Top Tripods for Phones & Cameras in India: Your Best Picks

Embarking on a photography journey or looking to up your content creation game? You’ll need a trusty tripod to capture those crisp, blur-free shots. Whether you’re navigating the great outdoors or setting up the perfect indoor scene, the right tripod can be your best ally.

With a plethora of options flooding the Indian market, choosing the ideal tripod for your phone or DSLR can seem daunting. But don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork to bring you the top picks that promise stability, versatility, and ease of use. Ready to find your perfect match? Let’s dive in and discover the tripod that’ll transform your photography experience.

BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod


BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod

When looking for a tripod that combines sturdiness with flexibility, the BENRO T560 stands out. It’s built from aluminium, ensuring both lightweight and durability. Ideal for both phone and DSLR users, this tripod boasts a 3-way head which supports devices up to 5.51 Lb, providing the stability you need for various shooting conditions.

Let’s dive into its specifications:

Specification Details
Price Rs 4999
Height 56.5 in
Material Aluminium
Compatible Devices Camera
Rating 4.35/5

One of the BENRO’s key features is its flexible pan head, capable of rotating 360 degrees. It’s designed for those moments when you’re striving for that perfect panoramic shot or when you’re switching between landscape and portrait modes. The built-in bubble view levels aid in achieving precise compositions, ensuring your lines are straight and your horizons true.

What impresses most users is its reach. Extending to a maximum height of 56.5 inches, the BENRO T560 provides versatility whether you’re capturing low-angle shots or elevating your camera above a crowd. Its quick-release plate makes for swift transitions between shots, while the 1/4″-20 screws ensure compatibility with a vast range of devices.


  • A sturdy build provides reliable support
  • High-quality aluminium material ensures long-term use
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Stands firm and rigid in various shooting scenarios


  • Does not include a mobile holder

Let’s talk about the sturdiness. Sturdy legs anchor your setup firmly, giving you the confidence to shoot in windy conditions or on uneven terrain. The tripod’s feet adjust to maintain stability, ensuring your equipment remains safe.

The height adjustment feature of the BENRO T560 aluminium tripod is seamless, with multi-section legs that you can easily adjust to meet your needs. Whether you’re after a bird’s-eye view or shooting from ground level, the versatility of this tripod stands it in good stead.

YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod

YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod

When capturing the perfect shot is your goal, the YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod emerges as a suitable contender. This tripod offers a unique combination of durability and functionality, embedded into its design, thus maximizing your shooting capabilities with smartphones and DSLRs alike.

Crafted from ABS and Carbon Steel materials, it promises both flexibility and strength. The design has an integrated ring light, expandable from 16 to 50 inches in height, ensuring that you can find the optimal lighting and angle regardless of your location. Its lightweight and detachable features make it extremely portable, a sheer boon for on-the-go photographers.

Here’s a snapshot of the YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod’s specifications:

Price Height Material Compatible Devices Rating
Rs 1999 30 in ABS & Carbon Steel Smartphones 3.95

The tripod’s distinct characteristics include high impact resistance and heat resistance, protecting those essential LED lights during extended use. When you’re shooting live streams, makeup videos, or selfies, the three lighting modes and eleven adjustable brightness options offer the versatility to create the desired ambiance. Its 360-degree rotating phone holder facilitates capturing shots from every angle.

Sturdiness comes into play with its wide 30-inch unfolded leg span, providing a stable base to prevent wobbles and slips. Although there have been mentions of instability in various conditions by users, the highly compatible and versatile lighting options bridge this gap, making adjustments to work with a range of shooting environments and styles.

With an eye for adaptability, the adjustable phone holder ensures you can maneuver your device with ease, while the tripod’s extendable height empowers you to achieve shots from various vantage points without sacrificing stability.

Ideal for shooters of all skill levels, the YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod is more than just a stand; it’s your go-to accessory for capturing compelling content with confidence. Whether you’re tackling the great outdoors or crafting the ultimate vlog indoors, this tripod is tailored to help make each shot a masterpiece.

Tygot Gorilla Tripod

Tygot Gorilla Tripod

When you’re gearing up for a day of shooting, whether it’s bustling city streets or tranquil nature scenes, portability and flexibility are key. The Tygot Gorilla Tripod steps up to the plate, offering a lightweight design and flexible legs that redefine the concept of shooting on the go.

Product Specifications

Understanding the Tygot Gorilla Tripod’s specs gives you an insight into why it’s become a favourite among amateur and professional photographers alike:

Price Rs 1999
Height 13 in
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Compatible Devices Mobile Phones, DSLR Cameras, Action Cameras
Rating 4.5

With its compact size of just 13 inches, it’s the ultimate travel companion that won’t weigh you down. It fits snugly in your bag, providing peace of mind that you’re always ready to capture that perfect shot.

Impressive Sturdiness

Despite its miniature stature, the Tygot Gorilla Tripod stands out with its sturdiness. Rubberised ring and foot grips ensure that your camera stays secure, even on uneven surfaces. Its 360-degree head movement ensures that versatility is always at the tip of your fingers – or, more accurately, your Gorilla Tripod’s legs.

The ABS material used in the manufacturing of this tripod isn’t just about achieving a lightweight profile; it also ensures durability and impact resistance. This is critical when you’re working in challenging outdoor environments where conditions can change rapidly.

Height and Adaptability

Don’t let the height of 13 inches mislead you. The ingenuity behind the Tygot Gorilla Tripod is in its capacity to adapt to various structures and landscapes, thanks to its articulate legs. You can wrap them around fence posts, tree branches, or any unconventional prop to snag that unique angle.

Certainly, affordability meets functionality with this piece of equipment. It’s crafted for those who value ease of use and creativity. And while it’s not the top choice for action cameras, its compatibility with mobile phones and DSLR cameras makes it a versatile tool in any photographer’s armory.

Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod

Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod

When considering a reliable companion for your photography sessions, the Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod stands out for its remarkable sturdiness and versatility. As you balance the need for stable footage against the demands of traveling light, this model presents an optimal solution.

Versatility is a core component of the Digitek DTR 550 LW, compatible with mobile phones, DV cameras, and even GoPro devices. This tripod adapts to your growing collection of gadgets thanks to its adjustable legs which cater to a three-section height adjustment for various shooting scenarios.

Specification Details
Price Rs 2495
Height 615 mm – 1700 mm
Material Aluminium
Compatible Devices Mobile Phone, DV Camera

The robust construction of this tripod translates to enhanced durability. It’s crafted from aluminium, ensuring it can sustain the rigors of frequent use. At the same time, its light weight doesn’t burden you, hence it scores high on portability. Despite its lightweight nature, it offers uncompromised stability, which serves as a testament to Digitek’s commitment to build quality.

Handling the DTR 550 LW is a breeze. Its clip-lock feature securely fastens the settings, guaranteeing that ultimate stability for capturing the perfect shot. Whether it’s low light shooting or panoramic vistas, the tripod’s two-way head allows for seamless adjustments. This means different angles and perspectives are within easy reach without fumbling through complex setups.

Moreover, it’s not just about the robust specs; feedback from users such as Uma, who rated it 4 out of 5 stars, highlights its portability and suitability for diverse needs ranging from video creation to ceremony recording. Slight drawbacks include some complaints about jerks while panning, yet its overall performance keeps it in high esteem.

Arming yourself with the DTR 550 LW unlocks new possibilities, whether you’re an Amateur or a Professional Photographer. Stay flexible in your creative pursuits without sacrificing the quality of your captures.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod

When you’re on the hunt for a reliable tripod that suits both your phone and DSLR without breaking the bank, the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod garners attention. With its extended height of 60 inches and a collapsible design down to just 25 inches, this tripod offers the flexibility needed for a range of photographic activities.

Crafted from aluminium, the AmazonBasics tripod stands out as a durable choice. Despite its lightweight nature at just over a kilogram, the tripod doesn’t compromise on sturdiness. Its rubber feet securely grip surfaces, which means you can set up your shot with confidence, knowing your gear is stable.

Essential Details:

  • Reach new heights with the adjustable legs and achieve the perfect shot whether you’re amidst nature or in your own living room.
  • With a quick-release plate, it’s a breeze to switch between cameras or to detach your gear swiftly when you’re on the move.
  • Tailored to meet the demands of both amateur and seasoned photographers, this model boasts a sleek silver-black finish, adding a professional touch to your photography kit.

User Experience:

Many reviews signal that it’s a hit for those seeking a portable and easy-to-use tripod. The AmazonBasics 60-Inch option not only meets but often exceeds expectations with its balance of quality and affordability. Engaging with the feedback, you’ll notice users applaud its adaptability to different camera types and environments.

Feature AmazonBasics 60-Inch
Price ₹1449
Colour Silver/Black
Material Aluminium
Compatible Camera, Smartphone
Special Feature Adjustable, Lightweight

The AmazonBasics tripod ticks the boxes for those seeking a versatile solution to support their creative endeavours. Whether you’re capturing stills or filming, its adjustable height and secure locking mechanism offer the flexibility and peace of mind needed when obtaining that perfect shot.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tripod

When you’re passionate about photography or videography, your tripod is your trusty companion. Whether you’re capturing the hustle and bustle of the city, serene landscapes, or studio-quality portraits, the right tripod makes all the difference. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to ensure you get the perfect support for your shots.


Sturdiness is paramount when selecting a tripod. A shaky base not only affects the quality of your images but also puts your expensive equipment at risk. High-quality tripods like the BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod are known for their robust support. This particular model can handle devices up to 5.51 lbs, and its pan head offers 360-degree rotation for excellent versatility.

  • BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod Specifications:
    • Maximal Reading Height: 56.5 inches
    • Weight Capacity: 5.51 lbs

You want a tripod that assures steadiness even in challenging shooting conditions, so look for features like non-slip feet, a sturdy frame, and perhaps a hook for adding weight to enhance stability.


The importance of a tripod’s weight is twofold. Firstly, it impacts the stability – a heavier tripod is often more stable, BENRO’s T560 being an example. But you also need to consider portability, especially if you’ll be moving around. Lightweight options like Sketchfab’s foldable tripod and Benro’s Rhino, weighing just 1.6kg and 1.2kg respectively, offer a balance between stability and ease of transport.

  • Foldable Tripod Weight: 1.6kg
  • Benro Rhino Weight: 1.2kg

Always aim for a tripod that you can comfortably carry, but that’s also heavy enough to withstand a bit of wind.


The height of the tripod is crucial for framing your shot just right. Factors such as the maximum height and whether it’s adjustable to your level should influence your decision. For instance, the BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod and the MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip reach up to 56.5 inches and 86.61 inches, respectively, offering flexibility for a variety of environments and shooting styles.

  • Height Specifications:
    Tripod Model Max Height (inches)
    BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod 56.5
    MeFOTO Classic Aluminum 86.61

Opt for a tripod with adjustable leg angles and heights for the greatest compositional freedom.


A good tripod is one that effortlessly pairs with your devices. Compatibility is key – check if the tripod can support your camera or smartphone model with secure mounting options. For a versatile pick, the ShopAIS tripod stand with its multipurpose head caters to various devices without compromising stability.

Ensure that the mount size is appropriate for your equipment and that there’s the option to attach different types of cameras or phones if needed.


While price shouldn’t compromise the quality, it’s important to consider your budget. Remember, a tripod is an investment; cheaper models might be tempting but won’t necessarily offer the security your gear deserves. Strike a good balance between affordability and quality – the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod, for example, is acknowledged for its adaptability and value for money, proving that you don’t always have to pay a premium for dependable equipment.

Weigh up the cost against the features provided. Keep in mind that a well-built tripod can safeguard your gear and elevate your photography for years to come. Choose wisely, and you’ll be rewarded with sharp images, steady video, and gear that lasts.


Armed with the insights on the Digitek DTR 550 LW, AmazonBasics 60-Inch, BENRO T560, Sketchfab’s foldable option, and Benro’s Rhino, you’re now ready to make an informed decision. Remember, the key is to find a tripod that meets your specific needs in terms of sturdiness, weight, height, and compatibility, without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a budding photographer or an experienced videographer, the right tripod can elevate your shooting experience. So go ahead, choose wisely and let your creativity soar with the stability and versatility of your new companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tripods are discussed in the article?

The article discusses the Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod, AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod, BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod, Sketchfab’s foldable tripod, and Benro’s Rhino.

Why is the BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod emphasized in the article?

The BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod is emphasized for its sturdiness, weight capacity, and versatility, making it a notable option for photographers looking for a reliable tripod.

What should I consider when choosing a tripod?

When choosing a tripod, consider factors such as sturdiness, weight, height, compatibility with your device, and price to ensure it meets your photography needs.

What specifications are provided for the BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod?

The article provides specifications such as its weight capacity, height options, and construction material for the BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod.

What is the conclusion of the article regarding tripod selection?

The article concludes by advising readers to find a balance between affordability and quality when selecting a tripod to ensure it suits their requirements without breaking the bank.

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