Ustraa Beard Growth Oil Review

Men not giving enough attention to their grooming and appearance is the thing of the past. Today, they want to look attractive and well-groomed, just like women want to look beautiful. Beard plays an essential and huge part in men’s styling. Growing your beard can be pretty stressful, but not if you have the right beard oil. Ustraa beard growth oil is a perfect choice as it is specially made for growing and maintaining healthy beard hair. This article will be a detailed review of Ustraa beard growth oil, keeping all the factors in mind.

This beard oil contains essential 8 natural oils, fatty acids, and vitamins to make the beard hair soft and shiny. It makes your face look well-groomed by prompting healthy and heavy beard growth.

About Ustraa

Ustraa is the men’s grooming brand that sells everything from beard oil to face wash, fragrances, shaving accessories, and skin products designed for Indian conditions. Their products are of high-quality standards and premium segments of the market. According to Ustraa, their products are free from Sulphate, Paraben, or any harmful chemicals. Ustraa products are not tested on animals. The company has catered to over 2000 cities in India, since its existence in 2015.

About Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil for Men is a uniquely formulated beard oil that helps grow, nourish, and strengthen beard hair. It contains Redensyl that works on hair roots and shaft, to re-balance hair’s natural cycle for hair growth. This beard oil also repairs damaged hair and reduces breakage.

Ustraa Beard Oil Ingredients

8 Natural Oils – Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Acai Berry Oil, Gooseberry Oil, Avocado Oil.

The combination of these 8 natural oils strengthens and nourishes hair. They repair damaged hair and reduce breakage.

Vitamin E – strengthens hair follicles and fights dry, damaged hair.

Magic of Redensyl – Redensyl helps in the net gain of hair and continual regrowth that leads to a fully grown beard. It helps in re-balancing your hair’s natural cycle in favor of hair growth over hair loss. It also protects your hair cells from dying.


This beard oil comes with a charming fragrance.


This beard growth oil by Ustraa comes in impressive packaging with a circular container made of tin, which is suitable for long term usage. The small plastic bottle of 35 ml is spill-proof and comes with an air-tight cap.


  • It helps in boosting beard growth and strengthening of hair.
  • It is powered by Redensyl, which contains a new generation of hair growth activating molecules.
  • It makes your beard look thicker and dense.
  • It is beneficial for a patchy and uneven beard.
  • This oil repairs damaged hair and reduce breakage. 
  • Ustraa beard oil works on both hair and roots, to re-balance the natural growth cycle. 
  • It contains 8 natural oils for nourishing and strengthening of hair. 
  • This product is 100% Sulphate and Paraben free.
  • This growth oil also helps protect your hair cells from dying.
  • The results will be visible in 90 days.

Side effects of Ustraa Beard Oil

  • It is not suitable for oily skin. Some people with oily skin have faced pimple issues after using this oil.
  • This beard oil does not work on growing a new beard as beard growth depends upon genes, hormones, nutrition, etc. 

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How to use beardo beard oil?

It is a one-stop solution for your beard growth, nourishment, stretching, and repair. As per the recommendation, you should use this beard oil twice a day for the best results. This is how you should use it:

Step 1: Take the desired quantity of oil on your palm. Make sure you don’t use an excess of it.  

Step 2: Apply the oil to the base of the beard, touching the skin.

Step 3: Rub your hands gently without damaging the hair follicles. Make sure you use your soft hands, do not rub vigorously. 

Step 4: Finish off by applying on the beard and leave it for the night or the day.

Final Verdict

This comes to the end of this review of Ustraa Beard Growth Oil. The long list of benefits makes this oil the right choice for men looking for a shiny and full-grown beard. This product is the one that solves all the beard problems, whether its breakage or damaged hair. The most unique and convincing thing about this beard oil is Redensyl, a patent breakthrough molecule that works on the hair follicle stem cells. So, flaunt your sexy beard and leave all your beard growth worries to Ustraa Beard growth oil.


Are the ingredients of this beard oil natural?

Yes. This oil is made up of a combination of 8 natural oils with the goodness of Vitamin E. This helps fight dry, damaged hair and also provides nourishment to hair. Also, they are 100% Sulphates & Parabens free.

Is this beard growth oil helpful for oily skin people?

No. People with oily skin have faced some issues with this oil, and they started to have acne problems on their face after using this product.

Can I use this on my head?

No, this product is specially designed for beard hair growth.

How many times can I apply this beard oil in a day?

This beard oil can be used twice a day for better results.  

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