Top Apps & Sites to Buy Books in India – Your Ultimate Guide

Looking for your next great read? With a plethora of online bookstores at your fingertips, finding and purchasing books in India has never been easier. From bestsellers and literary classics to academic texts and genre fiction, there’s a digital shelf for every reader.

Whether you’re a seasoned bibliophile or a casual reader, you’ll want to know the top spots for snagging great deals on books. Amazon, Flipkart, and Bookchor are just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned as we dive into the best apps and websites to satisfy your literary cravings, all from the comfort of your home.

Best Apps and Websites to Buy Books in India


When you’re looking for a seamless purchasing experience, is your go-to. The user interface (UI) is designed for ease of navigation, allowing you to find books swiftly. Accessibility is top-notch with both a website and a mobile app, so you can shop anytime, anywhere. Sign-up is straightforward, and you’ll gain access to a vast collection of books across genres. Pros include free shipping for Prime members and frequent book sales, while cons might be overwhelming choice making decision tough.

Bookchor is a haven for those who cherish pre-loved books. You’ll appreciate its user-friendly platform dedicated to second-hand book lovers. Its accessibility across web and mobile platforms ensures you never miss out on a great deal. Create your account effortlessly to dive into a world of affordable reading. On the plus side, the shipping duration is reasonable, and the return policy user-centric. Some users might find the available selection too vast, sometimes leading to decision paralysis. offers a clean interface catered to a user-friendly shopping spree. The site is easily accessible on various devices, so you can indulge in a bit of book shopping whenever the mood strikes. The registration process is as simple as it gets. Their pro is that it often lists books at competitive prices; however, the con is that the range isn’t as extensive as your literary appetite might desire.

Flipkart is known for its irresistible book deals, especially during sales events. They have honed an intuitive UI that enables stress-free book hunting. Whether on desktop or mobile, Flipkart remains at your fingertips. Signing in is a breeze and leads you straight to their treasure trove of books. Pros are hefty discounts during sales and a vast selection, though the sheer volume of options might prove daunting for some.


For those who want a touch of personalization, has a UI where finding your next read is a joy. Navigating the site is smooth, and accessible features make browsing a pleasure. The sign-up is quick, leading to a curated selection of books. The pro of their service is the specially curated collection, while the con could be the niche range, potentially leaving some readers searching elsewhere for variety.

BooksWagon prides itself on its straightforward UI simplifying book purchases. Easily accessible, it provides a no-frills sign-up and shopping process. The pro lies in its user experience that focuses on quick purchases, yet some might feel that the UI lacks the modern flair found on other platforms.



With 99BooksCart, you’ll find the UI uncomplicated and the overall user experience tailored towards book enthusiasts looking for deals. Accessibility isn’t an issue, as their services are available across multiple platforms. Sign-up is quick, and you are introduced to a diverse range of affordable books. The pro is its budget-friendly collection; however, the con may be a smaller inventory compared to larger competitors. is a destination that enlists an easy-to-use UI. It’s accessible on various devices, providing a versatile shopping experience. The sign-up process is painless and promotes quick access to several book options. The pros involve finding some unique book titles, while cons may include a less curated experience for dedicated book lovers.

A newer player, offers a fresh UI and streamlined user experience. Accessibility spans browsers and devices, giving you flexibility. Their sign-up is simple, but the con is a possibly limited variety compared to more established sites, balanced by a pro of potential niche finds.’s UI is more focused, appealing to specific book niches. Accessibility is decent, with a straightforward sign-up process inviting you into its specialized world. The pro here is finding specific genre books, but the con could be a less exhaustive catalogue for broader reading interests.


If you’re after direct-to-distribution prices, has a functional UI with uncomplicated accessibility. Sign-up is quick, delivering you directly to savings. The pros are the competitive pricing and efficient delivery options, but cons may include intermittent stock variances due to high demand.

Aspiring to synchronise book lovers with their perfect reads, has an uncomplicated UI and a user experience that centres on community connectivity. Its ease of accessibility across platforms, coupled with a hassle-free sign-up, serves as a pros. A con to consider is a more limited spectrum of books, which might lead you to explore beyond for comprehensive options.

Benefits Of Buying Books Online In India

When you embrace the digital marketplace to quench your literary thirst, you’ll quickly discover the myriad benefits of buying books online in India. Convenience stands at the forefront – imagine flipping through the digital shelves of your preferred bookstore from the comfort of your home. Gone are the days of navigating crowded bookshops; now, the entire catalog is at your fingertips.

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Easy Access to a Broad Selection

Online bookstores provide you with an incredibly wide range of options. Whether you’re after the latest bestseller, a literary classic, or a specialist textbook, you’re more likely to find it online than at a local bookstore. What’s more, if one site doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you’re just a click away from another retailer that might.

The digital shopping experience also offers specialised features such as:

  • Advanced search tools
  • Customer reviews
  • Personalised recommendations

Cost-Effective Shopping

When you’re browsing books online, you’re also scouting for the best deals. Digital stores often provide attractive discounts and cashback offers that physical stores seldom match. Online marketplaces don’t have to worry about the overhead costs associated with physical space, allowing them to offer books at more competitive prices.

User Experience and Interface

Each app and website has a unique user interface, designed to make your shopping seamless and engaging. Here’s a look at a few:

  • is renowned for its intuitive navigation and personalised user experience, though some find the vast selection can be overwhelming.
  • is appreciated for its clean design and ease of use, though at times it may lag during high-traffic periods.
  • is known for its niche offerings but might require a learning curve for new users unfamiliar with its layout.

Accessibility and Sign-Up Process

Accessibility varies with each platform, but most are designed to be inclusive for various users, including those with disabilities. The sign-up process is usually straightforward, requiring just a few details to get started. However, some websites might request more information than others, affecting the speed of the initial setup.

  • is accessible, but its sign-up process can feel tedious with additional verification steps.
  • Bookish Santa and strive for simplicity, but sometimes face **technical

How Can a Book App Enhance Your Reading Experience?

When diving into the digital side of literature, book apps stand out for their convenient features tailor-made for traditional reading enthusiasts. Imagine altering font styles and sizes at the touch of a button, transforming your reading screen to suit your visual comfort. It’s more than just a nod to convenience; it’s a revolution in personalising your reading space without the need for multiple physical copies.

Advantages of User Experience in Book Apps

Book apps go beyond the aesthetics; they integrate with online stores to ensure you can purchase and download literary gems, some of which are rare finds in brick-and-mortar stores. With user ratings and comments, you’re more informed to select books that align with your personal taste.

  • Accessibility: At your fingertips, whether on your morning commute or cozying up at home
  • Functionality: Offers audiobooks and text-to-speech, a boon for multi-taskers and those with reading difficulties
  • Variety: Access to a wide range of genres for all age groups

The Impact of User Interface on Book Apps

The interface of your chosen app drastically affects how you interact with your digital library. Simplistic designs cater to those who prefer an ink-and-paper feel, whereas complex layouts with modular elements appeal to tech-savvy users looking for adaptable software.

Navigating Accessibility Features

Most apps are now designed keeping in mind the ease of use, especially for those who are differently-abled. Screen-readers and voice commands make apps more accessible, allowing a wider audience to enjoy literature unhindered.

The Sign-Up Process: A Gateway to Literature

Getting started with a book app shouldn’t be a hurdle. A straightforward sign-up process that respects your time and privacy makes a significant difference. Look for apps that require minimal steps to enter a world of endless stories.

The sheer variety of options means your perfect book app is out there, ready to transform your digital reading journey. Choose based on user experience, user interface, accessibility, and the sign-up process that best fits your lifestyle and dive into your next great adventure with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for buying books online in India?

Amazon Kindle is highly regarded, offering a wide selection and user-friendly experience. Flipkart and local app Bookchor also provide excellent platforms tailored to Indian readers.

What is the world’s most famous online bookstore? is renowned as the “world’s largest bookstore” and is the leading online retailer, having started selling books online in 1995.

Is the Kindle app free to use?

Yes, the Kindle app can be downloaded for free from Amazon, though certain features within the app may require payment.

Which platform sells the most books?

Amazon dominates the eBook market with a significant 68% share of all eBook sales globally, making it the leading platform for book sales.

Is Bookscouter free to use?

Yes, Bookscouter is entirely free to use. Users can access the site without any need for registration, payment, or obligation.

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