How To Bake Cake in Microwave (Easy Steps)

It’s a birthday celebration or anniversary, or maybe you are just a sweet tooth, a cake is always the best idea and never gets off the menu. A cake is such a dessert that brings loved ones together. There is always an excuse to have a cake plus it is the best item to present in front of your guest on any occasion. However, the pandemic had our favourite cake shops shut down. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Here is how to bake cake in a Microwave at home. 

If you think that baking as a hobby requires a lot of tools and instruments, then maybe you are wrong about this. A microwave will be just good to go for your baking. Here’s how to bake cake in the microwave.  

Microwave Vs. Oven

While thinking of starting baking as a hobby, you might be confused if you need to buy an oven for it. Whether your cake will be cooked in the microwave or not? Well, sending your confusion away, you don’t need a proper oven to bake a cake. Your microwave is good enough to let you have some delicious cake. Microwaves are much better than ovens.

The oven heats the air inside, and that air tends to heat the food; however, in a microwave, the radiation exhibit heats to cook the food. However, the two machines have the same work to do but in a different way. But if you have a microwave, you don’t have to buy an oven, especially for it. A microwave is a complete time-saver as it cooks food quickly, whereas an oven takes its time to cook. 

Setting the Temperature in Microwave

The right temperature setting is very much crucial while baking a cake. Once you have all the ingredients ready for your cake, you should know what temperature a cake is baked. Simultaneously, using a microwave for baking a cake, keep in mind to set the right temperature so that the cake ingredients inside are adequately cooked, and the cake surface is perfectly baked.

If your microwave is conventional, you can then set the temperature at 180 degrees. But if your microwave is not a traditional microwave, then set the power level at ten, which means 100% power. Non-conventional microwave is relatively more common and is probably seen in every house. Moreover, in such microwaves, the maximum heat level is offered at ten which is perfect for baking a cake in the microwave.

Cook Time to Bake Cake in Microwave

Baking a cake is very easy if you have the right temperature, the right amount of ingredients. Since you are baking your cake in a microwave, no matter which one, it will hardly take 10-15 minutes to cook as the microwave tends to heat the food faster. A pro tip never overcooks your cake more than 15 minutes as it the heat inside a microwave will take away the taste of all the ingredient you have put together besides that it will burn the cake.  

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Utensils to Use for Baking a Cake in Microwave

While baking a cake in the microwave, do remember the types of utensils you are using. Many different utensils are used in the microwave; however, you have to be safe while using them. For baking a cake, consider microwave-safe plastic or Tupperware plastic utensils; they are microwave safe.

If you don’t have one, you can consider good quality glassware. Usually, utensils are labelled with “microwave safe” somewhere behind; you can check for that. If you are using glassware, you can check if it is safe to use in the microwave for baking or not.

Fill your glassware with water and heat it for a minute on maximum power. Keep in mind that the water should be heating up and not your glassware; if your glassware becomes hot, it is not good to bake a cake in the microwave. Moreover, there are special utensils available for baking.

How to bake cake in microwave

Once your batter is ready (make sure you don’t have lumps in it), grease the pan you are using with oil and spread a baking sheet on the bottom. Don’t forget to apply oil at the sides of the pan. This will help to take out your cake smoothly. Pour the batter into the pan and cover it wil cling wrap. Set your microwave at the right temperature and keep the pan inside.

After 10 minutes, check if your cake is ready. Put a knife inside the center of the cake, and if the knife comes out clean, it is prepared. If not, then bake the cake for three more minutes. Once you take out the cake, let it cool for 5-10 minutes, then flip the pan on the plate. Apply to icing if you want, and it is done. Your cake is ready to serve. 

Tips to keep in mind while Baking a Cake in Microwave

To bake the cake in the microwave is quite simple if you strictly follow the recipe. Although, there are a few tips that you have to keep in mind. 

  • Always press the stop button before you start baking in a microwave. This will ensure to end the previous function. 
  • The utensils are safe enough to be in the microwave. Remember, certain plastic utensils melt in the microwave, and some glassware says microwave safe but are not. So it is advised to check before you start baking. 
  • If you are using a conventional microwave, then aluminum cake molds are safe to use. 
  • Don’t ever turn the microwave off immediately after baking the cake. Let your microwave cool down and keep the door slightly open so that the extra heat gets out.

In a Nutshell 

How to bake a cake in the microwave is a frequent question people ask, and some people get confused if it is okay to bake. However, this is how you can bake a cake by following simple steps and making sure about specific things to get your job done.

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