Garnier BB Cream Review

The beauty blemish or beauty balm (BB Cream) aims to “moisturize, protect, and correct” the skin. BB creams are infused with antioxidants and brightening agents’ effects. It also has Broad-spectrum SPF to treat the skin while giving it a fresh, and even glow. A light-weighted and breathable BB Cream helps to face high temperatures and sun traditions without any skin damage. Let’s take a closer look at Garnier BB Cream Review.

Garnier BB Cream Review

Garnier BB cream with mild fragrance has a perfect consistency, which is neither runny nor thick. It does not feel heavy due to its light texture on the skin. Its non-sticky effect makes it blend effortlessly onto the skin with a little massage.

It is a beauty balm with all in one formula that works even with skin tone and contains botanical activities that calm red or irritated skin. It eradicates dark spots, leaving your skin bright and fresh. It is moisturizing enough, and there is no need to apply moisturizer underneath this cream.

It gives sheer coverage and adds a soft glow to the skin. It has SPF 24 and is ideal for everyday wear. This BB Cream is suitable for all skin complexions. For daily use, it acts as a pretty decent product that can be used as a tinted moisturizer.

Features of Garnier BB Cream

BB Creams are designed for women with varied skin types. It covers blemishes and scars with ease, offering you a full, long-lasting medium foundation on which to apply makeup. In this review of Garnier BB Cream, let’s take a look at its different features, such as :

More radiant and even-toned:

To remove pigmentation on skin pigmentation on the cheeks, and pimples and pimple marks on the chin, redness around the nose area. It makes the skin tone look more even. The tint in the Garnier BB Cream tends to a slight pink-based cast.

Provides Sun Protection with SPF 24:

BB creams contain SPF, which makes it an especially suitable product in your skincare routine.SPF 24 in Garnier BB Cream helps to protect your skin from the sun and can help you avoid sun damage throughout all seasons as sun exposure can account for up to 90 percent of premature skin aging.

Less Dark Spots and Visible Imperfections:

Its pink tones make the skin look bright and hide all dark spots and blemishes and make the skin look healthy. It provides instant coverage and correction and can adapt to your skin type.

Provides 8 hours moisturization:

Normally the skin is blemish-free and even-toned.On applying one layer of BB cream can moisturize skin for 8 hours a day. If you make your skin look blemished or uneven, you can layer your BB cream in the affected areas. This will make skin smooth, brighten, and even out your skin’s appearance giving you a flawless look.

Reveals healthy glow:

It can be used as makeup based and helps to boost your skin and make it look healthier. It has a vitamin c derivative known to have antioxidant properties that enhance skin glow and brightness.


Next while reviewing Garnier BB Cream, Let’s talk about its active ingredients :


  1. SPF 24 PA++ – It is used for protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays.
  2. Vitamin C and Mineral Pigments -It is present for brightening and lightening the skin, reducing your dark spots, and giving you a fairer complexion.
  3. Almond Extract –It moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

Benefits of Garnier BB Cream 

The BB Cream protects your skin tone on all levels. It provides an 8-hour moisturizing formula that includes vitamin C and mineral pigments to hide imperfections. It gives an easy-to-blend formula that gives you a flawless matt finish without creating a mask-like effect. Apart from that, it offers different features, such as:

  1. BB cream boosts the skin glow due to the presence of enriching formula of vitamin C and almond extract.
  2. By using these regularly fine lines and wrinkles gets reduced, and as a result, skin becomes brighten and clear.
  3. It provides nourishment to the skin and makes it soft, supple, and smooth.
  4. This cream provides a nice pleasant fragrance that gives a relaxed and fresh, soothing feel.
  5. The soft, silky texture of the cream blends easily with the skin and provides long-lasting effects. It is best suited for oily skin.

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How to apply?

  1. Wash your face with cold water.
  2. Then apply a small amount of Garnier BB Cream evenly on your face.
  3. Apply it in circular stroke from the middle to outwards on cleaned skin.


  • BB cream helps to cover redness and evens out skin tone.
  • It is available in affordable rangeland in slim packaging.
  • This cream is convenient to use for all skin types.
  • After applying, it makes the skin soft, supple, and brighten.
  • It can be used as a makeup base and provides a pleasant fragrance like perfume.
  • All in one, a daily moisturizing effect is provided in it.
  • Contain vitamin pigments derivative and mineral pigments and offers healthy nourishment for the skin.
  • It offers multi skincare benefits.
  • It smells very pleasant and mild.


  • It only comes in a single shade.
  • It may leave a white cast effect on some types of skin.
  • Dry skin people find this cream as less moisturizing.

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This brings us to the end of this Garnier BB Cream review. It is an all-in-one high-performance cream. It combines multiple beauty routine steps in one. This cream contains Vitamin C derivatives that contain antioxidant effect and boost skin glow and brightening effects. 

Its mineral-enriched pigments provide instant beauty effects on the skin. It has a smooth light-weighted texture that provides long-lasting effects on the skin.

In a nutshell, we can say that its flawless finish protects the skin from harmful UV radiation. This product contains natural active ingredients which are dermatologically tested that provides promising effects to your skin. So try out this fantastic Garnier BB Cream that will make your skin fairer, smooth, even-toned, and moisturized. 

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