10 Essential Reasoning Books for Acing Competitive Exams – Expert Picks

Just as Sherlock Holmes used his keen reasoning abilities to unravel the most tangled cases, you’ll need to sharpen your own logical faculties if you aim to excel in competitive exams.

You’re embarking on a quest where the tools you carry will significantly impact your success, and in this case, these tools are books—specifically, books on reasoning.

The carefully curated list ahead represents expert picks, a veritable arsenal to bolster your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Each title is a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the path to not only understand the questions you’ll face but to master the strategies for answering them with precision.

While this introduction offers a glimpse into the treasure trove, what lies ahead will equip you with the insights to not just compete, but to stand out from the crowd.

A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning for Competitive Exams – By S. Chand

logical reasoning for competitive exams

If you’re gearing up for competitive exams like Banking, SSC, Railway, or Civil Service, ‘A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by S. Chands’ is a robust resource tailored for your success. It’s received plenty of positive reviews from aspirants who found it extremely helpful, particularly for exams like NIFT and UCEED. You’ll appreciate the good collection of problems and the book’s overall quality.

However, you should be aware of some drawbacks. Despite the high-quality pages, there’s a missing 3D hologram that was promised. The book might arrive with a dented package, and the binding isn’t stitched. Also, you can’t overlook the errors; there are many reported in the content and answer key. You’ll need to be cautious and double-check solutions elsewhere.

Best For: Aspirants preparing for the toughest exams in India including Banking, SSC, Railway, NIFT, UCEED, and Civil Services.


  • Received positive feedback for its comprehensive approach and usefulness for various competitive exams.
  • Contains a good collection of 100+ solved examples and 300+ practice questions, supported by 9 instructional videos.
  • Book quality is praised for having good page quality, and it comes fully wrapped in plastic film.


  • Some customers report significant errors in the content and answer key, affecting the study process.

A New Approach To Reasoning Book for Competitive Exams (RADIAN’S)

2022 competitive exam reasoning

For all aspiring candidates targeting government job exams, ‘A New Approach To Reasoning Book for Competitive Exams (2022 Edition, English Medium)’ stands out with its clear explanations and inclusion of short tricks to master reasoning sections efficiently. You’ll find this book garners positive reviews for its straightforward content that’s easy to grasp. It’s packed with all the reasoning questions you’ll face, based on the latest syllabus, making it perfect for a wide range of exams, from Banking to SSC, and other government jobs.

However, you should be aware of some issues. The QR code in the Syllogism chapter might give you trouble, and there’s a chance you’ll encounter missing pages in the cube and Dice chapter. Be careful with online purchases, as some customers have reported fraud. Despite these concerns, the book’s benefits are significant, offering you an edge in your exam preparations.

Best For: Aspiring candidates seeking to excel in reasoning sections of competitive government job exams like Banking, SSC, and Management.


  • Comprehensive coverage of all reasoning topics as per the latest syllabus.
  • Detailed explanations and helpful short tricks for easier understanding and quick learning.
  • Positive feedback from users for its clarity and usefulness in exam preparation.


  • Technical issues with non-functional QR codes in the Syllogism chapter.

The Ultimate REASONING 2.0 Book for Competitive Exams (By S. Chands)

comprehensive reasoning guide for exams

Unlock your potential in competitive exams with ‘The Ultimate REASONING 2.0 Book by S. Chands, tailored specifically for banking aspirants seeking to master reasoning sections in exams like the Bank PO, Clerk, SBI PO, and RBI. Packed with over 2500 questions for both prelims and mains, this 2023 edition is your go-to resource for practice. The book is praised for its chapter-wise questions and detailed explanations, guiding you through tricky puzzles and sitting arrangements. It’s designed to boost your confidence with level-wise questions, including the latest patterns seen in recent exams.

However, some users feel it falls short for SSC mains, pointing out errors in options and questioning its effectiveness. Despite this, if you’re aiming at banking exams, this book comes highly recommended for its moderate to high-level reasoning challenges.

Best For: Aspiring banking professionals looking to strengthen their reasoning abilities for competitive exams.


  • Comprehensive coverage of reasoning questions with over 2500 practice problems for prelims and mains.
  • Chapter-wise structure and detailed explanations for each concept and question.
  • Includes a variety of puzzles and seating arrangement types, reflecting the latest exam patterns.


  • Doesn’t cater to SSC mains questions, limiting its applicability for certain competitive exams.

Test of Reasoning for Competitive Exams by Edgar Thorpe

reasoning test for exams

Dive into ‘Test of Reasoning for Competitive Exams’ by Edgar Thorpe, the 7th Edition paperback that’s tailored for aspirants eager to sharpen their logical abilities for challenging assessments. You’ll find it comes highly recommended by some users who praise its delivery and packaging. It’s deemed a must-buy by those who’ve benefited from the structured content.

However, you should be wary as there’s a significant number of negative reviews pointing out an alarming frequency of printing errors. These mistakes have led some readers to label it as the worst book they’ve used, urging potential buyers to steer clear. Moreover, you might end up with an outdated edition, adding to the frustration. A crucial point of contention lies in the reliability of the material, with concerns that it could waste your precious prep time. Proceed with caution.

Best For: Aspiring candidates seeking to enhance their reasoning skills for competitive exams who are willing to verify the accuracy of the content independently due to reported errors.


  • Receives praise for its structured content that’s tailored to the needs of competitive exam aspirants.
  • Some users have experienced timely delivery and received the book in excellent condition.
  • Recognized as a must-buy by customers who’ve found it beneficial for their exam preparation.


  • Numerous reviews report frequent printing errors, which may hinder learning.

General Reasoning Ability Exam Prep Book – Disha Publications

exam prep book upgrade

If you’re aiming to conquer competitive exams like SSC and IBPS, ‘General Reasoning Ability Exam Prep Book – 2nd Edition’ offers a comprehensive toolkit for mastering high-level reasoning questions. This second edition is specifically tailored to the patterns of various competitive exams from 2018 to 2021, ensuring you’re practicing the most relevant and up-to-date material.

You’ll find 3000+ MCQs to hone your skills, along with a wealth of theory, examples, and shortcut tricks.

It’s recommended by fellow aspirants for its solid content that can significantly improve your reasoning abilities. However, watch out for the odd instance of missing pages, and remember there’s no return policy once the period ends. Despite some complaints about overlapping content with another book, its focus on logical and critical reasoning makes it a valuable resource for your exam prep.

Best For: Aspirants of competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, Railways, Defence, and Insurance seeking to enhance their reasoning abilities.


  • Comprehensive coverage of high-level reasoning questions with over 3000+ MCQs for practice.
  • Contains exhaustive theory, examples, shortcut tricks, and detailed solutions to exercises.
  • Updated content tailored to the pattern of competitive exams from 2018-2021.


  • Some reports of over 30 missing pages in the book.

Essential Objective Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning for Competitive Exams

competitive exam reasoning essentials

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of avid learners, ‘Essential Objective Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning for Competitive Exams’ is the go-to resource for candidates seeking to excel in various competitive examinations. Crafted by Abhishek Banerjee, a seasoned Mathematics and Reasoning expert, this book is tailored to the latest exam patterns and syllabi. It’s packed with over 3000 quality questions, including those from previous years, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any challenge.

You’ll find the content split into 40 comprehensive chapters, each featuring theory, illustrations, and exercises across three difficulty levels. As you delve into the chapters, you’re guided by short-cut tricks and methods to enhance your problem-solving speed. The book’s structured approach, with exam V/S question-type mapping, provides a clear roadmap for your study sessions. You’re not just practicing; you’re strategizing for success.

Best For: Aspiring candidates preparing for various competitive examinations seeking a comprehensive resource for mastering verbal and non-verbal reasoning.


  • Comprehensive coverage of the latest exam patterns and syllabi with over 3000 relevant questions.
  • Contains short-cut tricks and methods to improve problem-solving speed, aiding in efficient learning.
  • Includes a mix of theoretical explanations, illustrations, and exercises across three difficulty levels to cater to different learning stages.


  • Some users may find the book too extensive or overwhelming if they’re only looking for a quick review.

Examcart Competitive Reasoning Shortcut Secrets Textbook by Ankush Lamba

competitive reasoning shortcut secrets

For competitive exam aspirants who frequently encounter complex reasoning challenges, the ‘Examcart Competitive Reasoning Shortcut Secrets Textbook’ by Ankush Lamba offers tailored strategies that can significantly streamline your study process. You’ll find this book is a treasure trove of well-crafted questions, with an answer format that brings clarity and ease to mastering difficult concepts. It’s packed with a comprehensive question bank that many users have called a game-changer for exam prep.

However, it’s important to note that this book contains questions only, without solutions. Be sure you’re okay with this before making a purchase. That said, if you’re searching for a resource that stands out from the rest, this could be it. And with glowing reviews urging you to grab it before it’s sold out, it’s clear this book has helped many—just like you—unlock the secrets to acing their competitive exams.

Best For: Aspirants preparing for competitive exams who need a diverse set of reasoning questions to enhance their problem-solving skills.


  • Contains a wide array of well-crafted questions specifically designed for competitive exam preparation.
  • The question and answer format is clear and concise, aiding in the understanding of complex reasoning concepts.
  • Highly recommended by many users for its comprehensive question bank that aids significantly in exam preparation.


  • The book only includes questions and lacks solutions, which mightn’t be ideal for those who need guided answers.

REASONING GURU Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Exam Prep Book (2023 Edition)

exam prep book reasoning guru 2023 edition

Aiming for top scores in government exams like SSC CGL and CHSL, the REASONING GURU Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Exam Prep Book, updated till August 2023, stands out with its comprehensive coverage of TCS MCQs and bilingual approach. Packed with over 6500+ previous year questions, magical tricks, and exam-oriented strategies, it’s the go-to resource for aspirants.

You’ll find this book’s concepts easy to grasp, making it your best bet for reasoning preparation across SSC, Railway, and Banking exams. Unlike other reasoning books, REASONING GURU’s effectiveness is unmatched, offering you a one-stop solution for acing the reasoning section.

Though not without faults, as some errors have been reported, at just ₹520, it’s recommended for all competitive exam candidates. Remember, having this book on your shelf could be a game-changer for your preparation journey.

Best For: Students and aspirants aiming to score high in competitive government exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, Railway, and Banking sectors.


  • Bilingual edition with comprehensive coverage updated till August 2023, including TCS MCQs.
  • Over 6500+ previous year questions with magical tricks and exam-oriented strategies.
  • Simplified concepts that make it a one-stop solution for reasoning preparation.


  • Some printing errors have been reported.

How To Crack Test of Reasoning In All Competitive Exams – By Jaikrishan

cracking reasoning in competitive exams

If you’re gearing up for a competitive exam, ‘How To Crack Test of Reasoning In All Competitive Exams’ is your go-to resource for mastering logical challenges. With a slew of positive reviews, readers find it extremely useful, beneficial, and an excellent concept learning tool. You’ll appreciate that it’s not just about hype; users are genuinely recommending it as a must-buy.

What’s more, you can grab this gem at a steal for only 165 rupees, despite its real price of 285 rupees. While there’s a negative review about the surplus of questions, it boils down to personal preference. You might find the extra practice helpful.

However, be aware of potential missprints, as some have found over ten pages with errors. And don’t be alarmed if some media content doesn’t load; the core material still holds its value.

Best For: Aspiring candidates seeking to enhance their reasoning skills for competitive exams at an affordable price.


  • Highly beneficial for mastering reasoning for competitive exams.
  • Available at a discounted price significantly lower than the original.
  • Endorsed by multiple users as an excellent tool for understanding concepts.


  • Contains an excess of questions which may be overwhelming for some.

Champions Reasoning Book 2.0 for Bank & Other Exams (Adda24/7)

bank and insurance exam preparation book

Aspiring bankers and insurance professionals will find the Champions Reasoning Book 2.0 an invaluable resource, packed with over 500 puzzles and comprehensive coverage of logical reasoning. Authored by Saurav Sir and published by Adda247, this 837-page book has garnered praise for its wide array of questions and effective teaching style, mirroring the author’s live classes. You’ll appreciate the quality of the pages and the depth of content, which includes 100+ machine input-output questions and thorough logical reasoning exercises.

However, some of you might encounter issues with incorrect answers and question order, as reported by a few dissatisfied customers. While many consider it the best book for banking and insurance exams, don’t forget to examine other options like Kiran Publication if you’re seeking perfection or additional sources for mains preparation.

Best For: Aspiring bankers and insurance exam candidates looking for an extensive collection of reasoning questions and in-depth coverage of logical reasoning.


  • Comprehensive with over 500 puzzles and seating arrangement questions, plus 100+ machine input-output queries.
  • Reflects the effective teaching style of Saurav Sir, akin to his live classes.
  • High page quality and praised as a complete book for SBI PO level reasoning.


  • Some users report incorrect answers and improper question order which may hinder learning.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Reasoning Books for Competitive Exams

When selecting reasoning books for your exam prep, it’s crucial to focus on content that’s both accurate and directly relevant to the test you’re taking.

You’ll want to ensure the book offers high-quality practice questions and clear explanations of the underlying theory.

Also, look for materials that are free of errors to maximize your study efficiency.

Content Accuracy

Select reasoning books with a proven track record of content accuracy to ensure your preparation is based on correct information and reliable solutions. You’ll want to look for books that have garnered positive reviews for the correctness of their content, especially the solved examples and practice questions. Pay attention to feedback from other exam aspirants or reviewers who recommend books for their precise and accurate content.

Be wary of any complaints or negative reviews highlighting errors, misprints, or mistakes in the content, including spelling, grammar, or factual inaccuracies. Additionally, consider the reputation of the author or publisher, as those with a history of accuracy are likely to provide you with the most reliable material for your studies.

Exam Relevance

Ensure the reasoning book you choose covers the gamut of exams you’re preparing for to maximize its relevance to your study regimen. Check the book’s diversity in terms of the exams it mentions and make sure it aligns with the ones you’re targeting. You’ll want to opt for books lauded for their useful content and relevance, as indicated by positive reviews. But don’t ignore any red flags about quality or packaging, like missing pages or print errors, which can be found in customer feedback.

Pay attention to the book’s features, such as the number of solved examples and practice questions. Additional resources, including videos or mnemonic tricks, can also be a boon.

Practice Question Quality

Assess the variety and depth of practice questions in a reasoning book to ensure they comprehensively prepare you for your competitive exams. Look for books that offer a diverse range of practice questions to cover different reasoning topics. This diversity is crucial as it mirrors the eclectic nature of the questions you’ll face.

Consider books that provide detailed explanations for the practice questions, helping you understand the logic behind each answer.

Choose books with high-quality content and accurate solutions to avoid errors in your practice material. It’s essential that the books are updated and relevant to the specific competitive exams you’re targeting.

Also, seek books with a variety of question types and difficulty levels to effectively enhance your reasoning skills.

Theory Explanation Clarity

While evaluating the variety of practice questions is essential, you mustn’t overlook the clarity of theory explanations in reasoning books, as this forms the foundation for solving those problems effectively.

A book brimming with clear theory explanations is your key to grasping those tricky fundamentals. You’re on the lookout for resources that offer detailed and thorough breakdowns of reasoning concepts, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation.

Opt for books that present concise, coherent, and lucid theory explanations. They’ll aid your comprehensive learning, making the retention of complex material feel like a breeze.

Error-Free Material

When selecting reasoning books for competitive exams, you must prioritize error-free material to guarantee effective study without the setbacks of inaccuracies or misprints. Books riddled with errors can seriously derail your preparation, causing frustration and wasted time.

Pay attention to quality control issues like printing mistakes and missing pages that compromise the book’s usefulness. Look for positive reviews and user recommendations to gauge a book’s credibility, ensuring it provides the reliable, error-free material you need. Noticeable details such as 3D holograms and high-quality packaging can also hint at the material’s overall authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Specific Reasoning Books Tailored to the Requirements of Different Competitive Exams Like CAT, UPSC, or SSC?

Yes, you’ll find reasoning books designed specifically for exams like CAT, UPSC, and SSC, each tailored to the unique pattern and difficulty level of these tests to help you prepare effectively.

How Can I Integrate the Practice From These Reasoning Books Into My Daily Study Routine Effectively?

You can integrate reasoning practice by dedicating a time slot daily, focusing on varied exercises, and progressively increasing difficulty to sharpen your skills consistently for better performance in competitive exams.

Can Online Resources or Mobile Apps Replace the Need for Traditional Reasoning Books in Exam Preparation?

Online resources and mobile apps can supplement, but they shouldn’t completely replace traditional reasoning books, as they offer in-depth explanations and structured practice that’s crucial for your exam preparation.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls or Mistakes Students Should Avoid While Studying Reasoning for Competitive Exams?

You should avoid cramming, neglecting practice tests, and overlooking question patterns. Stay consistent, understand logic deeply, and don’t ignore time management while preparing for reasoning sections in competitive exams.

Are There Any Expert-Recommended Strategies to Approach High-Difficulty Level Reasoning Problems Often Not Covered in Standard Prep Books?

You’ll want to tackle tough reasoning problems by breaking them down into simpler parts, practicing regularly, and seeking alternative explanations to enhance your problem-solving skills beyond what’s in standard prep books.


You’ve got the list; now it’s your turn to shine.

Pick a book that resonates with your learning style, whether it’s the detailed explanations in ‘A Modern Approach’ or the latest strategies in ‘The Ultimate REASONING 2.0.’

Don’t overlook the ‘Factors to Consider’ section—it’s crucial for making an informed choice.

With the right guide in hand, you’re set to tackle any reasoning challenge in your upcoming exams.

Go ahead, ace those tests with confidence!

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