Top Picks: Best Tattoo Artist in India

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect tattoo artist in India can be as thrilling as it is daunting. With a vibrant spectrum of styles and a rich tradition in the art form, India’s tattoo scene is flourishing. You’re spoilt for choice, from seasoned veterans who’ve inked celebrities to rising stars pushing creative boundaries.

Amongst the bustling streets and cultural tapestry, some artists stand out for their exceptional skill and dedication to the craft. They’ve honed their talent through years of experience, earning not just national but international acclaim. Whether you’re after a delicate design or a statement piece, these maestros can translate your vision into ink.

Tattoo Artist Eric D’Souza

Tattoo Artist Eric D’Souza

Discovering Eric D’Souza of Iron Buzz Tattoos in your quest for exceptional ink is like finding a treasure in the bustling city of Mumbai. With over a decade of experience under his belt, Eric’s foray into the world of tattooing began at the tender age of 19. His dedication and passion for the art have seen him evolve into a prominent figure in India’s tattoo landscape.

Eric’s skills are not confined to a single style, but rather span across various forms including photorealistic tattoos, surrealism, dot works, and geometric patterns. What makes his work stand out is his unique ability to combine realistic elements with geometric designs, creating tattoos that are both intricate and aesthetically striking.

As a testament to Eric’s craft, he became the First Indian Tattoo Artist to receive an international accolade, solidifying his status as a top-tier talent. This recognition is a nod to his relentless pursuit of perfection and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of tattoo artistry.

When you visit Iron Buzz Tattoos, you’re not just getting a tattoo; you’re getting a piece of art carefully crafted by a seasoned artist. Eric’s proficiency isn’t just in the creation of tattoos—he educates and guides you through the process, ensuring your vision is impeccably translated onto your skin.

  • Year of Establishment: 2013
  • Styles Mastered: Hyper-realistic, Fine-line, Realistic fused with Geometric
  • Awards: Internationally recognized for excellence

His studio, known for its strict adherence to safety and hygiene, provides a professional environment where you can comfortably embark on your tattoo journey. Whether you’re looking for something delicate or a statement piece that turns your body into a living canvas, Eric’s hands assure you of a masterpiece etched with precision and care.

Tattoo Artist Archana Bhanushali

Tattoo Artist Archana Bhanushali

Exploring the vibrant tattoo scene in India brings us to another notable name, Archana Bhanushali. Your quest for a unique and customized piece of body art may well end with her. As a prominent figure among India’s best tattoo artists, she emerges from the bustling city of Mumbai. Holding a degree in commercial arts, Archana has etched her mark in the industry not just with her skillful ink work but also with her academic background enriching her artistry.

In the realm of tattooing, finding an artist who resonates with your vision is crucial. Archana’s journey in the tattoo world began as a mere hobby, but her dedication transformed it into a profession revered by many. What’s compelling is how she drew inspiration from iconic figures in the tattoo industry and channelled it into her growth as an artist. With time, her repertoire expanded, and now she stands as a testament to what relentless practice can achieve.

Days spent honing her craft have paid off, and her ability to breathe life into realistic tattoos is nothing short of remarkable. Portraits that resemble snapshots captured on skin are a specialty of hers. It’s not just her technical prowess that attracts clients; her knack for tailoring designs to individual preferences makes her stand out. She doesn’t just tattoo; she collaborates with you to create a living work of art.

Celebrities and tattoo aficionados alike seek out her studio, where techniques merge with storytelling. As a testament to her talent, Archana Bhanushali has secured her place among India’s top-rated tattoo artists, making her a prime choice for those seeking a piece that goes beyond aesthetics and speaks directly to their persona. Whether you’re contemplating a subtle symphony of lines or a vivid pictorial narrative, her portfolio assures you’re in capable hands.

Tattoo Artist Jessie Verve

Embarking on your tattoo journey takes more than just choosing a design; it’s about finding an artist who resonates with your vision and aesthetics. Among the most celebrated and ingenious tattoo artists in India is Jessie Verve. Nestled in the heart of creativity, Verve Tattoo Studio serves as a canvas for her innovation and unparalleled skill.

With a steady hand and an eye for detail, Jessie Verve has carved out a reputation for delivering high-quality tattoos with a personal touch. Her work echoes a signature style that blends contemporary art with traditional tattoo techniques, ensuring that each piece she creates is not only a work of art but also a story etched in skin.

The diversity in her portfolio is a testimony to her adaptability and commitment to meeting client expectations. Whether you’re looking for intricate geometric designs, bold traditional motifs, or delicate watercolor tattoos, Jessie’s precision and flair cover the broad spectrum of demand. Her ability to translate personal narratives into lasting imprints is what places her among the top talents in the industry.

As the tattoo culture flourishes across India, Jessie’s presence in the Top 10 Tattoo Artists of India is a testament to her skill and dedication. Below is the current list of top-rated tattoo artists in the country, with Jessie proudly holding a spot:

Rank Artist Name
1 Sunny Bhanushali
2 Lokesh Verma
3 Eric D’Souza
4 Allan Gois
5 Sameer Patange
6 Manjeet Singh
7 Archana Bhanushali
8 Rachit Jadoun
9 Jessie Verve
10 Sakhi Panwar

As India’s tattoo scene diverges from metropolitan hotspots to more secluded studios, the breadth and quality of artistry continue to soar. Jessie Verve’s unwavering pursuit of perfection and her ability to forge an emotional connection through her tattoos make her a sought-after artist nationwide. Every stroke of ink she applies is a step forward in the evolution of Indian tattoo artistry.

Tattoo Artist Allan Gois

Tattoo Artist Allan Gois

Delving into the Indian tattoo landscape, you’ll find Allan Gois, a standout figure whose creations are turning heads. Based in the bustling city of Mumbai, Allan Gois is a principal artist at Aliens Tattoo Studio. Despite his young age, Allan has mastered a plethora of tattoo styles and carved a niche for himself in the tattoo community.

Starting off with missteps that served as valuable lessons, Allan’s journey through the art of tattooing is a testament to his resilience and growth. From an apprentice to a mentor and now a director at Aliens Tattoo Studio, he’s navigated his path with a flair for innovation and a commitment to excellence. His expertise lies in hyperrealistic tattoos, a genre that requires meticulous attention to detail and a steady hand.

Achievements Details
International Awards Nominated and won various accolades
Hyperrealism Expertise Known for exceptional realistic works
Studio Director at Aliens Tattoo Studio

You’ll find that Allan’s portfolio basks in diversity, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of his skills. What sets him apart is not just his technical proficiency but his drive to push the envelope, creating tattoos that resonate with both his clients and the larger tattoo-watching world.

His work has captured the attention of celebrities and tattoo aficionados alike, marking him as one of India’s most sought-after tattoo artists. Allan’s commitment to the craft and his continuous effort to perfect his skills make him a key player in the rise of the Indian tattoo industry. With an eye for the smallest of details and a passion for creating living art, Allan Gois’s creations are more than mere ink on skin—they are stories told through needles and hues.

Tattoo Artist Sunny Bhanushali

Tattoo Artist Sunny Bhanushali

When you’re delving into the intricate world of body art in India, Sunny Bhanushali emerges as a prominent figure. His mastery in photorealistic tattoos sets him apart in the bustling Mumbai scene. Bhanushali is often praised for his trend-setting approach, having cultivated a niche for himself within the conceptual art space, particularly with Hindu mythological themes.

His studio, Aliens Tattoo, is not just a workspace but a hub for innovation and creativity. As the owner and one of the driving forces behind its success, Sunny has etched his mark not just on skin but in the tattoo industry. His reputation has even captivated the attention of celebrities, including famed cricketer Virat Kohli.

The Top 10 Tattoo Artists in India for 2023, a list that holds considerable clout in the industry, places Bhanushali in the number one spot. Other notable names gracing this list include Lokesh Verma and Manjeet Singh, reflecting the diversity and skill present in the country.

Rank Artist
1 Sunny Bhanushali
2 Lokesh Verma
3 Eric D’Souza
4 Allan Gois
5 Sameer Patange
10 Sakhi Panwar

Achieving such a high ranking is a testament to Bhanushali’s dedication to his craft. His accomplishments are remarkable, and despite the fame, his drive for continuous learning and improvement remains unabated.

What sets Bhanushali apart? His ability to translate complex mythological narratives into remarkable visual art. Whether it’s the depth of a deity’s gaze or the intricacy of ancient symbols, each tattoo he creates is a reflection of precision and passion. His portfolio is a testament to an artist who’s always pushing boundaries, ensuring every piece of art is a bespoke masterpiece that tells its own unique story.

Tattoo Artist Manjeet Singh

When you’re searching for exemplary tattoo artists in India, Manjeet Singh stands out as a distinguished figure. Delving into his accolades, you’ll find that Manjeet is not just an artist but a Guinness World Record holder. His achievements have propelled him into an elite circle, ranking him among the Top 100 Tattoo Artists worldwide.

Manjeet’s skill set is not confined to the local scene; his reputation spans the globe. Renowned for his finesse and artistry, Manjeet has become a cornerstone of the tattoo landscape. Manjeet Tattooz, with locations in Delhi and Chandigarh, caters to a diverse clientele, including international visitors.

Should this be your maiden tattoo adventure or an addition to your personal gallery, the assurance is absolute—Manjeet Tattooz pledges an expressive and timeless tattoo that will be a testament to your individuality. The studio’s prominence is reflected in the demand for Manjeet’s artistry, especially in Delhi, the pulsating heart where trends are set and standards are defined.

Beyond his inking prowess, Manjeet’s journey reflects a deep commitment to his craft. Pioneering his career post-secondary education, he honed his talents through painting and drawing, initially working as a movie poster artist. This phase refined his ability to capture vivid imagery, laying a firm foundation for his entry into the world of tattooing. Inspired by great artists like Ram Kumar and Victor Portugal, Manjeet’s designs are a synthesis of innate talent and learned precision.

Success Stories and Global Influence

Manjeet Singh’s impact as an artist extends far beyond the borders of India. Having carved a niche for himself in the international arena, he is a lodestar for aspiring tattoo artists. Being hailed as the Best Portrait Tattoo Artist at India’s Second International Tattoo Convention is a testament to his preeminence.

His studio stands as a beacon for everyone seeking exceptional artistry in tattoos. Whether it’s a nuanced portrait or a bold abstract piece, you’re assured a work of art that mirrors the highest standards of excellence. The studio has etched its name in the chronicles of the tattoo community, not only as a place of service but as a sanctuary where art and passion converge.

Tattoo Artist Rachit Jadoun

Tattoo Artist Rachit Jadoun

Stepping into the vibrant landscape of Indian tattoo artists, you’ll encounter the skilled Rachit Jadoun, hailing from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. In an era where talent and speed often converge, Jadoun has distinguished himself not only through his artistic prowess but also by setting a remarkable world record. Your search for hyperrealistic tattoos may well end with Jadoun’s expertise, a testament to his representation of India’s dynamic tattoo scene.

Career accomplishments for a tattoo artist can serve as benchmarks for both mastery and artistry. Rachit Jadoun’s ascent within the inking community is marked by his notable achievement of winning a Harvard Record in 2022. His swift rise to fame is credited to the creation of hyperrealistic tattoos and sketches executed within the staggering time frame of just one hour—a feat that has solidified his standing as a world record holder.

The allure of realistic tattoos lies in their ability to imitate life with astonishing accuracy, and pinning down an artist who excels in this field is crucial. Jadoun, with a knack for realism and dot-style tattoos, provides you with an array of choices for your inking desires. His portfolio flourishes with designs that navigate the challenges of detailed art, boasting a versatile range that has catapulted him into high demand.

Achievement Year Details
Harvard Record 2022 For hyperrealistic tattoos within an hour
Celebrity Client Priyam Garg, Nikhil Gangta, and others

Beyond the confines of record-setting, Jadoun has also inked several high-profile figures, rendering his services to the likes of sports personalities and renowned singers, including Javed Ali. After an interlude with Aliens Tattoo studios, the pandemic led Jadoun to a bold decision to establish his own identity within the industry through True Tattooz, a personal venture poised to etch new stories with each design crafted in his Uttar Pradesh studio.

As your journey unfolds through India’s tattoo tapestry, the narrative weaves through individual milestones of artists like Jadoun, whose dedication extends into creating enduring trademarks on the canvas of skin. Venture deeper into this realm, and you’ll witness raw passions transforming into indelible marks of expression.

Tattoo Artist Sameer Patange

Venturing into the heart of India’s tattoo culture, you’ll likely encounter the name Sameer Patange, a visionary known for his ink that graces the skin of celebrities and tattoo aficionados alike. His journey began sparingly at the age of 18, unravelling a passion that would soon transcend the societal stigma that once labelled tattooing as frivolous. Sameer Patange is a testament to where zeal and artistry can take you, blossoming from nascent self-taught skills in painting and sketching to the sought-after artist he is today.

His establishment, Kraayonz Tattoos, is more than a studio; it’s a hub where creativity and skill merge, offering patrons a chance to wear bespoke art. Sameer’s mastery of the needle has drawn in a clientele that includes a roster of A-list celebrities such as Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Sushmita Sen. These collaborations not only highlight his prestige but also showcase an unmatched finesse in the Indian tattoo scene.

The BBC feature on Sameer Patange catapulted him to recognition beyond borders, affirming his role as a key figure in contemporary tattoo art. His signature works include hyperrealistic depictions of figures like Lord Krishna, which demand nothing short of awe. But it’s not just talent that makes Sameer stand out; his commitment to the growth of the tattoo industry is evident. As a member of the India Tattoo Artist Association, Sameer actively participates in conventions and events fostering a robust community where the art of tattooing is celebrated and propelled forward.

While Sameer’s awards and accolades bear witness to his achievements, it’s the stories inked on skin that speak volumes of his dedication. Whether it’s crafting intricate realism or encapsulating personal narratives, Sameer’s work resonates with a genuineness that keeps his studio buzzing with clients from across the nation. In the vast tapestry of India’s tattoo artists, Sameer Patange continues to be a name synonymous with innovation and artistry.

Tattoo Artist Lokesh Verma

Tattoo Artist Lokesh Verma

Delving into the vibrant tapestry of India’s tattoo industry, Lokesh Verma stands out as a luminary amidst the bustling cityscape of New Delhi. Born and bred in the capital, Verma embarked on his tattooing voyage right in the heart of India, progressively etching his name in the global tattoo arena. With his groundbreaking studio, Devilz Tattoos, Verma has cultivated a hub for creativity, showcasing the prowess of over 24 skilled tattoo artists, including international talent.

As the founder of the First International Tattoo Festival, named the Heartwork Tattoo Festival back in 2019, he’s not just an artist but a visionary shaping the landscape of tattoo art. His innovative spirit is exemplified by his work with sound wave tattoos, a niche that distinguishes him from his peers. Moreover, Verma’s contributions to tattoo education are notable, with his teaching role at Academia Tie Polo, the world’s first Tattoo University in Italy, marking him as a pioneer from Asia in this educational field.

In the realm of aesthetics, Lokesh Verma’s portfolio resonates with versatility. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate lines of geometrical tattoos or the depth and realism of photorealistic tattoos, your search for an artist who can embody your personal narrative into art stops with Verma. His approach to tattooing transcends mere decoration; it’s about crafting a visual dialogue that weaves your story into your skin.

When you step into the realm of Devilz Tattoos, you’re not just visiting a studio; you’re immersing yourself in an experience curated by one of the trailblazers of the Indian tattoo scene. Verma’s journey from a pioneering local artist to an internationally acclaimed figure has not only set a benchmark but has also enriched the cultural fabric of the tattoo community.

Finding a tattoo artist who resonates with your envisioned ink can be pivotal. With Lokesh Verma, you’re opting for an artist whose hands have mastered the delicate dance of needle and ink and whose work embodies the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Factors to consider when looking for the best tattoo artist in India

When you’re on the hunt for a top tattoo artist, it’s crucial to look beyond the buzz and really dig into what makes an artist stand out. So, as you navigate your options, here are some pivotal considerations to help ensure you end up with a tattoo you’re ecstatic about.

Artistic Skills and Style

First and foremost, artistic prowess is paramount. Each tattoo artist brings their unique flair and expertise to the table, which is evident in their portfolio. It’s vital to scrutinise their past work to understand their skill level and versatility. Are you captivated by bold, vivid colours, or do you prefer the subtlety of fine-line black-and-grey tattoos? Determining the artist’s specialisation will guide you to someone whose style aligns with your vision.

Additionally, creativity plays a significant role. The best artists can take your ideas and elevate them, weaving in original elements that resonate with your personality. An artist’s ability to collaboratively design something distinctive is a green light that you’re heading in the right direction.

Safety and Hygiene Practices

In the realm of tattoos, cleanliness is not just next to godliness—it’s essential. Safety and hygiene cannot be understated when it comes to body art. Professional tattooists maintain impeccable hygiene in their studios, using disposable needles and wearing gloves to prevent any chance of infection.

A good practice to look for is the use of autoclaves for sterilising equipment, and artists should always be forthcoming with information about their safety protocols. If you find an artist who takes pride in their cleanliness and client health, you’re onto a winner.

Experience and Reputation

Experience often equates to expertise. Tattoo artists who have been in the industry for years have had ample time to hone their skills and work through a range of styles and challenges. Those with longevity typically have a strong reputation – this can manifest through word-of-mouth recommendations, testimonials, or consistent positive online reviews.

The reputation also extends to professional behaviour. Respected artists in the industry are known for their ethical practices and dedication to the craft. They’ll be transparent about their process and eager to discuss their previous work, ensuring you feel confident in their ability to bring your tattoo to fruition. Look for artists who not only showcase their art but also display the testimony of satisfied clients. Checking their recognition by peers and any awards they’ve received can be additional indicators of their standing in the tattoo world.

Remember, the best tattoo artists aren’t just skilled with a needle – they’re also trusted, respected members of the tattoo community.

Traditional Indian Tattoos

When you’re exploring India’s tattoo landscape, traditional Indian tattoos can’t be missed. These tattoos are deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage. Often composed of intricate patterns and symbols, these designs have been adapted by generations. You’ll see the Om symbol emerge as a timeless choice, popular among those who want a spiritual or religious emblem. Other designs might include mandalas, which are complex and represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, and deities like Ganesha or Shiva, which are not just visually stunning but also carry a breadth of meaning.

Artists specialising in traditional tattoos frequently use vibrant colours and patterns that are characteristic of Indian art forms. Incorporating a range of motifs from peacocks – symbolising grace and beauty – to lotus flowers – denoting purity and spiritual awakening – traditional tattoos narrate tales of India’s mythology and customs.

Modern and Contemporary Tattoos

Dive into the artistry of modern and contemporary tattoos and you’ll notice a stark transformation from those traditional roots. Indian tattoo scenes cater to the avant-garde preferences with styles such as dot work and watercolor effects gaining popularity. Artists harness innovative techniques to create tattoos that resemble paintings with subtle gradations and vibrant tones that challenge the boundaries of classical tattooing.

You’ll find that these modern tattoos often depict scenes from nature, abstract designs, or even pop culture elements. As the industry evolves, artists are also embracing realism, bringing to life lifelike portraits and landscapes on skin. More than just a trend, these modern tattoos represent personal stories and are often chosen to mark significant life events, making each piece uniquely symbolic to the wearer.

Fusion and Customized Tattoos

In your quest for something uniquely you, don’t overlook fusion and customized tattoos. Blending the traditional with the modern, fusion tattoos create an artistic amalgam that’s catching eyes across the globe. Artists like to integrate elements of iconic Indian art with contemporary aesthetics to craft custom designs that reflect an individual’s story or identity.

Custom tattoos are all about collaboration – you work closely with your artist to conceive a design that’s tailored to your vision. Whether it’s combining geometric patterns with naturalistic themes or embedding personal mementos into a traditional motif, the possibilities are limitless. Custom pieces offer you the chance to transform your thoughts and experiences into a form of everlasting art.

Tips for finding and choosing the right tattoo artist in India

Research and Reviews

When you embark on the journey to find the right tattoo artist in India, start with thorough research. The internet is a trove of information where customer reviews and artist rankings make it easier to shortlist potential artists. Look for artists who excel in the style you desire, be it traditional, modern, or fusion. Dive into social media platforms and tattoo forums; these are gold mines for unfiltered opinions and experiences of previous customers. Remember, an artist’s reputation is often reflected in the satisfaction of their clientele.

Portfolio and Previous Work

An artist’s portfolio is a window into their soul, showcasing the spectrum of their skills and artistic flair. As you browse through their portfolios, pay attention to the quality and consistency of their work. Sharp lines, smooth shading, and vivid colors are markers of a skilled artist. Don’t hesitate to ask how much of their portfolio consists of custom pieces. A versatile artist will have experience across various styles but look for someone who aligns with your vision.

Consultation and Communication

Before making your final decision, arrange a face-to-face consultation. This opportunity enables you to gauge the artist’s professionalism and willingness to collaborate on your design. It’s crucial that your chosen artist listens to your inputs and communicates their ideas clearly. A true professional will discuss placement, color, size, and aftercare openly. During the consultation, observe the studio’s hygiene practices. A clean and well-maintained studio indicates not only respect for the craft but also concern for your safety and well-being.


Embarking on your tattoo journey in India requires careful consideration, but with the right approach, you’ll find an artist who can bring your vision to life with skill and precision. Remember to do your homework, scrutinise portfolios, and never underestimate the power of a good consultation. It’s your body and your story that’ll be inked for a lifetime, so ensure the studio’s standards and the artist’s expertise align with your expectations. Trust in your choice, and you’re set to join the ranks of those who proudly wear their art on their skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dhoni have tattoos?

Yes, former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni has several tattoos, including a prominent tribal design on his bicep that reflects his love for bikes and adventurous spirit.

Who is the most expensive tattoo artist in India?

Anil Gupta is known to be one of the most expensive and renowned tattoo artists in India, with a significant portfolio and many years of experience in the industry.

Should I trust my tattoo artist?

Trust in a tattoo artist is paramount. You should always ensure that the artist has a good reputation, adheres to strict hygiene standards, and displays professionalism before proceeding with a tattoo.

How do I trust my tattoo artist?

To trust a tattoo artist, look for consistent and sharp linework in their portfolio, listen to feedback from previous clients, and ensure they follow health and safety precautions meticulously.

Who is India’s fastest tattoo artist?

India’s fastest tattoo artist is Pradeep Mulani from Nagpur, who set a world record by completing 448 tattoos in 22 hours.

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