Top Inverter Batteries in India: Find Your Power Match

Choosing the best battery for your inverter can be a game-changer for your home or office in India. With frequent power cuts, a reliable inverter battery ensures that your daily life runs smoothly. Whether it’s for your work-from-home setup or keeping appliances running during outages, the right battery makes all the difference.

From tubular to flat plate, the options are vast. Brands like Exide, Amaron, and Luminous are at the forefront, offering batteries that promise longevity and efficiency. You’re not just buying a battery; you’re investing in peace of mind. Let’s delve into what makes a battery stand out in the bustling Indian market.

Exide InvaTubular IT500 Inverter Battery

Exide InvaTubular IT500 Inverter Battery

When looking into inverter batteries for reliability, Exide’s InvaTubular IT500 often stands out. With this brand, you’re not just purchasing a battery; you’re investing in dependability and a trouble-free power backup solution.

Performance and Longevity

The InvaTubular IT500’s robust design and thick tubular plates ensure that it can withstand the rigours of deep discharge and frequent power interruptions. Known for its durability, the Exide InvaTubular IT500 provides consistent performance over an extended period.

Battery Backup

A critical factor for an inverter battery is its backup capability. Exide’s tubular technology promises an excellent backup time, allowing you to continue your tasks without interruption even during long power outages.


Exide makes maintenance easier with its InvaTubular IT500. The battery requires less frequent water top-ups compared to other batteries in the market, which translates to less hassle for you.

Feature Exide InvaTubular IT500
Battery Type Tubular
Weight Approx. 60 kg
Capacity 150 AH
Dimensions Varies by model

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Exide’s InvaTubular IT500 series provides a combination of prolonged life and reliability, ensuring that it remains a popular choice among those needing durable inverter batteries in India.

Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060 Inverter Battery

Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060 Inverter Battery

When you’re considering inverter batteries for uninterrupted power supply, the Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060 stands out for its exemplary quality and performance. This imposing 220AH tall tubular battery is tailored for substantial inverter operations at your home, office or commercial shop. It integrates state-of-the-art cylindrical positive plate technology for swift and effective charging coupled with a lengthened service life.

Luminous Inverlast batteries are designed with a tubular construction, encouraging spill-proof and maintenance-free use. This makes it particularly user-friendly especially in areas where maintenance can become a hassle. Understanding the importance of reliability, Luminous backs the Inverlast ILTT 26060 with a 36-month warranty, cementing its status as a commitment to durable construction.

Your quest for long battery backup and robustness is met by the Luminous ILTT 26060’s track record of positive user experiences. Clients praise its extended backup times, solid build, and low-maintenance demands. In the context of durability and backup, let’s compare some notable inverter battery brands:

  • Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060
  • Exide InvaTubular IT500
Brand Durability Battery Backup (Hours)
Luminous ILTT 26060 High 10-12
Exide InvaTubular IT500 Very High 8-10
Luminous Inverlast 150ah12v Moderate 6-8
Microtek TT 2450 Moderate 6-8
Amaron Inverter Battery High 7-9
Exide 150Ah New Insta Brite High 7-9

Amaron Flo 500D Inverter Battery

Amaron Flo 500D Inverter Battery

When you’re in search of a robust energy solution for your home power system, consider the Amaron Flo 500D Inverter Battery. This model stands out in the crowded market with its mix of reliability and performance. Ideal for Indian climates, the Amaron Flo 500D is built to handle the stress of high temperatures effortlessly.

One of the key attributes of this inverter battery is its low maintenance design. You won’t be spending your precious time checking up on this battery; it’s engineered to last with minimal supervision. Moreover, its fast charging feature ensures you’re never out of power for long.

The Amaron Flo 500D typically comes with high reserve capacities, a crucial factor when the unexpected power cut hits. It’s always comforting to know that your inverter battery has the stamina to last through long outages.

Here’s a snapshot of the battery backup and durability from various brands:

Brand Durability Battery Backup
Luminous Inverlast ILTT 26060 Spill-proof, tubular, 36-month warranty Dependable long-term backup
Amaron Flo 500D High heat tolerance, low maintenance Large reserve capacity
Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery High temperatures resistance, durable design Efficient, lasting charge

Remember, selecting an inverter battery is not just about the immediate needs. It’s a long-term investment, and in that regard, the Amaron Flo 500D certainly signifies a judicious choice for sustained power backup.

Su-Kam Tubular Inverter Battery

Su-Kam Tubular Inverter Battery

When considering a power backup solution, you can’t overlook the durability and efficiency of tubular batteries. Su-Kam’s Tubular Inverter Batteries stand out with their robust design, meant to weather frequent and long power cuts, ensuring your household power supply remains uninterrupted. These batteries are engineered for resilience and support a broad range of electrical appliances, from basic lighting to more power-intensive devices.

Tubular batteries by Su-Kam are a smart investment if you’re seeking long-term reliability. Their long lifespan is attributed to the thick positive plates, which reduce corrosion, ultimately extending the battery’s service life. For you, this means reduced maintenance and replacement costs. Su-Kam Tubular Batteries utilize high-quality active material with unique formulations that aid in quick charge acceptance and retention.

Su-Kam Tubular Inverter Batteries come in various capacities to match your specific needs. The right inverter battery ensures you’re equipped for power outages without disruptions. Su-Kam Tubular Inverter Batteries offer the perfect blend of power capacity and endurance to keep your home running smoothly.

Microtek TT2465 Inverter Battery

Microtek TT2465 Inverter Battery

When you’re in the market for an inverter battery that marries longevity with superior performance, you might want to consider the Microtek TT2465. This model is a testament to Microtek’s commitment to quality and durability. It’s engineered to cater to your extensive electrical needs, particularly during frequent power outages.

Microtek batteries stand out for their Hadi tubular technology, which ensures a lower degradation rate and better charge acceptance. This design feature plays a pivotal role in enhancing battery life. Moreover, the TT2465 boasts an admirable storage capacity, being able to sustain your household through extended periods without power.

What you’ll particularly admire about this battery is its ability to recharge swiftly, a feature facilitated by the battery’s advanced chemical composition. You’re also less likely to be caught off-guard by maintenance needs thanks to the built-in ceramic water level indicator.

Genus – GTT200 Hallabol Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

Genus - GTT200 Hallabol Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

When you’re looking to ramp up the performance of your inverter setup, the Genus GTT200 Hallabol Tall Tubular Inverter Battery could be your go-to solution. With its robust design and 200AH capacity, it’s built to endure and provide the power backup that’s essential during unexpected power outages. Paired with advanced technologies, this tubular battery stands out for its resilience and long-life cycle, ensuring you don’t have to fret about frequent replacements.

The GTT200 is designed for heavy-duty applications. Whether it’s for your home office or your shop, its tall tubular structure means it can consistently deliver high performance. The positive tubular plate technology is a significant feature that boosts charge acceptance and aids in quick recovery post power cuts. With such reliable charge retention, you’re looking at a power source that won’t let you down when you need it the most.

Another aspect you can’t overlook is the maintenance routine. Thankfully, the GTT200 is engineered to be low-maintenance, thanks to the advanced alloy composition that minimizes water loss. You’re free from the hassles of frequent water top-ups, and you can focus more on your work than your inverter battery.

Pair any of these batteries with the best inverter in India at home for better power backup alternative.

Factors to consider while choosing a battery for an inverter

When you’re in the market for an inverter battery in India, you’ll want to ensure that you pick a product that meets your specific power needs and expectations. Apart from the essential factors already discussed, here are additional considerations to keep in mind:

Battery Types

Your primary choice in battery types includes two main contenders: lead-acid and lithium-ion. Lead-acid batteries, although more affordable, carry the drawback of a shorter lifespan and require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries, despite their higher initial cost, boast a longer lifespan and necessitate less maintenance, making them a potentially more cost-effective investment in the long run.


Determining the right capacity is crucial as it directly influences how long your inverter will power your appliances during a power cut. Battery capacity is measured in Ampere-hours (Ah), and it defines the amount of energy the battery can store and deliver. It’s imperative to opt for a battery with a capacity that aligns with your backup power requirements — usually, a higher Ah rating signifies extended runtime.

Backup Time

Calculating your backup time is a key step when choosing your inverter battery. You’ll need to assess the total wattage of the appliances you intend to run during a power outage. From this calculation, deduce the battery capacity required to power these devices for your desired duration. Remember, it’s wise to choose a battery with a higher capacity than your immediate needs to accommodate potential capacity degradation over time.

Warranty and Maintenance

Pay attention to the warranty and maintenance offered by different brands. A more extended warranty period may indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability. Furthermore, consider the maintenance needs of the battery — maintenance-free options are available, which can save you time and hassle.

Inverter Battery Durability and Backup:

Brand Durability Battery Backup
Genus GTT200 Hallabol Robust design, long-life cycle Quick recovery post power cuts
Microtek TT2465 Reliable, built to last Sufficient for standard home usage
Genus Hallabol GTT250 High resilience Extended backup time for prolonged outages
Genus Hallabol GTT170 Sturdy construction Consistent performance over time

When selecting an inverter battery, taking into account these factors will guide you toward a reliable, efficient, and suitable option for your home or office. Keep noting these points as we delve into more information to assist you in making an informed purchase.

Consider opting for the best solar inverter for a more reliable power backup solution.


Selecting the right battery for your inverter is crucial for ensuring uninterrupted power in your home or business. With options like the Genus GTT200 Hallabol and other models from reputable brands, you’re spoilt for choice. Remember to weigh factors like battery type, capacity, and warranty against your specific needs. A well-informed decision will lead you to a battery that offers longevity, efficiency, and peace of mind. Trust that you’re now equipped to make the best choice for a seamless power backup experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best inverter battery brand in India?

Exide is widely regarded as the best inverter battery brand in India, owing to the quality, support, and services offered with their products, making them the popular choice among millions of Indians for home and office power-backup solutions.

What type of battery is best for an inverter?

Tubular batteries are considered the best for inverters as they last significantly longer than lead-acid batteries and provide excellent efficiency, which can be highly beneficial when paired with a high-efficiency inverter.

Which battery is better: 100Ah or 200Ah?

A 200Ah battery is better as it stores twice the power of a 100Ah battery, providing a larger energy reserve and longer backup time. It’s also one-third more powerful than a 150Ah battery, making it a suitable choice for extended power requirements.

Which company battery is best?

Some of the best battery companies include Servotech Power Systems, Amara Raja Batteries, Exide Industries, CLN – Energy, Waaree Ess, Su-Kam Power Systems, Battrixx, and PPAP Technology, each known for their quality and performance in various applications.

Which inverter is best for a 200Ah battery?

The Amaron 1400VA inverter is well-suited for a 200Ah battery, providing a full load backup of approximately 3.4 hours and 6.8 hours on a half load, with an output of 1120 watts, ensuring reliable and prolonged power supply during outages.

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