7 Best Indian Animated Movies That You Should Watch

Animation has always wooed Indian audiences, especially kids. Our cinema has been successful in producing some blockbusters of Indian Animated movies. These virtual light screenings refresh you and add a dramatic tinge to your mood. Some of these movies blend with nostalgia and will take you on a trip to childhood memory lane. Indian cinema has mostly experimented with 2D and 3D techniques, and they tend to make the cinematic experience more pleasant and groovy. So, let’s peek into some famous Indian animated movies based on IMDB ratings.

The Best Animated Movies

Not only the Bollywood movies but the regional cinemas too have done a commendable job in producing some of the fantastic and highest-grossing movies in this genre. There is an endless Indian animated movie list that transformed the dynamics of animated cinema.



Tripura is one of the top-rated animation movies, with 9.5 IMDB ratings. It is an animation and drama movie released on January 20, 2011. The film has an exciting plot representing the Asuras and Devas, along with a clean and tasteful representation of mythology. Moreover, the movie features the mythology characters and their stories seamlessly, making it worth a shot. 

The perfect climax makes you stick on the edge of your seat. This is not like any of your traditional animations and is appealing and fascinating at the same time. It furthermore makes you revive the stories from Hindu Mythology.

Ramayana: The legend of Prince Rama

Ramayana The legend of Prince Rama

Ramayana is one of the most famous anime adaptations of a legend and the famous Hindu Mythology. It has a score of 9.1 IMDB ratings. Along with the religious touch and beautiful portrayal of Lord Rama’s life, it is among the top-notch animation movies. It was directed in collaboration with Indian director Ram Mohan and Japanese director Yugo Sako and was released on November 3, 1997.

Firstly, the accurate and astounding visuals make you feel like you are in the film. Secondly, the story and special effects are mind-blowing and breathtaking. The teachings of Lord Rama and their combat with Ravana are extraordinary and truly inspiring. This animation includes various genres like action, drama, adventure and fantasy.



With the narration of Mukesh Khanna, you can enjoy this animation based on the life of Hindu God Hanuman. It is a 2-D animated movie that will take you on the journey of how Hanuman helped in rescuing Sita by using his unique techniques and abilities. Undoubtedly, a box office hit, Hanuman, gives you a pleasant and joyful experience.

Released in 2005, the movie was directed by V. G. Samant and bagged 7.7 IMDB ratings. The animation is filled with some of the most famous mythological instances, like Hanuman meeting Lord Rama, Hanuman helping lord Rama in the battles, and Sita rescuing. You will surely enjoy this fantastic animated movie with a captivating plot and dialogue.

Chaar Sahibzade

Chaar Sahibzade

Undoubtedly, Chaar Sahibzade is one of India’s masterpieces in animation movie history and one of the best movies. The emotional and courageous story of the four sons of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji presents a perfect blend of Sikh cultural identities and their unique history. It also offers a delightful recipe of intense dialogues and beautiful conceptualization with a touching musical sequence.

It is recommended as a must-watch movie for kids and adults. Released on November 4, 2014, it scored 7.5 IMDB ratings. The 3D animation effects are spectacular, while Om Puri does the narration. It became one of the highest-grossed Punjabi movies at the time of release.



Based on the life of Mahabharat’s character Ghatothkach, the son of Bhima and Hidimba, the movie was released on May 23, 2008. Its IMDB rating is 7.1. Starring Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan and Mahalakshmi Iyer, it was one of the blockbusters in Animation cinema.

Furthermore, Ghatothkach is a light, sweet and perfect mix of thrill and animation. You will be hooked on the story, and its special effects presented.

Arjun: The Warrior Prince 

Arjun The Warrior Prince Indian animated movies

Produced under the collaborative banner of Walt Disney Animation Studios and UTV Motion Pictures, Arjun: The Warrior Prince was rated 6.7 on the IMDB rating list. The film revolves around Arjun’s life and heroic events, one of the five Pandava brothers. It also bagged the FICCI BAF award for outstanding animation in 2013. 

With excellent drama, adventure and animation sequences, it was released on May 25, 2012. The brilliant aesthetics and direction of Arnab Chaudhuri will keep you intrigued throughout the storyline. It is also available on Netflix now. If you are an action and thriller freak, this movie is for you and definitely won’t leave you disappointed due to its critical acclamation. Watch its official trailer here!


Krishna Aur Kans

Krishna Aur Kans- Indian animated movies

Krishna Aur Kans is an exciting narration of the life events of Lord Krishna. The movie is a package of action and drama sequences. It was India’s first stereoscopic animated film, with 6.5 IMDB ratings. Directed by Vikram Venturi, it was released on August 3, 2012. 

It indeed brings life to the character of Krishna and his relationship with evil Kans, his Uncle. This entertainment package comprising the naughty life stories of Krishna keeps you stuck to the screens. Also, the ulterior motive is to disseminate the message that good will prevail and win over evil no matter the circumstances. Moreover, the depiction is hilarious and absorbing at the same time.


Choose your movie from the above list of the best Indian animated movies that give a feel-good experience. These are some touching adaptations with implausible events and significant special effects. Moreover, the catchy music and powerful storylines will leave you mesmerised at the end. So, grab some snacks and book your weekend with these animated films in a row.

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