging.
  • Sustainable Living: The local government has initiated several eco-friendly policies to preserve the natural beauty of the islands. Sustainable practices are not a choice but a way of life here, which might resonate with you if you’re keen on environmental conservation.

The Union Territory also places great importance on education and healthcare, with several educational institutions and healthcare facilities spread across the islands. Although smaller in scale compared to mainland metropolises, the quality of education and healthcare services is commendable, owing to the tight-knit community and the administration’s focus on essential services.

What sets the Andaman and Nicobar Islands apart is their unique cultural tapestry. The melding of indigenous tribes with mainland Indian, Myanmar and Southeast Asian influences creates a vibrant cultural scene that’s both fascinating and enriching. Festivals, cuisine, and art forms here are unlike any other, and embracing this cultural diversity can be a delightful experience.

Whether it’s the serenity, the jobs in the burgeoning sectors, or the pristine environment that draws you in, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer a unique and unmatched living experience. With their ethos rooted in conservation and community well-being, these islands could very well be your next home.



As you explore the mosaic of India’s top states, you’ll find that Karnataka stands out with a robust economy and a GSDP of over 150 billion. Being the fourth wealthiest state in India, Karnataka’s economic stability is underpinned by a dynamic duet of agriculture and industry. The main cash crop here is sugarcane, but it’s the diverse job market that might catch your eye. In fact, a significant portion of the population is employed in agriculture, contributing massively to the state’s prosperity.

Not just resting on the laurels of traditional sectors, Karnataka boasts one of the most advanced IT industries in the nation. Its capital, Bengaluru, is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, home to leading IT and software development enterprises. Whether it’s biotechnology or aerospace, Karnataka is a hub of innovation, offering you a bouquet of employment opportunities.

Here are some key insights into Karnataka’s diverse economic landscape:

Sector Contribution to Economy
Agriculture Substantial, led by sugarcane
Industry IT, biotechnology, aerospace
Workforce Predominantly employed in agriculture

Beyond its economic prowess, Karnataka shines in areas of living conditions and education. It was dubbed the best state to live in India last year, partly due to its renowned literacy rates and educational institutions like Bangalore University. Providing superb healthcare and educational facilities, the state stands testament to robust development rates in these domains.

Karnataka’s acknowledgment as a best-governed state reflects in its unmatched industrial and agricultural growth. The state has not only scaled the heights of the industrial sector but also preserved its agrarian roots, presenting you with a balanced blend of the modern and the traditional.

If you’re a culture vulture or a history buff, you’ll be intrigued to know about Punjab, a state with a regal past and cultural significance. This erstwhile empire once ranked as India’s wealthiest and has graced the world stage with its profound contributions.


Continuing your journey to find the best state to live in India, you’ll come across Meghalaya. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and unique culture, Meghalaya is a place where nature’s beauty is abundant and life seems to follow a tranquil pace. Here, the Living Root Bridges stretch like a testament to the harmonious relationship between man and nature, while Mawlynnong Village boasts of the title ‘Cleanest Village in Asia’.

In the heart of this serene state lies Shillong, the capital city. With its rolling hills and pleasant climate, it’s no wonder that it’s been affectionately dubbed the ‘Scotland of the East’. Shillong isn’t just about the views, though; it’s a city where food and music blend to create a vibrant cultural scene. Whether it’s sampling flavorful dishes or swaying to the rhythms of local bands, you’ll find that the city is very much alive and inviting.

Apart from its cultural tapestry, Meghalaya is the go-to destination for cave enthusiasts, offering some of the most spectacular spelunking experiences in India. Coupled with one of the world’s finest golf courses, it’s a state that caters to a variety of interests.

The state’s wealth of natural resources, exemplified by its plentiful water supply, allows for many recreational activities. From peaceful picnic spots to tourist attractions, you’ll never be short of places to unwind. The verdant forest cover further adds to the natural allure, providing not just scenic beauty but fresh, clean air.

As you delve deeper into what makes Meghalaya truly special, you’ll hear heartwarming stories about its people. The local population mirrors the environment’s purity—welcoming, cultured, and helpful—making you feel at home no matter where you’re from.

Nestled within the northeastern part of India, Meghalaya stands as a hidden gem that’s both peaceful and inviting. Embrace the simplicity and the slower pace of life; in Meghalaya, you might just find that elusive balance you’ve been searching for.

Ideal Factors of Best State to Live in India

When you’re considering the best state to settle in, various factors come into play. These range from the climate to the cost of living and the availability of education and healthcare facilities. Let’s delve into some of these key elements that make a state stand out as an ideal place to call home.


The climate of a state is one of the primary aspects that can sway your decision. It affects not only your daily comfort but also your health and lifestyle choices. Consistent and Pleasant Weather Patterns enhance your quality of life. For instance, states like Kerala are heralded for their tropical climate, providing a comfortable environment for residents almost year-round. In contrast, the cooler climate in hill states like Meghalaya attracts those looking for a serene and tranquil living experience. Your preference might align with warm coastal weather or the temperate conditions found in the northern plains.

Cost of Living

Balancing your finances is pivotal when moving to a new state. The Cost of Living includes housing, utilities, groceries, and other necessities. States offering Tax Incentives, such as tax-free statuses in cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad, can significantly reduce your financial burden. It’s essential to compare living expenses with the average income levels to ensure that you can maintain or improve your living standards. For example, cities like Chennai boast an almost equivalent cost of living to Bangalore or Hyderabad but with a lower crime rate, making it an attractive city for budget-conscious individuals.

Education and Healthcare Facilities

Access to Quality Education is a determinant for families and individuals aiming for personal growth and skill development. Renowned universities, such as Delhi University, contribute to the appeal of living in states like Haryana, where education standards are high. Alongside, excellent Healthcare Facilities ensure your well-being is prioritized. Kerala, for instance, is noted for its best healthcare, reflected in its high household income and quality of life. The combination of top-tier educational institutions and state-of-the-art medical facilities define a state’s livability, drawing in those who value access to superior services and opportunities.


Deciding on the best state to live in India hinges on your personal needs and preferences. Whether you’re swayed by the soothing climates of Kerala and Meghalaya or the economic practicality of cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Remember that access to top-notch education and healthcare is paramount and can be found in states like Haryana and Kerala. Ultimately, your choice should reflect a balance of these critical factors to ensure you’re not just residing but thriving in a place that feels like home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which state is richest in India?

Maharashtra is currently the wealthiest state in India when considering the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as of the 2023-24 financial year.

Which are the top 3 states in India?

The top three states in India, in terms of area, are:

  1. Rajasthan
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Maharashtra

Which state is cheapest to live in India?

Kolkata, Kochi, and Kanpur are among the cheapest cities to live in India, with Uttar Pradesh having the lowest overall cost of living in the country.

Which city is richest in India?

Mumbai is recognized as the richest city in India, acting as the central hub for finance and commerce with the presence of key financial institutions and multinational corporations.

Which state is very good in India?

Maharashtra ranks as the best-performing state in India according to the rankings released by CareEdge, considering various financial and social indicators.

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