Highest Paying Jobs In India

Thinking about the highest paying jobs in India? If you’re at a point of making a career change or just curious about what kinds of jobs offer the biggest salaries, read on. Selecting a career for yourself is one of the most difficult decisions one has to make in their lifetime. Over the decades, some professions have established some of the most lucrative choices regarding money and experience.

Moreover, this compiled list of some of the highest-paying careers in India is based on data from various sources. So whether you’re looking to start your own business or want to know what kind of jobs to aim for, you’ll find something interesting here. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In India?

There are a few best jobs in India which will bag you a reputation and respect altogether. You must note that you cannot earn these high-profile jobs without clearing the tough competitive exams or interviews. So if you occupy any of these promising positions, you are already a reputed elite in society.

Merchant Navy 

merchant navy

This is a sailing-the-world and on-the-job profession. Moreover, it is not only one of the highest paying jobs in India, but the salary is also tax-free. This profession provides the NRI status to seafarers who have sailed outside India for a certain amount of days that the government decides. Along with the challenges of staying away from family and friends for a long time at a stretch, one needs to be physically and mentally fit to meet the job requirements. Therefore, this profession is a classic case of ‘higher the risk, higher the compensation’.  

Qualification requirements: Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics as subjects in 12th.

  • Four-year course in Marine Engineering.

Pay Scale: It is among India’s highest-paid jobs (per month).

  • Cadets to Captain – Rs. 12,000 – 8,00,000 / month.

Civil Services

civil services

By far the most prestigious and respected job in India. This is not only the highest-paying job in India but also offers security and is most valued among Indians. It gives a sense of pride and authority. The civil servants represent India at various international events. Civil servants are responsible for maintaining the overall administration of the country. 

The three classifications of civil servants are – IAS – Indian Administrative Services, IFS – Indian Foreign Services & IPS – Indian Police Services.

To be in civil services, you need to clear the UPSC IAS exam which has been labelled as the toughest exam in India by experts.

Qualification requirements: Graduation in any discipline and clearing the UPSC exam.

Pay Scale: IAS, IFS, and IPS Officers – Rs. 56,000 – 2,50,000 / month (Plus House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, and Dearness Allowance)

Medical Practitioners


Doctors are regarded as next to God for their profession worldwide. They are most valued because of the nature of their job. Because of the COVID pandemic, this profession has gained a noble status on a new level.

Doctors join private or public hospitals and draw handsome salaries based on their specialisation. Some doctors prefer to run their private practice for substantial monetary benefits. This involves a lot of responsibility and ownership for the people running a private clinic. 

Qualification requirements: The essential qualification is MBBS, and one can further specialise in their choice of area in MD, BDS, BAMS, etc.

Pay Scale: Government Hospitals – Minimum 25,000/ month.

  • Private Hospitals – Minimum Rs.35,000/ month.
  • Private practice has no limits. 

IT Professionals 


it professionals

This is the age of technology, and IT professionals ride the wave. This makes IT one of the highest-paying jobs in India. Some of the top IT professionals in the world come from India. The field offers handsome salaries to Cloud Engineers, Big Data Engineers, Mobile App Developers, etc. Most Information Technology revolves around data development, protection, and utilisation. 

Qualification requirements: An Engineering Degree and Technical courses like software-hardware engineers, software testers, computer science engineers, and App developers. 

Pay Scale: 50,000/ month to 50 Lakhs/ month based on experience.



Firstly, engineering is no longer limited to a traditional engineering degree. Secondly, the profession ranges from mechanical, electronics and technology, chemical, civil, genetic, aerospace, agricultural information technology and many other fields. These specialisations are becoming promising professions with a handsome salary to look forward to. 

Qualification requirements: A degree from IIT or any other well-known technical college. 

Pay Scale: 30,000/ month to 1.5 lakh/ month.

Company Accountants


Businesses will need CA’s as long as they operate. CA’s run the financial forefront of the business and therefore attract the highest salaries. Also, anyone who passes the exam on the first attempt and with first division becomes the most eligible candidate for the top firms in the country with a handsome salary. Eventually, they can also open up their consulting firms and continue to be the highest paying job. 

Qualification requirements: Minimum 60% in graduation in the commerce stream.

  • Clearing three levels of exams.
  • Three years of on-job experience is mandatory for a certified CA.  

Pay Scale: 50,000/ month to 5 lakh/ month.



Lawyers are the ones that advise an individual, business, or corporates regarding all the legal matters and earn a hefty amount of money for it. Additionally, they are masters in different fields of law like family, criminal, intellectual property, civil litigation, real estate, entertainment, etc. Also lawyers can also join corporations for monetary benefits or practice privately. 

Qualification requirements: BA LLB from any reputed university.

  • For further specialisation, a Masters’s degree in any preferred specialisation is prefered.

Pay Scale: 50,000/ month to 5 lakh/ month.

Aviation Services

Aviation Services

Aviation services include commercial pilot jobs with airlines. Pilots earn a handsome salary, considering the nature of the job. Although this is a round-the-clock job, it is worth taking for the travel experience and the monetary benefits. Therefore, one must think of pursuing this if one has some wanderlust genes and want to take risks.

Qualification requirements: The minimum qualification is 12th standard with a minimum height of 152 cm according to Indian Flying School Standards.  

Pay Scale: 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs/ month


The professions mentioned above are the highest paying jobs in India for anyone interested in making a career in these fields. Even though the salaries are exceptionally high, so is the responsibility. Finally, these professions require a lot of dedication and will to succeed. 


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