Best Inverter In India For Home With Prices (2021)

In ancient times, when there was no electricity, people used to light candles. Over the years, when electricity was discovered, then power cuts were very frequent, and for that, a torch was the light source. Technology is still growing in all industries to provide a comfortable life. As per the evolution of technology, today, we have the best inverter in India. 

However, the power problem in rural areas has somewhat improved over the years but let’s agree, blackouts still happen. But the urban area continues to face the issue. Sometimes power cuts can last for hours and even for a day. And the most irritating thing when the rainy season comes. That is when almost everywhere, power cuts happen. It makes our life so difficult, so inverters are the solution for it. Plus, Indians have an idea how bad it is when there are long power cuts. 

Inverters are the way to reduce the voltage generated by the generator so a battery can handle it. Thus, it helps in overcoming the problems of charging batteries by generators. Inverters have one function in common; they convert the DC voltage into AC which can be supplied to the electrical system. An alternator is basically a transformer that can deliver the DC from a power source and convert it into AC. 

So if you live in a city where frequent power cuts happen, or power fluctuates a lot, you should probably invest in a good quality inverter. However, there are many inverters in the market. Thus we have created a list of the best inverters in India for homes.

Best Inverter In India for Home

An inverter is not something that you have to buy every six months or a year. 

Since you have to use an inverter for an extended period of time, you should spend a lot of money purchasing a good machine. There will be no use if your inverter needs a mechanic every two days. So check out the list of the best inverters in India.


Luminous Zelio


Luminous Zelio is the top brand if you are looking to invest in a good quality inverter. In almost every home, you will find Luminous Zelio. To know more, check out its features.

  • The good thing about Luminous Zelio is it is noiseless. But, unfortunately, most of the inverters make disturbing noises. 
  • The machine has an LED display so you can check power back and battery remaining in hours and minutes.
  • Moreover, it has water level maintenance and MCB protection.
  • The inverter is best for a mid-size home as it supports three tube lights, ceiling fans, a TV, and one air cooler, which is perfect for surviving in a power cut. 

Price on Amazon: Rs 6199


V-Guard Prime (Best Inverter in India)

V-Guard Prime is the second-best choice after Luminous Zelio. This comes with several features; check out below.

  • V-Guard has a battery topping reminder so that the battery doesn’t get damaged.
  • Moreover, the inverter’s battery is super sufficient and protected with a battery gravity builder.
  • Apart from the battery’s longevity, the V- Guard inverter has a switch to control the use of connected appliances in the house.
  • The inverter is compatible with any battery within 80-230AH. Also, it is a heavy-duty inverter.
  • Also, the machine can connect with a grinder, room cooler, fans, and lights with TV and fridge. 

Price on Amazon: 5798


Microtek Ups 


This is the best-selling inverter in India. Microtek inverters are very lightweight and don’t cause electrical hazards. Following are its more features.

  • Microtek inverters come at a very reasonable price and have a long life.
  • This is a noiseless machine and has an efficient power backup.
  • Moreover, the brand has a voltage range selection. But it can also work in standard voltage that is 100v-300V and narrow voltage from 180V-260V. 
  • It is best known for its durability, high performance, and efficiency.

Price on Amazon: Rs 3950


ZunSolar 1050 (Best Inverter in India)

This is one of the best-selling inverters in India at a reasonable price. This features a lot of qualities one must look for. Check out its qualities.

  • One of the unique and best things about ZunSolar is, it can be changed using solar energy.
  • Moreover, the ZunSolar inverter has an input range of 130-280V.
  • And the inverter has an inbuilt charge controller. That means power cuts itself off when the battery is full.
  • ZunSolar inverter has a minimum maintenance cost, plus it is lightweight. 

Price on Amazon: Rs 5199




In India, power cuts are frequent in summers and the rainy season. And let’s be honest, it feels like life has stopped. But with the help of APC inverters is best as per the climate and season conditions. So look for its amazing features. 

  • APC inverter has power backup, which can support home theatres, lights, grinders, and fridges.
  • Also, there is no hassle in replacing its battery. A tubular battery is good to go with an APC inverter
  • Moreover, it is very safe to use and, in fact, shockproof and has a short circuit protection system
  • And the best part is, APC inverters come with child locks, which makes it safe to keep in a home with kids. 

Price on Amazon: Rs 8991

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most asked questions about inverters with an answer. This will help you to give a clear idea of how to invest in your inverter. 

Q1. Do all inverters support all the appliances at home? 

Ans. Inverters support necessary appliances at home like fridge, aqua guard, grinder Tv, and lights and fans. But not heavy electronic items. 

Q2. Which wires to use, aluminum or copper?

Ans. Copper is an effective conductor of electricity and is advised to use copper wires. Moreover, it is cheaper and easily connected. 

Q3. How to select the right size of an inverter according to home?

Ans. Add all the power ratings of your appliances and then buy the inverter which can support that much amount of power of all the machines. 

Q4. What is the capacity of the inverter for domestic use? 

Ans. This absolutely depends upon the number of appliances used at home. However, the capacity can vary from 500-650 watts.

Final Words

We hope this curated list of the best inverters in India has helped you. Although before buying, don’t forget to check customer’s reviews, complaints, service quality, and the product’s warranty. In addition, also check if the product is exchangeable or refundable. If your ordered product is damaged or doesn’t have a warranty card, you can easily exchange the item. 

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