Top Trolley Bag Brands in India: Style and Durability

Embarking on your next journey requires a trusty travel companion that can withstand the hustle of city streets and the chaos of airports. Your trolley bag isn’t just a container; it’s your on-the-go wardrobe, your personal locker, and sometimes, your only piece of home while travelling. That’s why picking the right brand is crucial.

With a plethora of options, finding the perfect trolley bag that marries durability with style can be daunting. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a weekend voyager, you want a brand that aligns with your travel needs and budget. From the sleek luxury of Samsonite to the affordable quality of American Tourister, India’s best trolley bag brands have got you covered.

American Tourister

American Tourister Trolley Bag

When you’re globetrotting or planning a getaway, an American Tourister trolley bag could very well be your go-to choice. One of the leading brands in India, its trolley bags are not just about functionality, they make a bold fashion statement as well. With their vibrant color variations, you can easily spot your bag on the carousel and express your personality through their wide range of hues.

Key Features

Durability and wheel strength are paramount when it comes to American Tourister. The brand has invested significantly in R&D to ensure that whether you’re navigating cobblestone streets of an old European city or the sleek floors of a modern airport, the four spinner wheels offer a smooth glide without giving way under pressure.

  • High Impact Resistance: Polycarbonate material ensures resilience against the usual wear and tear.
  • Colors to Suit Every Taste: From classic black to fire engine red, match your bag to your style.
  • Locking Mechanism: The built-in TSA-approved locks keep your belongings secure, providing peace of mind as you travel.

The polypropylene models offer a lighter option without compromising on robustness, and let’s not overlook the innovative designs that often come with expandable compartments, providing that extra space when you need it most.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • Vivid Color Range: Make your choice from an array of colors, ensuring your bag stands out.
  • Solid Wheels: Engineered for strength and ease of movement.
  • Reliable Security: State-of-the-art locks to protect your valuables.

American Tourister trolley bags are a testament to quality engineering and stylish design. Whether you opt for the large, medium, small, or cabin sizes, you’re selecting a travel companion that promises to make your journey as smooth and secure as possible, without sacrificing an ounce of style.


Aristocrat Trolley Bag

When you’re on the lookout for a trolley bag that effortlessly blends style with robust functionality, Aristocrat should be on your radar. Their selection of trolley bags is renowned for durability, fashion-forward designs, and a reliable locking system. Let’s dig deeper into what makes Aristocrat stand out in the vast Indian luggage market.

Robust Polypropylene Construction
Aristocrat utilizes polypropylene for their Airpro range, a material known for its tough and impact-resistant qualities. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your possessions are encased within a shell that can withstand the knocks and bumps of transit.

Variety of Colour Options
Your luggage should reflect your personal style, and Aristocrat trolley bags deliver on that front. They offer a spectrum of shades, from the serenity of Coral Teal Blue to more classic hues, ensuring there’s something for every aesthetic preference.

Impressive Wheel Strength
Journeys often involve maneuvering through crowded terminals and over different terrains. Aristocrat trolley bags come equipped with 8 multidirectional wheels, allowing for seamless movement and taking the strain off your arms.

Enhanced Security Features
Security isn’t overlooked with Aristocrat. Their trolley bags boast a combination lock, so you can travel without fretting over the safety of your contents. Whether you’re navigating a bustling city or waiting at the baggage claim, your luggage is secured.

Here’s what you’d typically find in an Aristocrat trolley bag:

  • Durable and impact-resistant polypropylene material
  • Multiple colour variations to suit your style
  • 8-wheel design for advanced mobility and smooth rolling
  • Combination lock for heightened security

Remember, the right trolley bag serves as more than just a container for your belongings. It’s your travel companion, bearing the brunt of the journey while making a statement about who you are. With a range as expansive and reliable as Aristocrat’s, you’re likely to find the perfect fit for your travels.


Safari Trolley Bag

When searching for the ultimate travel companion, your attention might be caught by Safari—the brand that blends durability and style seamlessly. Safari trolley bags are crafted for toughness, with many models sporting resilient polypropylene or polycarbonate shells. Their strong construction ensures they’re more than capable of withstanding the rigors of travel.

The Safari brand offers a range of color options to suit your personal taste. Whether you prefer classic shades or bolder hues, there’s something to match your energy. Here’s a brief overview of what you might find:

  • Elegant Blacks
  • Classic Navy
  • Bold Reds
  • Vibrant Blues
  • Chic Silvers

But it’s not just about the colors. The wheels on these bags are different, and it’s not only about their cool appearance. The wheel strength is impressive, designed to provide a smooth roll across a variety of terrains, making navigation through bustling airports and streets a breeze.

Practicality is at the forefront with Safari trolley bags. The intelligently designed interiors offer ample space without adding unnecessary weight, ensuring you can pack all your essentials and still move easily from point A to point B. And when it comes to the security of your belongings, these bags don’t take chances. You’ll find most equipped with sturdy locks which may include combination systems to keep your items secure.

It’s worth noting that Safari is more than just trolley bags; they extend their product line to include backpacks and suitcases, all resonating with the same quality and dependability. Depending on the length of your journey or the nature of your travel, you can find the perfect Safari bag to meet your needs—be it a short business trip or a lengthy vacation. With the mix of comfort, style, and endurance, Safari bags stand out as a solid choice for any sojourn.


VIP Trolley Bag

When you’re whisked away in the world of travel, your luggage isn’t just a container for your belongings; it’s a significant aspect of your journey. VIP trolley bags, renowned for their legacy in India, are a testament to this fact. Offering a fine balance between durability and design, VIP bags ensure that your travel experience is both seamless and stylish.

A VIP trolley bag is tailored to fit your myriad travel needs, whether you’re checking in for a long-haul flight or escaping for a quick weekend getaway. It’s not just about having space to pack your essentials; it’s about how your luggage makes you feel. With VIP, you experience the comfort of packing with ease, the confidence in the bag’s resilience, and the panache it brings to your travel persona.

Talking about aesthetics, the color variation in VIP’s lineup is magnificent. You’ve got options ranging from the classic blacks and greys to vibrant blues and reds. No matter your taste, there’s a VIP trolley bag to match your style. Their sophisticated look complements any traveler’s wardrobe, making them not just luggage, but a part of your attire.

Let’s delve into the functional specifics:

  • Wheel Strength: Sustainability and smooth maneuvering are crucial, and VIP bags promise both. The wheels are designed to withstand the test of rough terrains, erratic pulls, and incessant drags, ensuring an effortless glide alongside you.
  • Durability: VIP stands synonymous with robustness. The high-quality material used in the construction of these bags is selected to endure the rigors of travel. Your belongings stay secure within the sturdy confines of a VIP trolley bag’s resilient shell.
  • Locking Mechanism: Security is paramount, and VIP understands that. Each trolley bag is equipped with a locking system that’s designed to give you peace of mind. With a combination of TSA-approved locks and personalized number settings, your belongings are safeguarded against tampering and theft.

In the dynamic world of travel, it’s imperative to choose luggage that complements your pace and embodies your sense of style. VIP trolley bags encapsulate this blend, promising to be reliable travel companions on every trip you embark upon.


Delsey Trolley Bag

When you’re on the hunt for a trolley bag that spells sophistication and practicality, Delsey stands out as a wise choice. This brand has etched its name in the industry since 1946, becoming synonymous with quality travel gear. Delsey’s innovative approach has led them to design luggage that caters to both aesthetic appeal and functional necessity. As you muse over the perfect travel companion, keep in mind that your choice must align with the nature of your journeys.

The Misam range, a notable collection from Delsey, offers trolley bags primarily crafted from ABS. This material is famed for its resilience, though it’s worth noting its susceptibility to damage under extreme temperatures. Yet, these bags are lightweight, which enhances manoeuvrability—a boon for travellers frequently on the move. Geared for short travels, their design encapsulates efficiency for 2-3 day sojourns.

Here’s what you’ll appreciate about the Delsey Misam range:

  • Great brand value
  • Lightweight design
  • Value for money

Despite the merits, it’s essential to be aware of the few limitations. For instance, the absence of laptop compartments in the cabin-sized options may deter tech-savvy users. Moreover, the color palette may seem somewhat limited, particularly when compared to other brands offering a rainbow of hues.

Feature Specification
Outer Material ABS
Casing Hard
Color Options Black, Silver
Lock Type TSA Lock
Laptop Compartment No
Available Sizes Cabin – 55 cms

The wheels are engineered to withstand the rigors of travel, promising strength and durability. While the locking mechanism, a TSA-approved lock, assures security, letting you rest easy as your belongings remain safeguarded.


Wildcraft Trolley Bag

When planning your next adventure, Wildcraft trolley bags are an option you can’t overlook. These bags are crafted to meet the needs of the urban explorer. Take, for instance, the Capella and Sirius lines. Designed for smooth navigation through bustling streets, they feature double wheels that enhance your mobility.

With Wildcraft, you’ve got the flexibility to hit the road with ease:

  • Smooth rolling double wheels for effortless movement
  • Durable materials that withstand the rigours of travel

Their colour variations are another aspect that makes Wildcraft stand out.

Colour Variations and Customisation

Wildcraft doesn’t just offer durability; it also provides aesthetic value with a variety of colour options to reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer muted tones or bold hues, you’ll find a Wildcraft trolley bag that suits your taste.

Wheel Strength and Mobility

The double wheels are crafted with strength in mind, ensuring that even with heavy loads, your trolley bag can glide along with minimal effort. This feature is particularly useful when you’re traversing through crowded airports or city streets, where agility is key.

Durability for the Long Haul

Expect your Wildcraft trolley bag to be a lasting travel companion. The materials are chosen not just for their immediate appeal but for their long-term resilience.

Locking Mechanism for Security

When it comes to security, Wildcraft provides robust locking mechanisms. You can be confident that your belongings are well-protected, whether you’re on a short getaway or a longer expedition.

Remember, with Wildcraft, you’re not just choosing a trolley bag; you’re equipping yourself for the multitude of adventures that lie ahead.


Skybags Trolley Bag

When it comes to marrying style with functionality, Skybags trolley bags stand out. If you’re someone who likes to make a statement with your travel gear, the Skybags Trooper might pique your interest. With its trendy funky print, you’ll spot your luggage from a mile away, turning heads as you traverse through airports or stations. Beyond aesthetics, these bags don’t compromise on substance.

These bags embrace polycarbonate and polypropylene materials, noted for their tenacity and feather-light properties. With scratch-resistant ABS material construction, your Skybags trolley withstands the tribulations of travel, ensuring a pristine look trip after trip. Plus, their waterproof build defies unexpected showers, safeguarding your belongings from the elements.

Skybags trolley bags also boast a variety of colour variations, appealing to every taste. Whether you’re after the classic blacks and greys or want to brighten up your travel ensemble with vibrant reds and blues, there’s a shade for you. This versatility ensures that your luggage is not just practical but also a reflection of your personal style.

Looking at the practicalities, the double wheels of Skybags trolley bags ensure smooth maneuverability. Even when they’re packed to the brim, these wheels offer effortless navigation through crowds and over uneven surfaces. They’re designed for strength and durability, promising you a reliable travel companion for years.

Lastly, the integrated combination lock rounds off the list of essential features. It’s not just any lock but one that gives you peace of mind with enhanced security for your valuables. And being TSA-approved, it simplifies check-ins and security checks, making your travels as seamless as they are stylish.

Size Options:

  • Large: 70 cm or more
  • Medium: 60 to 69 cm
  • Small: Up to 59 cm

Choose according to your travel needs, knowing that any Skybags option brings robustness and panache to your journey.

F Gear

F Gear Trolley Bag

When you’re hunting for trolley bags that embody resilience and affordability, you’d find yourself looking at F Gear. Known for durability and robust construction, F Gear trolley bags have become synonymous with travel reliability. Their main office nestled in the tech city of Bangalore reflects the brand’s innovative approach to design and functionality.

  • Colour Variations: While some brands dazzle with a spectrum of colours, F Gear keeps it focused. The options available are often subtle yet classy, catering to a wide range of personal preferences. The brilliant orange hue in their 3G SMT 4 Atlantis Smart Series particularly stands out, injecting vibrancy into your travel gear.
  • Wheel Strength: Travel can take a toll on luggage wheels, but not so with F Gear’s designs. The brand equips its trolley bags with double wheels that are tough, ensuring they can handle the hustle and bustle of airports and uneven terrains.
  • Durability: One of the key features you look for in luggage is longevity, and F Gear delivers. Tested rigorously, these trolley bags are built to withstand the strains of travel. Strong materials like polycarbonate used in certain models, make these bags suitable for both frequent flyers and adventure seekers alike.
  • Locking Quality: Keeping your belongings safe is paramount. F Gear trolley bags come with robust integrated combination locks. This added layer of security means you can travel with peace of mind, knowing your possessions are well-protected.

Multipurpose pockets with secure zippers further enhance the utility of F Gear trolley bags, providing ample space for organised packing. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, these bags are designed to address all your travel needs with their spacious interiors and orderly pockets.

Incorporating USB charging connectors in some of their trolley bags, such as in the Atlantis Smart Series, F Gear ensures you stay powered up and connected, no matter where your journey takes you. This blend of traditional resilience with modern tech conveniences makes F Gear trolley bags stand out, offering practical solutions for the contemporary traveller.


Samsonite Trolley Bag

When selecting a trolley bag, the brand reputation, durability, and security features are paramount. One viable option is the Samsonite Trolley Bag. These bags are known for their robust polycarbonate construction which is not only lightweight but also remarkably strong, meaning your contents are safeguarded against the rigours of travel.

Consistency in excellence is central to the Samsonite brand. With a sleek Brushed Silver colour, the bags combine aesthetic appeal with practicality. However, colour variations go beyond just silver, offering you a palette that includes black, navy, and even vibrant shades like red and cobalt blue.

The wheel strength of Samsonite trolley bags is notable – the AEROTRACTM suspension system built into the four wheels ensures a smooth and effortless manoeuvrability. This wheel system is designed to absorb shocks and provide stability, crucial for traversing through crowded airports or uneven surfaces.

Trolley Bag Size Dimension
Large Trolley Bags 70 cm+
Medium Trolley Bags 60-69 cm
Small Trolley Bags up to 59 cm

The locking mechanism of Samsonite bags is another feature that can’t be overlooked. The TSA lock is specially designed for travellers, allowing airport security to inspect your luggage without damaging the lock – a clear indicator of the brand’s attention to traveller’s security needs. Further bolstering the security aspect, a double-layer anti-theft zipper system and metallic corner protectors reaffirm that your belongings are securely enclosed.

Durability and security features translate to long-term value, despite a higher price point. At ₹24,799 with an Amazon rating of 3.9 out of 5, the investment into a Samsonite trolley bag aligns with the need for a reliable travel companion that stands the test of time.

When considering your trolley bag options, weigh up the pros and cons of each brand. Remember to always factor in wheel strength, material durability, lock quality, and colour preferences to ensure you select a bag that serves your travel needs best.

Tips for choosing the right trolley bag

When embarking on your travels, selecting the right trolley bag is crucial for a seamless journey. Here are some tips to guide you in making the perfect choice:


Before you decide on a trolley bag, it’s essential to consider the size that fits your travel needs:

  • Small Cabin: Ideal for short trips or as carry-on luggage, ensuring your essentials are within reach.
  • Medium Check-In: Perfect for longer stays, providing ample space for your belongings.
  • Large Check-In: Best suited for extended travel or for those who prefer to have extra packing capacity.

Always check the airline’s baggage policy to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.


Your trolley bag’s material determines not just its appearance but also its performance and longevity.

  • Polycarbonate: Offers robustness and resistance to impacts, handy for frequent travelers.
  • Polyester: Provides flexibility and is lightweight, useful for maneuverability.
  • Vegan Leather: Stylish and eco-friendly, aligning with sustainable travel values.

The choice of material can affect the bag’s weight, feel, and also its environmental impact.


Durability is a non-negotiable aspect of a good trolley bag. Look for features that enhance a bag’s longevity:

  • Strong Wheel System: Ensures smooth transportation and is resilient against tough terrains.
  • Anti-Theft Zippers: Double-layer zippers increase security and peace of mind.
  • Corner Protectors: Metallic corners guard against wear and tear during transit.

To assist further, below is a list highlighting the color variations, wheel strength, durability, and locking quality for some of the top trolley bag brands in India:

Brand Color Variations Wheel Strength Durability Features Locking System
Skybags Blues, Reds, Metallics 4 Spinner Wheels Polycarbonate Hard Shell TSA Lock
American Tourister Vibrant Multi-Colored Sturdy Inline Wheels Polyester Construction Combination Lock
Romeing Earthy Tones, Neutrals Dual Wheels Hard-Sided Protection Key Lock
The Burlap People Natural Burlap Hues Standard Wheels Sustainable Jute Material Zipper Lock
Grains Classic Leather Shades Reinforced Wheels Ahimsa Leather Secure Buckle

Selecting a trolley bag with the appropriate color, wheel strength, material durability, and a reliable locking system will enhance your travel experience. Keep these factors in mind, and you’re well on your way to finding a trolley bag that’s not just a travel necessity but a reflection of your personal style.


Selecting the perfect trolley bag can make all the difference to your travel experience. Remember to weigh up the size, material, and durability against your specific needs. With the variety of options available from top Indian brands, you’re sure to find one that not only meets your travel requirements but also complements your style. Trust in the quality and features of these renowned brands to keep your belongings secure and your journeys smooth. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company bags is best in India?

Creative Dukaan is well-regarded for fashion-forward and functional bags. Other prominent brands include Hidesign, Lavie, Baggit, Lino Perros, Esbeda, and Da Milano, each offering its unique style and quality.

Which brand is popular for bags?

Da Milano is popular for its high-end bags, with prices starting around ₹12,999. Ynique and Hidesign also offer competitive options, with Zouk presenting budget-friendly choices from as low as ₹1,699.

What are the top 5 bag brands in India?

The top 5 bag brands in India based on quality, price, and features are Da Milano, Baggit, Zouk, Lavie, and Caprese.

What’s the best suitcase brand?

For overall best suitcase quality, Samsonite leads the way. American Tourister offers the best value, Travelpro is top-notch for carry-on luggage, SwissGear is recommended for checked luggage, Monos excels in hardside luggage, Briggs & Riley is ideal for softside luggage, and Away is great for new travelers.

Which brand trolley bag is best in India?

For trolley bags in India, consider Safari Ray Polycarbonate, Skybags Stroke ABS, Aristocrat Harbour, and the American Tourister Liftoff, known for their quality wheels and durability.

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