10 Best Bluetooth Earphones in India 

Are you trying to find the best Bluetooth earphone in India for you, but every time you buy one, you get scammed? If this is your current situation then we are here to help you out, as here in this post, we are going to share 10 Bluetooth earphones in India that are highly reliable and can be used for long-term efficiently.

There are plenty of companies that manufacture Bluetooth earphones in India, but not every earphone or company offers the best quality products. Hence this is the reason before heading towards the main section of this post. We are going to talk about some of the best Bluetooth earphone brands in India.

Best Bluetooth Earphone Brands in India

Here is the list of best Bluetooth earphones manufacturing brands in India:

  • Sony
  • JBL
  • Boat
  • MI
  • Samsung

This was all about some of the best and most used Bluetooth earphone brands in India, so without taking much time, let us directly head towards the main section of this guide. 

Best Bluetooth Earphones in India

Here is the list of 10 best Bluetooth earphones in India:

Sony WI-C200

If you have a budget of INR 2000 under which you want to get one such Bluetooth earphones option that should be durable, with better battery support, water-resistance or splash-proof, and other such features, then this Sony WI-C200 is the best deal that you can never ignore.

They are available in black color and are portable; you can wear them around your neck and go for running or your workout sessions. It was found that this Bluetooth earphone option is perfect for running, as it does not have any effect of sweat on it, along with that it will not move from its place with the help of super grip technology used to create these Bluetooth earphones.


  • It comes with longer battery life; after one complete charge, you can use it continuously for 15 hours.
  • You can even handle calls with the help of these Bluetooth earphones, as it comes with an in-built microphone that does not distort calls.
  • For better management, the company offers three buttons on the panel connected with these Bluetooth earphones that can help you play/pause or change music tracks.
  • You would be able to control Siri or Google Assistant with these Bluetooth earphones.


  • High-quality material and well built.
  • Offers a great grip.
  • Impressive bass output.
  • Comes with a warranty from the company.
  • Easy accessible and portable.


  • Various users faced breakage issues from the panel joints. 

Buying link:https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07S13PJ3W/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=shubzoffers-21&linkId=0bafca492f60fc729b675db2005e8bc9&language=en_IN

Leaf Wireless Earphones

At the second option from the list of best Bluetooth earphones in India, we have Leaf Bluetooth earphones that support the latest version of Bluetooth. With the help of which, you would be able to make a secure and unbreakable Bluetooth connection between your earphones and the smartphone or device connected.

The primary reason is that these wireless earphones can be your best companion if you are looking for an earphones option that has the best form factor and comes with a unique modern looking design. Along with that if you are a sporty person, then again you are going to fall in love with these earphones.  


  • For better support so that the earphones do not plug out automatically, the company has attached a sporty hook for your ears.
  • Made up of high-quality metal that will put no harm to your ear, and hence you will not face any kind of rusting or corrosion issues.
  • It comes with a universal connectivity feature, which means it can be connected with almost every platform that has Bluetooth support.
  • It comes with noise cancellation support, not only that these earphones also offer you great bass support with the help of which you can enjoy every single beat of the music.
  • With one complete charge, it can offer you music listening services for at least 8 hours efficiently without any cut-offs between this time.


  • Better sound output.
  • Noise cancellation and deep bass support.
  • Universal connectivity.
  • Great battery life.
  • Charges fastly.


  • Does not come with a microphone and company warranty. 

Buying link: https://www.amazon.in/Leaf-Ear-Wireless-Bluetooth-Earphones/dp/B071HX5JSJ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Leaf+Ear+Wireless+Bluetooth+Earphones&qid=1568099046&s=electronics&sr=1-3&linkCode=sl1&tag=shubzoffers-21&linkId=cf064406b0376e899d6720ce355fd13d&language=en_IN

Boat Rockerz 255 

The Boat is one such company that has always offered the best quality products to its customers. Hence this is the only reason their company has a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 

With these Boat Rockerz 255, you would be able to take advantage of several features, and along with that, the company has offered a great red and black color combination design that provides a sporty look to the earphones.

Moreover, whenever you buy a Boat product, you can assure that you are going to get the best bass output during audio playing. Let us have a look at some of the major features offered by these best Bluetooth earphones in India.


  • You would be able to get the best music output with the help of it’s deep bass technology.
  • These earphones are equipped with active noise cancellation that can help you during music listening and also while on call.
  • It comes with support of the latest Bluetooth version, and hence this is one of the primary reasons behind its excellent battery life. You can use it continuously for 8 hours with one complete charge.
  • It is offered with a microphone, with the help of which you can talk during a call or can take advantage of Siri and Google Assistant support.


  • Robust and good looking design.
  • High-quality sound output.
  • Deep bass support.
  • Latest Bluetooth support.
  • In-line microphone addition.


  • Some users faced sound blockage issues on the right side of these earphones. 

Buying link: https://www.amazon.in/255-Bluetooth-Wireless-Earphone-Immersive/dp/B07C2YXNQS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=Boat+Rockerz+255&qid=1563134315&s=electronics&smid=A14CZOWI0VEHLG&sr=1-5&linkCode=sl1&tag=shubzoffers-21&linkId=e1ebaf23b410494a2482b20449a04b86&language=en_IN

MI Basics Bluetooth Earphones

You all must be knowing that MI is the best and one such company whose products people recommend to each other. Because they offer exceptionally well-working products and here we have brought to you one of the best Bluetooth earphones in India which is known as Mi basics Bluetooth earphones that are made with a perfect blend of modern design and features which enhances the overall value of this product. 

These earphones are offered in greyish colour with a perfect combination of matte black on various parts. Not only that, the company has also made sure that you don’t face any kind of plugging out issues with these earphones while running or doing some work by wearing these earphones, as they offer an ear support hook with it.

Let us have a look at the features offered by these best Bluetooth earphones in India. 


  • One of the best features of these Bluetooth earphones is that you would be able to buy these earphones at a budget-friendly price.
  • The ear hooks that you are going to get with these earphones are rotatable, and you can make a complete 360 degrees change in them.
  • You can listen to music continuously for 9 hours right after a complete charge.
  • It offers an excellent sound quality, as you would be able to feel every beat of the music with these earphones.
  • It comes with a modern and sleek design, with which you can keep these earphones anywhere.


  • Great battery life.
  • Earhook support.
  • Durable one.
  • Comes with a microphone.
  • They are ideally designed for fitness use.


  • Does not offer you deep bass support. 

Buying link:https://www.amazon.in/Mi-Bluetooth-Earphones-Dynamic-Battery/dp/B07JZBLMQW/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1RGWJXDYJYX2B&dchild=1&keywords=mi+wireless+headphones+bluetooth&qid=1588325929&sprefix=mi+wireless+%2Caps%2C-1&sr=8-6

Realme Wireless Buds: 

Realme is a smartphone manufacturing company which has been generated from the tech giant Oppo, they started their business by manufacturing smartphones, but now they have started developing and selling their earphones.

Although you would not be able to get their earphones within their smartphone box, but you can order them online easily. Let us have a look at the list of features covered by these wireless earphones by Realme. 


  • It comes with an impressive combination of black and yellow, so if you are trying to find a catchy earphone for yourself, then these are the best option for you.
  • You would be able to take advantage of the exceptional battery life of 12 hours.
  • Various high-quality materials are used behind the creation of these earphones such as metal, alloy, silica, and many more.
  • Supports magnetic ends with which you can connect these earphones at one place easily. Not only that right after connecting them, but you would also be able to turn these earphones off automatically.


  • Support bass boost drivers.
  • Skin-friendly material.
  • Offers better grip.
  • Great design.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Magnetic pair technology.


  • Buttons are not long-lasting ones.

Buying link:https://amzn.to/31Fw7K7

TAGG Inferno Wireless Earphones:

You would be able to take advantage of True HD sound with the help of these wireless earphones by TAGG Inferno company. Although several people must not have heard about this company, they are in their field for many years, producing high-quality earphones that come with the support of the latest features.

Mainly these earphones are created for sporty people who love to listen to music while they are running or working out. As they come with ear support with the help of which these earphones will not get removed from your ears automatically. Along with that, it also comes with sweat and dirt resistance that will not let your earphones get destroyed by such elements.


  • In case if you are trying to find a value for money product, then these earphones are the best match for you. As they offer great value at a budget-friendly price.
  • No matter if you are going to use earphones for official purpose, workout or any other reason, you would be able to take advantage of the best quality sound output in every category.
  • The wire connected to these earphones is a durable one. Moreover, it will not put any harm on your skin.
  • You would be able to use these earphones during heavy and sweaty workout sessions, as these are entirely sweatproof.
  • The company offers a value for money product, as in the package you would be able to get extra ear tips for usage.


  • Value for money product.
  • It can be used for any purpose.
  • High-quality wire usage, which is skin-friendly.
  • Eight hours of battery backup.
  • Comes with a carry case.


  • Some users faced breakage of ear hooks.

Buying link:http://amzn.to/2DcUPIH 

Samsung Level U Wireless Earphones

In case if you are trying to find one such wireless earphones option that offers you to listen to music easily in a comfortable manner without facing any issues related to plugging out of earphones or get those moved from one place, then Samsung Level U is the most appropriate option of best Bluetooth earphones in India. 


  • You would be able to get these Bluetooth earphones along with a neckband that offers support to the wire of these earphones. Not only that, but this band also will not let the earphones move from their exact position.
  • Comes with two microphones with the help of which you can take advantage of more precise sounds during calls.
  • You can use these earphones continuously for 10 hours after one complete charge.


  • Flexible neckband.
  • Powerful sound output.
  • Deep bass.
  • Exceptional battery.


  • The neckband can break down easily with a little force. 

Buying link:http://amzn.to/2D9QDdK

CrossBeats Raga Wireless Earphones

In case if you are trying to find an impressive sound output experience from your earphones, then CrossBeats Raga wireless earphones are the most appropriate option for you. Moreover, this option is ideally created for those who want to find a durable Bluetooth earphone option for using them during their workout sessions.


  • You would be able to create an unbreakable Bluetooth connection with the help of Bluetooth 4.1.
  • You can use these earphones continuously for 8 hours after one complete charge.
  • The total weight of these Bluetooth earphones are 18g, which is negligible weight, and you won’t even feel it wearing anything around your neck.


  • Offers noise cancellation support.
  • Small display for battery level.
  • Charges fastly.


  • Earhook made up of hard material and is breakable. 

Buying link:https://www.amazon.in/CrossBeatsTM-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones-Grey-Green/dp/B01N0785JS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1515092646&sr=1-40&keywords=earphones&refinements=p_36:200000-250000&linkCode=sl1&tag=shubzoffers5-21&linkId=af93145b5436c98547b15995a8cdf6c8

TaoTronics BH07 Wireless Earphones: 

In case if you are trying to find one such wireless earphone option that should be compatible with almost every device, then TaoTronics BH07 Wireless Earphones are the best option for you. 

Let us have a look at what features you can take advantage of with the help of these earphones.


  • Comprises a built-in magnet with the help of which you can get both earphones connected. Hence you can easily store it anywhere.
  • With the help of its noise isolation technology, you would be able to get rid of unnecessary outside noises quickly.
  • Uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology.


  • Support all types of music formats.
  • Can pair with two devices at a time.
  • Great overlook.


  • Stopped working in several cases.

Buying link:https://www.amazon.in/TaoTronics-BH07-Sweatproof-Bluetooth-Headphones/dp/B01GNYFT8E/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1515092738&sr=1-80&keywords=earphones&refinements=p_36:200000-250000&linkCode=sl1&tag=shubzoffers5-21&linkId=c3aea4c46451eb29de82b0c70a5ce18f 

Future X Wireless Earphones: 

Here’s the last option from the list of best Bluetooth earphones in India and this option is offered to you by Future X company. Hence as the name suggests, you would be able to take advantage of futuristic design and features with the help of this product.


  • Comes with a flexible band with the help of which you can place these earphones around your neck easily.
  • It is equipped with noise isolation technology that decreases all kinds of disturbances around you.
  • You can use these earphones continuously for 8 hours.


  • In-built magnets support.
  • Additional earplugs for best outcomes.
  • Latest Bluetooth.


  • Various users faced wire breakage issues. 

Buying link:http://amzn.to/2D7BwBp 

Bluetooth Earphones Buying Guide: Factors to consider

Here we are going to have a look at some essential factors that you should consider before buying yourself Bluetooth earphones:

The first factor you should consider while buying the best Bluetooth earphones in India is its battery life. Hence we suggest you to always go with those earphones that offer the most significant battery life.

Nowadays, noise cancellation has been a must-have feature in almost every earphone, no matter if they are wired or wireless.

Make sure you can take advantage of the latest Bluetooth version support with the earphones you are going to buy.

While selecting a Bluetooth earphone for yourself, you should always go with the lightweight option, along with which you can take advantage of additional accessories such as ear hooks and many more. 

Best Bluetooth Earphones in India Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are wireless earphones better than other earphone types? 

Wireless earphones are the best option because you would be able to take advantage of the freedom of using the earphones without any kind of wire limitation issues.

Under what price range we can get the best Bluetooth earphones in India? 

You would be able to get the best Bluetooth earphones in India within a price range of INR 1500-6000.

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