Greatest Indian Inventions Ever That Shocked The World (Top 10)

There is a multitude of Indian inventions and discoveries that have shaped the modern world. These inventions have their own significance and impact. Being proud descendants of one of the oldest civilizations, India has given far beyond inventions to the world since ancient times. Starting from the numeral zero to leading people on the path of yoga throughout the planet, the list of inventions that India can claim. We will discuss some of India’s top and extraordinary creations below.

Top Ten Inventions In India That Shocked The World

Humanity will remain indebted to India for some incredible gifts. Indian scientists are known for taking the world on the path of glory. Hence, let’s look at the list of things made in India which are upheld as one of the finest creations ever.

The Advent of ZERO

The advent of ZERO

Have you ever imagined where the Mathematics and Binary number would have been if “zero” was not invented? The entire calculation system, Financial Accounting, and mathematics rely on this whole number. All thanks to Indian astronomer and mathematician Aryabhatta for designing zero. It changed the dynamics of how we perceive numbers and arithmetic.

Be it simple math or rocket science, the importance of zero is undeniable. Besides the present mathematics and counting system, various other fields owe it to the ancient Indian invention of Zero.

Yoga- When The Mind Connects To The Soul

Yoga- When the mind connects to the soul

The roots of yoga lie back in ancient times, and since then, it has evolved to be part of the fitness routine globally. No matter how stressed you are, a few yogic postures and Asanas can relax your mind for some moments. This practice in your daily routine can do miracles on your spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Yoga is one of the most practised exercises to calm the mind and organise your thoughts. You can even pursue it as your whole-time career or make it a part of your routine to lead a more fruitful life.

The Game Of Chess

The Game of Chess Indian inventions

Known as the game of intellectuals, Chess has India as its parent country since 600AD. Yes, you heard it right. India gave the board games like snakes and ladders, including Chess, to the world. These Indian games made their way to the western world via British rule. The initial name of Chess was Chaturanga meaning “the four divisions”.

Not only the game, but India has also given some of the leading players in Chess, like Vishwanath Anand, and Pentala Harikrishna, to the world. Interestingly, primitive chess symbols have evolved to more advanced and exciting elements. So, if you are a chess lover, you owe it to India.



One more incredible and unique invention made by Indians is the button. Not to mention, these fixtures are not associated with clothing history. Their history is far beyond the invention of clothes. Firstly, you can trace their source back to the Indus Valley and Mohenjodaro civilization  5000 years ago. Secondly, the early men used them for ornamental and decorative purposes. Their usage in fastening or fixing the position of cloth was the last thing. Eventually, with the passing centuries, the button’s function to secure clothes also evolved.

Another interesting fact about the buttons is that they signified the wealth and status of the person back then. They were made from sea shells and later carved into the desired shapes with tiny holes.

Ayurveda- Science of Life


The roots of Ayurveda are engineered back in the 1st millennium BC in India. Considered the oldest health science, Ayurveda is known to be the best substitute for medicinal drugs. No doubt why it gained popularity in the 21st century BC for holistic healing. The thousands of medicines and cures that the world uses today are the blessing of Indian inventions.

Thanks to the father of medicine, Charaka, for developing this science from Vedas. Apart from this, there are many other medical inventions by India, like the cure for Leprosy and surgery for Cataracts etc., that rode the world to an elevated and upgraded position. Therefore, we can say that India is the best in the field of remedies and medication.

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communucation Jagdish Chandra Bose

Can you imagine your existence without wireless communication in this global network of villages called Earth? Thanks to Jagdish Chandra Bose, we don’t have to live in a world like this. He was the creator of wireless communication, which drastically changed how we communicate. He was the first to demonstrate wireless communication publicly. This transmission allowed people to have conversations without wires, cables, conductors etc.

Marconi received the Nobel prize for demonstration two years later. But, the real credit goes to Bose for this invention. This discovery has definitely shaped a more innovative and advanced way to receive and transmit information.


diamond- Indian inventions

India was the sole supplier and source of Diamond until the discovery of its mines in Brazil during the 18th Century. These Diamond deposits were found along the Krishna and Godavari river basins. Once mined, they were then designed into precious stones, which were later used to adorn the crowns and pieces of jewellery of the elite class worldwide. India is the proud producer and exporter of these shiny and shimmery pure elements.

The most famous and expensive Koh-i-Noor Diamond, which decorates the crown of Queen Elizabeth of England, belongs to India. It is one of the hardest known substance.


Cotton- Indian inventions

Yes, we can claim modern cotton clothing among the list of Indian inventions. The Indus people were the great discoverers and inventors of many mind-boggling things, including natural fibres like cotton, jute, etc. Before the discovery of cotton, people used to cover their skin using animal skin, leaves, etc.

Soon enough, the news spread worldwide. This was embraced as one of the most comfortable fibres after spinning. Also, India has been one of the largest producers and exporters of cotton worldwide. The cotton spinning wheel, the Khadi cloth, etc., symbolised India’s struggle for freedom.

USB- (Universal Serial Bus)

USB- (Universal Serial Bus)- Indian inventions

Remember when you used to get that trending GTA game in your Pendrive? Well, you would be glad to know that Ajay V. Bhatt, an Indian American architect, developed the tiny device. This device made data sharing and transmission effortless and smooth.

You can insert it into your desktop device and get files from the computer. Unplug it from the parent device and replug it to the desired device where you wish to store your data. It is light and convenient to carry. Undoubedtly, you can’t get over the perks and advantages of owning it. Isn’t it unbelievable that it is among Indian inventions?


Ink- Indian inventions

How can we forget this masterstroke invention in the writing field by Indian inventors? Yes, you heard it right. The ink was among the best substances to write your heart and mind down on paper. Indeed, we can call it a unique invention in the list of things made in India. Back then, people composed it by mixing several components with a carbon pigment.

People in the south of India used this technique widely for a long time with the pointed pen. It is still considered a classic means to jot down information.


Indian inventions are an art that has eased life around the world. They carry paramount importance in every aspect of life. So, be proud to call yourself an Indian when people discuss any of these mentioned inventions.

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