India’s Top Fashion Sustainable Brands

The fashion industry is deemed among the highly polluting industries in the world. It is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of water. Thus, the concept of sustainability is an emerging trend in the fashion industry, which also focuses on environmental and social sustainability. Making sustainable brands is the need of the hour. 

Because people are becoming more aware of their clothing’s environmental and social impact, sustainable brands are gaining popularity. Similarly, in India, sustainable fashion is slowly but surely catching on. If you’re looking for sustainable fashion brands that are based in India, consider the following eight brands. Indeed, there is at least one that will fit your style.

India’s Top Sustainable Brands

The fabric, make, and stitching of each garment is important to the overall look, but the journey of the clothes we wear starts long before they hit the shelves. The way the fabrics are sourced, how they are dyed, and ultimately how they are disposed of has a significant impact on the environment. The initiative of these brands is to not only create beautiful clothes but also do so in a way that is calming to mother nature. Here are the top affordable, sustainable fashion brands in India that are just following the concept of sustainability.

No Nasties

This brand creates clothing made from organically grown cotton that is free of harmful chemicals. Their dyeing process is also eco-friendly and gentle on the environment. No Nasties is also a certified fair trade brand, meaning its workers are given fair wages and working conditions. Additionally, no extra savings is done on the manufacturing process that involves child labour. Along with the use of organic materials, the brand also focuses on keeping the design aesthetic to be modest and neutral.



Imagine wearing clothes stitched from discarded fabrics and materials. That is the premise behind Doodlage, one of India’s most famous sustainable brands. Their clothing is upcycled, which means that old clothes and materials are given a new lease on life by being turned into something new and trendy. Besides upcycling, Doodlage also collaborates with like-minded NGOs like Goonj to use their clothes to provide relief to people in need. They also offer excess materials to such organizations that, in turn, create reusable sanitary napkins for women in rural areas.


Clothes made from ‘Hemp’. Interesting right? It might not sound too fashionable, but B-Label’s clothing line, made from sustainable fabric, is actually quite stylish. Not only is hemp environmentally friendly, but it is also biodegradable. Each garment is made with enough attention and care to make sure that it will last long. Furthermore, their clothing line only uses organic and sustainable fabric. The end goal of the brand is the reduction of toxic chemicals and waste in the environment. Overall, this brand embraces the concept of going ‘green’.



Ensuring 100% zero waste and a sustainable production process, Insom creates wearable pieces of art. Insom by Sejal Jain is a contemporary women’s wear label that blurs between the lines of Indian and Western silhouettes. Large scrapes lifting the landfills are intercepted by the brand and turned into something new and beautiful. Moreover, no two garments are alike because of the unique patchwork technique used. The end product is clothing that is not only fashionable but also eco-friendly. Therefore, their online sustainable clothing store in India is a must-check out.

Chakori Ethnic

Are you aware that you are contributing to sustainable fashion by empowering local artisans and preserving traditional crafts? Chakori does just that. It is a sustainable brand that works with local artisans to create beautiful, traditional clothing. Different traditional prints like Kalamkari, Shibori, Hand block, Dabu, Indigo and Phentiya prints are the USP of the brand. This way, Chakori can revive traditional techniques along with providing employment to local artisans. The heritage of Indian prints and crafts is still alive through such brands.



Another fashionable, sustainable brand, Ka-Sha, a Pune-based company, works with natural fabrics and traditional printing techniques to create contemporary clothing. The brand works on the lines of the Heart to Haat project that ensures proper waste management. Also, the brand works to preserve the ecosystem as well. To commemorate India’s diverse, multi-layered culture and ever-changing social interactions, the brand’s clothes convey a message. Be it materials, design or production, everything in the making is in a way to create a more sustainable brand.

 Mio Borsa

The brand will surprise you, as it is so stylish and contemporary yet cruelty-free simultaneously. Mio Borsa, which means ‘my sort of bag’ in Italian, is a sustainable brand that makes beautiful bags and purses from upcycled materials. Founded by Pallavi Behl- Delhi-based, the brand makes laptop bags and totes to even sling bags. What’s even more fascinating is that you won’t believe that you are carrying top-of-the-line leather, which is in fact, vegan. Even the making of their products does not harm animals.



This sustainable fashion brand is based out of Jaipur and is well-known for its block printing techniques. The woodblocks are first carved by hand and then dipped in natural dyes. After that, the artisans use the blocks to dye the fabric. This entire process is lengthy, but it is worth it because the result is beautiful traditional clothing. Additionally, they also promote local craftsmanship that keeps the valued heritage of India alive. Wearing them not only makes a style statement but also sends out a message of being eco-friendly.

To Conclude

It’s understandable why people take fashion very seriously. But what’s even more important is that sustainable fashion should be the new normal. Sustainable brands like the ones mentioned above are slowly but surely gaining popularity, and people are opening up to the idea of buying eco-friendly clothing. We undoubtedly need more such brands to come up with sustainable fashion that can become mainstream. If you are equally open to trying out new brands and contributing to a better cause, then you should check out these brands.

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