Best Watch Brands in India

Either you have to go to a formal event or informal, without a watch on your wrist, the attire is incomplete. Watches are those types of accessories that add a rich look. Any style, Indian or western, watches are the best way to complete your attire. Watches are considered to be the second most best-selling accessory in India after eyewear and belts. So when you go to buy a new watch, you need to keep in mind the brands. Because, if you go for a local one, it won’t be worth the money, won’t give you a stylish look, and won’t work for a long time. Hence we are here with the best watch brands in India for both men and women.

Different Brands In India For Watches

Wear formal or informal. There are many different brands in India for watches. Among a plethora of watch brands, it is a big confusion about which brands to buy. So here is the list of best watch brands in India. 


Titan (Best Watch Brand In India)


As soon as we hear the word watch, the first brand that comes to mind is Titan. Of course, it has to be; Titan has been producing and selling luxurious watches since 1984. After three decades in the industry, everyone has at least one-two Titan watches in their collection. Their phenomenal watches are the first choice when it comes to buying watches.  And let’s agree that Titan is the best watch brands in India.

The company produces watches for both men and women and has launched many series of collections. Out of which several are famous and favorite people, workwear, raga ( for women), Karishma (for men), and the list can go on. Titan offers formal and informal kinds of watches that are classy yet smart-looking. So if you have eyes on a titan watch, don’t think twice; just buy it.



This is one of the most luxurious brands of watches. This Japanese company has a foot in almost every business. Casio is one big venture and producing watches in one of them. The company was founded in 1946, starting with a compact manufacturing calculator. Later the business was extended in the 1980s, manufacturing affordable home electronic keyboards and finest watches. Today the brand is known to be the best watch brands in India. However, Casio is famous for men’s watches because of its heavy dial and design. But they also have women’s watches which are classy too. The Casio watches are affordable with the best quality. Their famous collection is G-Shock which was popular among sportspeople and the military. 


Daniel Klein


A global brand that was launched in 1973 and grew exponentially. Today this brand is world-famous with 80 different countries as customers. Now regarded as one of the best watch brands in India

Daniel Klein watches are affordable yet elegant. This brand will be your second best choice after Titan. Wear the watch with a pantsuit or a saree; the Daniel Klein watch will be complimenting the whole attire. Same for men, Indian or western, the smart look with the DK watch is admirable. Their watches go perfectly on all occasions. From metallic straps to leather straps, all designs are world-class. The Daniel Klein Analog Grey Dial for men was the most extraordinary product, and for women, the Daniel Klein Analog Gold Dial was the significant piece. In just rs 1500- starting bucks, you can own their smartwatches. 


Fastrack (Best Watch Brand In India)

This very popular brand in India has become an essential part of our daily dressing. Their casual, simple smartwatches have made everyone’s watch collection enormous. The brand created hype among youngsters and adults when it was launched in 2008. Within a few years, Fastrack became everyone’s favorite watch at affordable prices. Fastrack has launched some best collections in both leather and metallic belts with various designs and various colors. This is the best option as a gift to someone close; moreover, the brand has several options for couple watches as well. And if your little one needs a wristwatch, then Fastrack is the brand; they also have a kids collection which is too adorable. You might buy a Fastrack watch while you are strolling in the mall or just giving a glance at the collection in the shop. Fastrack watches are irresistible to buy when the price is so affordable. Due to the price, it is considered one of the best watch brands in India. 




The newly founded brand in India is rapidly spreading like fire. It all started when the owners Vivek and Shubhra started collecting souvenirs wherever they traveled. So by 2010, Chumbak came as a brand. In the span of 11 years, the brand has made its name in the market. Chumbak is derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘magnet.’ The brand is quirky, fun, and colorful collectibles inspired by India. This lifestyle brand creates cute products in a variety of categories. From home decor to personal care, Chumbak has a lot to offer. Also, Chumbak’s accessories are colorful and very unique. The affordable quirky wristwatches have brought back the pop fashion era. Their watches are fun yet wearable with formal clothing also. 

The colorful patterns and design are adorable. The starting price of their watches is just Rs 2000. Moreover, to make people even happier, they also have a watch + bracelets combo. Not many brands offer this, especially at such incredible rates. So check out their collection of watches and other categories on their official website and go crazy and quirky. 



This brand is something all Indian women want at a reasonable rate. This is why it is considered to be the best watch brands in India. Dressberry was launched on the e-commerce site, Myntra in 2013. Within the three months of launch, the brand exponentially grew among the Indians. Abhishek Verma, a senior vice president of Myntra, stated that Dressberry became the largest selling women’s western wear brand online. That is quite impressive. Dressberry offers fashionable apparel, footwear, and accessories that include hats, gloves, belts, scarves, and watches. Their watches are the most elegant pieces. Their watches are affordable with various styles in dials, colors, and designs that give a rich look. Today very least, women go out without a dress berry watch on their wrist. Recently they have launched the minimalist collection, which features gold, silver, and rose gold watches which are charismatic, formal, and luxurious to wear. 




This is another brand that grew online. The Roadster was launched on Myntra, and soon it became a reputed brand all over India. Roadster offers apparel, shoes, and accessories. However, their watches are rough and tough for daily use. The brand caters to the needs of men and women with an edgy collection of watches. Their trendy watches have sheer magnificence in their style. Quartz analog and digitized watches quickly became an excellent pick for everyone.

Moreover, Roadster watches are more durable than other watches. The solid round stainless steel style goes a long way with any outfit you wear. However, they do have a separate collection of formal wear watches, which are also at their best price. Today the Roadster brand is known as the best watch brands in India for casual wear.

In Nutshell

Watch pieces are great accessories. So it is better to invest in those brands which cater to your wearable needs accordingly. These best watch brands in India are the most recognized ones as of today. These brands offer almost all kinds of watches for all occasions. So add these brands to your watch collection if you haven’t and make your look ultra-chic yet classy.

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