Top 7 Highest Paid Actors In India

The question of the highest paid actors in India is always a hot topic. It is not easy to establish who among the many actors in India earns the most. However, one can conveniently say that the top earners in the Indian film industry are the A-listers who command a hefty fee per film. Because of Bollywood films’ popularity, these actors can command a high fee. 

From south Indian superstar Prabhas to the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan, their popularity skyrockets with every new release. If you think that these actors are just lucky, you’re wrong. They have worked hard to get where they are today. Not only do they possess natural talent, but they also possess the drive and dedication to succeed in an extremely competitive industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that they make truckloads of money for films.

List Of 7 Highest Paid Actors In India

Imagine a smile on reading your favourite actor, whom you idolise, is being paid crores for a movie! That’s every fan’s reaction when they know about their favourite actor’s fee per movie. Here are the seven highest paid actors in India, whom you may not have known, who were being paid a significant amount for their films.



The Baahubali actor charges a whooping sum of Rs 100-150 crore per film. After the success of SS Rajamouli’s Magnum Opus, it is no surprise that Prabhas is the highest paid actor in India. He not only has an Indian fan following but has also been recognised overseas. Moreover, his fame and popularity have increased manifold after the release of Baahubali. If you think that’s all, then you’re wrong. He has also signed some big-budget films like Saaho and Adipurush, which are said to be made on a lavish scale. Therefore, this humble, down-to-earth actor deserves all the success that is coming his way.

Akshay Kumar

akshay kumar

The ‘Khiladi’ of Bollywood charges between Rs 100 to 125 crore per film. Kumar has been in Bollywood for over two decades and has proved his mettle as an actor, producer and martial artist. His series of superhit films has made him one of the most bankable stars in Bollywood. Moreover, he is also one of the fittest actors in Bollywood and does most of his stunts. The flooding movie offers has made him one of the highest paid actors in India.

Salman Khan

salman khan

This blockbuster superstar does not need any introduction. Salman is one of the most popular and well-paid actors in India. By charging 100 crores per film, he has established himself as a ‘Wanted’ actor in Bollywood. Not only is he an actor, but he is also a successful producer and television personality. His films have always been eagerly awaited by his fans and have grossed over Rs 100 crore at the box office many times. Be it emotional plots, romantic scripts or fighting scenes, Salman is the master of all.

Shah Rukh Khan


The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, will never fail to make you fall in love with him, on and off-screen. The Badshah of Bollywood is known to woo the audience with his mesmerising eyes and charming personality. Known as a self-made man, SRK is definitely a heart-throb for hundreds. He charges between Rs 85 – 90 crore per film, making him one of the highest paid actors in India. But that’s not all, he also earns a hefty amount from brand endorsements and other business ventures.

Hrithik Roshan


The heartthrob of millions, Hrithik charges between Rs 67 to 75 crore per film. Hrithik is one of the most famous and successful actors in Bollywood. His films have not only been superhits at the box office but have also won him critical acclaim. Known for his dancing and acting skills, this actor has also won several awards for his performances. Especially the dancing in his films like ‘Dhoom 2’, ‘Bang Bang’ and many more have won him an immense female fan following. His popularity knows no bounds, and he definitely deserves to be on this list.

Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan

The ‘Singham’ actor has a solid background in action films and charges between Rs 55 to 60 crore per film. Devgan has been in the industry for over two decades and is still going strong. Moreover, his comedy timing is impeccable, as was seen in the film ‘Golmaal Again’. Also, he has also won two National Film Awards and is one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood.

Ranveer Singh

ranveer singh

The livewire of Bollywood charges around Rs 50 crore per film. His energy is unmatched and contagious. Ranveer is one of the most talented and versatile actors in Bollywood. He can pull off any role with great ease. His many releases like ‘Gully Boy’ and ‘Padmaavat’ have been superhits. His recent film ‘Simmba’ was also a blockbuster. The dire need for fresh and new talent in Bollywood has made Ranveer one of the highest paid actors in India.


From the highest paid actors in south India to the actors in Bollywood, the competition is stiff. The list of actors mentioned above is definitely deserving of their position. The audience’s love and appreciation have made them what they are today. Moreover, the self they put in to make every character they play larger than life is commendable. It is no wonder these highest paid actors in India have a huge fan following all over the world.

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