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Top Tea Powders in India (Best Sellers)

Exploring the best tea powder in India isn’t just about taste; it’s a journey through a rich tapestry of flavours and aromas. You’re on the hunt for that perfect blend that’ll make your tea shop the talk of the town. From the delicate notes of white tea to the robust character of Oolong, there’s a whole world of options at your fingertips.

And it’s not just about pleasing the palate. You’re looking for a tea that offers more—health benefits, a unique taste experience, perhaps even a touch of tradition. Whether it’s the antioxidant-packed Oolong, the subtle sweetness of white tea, or the refreshing kick of peppermint, we’ve got the scoop on what makes a tea powder stand out.

Keep reading to discover the tea powders that are not only a hit among connoisseurs but also offer something special for your customers’ well-being. Let’s find out which tea powder can claim the title of the best in India and why it deserves a place on your shelf.

Taj Mahal Tea

Taj Mahal Tea

When you’re on the hunt for a tea blend that promises a regal experience, Taj Mahal Tea might just be what you’re looking for. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea has been celebrated for over forty years, known for its top-of-the-line offerings in the Indian tea market. It’s often seen as the epitome of premium tea choices, revered by connoisseurs across the country.

The Taj Mahal Tea range includes a variety of options, from tea powders to tea bags, catering to diverse preferences and occasions. What sets it apart is the Unique Flavor Lock pack, which ensures the tea’s freshness, aroma, and taste are preserved from the estates until it reaches your cup.

Variant Price (INR) Packaging
Taj Mahal Tea Powder 500/kg Unique Flavor Lock Pack
Taj Mahal Tea Bags 126/box Airtight Sealed Tea Bags

The brand’s commitment to excellence is evident in the carefully selected rarest tea leaves. These are meticulously dried, preserved, and blended, resulting in a tea powder that stands out for its flavor profile and quality. The Taj Mahal Tea has a medium caffeine content, striking a balance between an energizing cup and one that won’t overstimulate.

Best-selling variants like the Taj Mahal Rich and Strong Tea Bags and the Classic Tea Powder embody a strong flavor and a rich aroma. They provide an instant rush of energy, making them great for your morning routine or as an after-dinner refreshment. The brand’s flagship products boast of an Optimal Combination of strength and taste, guaranteed to elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Remember, the longevity of your tea’s freshness is crucial. With Taj Mahal Tea’s 12-month shelf life from packaging, it retains its quality and taste for a considerable period. At a price point of Rs 500 per kg, it’s an investment in your daily moments of indulgence. Dressing up your tea rituals with Taj Mahal Tea transforms them into a luxurious affair. Enjoy the blend’s unique character, knowing you’re sipping on one of India’s Best Tea Powders.

Tata Tea

When you’re sifting through the myriad of tea options in India, you’ll undoubtedly come across the esteemed Tata Tea. A powerhouse in the tea industry, Tata Tea boasts an impressive line-up of teas catering to a diverse palette. Their tea range encompasses flavors that suit every tea lover’s taste, whether you prefer a robust black tea or a zesty masala chai. Each variant of Tata Tea promises a unique blend and a Distinctive Taste that sets it apart from the rest.

Among the top-selling variants, Tata Tea Gold stands out. It’s a blend that has captured the hearts of many with its rich aroma and a perfect balance of strength and aroma. Known for its Assam long leaf, Tata Tea Gold provides a taste that’s both delicate and robust, catering to connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Another variant that garners a lot of attention is the celebrated Tata Tea Premium. It’s crafted to perfection, keeping different Indian regions in mind, providing a truly customized experience.

Best-Selling Variants Description
Tata Tea Gold A blend with rich aroma, made from Assam long leaf.
Tata Tea Premium Specially crafted with a regional taste match preference.

While Tata Tea is renowned for its signature Assam Black Teas and masala chai blends, its green tea offerings, like the Tata Tea Premium Green Tea, are also gaining traction. The company ensures that even the green tea variants maintain the same level of quality and taste that is synonymous with the Tata Tea name.

Health-conscious consumers are not left out, with options like Tata Tea Agni offering an herbal green tea choice. This variant strikes a balance between the invigorating properties of green tea and the aromatic spices India is famous for. It’s not just about flavor; it’s about a lifestyle choice that aligns with wellness and health.

As you delve deeper into your journey to find the perfect tea, remember that taste preferences are deeply personal. What holds true is that Tata Tea has perfected the art of catering to a vast audience, ensuring you’re likely to find your match within their extensive range. Whether you’re starting your day or looking for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, Tata Tea’s variants are designed to complement every moment.

Waghbakri Tea

Waghbakri Tea

Waghbakri, hailing from Ahmedabad, stands out as one of India’s premium tea brands with Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd. at the helm. As the brand’s strong scent and superior flavour leave an impact, it’s easy to see why it’s conquered the third spot in the nation’s tea market. You’re not just sipping tea; you’re indulging in a tradition that’s been perfected since 1892.

The offerings include a blend of contemporary and traditional flavours. If you’re on the lookout for a vibrant start to your day or a rejuvenating evening break, Waghbakri’s teas are a match for your moment. Their Premium Leaf Tea and Green Tea continue to be among the top contenders in the best-selling category, satisfying a diverse palate with their distinctive tastes and robust aromas.

Best-selling Variants Features
Premium Leaf Tea A classic option with a strong aroma and rich taste.
Green Tea Catering to the health-conscious, this variant combines wellness with flavour.

Designed to suit your convenience, Waghbakri has evolved with the times, introducing instant-ready tea, perfect for vending machines, earning itself a place amidst the fast-paced lives of modern consumers. This seamless integration showcases the brand’s commitment to customer preferences and technological advancements.

As you explore the vast repertoire of teas, you’ll find unique flavours that Waghbakri boasts. These encompass Premium Spiced Tea for a desi twist, refreshing Lemon Tea, the traditional Shudh Kahwa, and the invigorating Organic Darjeeling Green Tea. For those with an inclination towards instant gratification, options like Instant Ginger Tea, Instant Masala Tea, and Instant Elaichi Tea are waiting at the ready.

Beyond taste, Waghbakri aligns with the recognition that tea leaves harbour antioxidants, which shield cells from free radicals’ damage. With every cup of Waghbakri tea, you’re not just enjoying a beverage but also reaping health benefits that have been admired for centuries.

Brooke Bond Red Label

As you delve into the tea culture of India, it’s hard to miss the prominence of Brooke Bond Red Label. This brand isn’t just another name on the shelf; it’s a signature brew that’s been satisfying the palates of countless Indian families for generations. Established in 1903, Brooke Bond Red Label has created its niche as one of the most beloved teas in Indian households.

Known for its Rich Aroma and Deep Flavor, it’s not surprising that Red Label has become synonymous with quality milk tea. The average price sits at an accessible INR 510 per 1kg, making it not just a flavorful but also an economical choice for your daily tea routine. Amidst the transition of India’s tea-tasting traditions, Red Label has stood firm as a revered fixture in many elegant morning spreads.

Brand Variant Key Feature
Red Label Classic Blend Ideal for Milk Tea

If you’re looking to explore the nuanced tastes of Brooke Bond, you can’t go wrong with the enduring classic blend. For those with a preference for a more premium experience, Red Label also offers Brooke Bond Taj Mahal – a selection that tantalizes with its unique aroma and exquisite flavor profile.

When considering what tea to serve during those cherished office breaks or to accompany a plate of crispy fried snacks on a rainy day, remember that you’re not just choosing a beverage but embracing an experience steeped in history. Red Label has earned its reputation by consistently delivering a comforting taste that’s become a staple in the rhythm of Indian life.

Diving into the variety offered by this respected firm, you come across various forms such as tea bags, loose tea leaves, and tea dust. Each variant caters to different taste preferences, ensuring there’s a Red Label tea for every tea lover out there.

While delving into the best tea powders in India, keep in mind that your perfect cup of tea isn’t just about the flavor; it’s about the moment it creates, the memories it invokes, and the delight in every sip. As an iconic brand, Brooke Bond Red Label holds not just the legacy of India’s rich tea history but also a place in the hearts of its people.

Tetley Indian Tea

Tetley Indian Tea

When you’re exploring the vast world of Indian teas, Tetley is a brand that stands out for its commitment to providing a variety of high-quality blends. Tata Tetley, fully embracing the vegan lifestyle, ensures that every sip you take aligns with your plant-based preferences. Whether you’re looking for a robust black tea or a refreshing green tea, Tetley has got you covered with several pack options.

Best-Selling Variants:

  • Tetley Black Tea: With its full-bodied flavour, this classic black tea is a perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day.
  • Tetley Green Tea: Known for its health benefits and subtle taste, this green tea variant is a favourite among health-conscious enthusiasts.

Each Tetley tea bag is packed with flavour and convenience, making your tea-drinking experience both delightful and effortless. With flavours that range from the traditional to the exotic, Tetley caters to a broad spectrum of palates.

For those who enjoy a malty note in their tea, Twinings Assam Tea delivers just that, with its rich and exotic flavours. As a brand, Twinings is renowned for its consistency and quality, and its contributions to agricultural education are as profound as the taste of its tea.

Best-Selling Variants:

  • Twinings Darjeeling Tea: Often referred to as the ‘champagne of teas’ for its delicate flavour profile.
  • Twinings Earl Grey Tea: Aromatic and distinctly flavoured with the essence of bergamot orange.

Choosing the right tea is more than a matter of taste; it’s about the quality and ethics behind the product. Both Tetley and Twinings offer not just a diverse range of flavours but also the assurance of ethical practices that support both the environment and the farming community.

Lipton Tea

Steeping into the world of Lipton, you’ll uncover a brand that’s steeped in history and rich in variety. Thomas Lipton established this iconic name in 1890, and today, it’s owned by Unilever, reaching consumers in over 100 nations. Best known for its robust and economic range, Lipton tea’s unique flavor profile unfurls as it touches hot water, rendering a soul-soothing beverage that’s both delightful and aromatic.

One of Lipton’s best-selling variants, the Lipton Yellow Label, is a classic that has been waking up tea lovers for decades. With its bold, rich flavors, it has become a household staple. For those who lean towards the more delicate side, Lipton Green Tea charms with an infusion that’s as refreshing as it is healthy. It’s favored for its zero-calorie content and medium caffeine kick, making it a go-to option for those focused on well-being and weight management.

In the context of green teas, Lipton stands out with offerings that cater to varied palates. The Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea combines the slight sweetness of honey with a zest of lemon, aligning taste with the health benefits green tea aficionados seek.

  • Lipton Tea’s Notable Variants:
    • Lipton Yellow Label
    • Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea

Meanwhile, Teafloor, a pioneering online tea brand since 2012, selects only the top 1% of leaves from the finest tea plants. Their array of stunning teas and teaware infuses stability and nutrition into every cup. Not to miss is their Chamomile Green Tea, a soothing blend that mingles the calming properties of chamomile with the antioxidant benefits of green tea. Another hit includes their Bombay Cutting Chai, a robust concoction that captures the essence of Mumbai’s street-side tea culture.

  • Top Picks from Teafloor:
    • Chamomile Green Tea
    • Bombay Cutting Chai

Whether it’s a traditional brew or a trendy infusion, Lipton and Teafloor present you with tastes that resonate with every mood and occasion, without compromising on health perks. Explore these blends to add both variety and vitality to your tea times.

Pataka Tea

Pataka Tea

Venturing into the Indian tea market in 2000, Pataka Tea has swiftly established itself as a brand synonymous with strength and affordability. It’s particularly favoured in semi-urban and rural areas where it’s price point and strong taste profile strikes a chord.

Pataka Premium Dust Tea and Pataka Premium Leaf Tea are the flag bearers of the brand’s lineup. The Premium Dust variant offers the robust flavour that has become a staple in many households, while the Premium Leaf ushers in a more nuanced taste for those preferring a milder palette.

The company hasn’t shied away from expanding its repertoire. The Pataka Special Leaf Tea is a testament to their commitment to variety, available in tea bag form which is perfect for those on-the-go moments. With a shelf life of 12 months, you have ample time to enjoy its freshness.

Variant Form Shelf Life
Pataka Premium Dust Tea Loose Tea 12 months
Pataka Premium Leaf Tea Loose Tea 12 months
Pataka Special Leaf Tea Tea Bag 12 months

As you explore the rich tapestry of Indian teas, remember that every brand brings its own unique qualities. Tea leaves brim with antioxidants, countering free radicals and when paired with milk, the humble cup transforms into a concoction rich in calcium, vitamins, and proteins.

Witness the depth of traditional teas with offerings like Tata Tea’s 1868 range. It makes its mark with specialised teas such as Masala Chai, Achari Chai, and Chilli Chai, ensuring that your senses are treated to a fragrant and invigorating experience.

Moving beyond the typical, companies like Kalpagiri endorse a holistic approach to tea production. Their commitment to sustainability, worker welfare and organic growth processes has made them standout providers of whole-leaf teas that are devoid of any artificial flavours or additives.

With a journey through these various brands, your awareness of tea’s intricate world is bound to expand, ensuring you make informed choices that cater to your specific taste preferences. Remember to savor each sip, as the best tea powder experience in India isn’t just about the taste, it’s about the story each brand tells through their careful crafting of blends.

Organic India Tea

When scouting for the finest tea powders in India, you can’t overlook Organic India, particularly if your preference leans towards organic ingredients. Organic India’s range, grown in the pristine Himalayan Foothills, scores high with consumers, boasting commendable ratings for their commitment to health and natural brewing experiences.

Their Tulsi Green Tea lineup is a testament to this ethos, featuring Tulsi Green Tea Classic and Lemon Ginger Tulsi Green Tea as their best-sellers. These variants stand out not just for their organic quality but also because they cater to those who have to avoid milk tea for health reasons. Starting at an affordable INR 149, these teas represent both value and wellness.

Here’s a quick overview of top-rated Organic India teas:

Product Origin Rating
Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Himalayan Foothills 4/4
Organic India Tulsi Ginger Tea Himalayan Foothills 4/4

In your pursuit of the perfect green tea, note that higher quality teas use whole, loose leaves, or long leaf infusions. These offer a richer tapestry of flavour compared to dust tea or crushed leaves, suggesting that the Types of Tea Powders by Organic India lean towards superior quality.

  • Tulsi Green Tea Classic: Ideal for aficionados of traditional blends.
  • Lemon Ginger Tulsi Green Tea: Perfect for those seeking a zingy twist.

Remember, with Organic India, you’re not just choosing tea; you’re opting for a healthier lifestyle. Each sip promises the inherent goodness of Tulsi and other natural ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a morning refreshment or an evening soother, their diverse range certainly has something to satisfy your tea cravings without compromising on health benefits.

Society Tea

Society Tea

Established in 1933 by Hasmukhrai & Co., Society Tea has been a stalwart in the Indian tea market, setting benchmarks for quality and flavour. Mumbai-based, this brand has carved out a reputation for offering a spectrum of blends catering to diverse palates and preferences.

When you delve into Society Tea’s range, you’ll find that Society Premium Darjeeling Tea and Society Tea Assam CTC are among their best-selling variants. These teas are known for their rich aroma and robust flavour, providing an authentic tea experience cherished by enthusiasts nationwide.

  • Society Premium Darjeeling Tea: Often referred to as the ‘champagne of teas’, it’s crafted from leaves sourced from the prestigious gardens of Darjeeling. It’s your go-to option when you crave a lighter, golden-coloured infusion with a distinct muscatel flavour.
  • Society Tea Assam CTC: For those who prefer a bold, malty taste, Society’s Assam CTC presents the perfect choice. It’s a strong, brisk tea that stands up well to milk and is ideal for your morning cuppa.

Moreover, the brand has been ahead of the curve in adopting sustainable practices. Choosing Society Tea doesn’t just tantalize your taste buds but also aligns you with a brand that’s conscious about its environmental footprint.

As for flavour and aroma, Society Tea doesn’t disappoint. Whether you have a penchant for traditional masala chai or are in pursuit of a blend that’s smooth and refreshing without overpowering spices, this heritage brand offers it. Masala Tea, another flagship product, is blended with a variety of traditional Indian spices, making it a favourite for those who enjoy a spicy twist to their daily brew.

With Society Tea, you can expect an exceptional cup that speaks to the legacy and expertise that the brand has nurtured over the years.

Apsara Tea

When you’re exploring the rich and fragrant world of Indian tea powders, Apsara Tea is a brand that demands your attention. With its roots in the tradition-steeped landscapes of India, Apsara Tea captures the essence of high-grade tea leaves through its meticulous cultivation and processing practices.

Apsara Green Tea and Apsara Masala Chai are two of the brand’s top-tier variants that have won over tea lovers nationwide. Apsara Green Tea, renowned for its fresh, delicate flavour and health benefits, is a must-try for those aiming to incorporate wellness into their daily routine. Meanwhile, Apsara Masala Chai, with its aromatic blend of spices and rich tea, cater to those craving a more indulgent and warming cup.

Best-Selling Variants Notable Features
Apsara Green Tea Fresh flavour, Health benefits
Apsara Masala Chai Rich taste, Aromatic spice blend

Indulging in Apsara Tea isn’t just a matter of taste—it’s an experience that engages all senses. The brand’s commitment to quality sees that every batch delivered to your doorstep upholds the highest standard. Whether you’re starting your day or seeking an afternoon pick-me-up, each sip promises a journey through India’s lush tea gardens.

Types of Popular Tea Powders in India

When you’re on the hunt for the best tea powders in India, you’ll come across a variety of types that cater to different tastes and preferences. Let’s delve into some of the most popular ones.

Black Tea

Black tea is highly oxidized and has a strong flavour profile that can range from malty to fruity to smoky. Owing to its bold taste, it’s widely consumed and holds a significant place in Indian households.

  • Tata Tea Premium: Known for its rich taste and strong aroma, this blend sourced mostly from Assam tea gardens is a staple in many homes.
  • Lipton Yellow Label: A robust blend enjoyed around the globe, offering a classic taste synonymous with black tea’s energizing qualities.

Green Tea

Green tea is celebrated for its delicate flavours and noted health benefits, including weight loss and improved metabolism. Its minimal processing retains the natural antioxidants.

  • Organic India Tulsi Green Tea: This variant combines the health benefits of green tea with the sacred Tulsi herb, contributing to relaxation and well-being.
  • Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea: A refreshing blend that fuses the lightness of green tea with the zesty taste of honey and lemon, ideal for those who enjoy a citrusy note.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is not made from the traditional tea plant but rather an infusion of various herbs, spices, and plants, which often yield therapeutic benefits.

  • Tata Tea Tulsi Green: With the infusion of holy basil, this tea provides a calming experience, paying homage to traditional Indian herbal remedies.
  • Organic India Tulsi Ginger: Merging the spicy warmth of ginger with the holy Tulsi, it’s a perfect rejuvenating drink that also aids in digestion.

Masala Tea

Masala tea, also known as Chai, is synonymous with Indian tea culture. It’s a hearty blend of black tea with aromatic spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.

  • Tata Tea Gold: A rich masala chai with an aromatic blend of spices, this one offers a truly Indian tea experience.
  • Brooke Bond Red Label: Its unique combination of spices and tea leaves creates a comforting and balanced cup, embodying a warm, homely feel.

Oolong Tea

An exquisite tea type, oolong is partially oxidized, sitting between green and black tea in terms of colour and flavour, offering a complex character.

  • Twinings Darjeeling Oolong: With a distinct aroma and a light, fruity flavour profile, this tea is an elegant choice for those seeking a sophisticated sip.
  • Teamonk Nilgiri Oolong Tea: Cultivated in the Blue Mountains of India, it gives a smooth experience with subtle floral notes.

White Tea

Renowned for its subtlety and nuanced taste, white tea is the least processed of all, creating a light and naturally sweet beverage.

  • Silver Needle White Tea: The top-tier white tea made exclusively from the first flush of buds, offering a refined and gentle flavour.
  • Golden Tips Darjeeling White Tea: Hailing from the prestigious Darjeeling region, this tea captivates with its delicate taste and aroma, representing the pinnacle of tea craftsmanship.

Loose Tea Leaves vs Tea Bags

When it comes to savouring a cup of tea, you’ve got options. Do you opt for the traditional loose tea leaves or the convenience of a tea bag? Both have their merits, and understanding the difference can elevate your tea-drinking experience.

Loose tea leaves are known for their superior quality and richness in flavor. They’re less processed than the tea found in bags, allowing the leaves more space to uncurl and release their full aroma and essential oils during brewing. You’ll often find that these leaves come in varied sizes and shapes, a sign of their authentic character.

Tea bags, on the other hand, offer unmatched convenience. The pre-measured, neatly packed bags save you time, perfect for when you’re in a rush. However, they often contain smaller pieces of leaves, known as ‘fannings’ or ‘dust’, which can infuse more quickly but might lack the depth of flavor compared to their loose-leaf counterparts.

Best-Selling Variants

For Loose Leaf Enthusiasts:

  • Golden Tips Darjeeling Loose Leaf: Boasting a delicate aroma with a golden hue, this variant is a top seller amongst tea connoisseurs.
  • Assam Bold Loose Leaf by Halmira: Its robust flavor and malty notes make it a favorite for those who enjoy a strong cup.

For Tea Bag Fans:

  • Taj Mahal Tea Bags: These come highly recommended for a balanced blend that’s both aromatic and flavorful.
  • Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Bags: A choice for health-minded individuals, these bags are infused with the goodness of tulsi and green tea.

The debate between loose leaves and tea bags doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. It largely depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. If you’re after gourmet flavors and have a bit more time, loose leaves might be your pick. But if you’re always on the go and value convenience, tea bags could be your best bet.

Remember, the quality of the tea is paramount, regardless of the form it takes. Make sure you store your chosen tea properly to maintain its freshness and flavor profile. Whether you prefer the traditional ritual with loose leaves or the quick fix with a tea bag, there’s a perfect cup of tea waiting for you.


You’ve explored the rich tapestry of India’s finest tea powders, from the robust flavours of black tea to the delicate notes of white tea. You now understand the significance of choosing the right blend that resonates with your taste buds and suits your health needs. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional loose leaf method or the convenience of tea bags, remember that the quality of your tea and how you store it can make all the difference. Finding your perfect cup of tea might seem daunting with so many options, but rest assured, it’s out there. Embrace the journey of discovering it, and you’ll soon be sipping on a brew that’s just right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tea is best for health?

Green tea is often lauded for its health benefits, including its antioxidant properties. Herbal teas such as chamomile and peppermint are also beneficial for their calming effects and digestive aids, respectively.

Which is the No 1 brand tea powder?

Tata Tea, part of Tata Global Beverages Limited, is considered one of the leading tea brands in India, known for its wide range of high-quality tea products.

Which tea powder is used in hotels?

Many hotels and restaurants in India prefer using Tata Tea powder for its consistent quality and taste that caters to a wide consumer base.

What is a good tea to drink daily?

Green tea is commonly recommended for daily consumption due to its antioxidant properties. Herbal teas, like chamomile or lemon balm, can also be enjoyed regularly for their various health benefits.

Which tea powder is best for health?

While green tea is often celebrated for its possible health benefits, black tea also offers a valuable health profile, potentially aiding in the prevention of cognitive decline, inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

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